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Chicago Nights(Vampire the Requiem)

Game Master Trup

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Male Enigma/20

Your coterie arrives to Elysium and quickly proceeds into the building. The Shedd Aquarium is beautifully decorated and lit tonight, and you find yourself questioning why the expense was taken. As you spend time waiting for Archbishop Jones to begin the night’s proceedings you note that a group of the Kindred from the Circle of the Crone seem short with anyone who holds a conversation with them, and seem to be more than a little angry. Everyone is tight lipped and no one can seem to figure out why they are so hostile. It is going to be about 40 minutes before Archbishop Jones appears for the night… this may be the time to do a little investigative work…

Sorry it’s a brief introduction but I’m unfortunately busy right now. Your group can choose to attempt to figure out why these Kindred are angry or just go ahead and skip to the Appearance of the Archbishop

I will bite :)

Titus strolls up to the group making and locking eyes with any femal amongst them.

S'up, you guys certinly appear to be in a mood tonight. I trust we won't be having any troubles that I may not want to be hear for?

He speakes in a playfull manner trying to seem trusting and persuasive as if he were harmless to let know whats going on.

let me know if you need any rolls

just found this thread, was a disconnect between the threads on my side

Checks the Impala to ensure his windows are all rolled up and that the doors get locked.

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Lighting up a cig, Cecilia would wait outside the Aquarium until the other three appear, then follow them into Elysium.

"Hmm. Smells like the heretics are in a bit of a mood.. delightful."

Moving around to find some fellow Lancea Sanctum types, she'd put on a serious tone for the moment, a strong contrast to her rather sexy outfit.

"What's wrong with the witches? Someone piss in their cauldron?"

Male Enigma/20

Titus - A dirty looking Kindred approaches. His clothes smell as if they haven't been washed in years and dirt seems to cling to every exposed body part. He cocks his head at you, and you feel your beast briefly urge you to smash and destroy before it fades into the background. The man then smiles, "Oh we will be behaved tonight. We will be good little boys and girls for our dear Archbishop Jones"
He exaggerates the last part of the words and then laughs as if though he is told some amazing joke.

Cecilia – You see a very familiar face chuckle at your words. You recognize the man as Terrance, a powerful inquisitor within the Lancea Sanctum. He motions towards the angry group and shakes his head,“I don’t know what their issue is, but the Archbishop does. He postponed starting the proceedings tonight over something that they brought to his attention. Honestly… for the night to be held up on the whims of… them… is just, how should I put this? Unpleasant. “

Quentin makes a quick head count taking in the kindred all present, who seems to know whom, and who seems to be in charge of whom, he also looks over the parking lot checking for any thing out of place.

"Behaved? looks mostly like everyone wants to eat someone else."

"I have never had an announcement be good news, not thinking this crowd is going to settle down."

Hahaha Titus laughs with the man. Hey I get it no love loss for his holyness. You looked like a group that may be up to no good. Was just trying to get in on the action, but sure keep your fun to yourselves. I will just sit over hear an brood He smiles at the man pausing for any reaction or further statments. If none Titus will seek out any other Invictus members that may be present. Seeing if we have some sort of agenda he should be aware of.

Male Vampire

Missed the gameplay thread:D

Thomas stands with Quentin looking at the crowd of gathered vampires. It has been a long time since he was in a place with so many vampires last. This is certainly different from the covenant meetings, they were down right cosy compared to this. Looking around he feel the beast stirring wanting to at the same time attack and flee, he forces the man to take control and moves into the room. I wished I had spent more time here, I don't know anything about who's who. He thinks as he heads over to the other dragons. "Good evening brothers and sisters." he says while nodding to the ones he know and continues in a lowered voice: "This might be a night of change to come?"

Do I know if any of the gathered is a crone an not standing with the pissed group?

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

"Well, for his Excellency to delay proceedings for.. them, there must be something important going on, given how unpleasant it is. A shame really, but on the positive side, it does give us the opportunity to talk."

Keeping her fairly serious tone, Cecilia would smile pleasantly towards the inquisitor towards the end of her dialogue.

"If you're not busy, Terrance, perhaps you could introduce me to the others in the church? I've not had the opportunity to speak to many of them since the regrettable disappearance of my sire."

Male Enigma/20

Titus - The man cocks his head and smiles but says nothing else to you that isn't said by the silence. As you turn you see something that makes you stop in shock.

Thomas - A voice behind you speaks out, "Indeed, a night of great change if that is who I think it is....". Although you cannot see the owner of the voice, your attention is grabbed by another, more intriguing sight.

Cecilia – Terrance smiles brightly at you, ”Of course I would love to introduce you to……” His voice trails off and he stares beyond you towards the entrance to Elysium. You turn to see what has grabbed his attention and you find yourself equally amazed.

EVERYONE – Kindred unanimously go silent and stare as a figure in a black dress shirt and loose fitting pants approaches. His eyes are the most striking feature. His left eye holds the symbol of a spade and a diamond while his right eye holds the symbol of a heart and club. Earrings formed into the shape of dice jingle from his ears as he walks up the steps leading into Elysium.

Wild Eye Jack. Everyone knows him, knows the story’s of him, and it’s a genuine surprise to see him here. He never attends Elysium unless it is of significant importance. His appearance does not bode well.

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

"Well, isn't this a surprise! Looks like the night is going to get deliciously exciting, isn't it?"

Leaving poor Terrance behind the instant his view is turned, Cecilia would move up closer to Wild Eye Jack, putting herself in a position where she'd be bound to catch his gaze.. letting him notice her and putting on her most seductive look, suggesting that he comes towards her.

Male Vampire

Thomas turn at the statement and looks a little bewildered as the whole Elysium turns silent. "Is that who I think it is?" Thomas asks in a low voice. "A most interesting evening indeed." he remarks to himself. Seeing Cecilia move towards the famous vampire Thomas watches excited to see what happens.

Quentin notes the arrival of wild eye Jack.

He turns to Thomas, Titus and Cecilia....
"Who?" he asks.....

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Turning to Quentin and putting on her most playful tone in response to his question.

"Only one of the biggest players on the Chicago scene, honey. Everyone who's anyone knows that and knows him.. and I'd like to be someone."

Male Vampire

Smiling at Quentin's question Thomas elaborates on Cecillia's answer: "I keep forgetting that you're not familiar with Chicago. I believe that to be Wild Eye Jack. One of the movers and shakers in the city, a truly rare occasion to see him here." while gesturing discretely towards Wild Eye Jack.

Male Enigma/20

Wild Eye Jack Turns toward your coterie but passes by Cecilia and instead stops in front of Quentin. He says nothing but instead smiles at the man before finally shifting his attention to the rest of your coterie. The beast inside each of you screams at you to escape to flee this awesome predator, but you manage to push it aside. He once again says nothing, but seems to study you each for a moment, as if you are a curiosity to him. Many kindred eyes seem to be noting his curiosity in you. He is studying you for so long it grows uncomfortable, although it gives you the chance to break the silence if you so wish it.

Titus stolls up.

So your the man, the myth, the legend. They call me Titus. Seems you got people a little uneasy with your presense here. Doesn't bother me any. Anywsys pleased to meet you.

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Hmmph. Snub me and smile at Quentin.. he's not even that attractive!

Cecilia would try and mask her annoyance at the little snub, after shivering a bit due to the beast inside her flaring up.

"Jack is it? Well, I'm sure it's a pleasure to meet me. Cecilia Perez.."

Smiling brightly at Jack, Cecilia would offer him her hand.

Male Enigma/20

Jack shifts his gaze to Titus and then to Cecilia. He takes her offered hand and smiles a bit. He then speaks, "If you are interested, I have a job for you all. We can discuss the specifics later if you decide to accept the job. Come to my haven on the riverboat casino later where we can have a larger discussion about it. I will be looking for you so I do hope you come."

Wits + Empathy Success:

Although he spoke to you all, you get the feeling that Jack was mainly communicating his message to Quentin

Witts + Empathy is 4-1 so 3 dice

1d10 ⇒ 1
1d10 ⇒ 4
1d10 ⇒ 7
No success.

I would be pleased to come to your haven. A riverboat you say. Thats how you do it, that must be pretty lucrative. I mean a casino is kinda like being able to print money. Surely your not just here to offer me and my new friends a job? Someone or something must of rubbed you the wrong way?

Titus is trying to be persuasive in getting some info out of Jack

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Wits + Empathy is 3 + 1 so 4 dice

1d10 ⇒ 4
1d10 ⇒ 7
1d10 ⇒ 8
1d10 ⇒ 4
One success

So he's that way inclined. How annoying...

"Well, it'd be rude to turn down such a delightful offer Jack. I'll certainly make my presence known at the casino, provided that I'm not needed by Terrance or anyone else in the church. You at the Victoria or..?

Keeping her tone wonderfully polite and interested as she speaks, eyes focusing on Jack's.

Male Vampire

That has got one of the few time she has been ignored, Thomas smiles to himself seeing Jack pass by Cecilla the first time.

An interesting offer, perhaps the option to see change in effect, or direct it a bit, Thomas reflects on the offer.

Wits+Empathy, 2+0(-1): 1d10 ⇒ 4

"I might be interested, but the devil is in the details and I like to have the details on the table before I say one way or the other."

Once Jack leaves...
"Reminds me of a gambler I once had a hand or two with, might have even been on a riverboat."

Male Enigma/20

Jack nods to you all, "Yes, I own and run the Grand Victoria. It has some... amazing nightlife."

Jack smiles again but then turns to head off, "Tonights procedings should begin very soon. This will be a most interesting night."

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

"Hopefully, yes. It'd be a shame if the rest of the night proved to be dull."

Still smiling pleasantly as Jack departs, then looking around the room to try and notice any Kindred paying particular attention to their little conversation.

Wits + Empathy to read the crowd
1d10 ⇒ 6
1d10 ⇒ 2
1d10 ⇒ 6
1d10 ⇒ 6

Titus stretches and lets out a yawn.

Archbishop sure likes to let the anticipation build huh He nudges Cecilia.

Hope you’re not too disappointed old crazy eyes snubbed you.

"Sounds like we all got an invitation to the boat to me."

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Cecilia shrugs, looking unconcerned after being nudged by Titus.

"It's quite fine Titus, he can't help that his tastes fall in different directions."

Looking around the aquarium once more, she'd raise her voice just a little to be heard by others as she pulls a cig out of her trousers.

"How does a famished girl get a snack around here?"

Male Enigma/20

A voice sounds out. ”Please make your way to the fantasea viewing area. The proceedings will begin.”

As one, the assembled kindred begin moving to designated area, and you find yourselves prime seats. Several high powered Kindred seem to be in attendance tonight, including all leaders of covenants. Anticipation rises in your chest as you wonder what is happening tonight.

You don’t have to wonder for long. Archbishop Jones emerges from a covered side are and approaches the center of the viewing area. He raises his hands for the assembled Kindred to fall silent and waits until everyone complies.

”I welcome my fellow kindred tonight, and invite all to partake in a prayer before we continue on in the…. Nights affairs. “

He pauses a moment, and then bows his head, expecting at least the members Lancea Sanctum to follow suit. ” O my God, I know that I stand damned in your eyes. As Longinus himself was damned for piercing the side of your only son, I too am damned for feasting upon the blood of your flock. And yet, though I am cast aside, you have made a place for me in your plan. Help me Lord, to be your servant, and perform your works in every action. Amen.

He stops the prayer and then moves aside as two more Kindred appear. They appear to be dragging a heavy sack behind them. On careful observation, the sack appears to be moving.

Immediately several members of the Circle jump up, two hissing in anger, one actually verbalizing it, ”You Sunuva b~%*%! How dare you treat him like that!”

Archbishop Jones seems unimpressed by the display and holds up a single hand. ”Mr. Chimes, this is a very sacred and personal matter to me. If you interrupt Elysium again with your foul mouthed temper, I will personally see to it that you share the same fate as Mr. Lapid.”

That seems to shut the young kindred up, and the Circle returns once again to silence.

The kindred who are dragging the bag, open it up and pull forth from it a squirming and kicking kindred. Most recognize him as Joseph Lapid, a high ranking Circle member. His face and clothes are covered in dried blood and ashes, and he looks absolutely terrified.

Archbishop Jones continues on, ”Mr. Lapid, you have been accused of the final death of several members of both the Lancea Sanctum and Invictus covenants. Do you claim innocence?”

Joseph Lapid nods and whispers a barely perceptible, ”yes…”

Archbishop Jones shakes his head sadly and turns to the gathered Kindred. ”Then tonight’s trial… shall commence.”

And now a chance to respond

"So what are the rules of evidence?"

...Who is the jury?"

male Human
HP 52: AC 19, T:13, FF:16, CMD: 22 (+1enlarged, +2 w/ mutagen), Perception +6, Fort +8, Ref +6, Will -1(+1 vs Fear) (+2 vs Sleep, Paralysis, Stun, Posion), Face/Daredevil Rep: 19

no response from Titus he will sit and wait curious what will happen to this man that slayed members of his covenant.

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Firstly, Cecilia would look around the room at the faces of all the assembled power players, making a mental note as to how they look and dress, incase she needs to approach them in future.

Then, once the Archbishop begins to recite his prayer, she bows her head and clasps her hands together in prayer, uttering "Amen" at the end of it along with the rest of the Church in attendance.

Once Mr Lapid is dragged in, however, Cecilia's expression would grow highly amused, whispering quietly to the group.

"Ah, this must be the more traditional segment of the service."

Male Vampire

Thomas rolls his eyes as the Archbishop begins his prayer Order instead of improvement, do they never learn, he thinks but keep his mouth shut.

"Now that was something not expected," Thomas says as the accused confesses.

Turning to Quentin: "That depends, I didn't hear a confession of breaking the traditions, so it depends on how our archbishop decides to rule, a most exciting question."

At Cecilla's remarks Thomas looks a little surprised: "A sacrifice? Is that normally part of a sermon?"

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

"Well, usually the victims are slightly more.. you know, alive. And only on special occasions. Unless you're in some backwater dive like Wisconsin, that is."

Cecilia's tone remains playful as she talks quietly to Thomas.

"Apparently arriving in a sack is bad mojo."

So was tadition borken here? Or did this guy break the new found "peace" by killing a few vamps. Far as I can tell he helped me out. Looks like he made room for me to move up in the covenant.

Titus puts his hands behind his head and his feet up on the chair in front of him.

Yeah I can see it now. I can be a major mover and shaker, don't you guys think? He jokinly asks.

Male Vampire

"A most regrettable practice the death is so much more than a sacrifice." Thomas comments at Cecillia's answer.

Turning towards Titus Thomas shakes his head "Properly not, we only have 3 traditions. It's more likely he broke local law, perhaps endangering the new peace." He then smiles: "You would be thee perfect leader of your covenant."

"Wrong side of the war winners always get to write the history of the events."

Male Enigma/20

Archbishop Jones continues his talking after the flurry of whispers dies down. “Mr Lapid, you stand of accused of murdering fellow kindred and endangering our newfound peace and of endangering the masquerade. You claim innocence and so now I am forced to bring forth the only witness to your crimes.”

From among the gathered kindred, a single one steps forward to face the Archbishop. He hold his head down as if in shame and says nothing as he awaits the Archbishop. You hear gasps of astonishment and curses coming from a large portion of the Circle Members in attendance.

Archbishop Jones smiles at the reaction of the crowd and again speaks, ” I present to you, Mark Delmano. He is, or perhaps was, a member of the Circle of the Crone in good standing. Is that correct Mr. Delmano?”

Mark squirms a bit but nods. ”And why is it that you came to me then Mr. Delmano, knowing that you would be possibly condemning one of your own?”

Mark says nothing for a moment but then speaks, ”He is beyond guilty. I was there, the things he did could ignite a war if they went the wrong way… and… and he cared nothing for protect us… he… well he did things that could have revealed us to the humans”

A torrent of whispers breaks out at this and Archbishop Jones holds up a hand for silence. When silence finally reclaims the room he speaks, ”I was approached by Mr. Delmano two nights ago regarding an incident to the south in Englewood. A small coterie was meeting together for the night. This coterie consisted of all three victims. Mr. Lapid and Mr. Delmano were also in Englewood that night. Mr. Lapid drove them to the meeting place of the victims and savagely and brutally attacked them, giving no thought to possible human witnesses and killing three upstanding members of our community. Mr. Delmano immediately came to me after and told me the whole story. I sent an investigative team to the scene who confirmed all the physical details of Mr. Delmanos story. We recovered Mr. Lapid, looking exactly as you see him, early the next night. I see no reason to delay judgment on this Kindred, however I will allow any Kindred to speak in Mr. Lapids defense.”

The Archbishop pause for a long while as more whispers flood the room.

More chance to respond

So thats it, he killed a couple of guys. Do we know why? Maybe they deserved it. Did any humans see this? Did he dioblarize them? If no then why is he getting final death. Absolute power corrupts absolute. This is a slippery slope Archbishop. Your peace will not be maintained if you are so quick to act or judge. I thought only your lord god judged?

Titus will sand as he says these words.

Male Enigma/20

The Archbishop smiles at Titus and the room goes dead silent. Maybe from shock, maybe from anticipation. ”Ah… Mr. Armstrong is it? I would love to hear your thoughts on how to handle this situation then. As far as we can tell this was a unprovoked attack against a fellow Kindred using overt supernatural powers in a public area where human witnesses may have been involved. I suppose we could just allow the wanton slaying of Kindred in this city. However we just left a devastating war behind and we are now at peace for the moment. This Kindred has threatened not only that peace, but quite possibly the masquerade with his actions. Please indulge me how you would handle this affair Mr. Armstrong, I am positively dying to know.”

All eyes fall on Titus. Waiting for his answer.

"Means motive opportunity and confession. Except motive, perhaps the accused would clarify the why of this whole mess."

(aside) to Titus and Thomas
spoken softly
"I bet a wooden nickle all these guys were involved with Cecilia, love triangle."

Male Enigma/20

The Archbishops smile widens even more. It’s almost as if he is enjoying this. ”Oh yes, the accused. Mr. Lapid stoutly declares his innocence and denies it happening whatsoever. We have a witness who has personally seen the atrocities committed by the accused. We have captured this man in clothes bloodied from combat and fresh with the ashes of his victims. We have physical evidence of the crime gathered by my personal investigative team sent to the scene of the crime. If I went around listening to the lies of every Kindred, I wouldn’t be where I am today now would I? Unless one of you has evidence that can support or damn the accused, or even maybe a better plan on how to deal with him I would urge moving forward with tonights 'trial'”

well none of us saw anything in the papers, on the TV, on the internet about this right? So tradition one is good. I'm sure if we killed everyone that may have broken the masquerade then well there wouldn't be many of us here now would there? Were the kindred in a haven? If not then well as befor maybe they got what they deserved. Look I'm not the prince. I wouldn't presume how to handle your court. Just a friendly reminder that you may be in power for now but it seems our kind have long memories... Have someone pry the truth from his head. I'm sure one of you old guys can make him tell you the truth. If truely unprovoked maybe a few years in torpor would calm his rage.

Titus will sit back down into his relaxed position with hands behind head and feet up smiling like he just won a fight.

aside to the others
"Ah a dog and pony show, comprised of questions without answer..."

"I guess the defense needs time to prepare since they seem to have a lack of evidence."

Trial...HAHAHA Titus laughs You mean this execution. Look the more of you old farts that die the more room at the top for guys like me so kill him if thats what you want. Just b/c you do it with some resemblance of authority and he whent out and found the ones he wanted the kill... Go ahed pot Mr. Kettle is waiting for his death.

Titus leans over to Cecilia

Hope me calling your prince out here doesn't ruin things with us He grins and nudges at her.

Male Enigma/20

The Archbishop Laughs and calls wave to the kindred next to him. They promptly drag the man off the viewing area and disappear. “ After a careful interrogation of Mr Lapid, and a trial were no Kindred put forth compelling evidence to overturn a guilty sentence, Mr. Lapid has now been found guilty of endangering the masquerade and for the unprovoked slaughter of several respected members of the Invictus and Lancea Sanctum. His sentence will now be carried out. He will not meet with Final Death this night; however I daresay he will wish he had. “

As he turns he pauses and says to someone in the Crowd ”Oh and Mr. Yiert, it would do you well to keep a watch on what you allow into your covenant. Those who have mouths that act before their brains may be more of a hindrance than a blessing.” the Archbishop casts his eyes over Titus and smiles, ”And besides, it seems our kind has long memories…”
With that, the trial is over, and Kindred fall into gossip amongst themselves.

And now to just enjoy yourselves at Elysium. You can continue conversing with other Kindred and such as you wish, let me know when you are ready to move to the next Scene

Male Vampire

Smiling at Quentin's remark Thomas replies with a smile: "Not at all impossible"

"Certainly not the most convincing trial I have seen," Thomas adds discretely after the proceedings are over. "Titus two free pieces of advice. He is the prince so be careful what you say and there are broad interpretations of the first tradition, especially if a prince wants to remove enemies."

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Watching the outburst from Titus with thinly veiled amusement, she'd stay quiet and keep her counsel to herself.

"Removing one who slew other kindred and who violated the second canon? I see nothing wrong with that."

Then, in response to the question from Titus, she'd respond rather dryly..

"Oh, I'm sure this won't change anything between us.."

Following the end of the trial, Cecilia would rise from her seat and wander over to the other Lancea Sanctum members, searching for Terrance in particular. If he proved available, she'd speak to him and any other Sanctified around.

"Well, that proved rather more interesting then I'd hoped for. Seems that the witches lack any sense or self control, surprisingly. Did anyone here know any of the victims on our side, hmm?"

male Human
HP 52: AC 19, T:13, FF:16, CMD: 22 (+1enlarged, +2 w/ mutagen), Perception +6, Fort +8, Ref +6, Will -1(+1 vs Fear) (+2 vs Sleep, Paralysis, Stun, Posion), Face/Daredevil Rep: 19

He is the prince because they won the war, well I wasn't here then. So I will cater to him for now, but I will not hold my tongue because others think me too young to know anything. You sit ideally by see how far that gets you. I mean you're a crone member right? You should be the one looking over your shoulder. The prince doesn't seem to have it out for my covenant
Garris smiles and chuckles as he slaps Thomas on the shoulder.

Well all, should we go see a man about a job? I'm ready whenever you three are.

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