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Chicago Nights(Vampire the Requiem)

Game Master Trup

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Male Vampire

At the United Centre:

Thomas flashes a discrete smile and responds: "Somehow I get the feeling you've both been out a little while. The club sounds like a good idea. Besides I don't know if this Carrie Underwood is anywhere close to Johnny Cash." Somehow the smile doesn't make you feel warmer, this man is just wrong in a scary way.

At the United Center


"I know about both orginally I came from Kansas, but I been on the road for a long time."

At the United Center

The group of 3 would feel yet another surge as a tall man wearing worn jeans a TAP OUT tshirt and an unzipped black hoodie with the hood up and a Black White Sox hat ans sunglasses. He was walking with his head down until he felt the same pull toward the 3. He stops and shoots a stare as he pulls his glasses down slightly.

He gives a slight nod to the 3 not yet knowing their intentions. Preparing himself for the worst.

a few seconds pass before the young man speaks.


He takes a bit of a defensive stance, but seems to be looking past the 2 males and locking gaze with the beautiful woman.

At the United Center


Quentin notes the approach of the other man, he looks back and forth between both the thin man and the woman....

"Friend of yours?" he asks still looking back and forth between the first two....

Quentin back-pedals a bit....

"Sure is crowded around here!"

At the United Center

No need to back away, I think we are all friends here. he says with a sinister smile. He approaches the 3 I am Titus and sure I can sign an autograph for you. So you 3 heading somewhere "safe" to talk... Mind if I join you?

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

At the United Centre:

Cecilia's lips would turn up in just the slightest hint of a grin as Titus approaches, before speaking first to Quentin.

"Oh, he will be.."

She'd then turn to Titus.

"Hello to you, handsome. We were just about to clear out and head to the Aquarium. You should come."

On the way to the aquarium:


"I prefer to keep things at a distance, your shirt indicates that you like a more hands on approach."

on the way to aquarium

Titus approaches as a couple of students recognize him and approache for an autograph. He signs and shrugs at the 3 waiting on him.

Sorry about that it happens you know fans you love them and hate them at the same time.

I just like mixing things up. Never been good at much besides fighting. Well the pickin up ladies and sex I'm good at thouse as well. This thing we all seem to have in common though is pretty cool. Seemed to make me physically better at everything I was already good at.

so what about you blondie I bet your good at a few things. At least I am imagining already that you are.

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

On the way to the Aquarium:

"I'm good at lots of different things. Keep up and you can find out."

She'd grin up to Titus as she straddles her dull red Suzuki sports bike, before popping on her helmet and starting the engine.

"Hope some of you have cab fare!"

Upon arrival at the Aquarium, she'd look around and wait for the three guys to arrive, not wanting to risk entering Elysium without some cold bodies in the way of any danger.. if the danger that enveloped Kindred society recently is still there.

on the way to the aquarium:


"You got wheels?"
asks Quentin as he heads to his black mint condition 67 Impala.

"You can fit a body in the trunk and there is no way out."


na no wheels yet. Just building up some local fame. If this fighting works out I could be rolling in the money so they say. Mind if I catch a ride with you Quentin?


Quentin unlocks his door and then reaches across to pull up the lock on the passenger door.

The interior is also that of a 67, including an AM/FM radio...

"She's a beauty."

Quentin turns the car over, the engine roars to life and the radio comes on with Lynyrd Skynyrd, 'Free Bird'.....

so whats with the lady, you involved with her? Haven't been with another kinder since my creator. Whats your story? You been drinking blood long? Only this last year for me.

In the car on the way


"I just met her and the other gentleman, literally moments before you came by. I guess its been about the same amount of time for me as well. Spoke with my Sire who told me about traditions an told me I was welcome to stay in Chicago."



If you hitched a ride let me know......

Male Vampire

In the Impala:

Thomas has followed in silence trying to assess the latest man to join them. He frowned on the episode with the fans. As they reach the Impala he lets his hand slide along the boot. "It's a fine machine," he says admiringly.

As they drive he asks Titus: "So Titus was it, I don't recall having seen you here, are you also new to the city?" He pauses shortly and continues: "You seamed to be famous, mind if I ask for what?"

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

So, do we want to start gameplay proper with the coterie walking into Elysium together? Or do you have something else planned Trup?

If Trup is ready we can start the campaign at any point, and we can continue the meeting of august 17th in this thread.

Once we all know each other....done
and know where to find each other...nearly done

We can contact each other at that future point where Trup starts us out....when strange things are afoot at the circle K.


Holy S+@$! It speaks... You don't know who I am huh. Thats ok. I gotta say most of it is new to me. I'm a pro fighter. You know mixed martial arts. I was pretty good before I got embraced, but this last year I have been "murdering dudes." I'm 7-0 at the moment hoping to get a title bout in the near future. Thats enough about me though you can watch the vids on youtube. So whats your story bro? I thought maybe you were the ladies driver with that suit your wearing.

Welcome to stay huh. What a nice guy your sire must be. I guess I'm somewhat close to mine. She embraced me because our numbers our kind of low now and whe wanted some extra protection. I guess there was some war amongst the vamps here. I don't know much but we were in power and now some others are.

In the impala

"One thing for certain, you can't tell how formidable one is from appearance, I have seen big dudes slammed by petite women, damndest thing, like watching midget wrestling."

"Guessing Thomas is one of the quite ones."

Male Enigma/20

I plan on having the coterie attending elysium together. I wiill put up the gameplay thread later today.

sounds good Trup, thanks for allowing me to play. Hope we all have fun together seems ok so far :)

Sounds good Trup

Male Vampire

In the Impala:

"Well yes I do." Thomas responds with a cold smile. "And I'm sorry but that just isn't my kind of sport." he adds apologetic. "I hardly know the woman," he answers the question and deflects: "I don't have much of a story to tell"

Pulling up to the aquarium


"I agree with that sentiment, much has happened recently and much has changed in a world that is new and strange to us all."

"Old saying is just when I figure out all the answers, they change all the questions."

Pulls into a spot next to Ceceilia.....

Has anyone else noticed this thread is broken off from the recruitment thread?

Male Vampire

Gm could you give some pointers on what you would expect if I were to take status ordo dracul and later follow up with their discipline?

Male Enigma/20

Do you happen to have the Ordo Dracul covenant book?

Male Vampire

Yes, I found the chapter where they describe status. How are we going to do that? I'm thinking his sire could be / become his mentor. Do you require the mentor merit for that?

Male Enigma/20

I would require some in game work towards building the relationship, ad then yes, purchasing the merit. Thankfully merits are cheap.

Male Vampire

Should the character be taken through the paths of faith?

Male Vampire

Quentin raised a valid point in the gameplay thread, how much blood do we have?

Male Enigma/20

Each of you will have 7 vitae.

-Yes, I love the paths of fate, and we can do that when there is downtime for the PC's

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

I'm sure we can top up at the Casino, if needed.

Male Vampire

I'm a bit lost, are we waitning on anything special?

not that I am aware of.....

The game master :)

Male Enigma/20

I have been super busy with work recently and have not had any time to get on the computer between this and college. I will atttempt to keep posting, but expect my posts to be sporadic for about a week. I should be back to daily posts after then.

no prob, take your time, real life happens, I will be waiting. Happy Turkey day all.

I will be on vacation til monday and will have limited posting as well.


"Oh my no signs of it hopeless?"

seems the game is dead

"Come on.....come on!"

Male Enigma/20

Yeahhh, I'm alive. Hi everyone. sorry about the issues of the last few months.

I doubt anyone is still interested but I am here.

Still ready!

Roll call!

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

I'm still here.

Male Enigma/20

1, 2! Yay!

Do we want to private message the other two?

Male Vampire

Still here

Err the other one?

Male Enigma/20

Possibly :) Was out for the weekend. I will PM Mister Titus

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