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Soft Cover Vivisectionist Doppelganger, by Ivellius Näilo

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Paizo Blog: The Magnificent 7 of Set 6, by Erik Mona

Succubus in a grapple., by Kahel Stormbender

Chicago Nights(Vampire the Requiem)

Game Master Trup

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"I believe she intends for us to work...."

Titus is still patiently fliping channels on the TV until we depart.

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

"Now now Quentin, I'm sure I can find some.. physical work to get up to."

Winking over to Quentin as she continues to stroke the cheek of one of the herd, an attractive blonde, playing with her food.

Male Enigma/20

Jack watches your exchange with interest but finally stands and move to the door. ”I will now leave you to your work. My… assistant will show you out of the casino when you are ready. Please enjoy the food and be sure to prepare yourselves accordingly. “

Jack exits the room and a rather large man enters in his place. The man is a giant among men and must be at least 6 foot 8 if not taller. He is muscular and broad in addition to his tallness, making him rather imposing. It is clear the man is not a vampire, but he looks on you all without fear or awe and remains silent as you conduct your business.

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

"So, friends.. where too first? I still think exploring the crime scene seems like the best bet."

Sounds good to me, lets get out of here..

"I guess Jack forgot my request for a secure location nearby."

Moves to follow Jack.

Male Vampire

"I'm sure it would be a good idea to explore the crime scene, but isn't to night a bit hasty, what do we know about the area?" Thomas responds to Cecillia's suggestion. He continues: "I would suggest a night of research and a field trip tomorrow."

Male Enigma/20

Tell me when you guys have decided to move on

What type of research do you have in mind? Were they not in some park or something in the woods? Oh and I'm sure if Jackie’s item is lying in the dirt out there he won't mind us sitting around you know not getting it. By all means if you have another suggestion besides going and checking the area out that’s fine, but maybe you should be more specific.

Titus sits back down. Props up his feet and continues to watch TV

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

"I'm not sure what you can really research just yet, but if you really think you can figure something out through research right now, then I'd be happy to help while Titus and Quentin can check out the scene. Otherwise I do think we should all get to the scene and see what we can find out"

Ready to move on depending on the answer from Thomas.

Male Vampire

"I might be wrong but what do we know about this place? However it seems you prefer a direct approach so let get going. And I doubt it will be that simple Titus."

Male Enigma/20

You would know that the kindred were murdered while meeting up in one of their havens, a building to the south of Chicago in Englewood.

Male Vampire

Thanks Trup. What is the time, would it pose any problems getting to and back from Englewood and back?

sorry I'm dumb, reading back I thought Englewood was Englewoods. I thought they were meeting out in a park or something :)

Well as long as no one else has moved in and claimed the haven we should be ok. I don't know how much more you can find out from surveying the building. Does anyone have any ghouls that could do some leg work during the day? Hey and direct approach works 100% of the time half the time

He smiles as he stands ready to depart.

Male Enigma/20

You would guess it's around 3AM in the morning. 2 hour before dawn, and sunlight.

Holy s&~% look at the hour. Hope Jack doesn't mind us crashing here.

Titus sits back down and watches TV

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

"Well then.. maybe we should pick this up again tomorrow? Thomas, my number, should you desire to call someone up about research before we meet up tomorrow."

Cecilia would show Thomas her phone number, letting him copy it down if he so desired, before heading to the door.

Male Vampire

"So we'll meet again tomorrow evening and head the Englewood?" Thomas asks.

He leaves the casino after copying Cecillia's number. "I might depending on what I find."

I'm thinking a simple search on the internet, what would have me roll Trup?

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

"I'd suggest meeting at Englewood tomorrow evening."

"Quick run out tonight with major follow-up tomorrow. Takes some pictures of the area and get a game plan."

Male Enigma/20

I think a Int + Investigation will go best for this.

The man Jack left behind shows everyone out of the casino, although he does not speak at all while doing so. If titus is still in the room, the Man returns and stands, watching him while he patiently waits. It is pretty obvious he is not going until Titus leaves.

Ah wasn't sure if we had time to get home. Didn't know how long a drive it was out to the casino. Titus will be going home for the day as well.

Male Vampire

After arriving home in his haven, Thomas drops down in the chair before his laptop and starts with a simple google search to see where that takes him.

Int + Investigation: 4d10 ⇒ (10, 7, 4, 10) = 31
10-again: 2d10 ⇒ (9, 5) = 14
In total 3 successes

Int + Invest

4d10 ⇒ (2, 7, 3, 5) = 17

"This seems like a cold case, hopefully not a goose chase."

Takes pictures of the general are including any places with line of sight into the battle area....

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Int + Investigation: 3d10 ⇒ (10, 1, 1) = 12
10 again: 1d10 ⇒ 3
1 success

Hanging around with Quentin for the moment, Cecilia would be smoking while exploring the haven, half an eye on her watch just to make sure she's enough time to get back home.

"Hopefully we'll find something, Quentin. Positive outlook!"

"Now that we got our eyes on this place anything standing out to anyone."

Looks for businesses buildings facing the area, before turning to the place the ambush happened.

Male Vampire

Looking at the information he has gathered Thomas wonders what it means and how best to interpret it.

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