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Chosen ones, Home brew, high Fantasy Pathfinder (Inactive)

Game Master Little Finder

Current MAP

temple map ground floor

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Male Human

My name is Elon, and my friend here is Marcus. We were called for by Mr Graves. Seems someone has been foolish and stolen the orbs. We are here to fix this whole mess.

Elon thinks for a moment.

Perhaps you would be able to help us. We are looking for a man called TOby. Where would we find him

Ultramarine Apothecary

As Elon takes the lead on this conversation, Marcus listens intent on the man's response.

sorry been absent, not had proper internet in while, I'm moving home this week so I may be intermittent in my posts, but don't worry i havn't disappeared.

You may want to catch up to your friends, i have made a deal with them for information. As for money, no one in this town has any without those orbs. you may find it hard to get a monetary reward. perhaps, goods and services though. as i said your friends know what i need. Paul says, very matter of fact.

Those with Sybil:
The sounds of the market are beginning to dim, and you sense it is now or never. Archauoss after looking around gets the idea that the book is on Sybil's person. he gets as close as possible and attempts to lift it from her. he senses a slight flinch, but Agira's conversation seems to have been well times and Sybil continues her attention on her. you successfully lift the book and conceal it upon your person.

Sybil gives a momentary pause in the conversation but continues. If you are stressed it may have something to do with the company you keep. I will not give you more potions for free but i will give you some important advice...Be careful who you trust. I do know this town VERY well and some rewards are not worth the deeds. She winks at you and looks towards the direction you came in. your friends are at Judges ruin, trying my new beer, id appreciate it if you woudl tell me what you think of it to huny. She begins to pack up her things and does not give any indication that she notices she is one book lighter. For now archouss will follow your lead Agira and head to where ever you chose to head to

Elon and marcus:
Glad to meet our saviors.He says in a tone verging on sarcastic. Toby, an old tale from the past. He wanted more than this town could give and decided he was going to take it. he got caught, got banished and got gone.he looked around and then leaned in to you both.between you and me i think your on to the right path, but i cant help you. where ever Toby is, he is well hidden.

Male Elf Ranger 4

Aye, but old secrets have a habit of eventually coming out, and it just takes asking the right person.

This post if for everyone

You hear a low rumble that quickly erupts into a loud roar and then a almighty explosion. it shakes the ground beneath your feat like an earthquake.

Those in the various pubs, see glasses fall to floor and smash, wonky stools fall over and the various people around you grab something stable in case they fall. for those inside the sound is slightly diminished but still considerable and it sounds very close.

Those in the market, you see Sybils bottles shake and rattle, she has a slightly raised border around her stall so very few bottle manage to fall and smash, but you get feeling had that not been there she would of lost most of her stock. All around you is chaos, things falling some stalls collapsing, to old or to worn to take the sudden shaking and rumbling. people scream a little and some grab onto each other as they look around in confusion. you see a plume of smoke and fire erupting from behind the temple.

Male Human

Elon makes a move to duck under the table initially when the noise hits the Judges Ruin. Pausing for a moment to see whether any damage occurs nearby, he then makes his move towards the door and then peers out, wondering just what he can actually see outside. From the sounds that he heard, he doesn't really expect anyone to be alive outside of the pub.

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

The sound and motion wakes me from a deep sleep, I open my eyes and scan the room for the adventurous young gnome I met last night but he is nowhere to be seen.
The shaking triggers a burst of pain from my powerful hangover and a memory bursts from the mist:
Oh, gods, I was supposed to meet Graves today!

I begin hurriedly pulling on clothes and gathering equipment.

Little Finder, you can choose which Inn I awake in: maybe I can meet some folks in the bar?

f Elf bard/4. Init +2/Low-Light Vision/Perception +11/ AC16, T12: FF14/

you wake up in judges ruin, closest to temple. there are a few people in the bar, unless Elon has left he is there to, with George the barkeep and owner.

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

I stumble downstairs, blinking in the light: By Cayden, George, what is in that black rum?

I shake my head: No, forget about that: I need a big jug of water or tea or something... I'm late for my meeting with Sandy Graves, apparently he's putting a crew together.

I am a little loud: too hungover to be discreet and, in any case, I'm a gregarious lass.

Male Human

Elon overhears the mention of Mr Graves and even in the interesting times outside the bar, it makes him pause for a moment.

Ma'am, I am running an investigation for Graves. Sounds like you were one of the people who should have been at the meeting. Something tells me the explosion might be connected with the investigation that he put us on. Follow me, I will tell you more on the way

What can I see outside the bar? Are there any wounded at all? Any dead? What can I see or hear outside? Anything catch my eye?

Perception checks

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

Not pausing as I gulp down a large mug of water, I give Elon a wink and a thumbs up, then I follow him outside.

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

So, what's this Graves fellow like?

Female Human Cleric

Agira seizes the opportunity and mingles with the scared crowd. Confused and also a bit frighten herself, she first tries to run as fast as she can in the opposite direction of the loud noise losing sight of Archauoss. As time passed little by little she got her self confidence back and understood that she should not run away but rather go to the source of the explosion try to help the people involved. Maybe she could also meet with the others there.

Perception check
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

wow thats a lot of perception checks.

Ok Elon a lot of perception checks. I'll be nice an take highest role, next time if you make one and ill let you know if more is needed.

you notice:

outside is in chaos, people are running and scared everywhere. though a few have calmed down and started picking up the fallen objects and people. you get the idea from reactions that this is not a common occurrence but that people are coping and dealing well. this town seems to be one that when under pressure works together. you see some people moving towards the temple across the road.

outside is in chaos, people are running and scared everywhere. though a few have calmed down and started picking up the fallen objects and see some people moving towards the temple across the road.

outside is in chaos, people are running and scared everywhere. though a few have calmed down and started picking up the fallen objects and people. you see some people moving towards the temple across the square. Sybil and those near you are sorting out people rather than goods and you see some people running from the houses and other places towards the square and surrounding areas. you see the three card players and other customers from Leggies hobble their way to help.

Male Human

People moving to the temple, and no dead or wounded that need our help. Looks like the best place to go right now would be to the Temple. It's where we were all meant to meet Graves. Seems like one of us slept in huh? No worries. The guy seems ok, doesn't really tell you much. In all fairness we didn't actually meet the man himself, just some lackey by the name of Argius Somner. Seems the town needs orbs of some kind that appear to help the town. Either these things are actually magical, or they are just a big part of the towns belief system in and of itself. Either way these things need finding. By the way, try this powder in some water, it should help your headache.

As they continue moving along Elon will give Velana one of his charges of Alchemist's Kindness, and leave it up to her to actually drink it when she will.

Heading up towards the temple, Elon will still be on edge, worried about Marcus, whom he had lost sight of in all the confusion. There was work to be done however, and so he was moving fast, trying to get on top of this crazy situation and wondering what had happened to the orbs. What was this whole story with the Tory incident, and why on earth would someone want to steal the orbs. Certainly the pages that he had been given by sybil would be given back to her. Ownership was pretty clear to him. Taking his heavy quarterstaff out of its carrying strap, he will have it ready for immediate use. Moving as a full round action, meaning 80 feet a round

you are not in combat or anything like that, please move as much or as little as you want.(within reason, you cant span a desert in two sentences etc) Don't worry, ill call initiative if you ever have to do something like that.

Male Human

Challenge accepted. Just need to find a wand of wish and then use it a little. This could be fun. :D

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

I pocket the powder.
Orbs, huh, who would stand to gain from stealing them?
I move with Elon, although it is a struggle to keep up.

As you approach the temple you see smoke coming from behind it and people are making their way round to see the damage. Argious is at the door way,guiding people in with the injured and scared.

Male Human

Argius, what happened here? I heard the explosion and figured this might be the place to come. What can you tell us?
Elon looks around the hurt and injured, wondering where he might be the most useful. He knows a small blessing that seems to help with the healing process.

Are you injured? I have no idea, the explosion has come from the field behind here. No one has come from that direction, the only people I have seen have come from town. The only thing that is back there is the old mill, factory and the edge of the Forrest. Please excuse me I need to try to calm people down.

He looks at Velana, You must be one of the people we where expecting yesterday. please excuse for now, I will properly introduce myself once this has been taken care of. I am glad to see you are here though and I shall pass the news to My. Graves as soon as it is convenient.

He makes his way inside the temple.

Male Human

Elon will follow Argius for a moment, asking for any relevant knowledge that the man has about the places.

I think the best place to start looking will most likely be the Old Mill, and then the factory. Once that's done we can expand the search to the forest. Argius, do you know of anyone who might have the means to cause an explosion like this?

the old mill and Factory are attached, I have never come across anything like it, there are flammable and combustible items available though the quantities are not easy. Anyone who works with them would have the means, though the why, maybe not.

As you enter the temple, you see various people, some huddled together scared, some tending to cuts and bruises. the screaming has subsided now but you hear groans and sharp intakes of breath every now and then. Argious talks to people as you pass them, some he just touches on the shoulder in a reassuring way. other temple workers are helping also.

Male Human

By talking of them as the Old Mill and Factory, you give the impression that they have been shutdown? Is this the case?

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

Elon, a fella I knew used to say that 'you can't cook over a cold fire': let's go check out this mill before it's trampled by crowds.

I finally have a chance to pinch some water and take Elon's medicine.

Weird stuff like this, at this time, it's got to be connected.

Male Human

The powder is called Alchemist's Kindness, it will get rid of the hangover in about 10 minutes from what I remember

To the old Mill, Argius, please let the others know where we have headed

Female Human Cleric

For the moment Agira forgot all about Sybyl, all about her mission, and even why she was in town. She ran towards the temple and as she got closer she thought she saw a familiar face at the entrance, it was one of the men from the meeting that day. She fallowed him into the temple, hoping she could catch up. "Hey... wait! What is going on around here?"

Male Human

Elon turns at the hearing of a familiar voice, just about picking up the sight of Agira in the crowd. Slowing down so that she can catch up, he smiles. He had a purpose, and in the possibility of the hunt and of dangerous prey his instincts were up and running strong.

Argius mentioned that there is a chance that the explosion came from the Old Mill and Factory units. That's where we are headed. The wounded and dead are not our concern right now, this town seems to have all of that under control. Now let's go find out what caused it

as you turn behind the temple you see some housing and behind it the smoke is billowing out. as you make your way round it you see some people looking out of their windows but as Argious said no one is heading to the temple from this side.

You make your way round the houses and see a field. the building at the far end of the field is smoking. it is about 4 football fields away. you can not tell from here if it is damaged but your comment sense tells you it must be.

the smoke is blowing away from you at this point so the path to the building is clear.

Male Human

Elon looks around him, wondering why if the explosion happened here there are no people moving. Either they had moved out of the area before the explosion, and therefore knew about it beforehand, or they were dead already. In any case, the scene of the explosion was the main objective. If it could happen once, it could happen again, and clues might be found at the scene.

Follow me and just in case of danger, keep a weapon out please.

Will then be moving towards the smoke at best speed of 80 feet per round, or perhaps 60 if the others can't keep up

Everyone who is following Elon please roll me 2 perception checks. please label them 1 and 2.

Male Human

Perception check 1
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

Perception check 2
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

All I am saying is EEEEEEPPP

Female Human Cleric

"Even if I wanted to, I think I would be of little use in extinguishing the flames" Agira replied as she looked at the remaining fires. She was speaking the truth she was not prepared for dealing with fire of this proportions, but she could use her powers to give the injured men a helping chance. She fallowed Elon, torn between having to find the source of the fire or staying back and healing the injured. At the moment the first objective was more time pressing.

"Do you think there was someone responsible for this deed?

Perception check 1
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14
Perception check 2
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

What is going on here?

perception check 1
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
percpetion check 2
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

I turn to Agira: Well, hello there, I'm afraid I was late for the meeting with Graves. Not how I like to meet people but it's a pleasure.

Male Hobgoblin Ranger(Urban)/Inquisitor(infiltrator)

Zhoun Lo leaves the Griffin, and finds himself at a temple. He looks around and wonders what compelled him to come to this place when suddenly he hears an explosion, and decides to go look into it.

Male Human Ranger 1

Elondor stumbles over, holding his head. Never ask Paul over at Leggies for his strongest ale, I just came to when I heard whatever that was. What happened here?
Perception check 1
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17
Perception check 2
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16
I deserve a penalty for being hungover =P Sorry for the delay, life is in order now =D

perception for Elon:
You feel drawn to the Forrest beyond the smoking wreck, you almost expect to walk around the smoking building and see a forrest trail. beyond that you get the distinct feeling you are being watched.

good roles from most of you but only Elon rolled enough to see the spoiler.

Elon, Agira and Velana:
As Elon, Agira and Velana walk towards the wreck, you begin to feel the heat from it. you smell burning and the closer you get to the mill the darker the sky above you gets with see no signs of movement or anyone around as of yet.

Elondor, as you look around you see the bar area is empty, stools are askew and you can hear people outside the bar talking loudly.

Zhoun Lo:
you make your way towards wher eyou see the smoke behind the houses, a small way ahead you can see three people, heading for the same place. the smell of smoke and fire has now made it's way to where you are.

Male Human

There is something nearby watching us, keep your weapons out friends. Call it gut intuition, but I have a feeling that what we are looking for is in the forest here. Follow me, but quietly and about 10 feet back. Lets get to the bottom of this whole mess.

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

I unhitch my crossbow and slide a bolt into position

Male Human Ranger 1

I meant that I stumbled out of the bar in the direction of the noise, by everyone else.

Male Hobgoblin Ranger(Urban)/Inquisitor(infiltrator)

I follow the others hoping to get more information once I catch up.

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

Let's try to connect ourselves a little better. I'll post something in the discussion thread.

Female Human Cleric

Agira looked confused at Elon, she wanted not to believe him, she wanted to know all of this was caused by an unforeseen accident and that all be well soon, but somewhere deep inside she knew it was of human origin. Her fingers turned colder and colder as she thought they could be the next target. She would not let that happen. She nodded to Elon and fallowed the group, silently into the forest.

f Elf bard/4. Init +2/Low-Light Vision/Perception +11/ AC16, T12: FF14/

sorry i have to disappear guys, i hope i can pick this up again but right now life is to hectic and net is to unreliable.

really sorry. xo

As the sounds of the town fades away and the mill comes into close view, you Elon, Velana and Archaouss make your way towards the once sturdy building. The thick black billowing smoke and the smell of burning wood fills your senses as you move close enough to see flames licking greedily from the windows and crevices. The fire searches for anything to consume in it's destructive path bringing with it the sound of cracking wood and what seems to be a low deep rumbling.

As you all get a little closer you hear footsteps coming up behind you. Argius, who is doing his best impression of running and three strangers.

"Wait, Wait..." he pauses for a moment to catch his breath. You get the idea he is not the healthiest of people. "These are the other people Graves was waiting for." He says grabbing his knees as he tries to breath. "I will help however I can, The others are fine at the temple." He stands up and steps aside a little, surveying the fire and allowing those he had brought to step forward.

Welcome to the game Galacia, Krallek and Carth. Welcome back to the game Elon, Velana and Archaouss. I will do how you Galacia, Krallek and Carth entered the town in the discussion thread as a flashback once the game gets underway properly. Yay, now back to the fray with you all!!! hehehe

Male Human

Looking at the sheer devastation of the old Mill, Elon is given plenty of time for pause. Without a huge bucket and chain system set up earlier, there would be little chance of saving the building. In any case, the people inside it were the real issue here.

Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18 (listening for people and the like)

Nodding to the others that have just showed up, he sheds most of his kit, keeping weapons and armour only on him (he is suspicious of the origins of the fire) and then goes looking for two things. One is some way of introducing water into the building, the other is a way to get into the building

Archaouess frowns rubbing the side of his (still) sore head his eyes bloodshot and aching as well starts to look around. Fires always had an origin and a source.

His eyes flick to the newcomers who he had met previously alebeit briefly disregarding them until they deemed to speak he contiuned on his way around the house feeling the warmth of the flames on his face.

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10 were going to put that down to the head blow....

Carth, delaying introductions until later, quickly scanned the building, looking for any signs of life still inside. Moving shadows, noises, anything.

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

As he scanned the building, he observed the other three who had been at the mill before them, although only briefly, quickly returning his full attention to look for anyone in the building.

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

As the sight of the burning building comes into view, Krallek gives a momentary pause as he shudders at the thought of being trapped in that inferno, then he quickly jumps into action looking for a doorway to kick down. 'If people are still in there, they're gonna need help' he thinks to himself. Without a word he jumps into action ...

Perception check to see if there is a semi safe way to enter the building: 1d20 ⇒ 11

Galacia arrived with the others, breathless at the sight of the towering blaze. She whispers to herself "Wow..." while Argius speaks to the others but that's all she says, deciding the fire is a bit more important than introductions at the moment. As the others begin sizing up the building and trying to find ways inside, she merely hangs back with Argius. "These people are crazy."

Finally deciding she should do something to help, she turns to Argius. "This town has a fire brigade for this kind of thing right? We should get everyone together, grab anything that can hold water, and get to work on this. I'd hate to see what would happen if the fire spreads to the forest."

"No such luck I am afraid Miss Galacia, We will get no help from the town today. The mill should be empty, I do not watch it 24/7 but it has not been used in a while." Argius holds a hint of anger in his voice as he speaks about the empty mill.

Elon and Carth on your perception checks:
You do not hear the sounds of people, at least you don't hear screams or calls for help but the roaring does not sound like any fire you have heard. most of the smoke seems to be coming from the back of the building compared to where you are stood.the fire does seem to be on the first floor, if it has spread you can not tell from where you are and the smoke looks like

Archaouss whilst the bang on your head isn't helping you , you do notice the smoke is mostly at the rear of the building and the fire looks low down.

Krallek, There are many doors and windows, there are no main doors to see from where you are stood and the smoke is mostly coming from the back.

General description of the millIt is multistory building, most of it has one story, and there is a 3 story tower structure attached to the side of the building, the tower is closer to where you are all stood than the rest. from what you can see it is a part wood, part stone structure, stone mostly on the bottom floor.

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