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Chicago Nights(Vampire the Requiem)

Game Master Trup

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Male Enigma/20

Opened. Sorry about the delay.

no problem....

What do I need to fix?

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Excellent! Looking forward to this.

Backstory wise, Cecilia is a former air force brat who was taken around the world during her youth (thanks to her dad moving to various USAF bases in Europe and the Middle East), which inspired her desire to learn more about the history of those places. Eventually she found her way to the University of Chicago and has been studying Art History for quite some time now, getting her masters and working on her PhD before she was embraced, though she still harbours some desire to finish those studies.

Coterie wise, she's on the outskirts of the Lancea Sanctum (and any Toreador society in the city), so she'd want to find some friends in the Kindred society, especially after the disappearance of her sire.

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Thinking of places that Cecilia might actually have met the other vamps in the Coterie, she'd have been a regular whichever church the Lancea Sanctum hold their services, Elysium, the University of Chicago and the surrounding area (so, Studenty areas) as well as art museums and the like.

There's also the stereotypical nightclubs, of course.

Male NG Half-Elf (“Ulfen”) Hunter 1 | HP: 10/10 | AC: 16 (13 Tch, 13 Fl) | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | F: +4, R: +5, W: +2 | Init: +3 | Perc: +9, SM: +2 | Speed 30ft | Animal Focus: 1/1 | Spells: 1st 2/2 | Active conditions: None.

Checking in and surprised (pleasantly at that) that I was picked sans background. How soon are you wanting to start?

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Two members of the circle of the crone in the Coterie? Well this should be fun, heh.

unaligned is almost as good...... ;)

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Thought a bit more about Cecilia's embrace and the events leading up to it. Long post ahead!

I'm thinking that she met her sire, a handsome middle aged man, while doing some research at the historical archives at the University of Chicago. She was researching stuff for her own studies, while her sire was looking for some information of his own, information into early pilgrim rituals and religious experiences. (He was a Parish Archivist, [see the Lancea Sanctum sourcebook, pg 70])

Being rather an old vampire, however, he struggled with the technology required to access the archives, and a chance encounter meant that Cecilia ended up helping him out and finding the information he wanted for him over the next few weeks. Cecilia impressed him with the depth of her knowledge in her chosen field, and they often had lively debates on historical matters over coffee. (Or rather, she drank the coffee.. he always claimed allergies, but never wanted to go elsewhere)

It was during this time that she felt she was being stalked by someone (Another vampire, hired by her sire to check on her. She's never knowingly met this other vampire) and she confided in her sire as to why she spent so much time in the archives. She told him that she had led an isolated life since childhood, having moved from base to base quite frequently, and grew up thinking she was, well, better then others around her. She studied while others wasted their time on immature things like dating. Not that she didn't have needs, of course.. just that when those needs had to be sated, she'd go out, 'hunt' and then kick them out.

This level of casual cruelty even impressed her sire, and after the hired stalker turned up evidence that Cecilia's assistance had perhaps breached the masquerade, her sire made the decision to embrace her and bring her into Lancea Sanctum and Kindred society. Initially rather excited to dive into this new, welcoming group, the disappearance of her sire led to her taking a step back and re-examining things. She's not yet taken the second part of the creation rites [Lancea Sanctum sourcebook, pg 81] needed to formally join Lancea Sanctum society, for instance. Quite understandably, this has led to her finding friends in possibly unusual places.

Male Enigma/20

I'm sure there will be no issues between our circle members and our lady of the lancea sanctum. None that can't be worked out with a little bit of force I mean. :)

Human Magus 1

Just checking in and thinking about what connections might be possible... :)

not sure how I feel about this avatar picture.....

I'll have an alias up later today.

How do you want to handle contact Trup, do you want them fleshed out now?

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Cecilia's got a mentor, so I'll need to know if you want that fleshing out. (Already got an idea down for the mentor)

Male Enigma/20

Yes I would prefer it all to be fleshed out. If you have any questions about the city, direct them at me.

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Alright, first few questions. Where's Elysium, where's the Lancea Sanctum midnight mass held, and where's the Lancea Sanctum's base of operations (if different to the above)

Only 5 checked in thus far. Waiting in the background for the chance to play

Cecilia Perez wrote:
Alright, first few questions. Where's Elysium, where's the Lancea Sanctum midnight mass held, and where's the Lancea Sanctum's base of operations (if different to the above)

Cecilia those are good questions, I hope most of those are answered in the campaign tab.

Mine is who is officially the prince of the city
...who/whom can call a blood hunt, who are progeny presented to, etc.

Ok changed avatar I think I like this one better.

Male Enigma/20

Cecilia - I'm still using the dark temple setting from the chicago book. Every major and most minor rites for the Lancea Sanctum were performed there.

Quentin - The official prince of the city is Archbishop Fanklin Jones. He is the only one who can order the blood hunt officially, and all progeny at some point must be officially presented before him(Though usually only when they have been instructed on proper courtesies and such)

Cecilia Perez wrote:
Alright, first few questions. Where's Elysium

Some people like to use the entire Chicago Museum Campus:

The Shedd Aquarium
The Chicago Theater
Art Institute of Chicago
Museum of Contemporary Art
The Adler Planetarium

Others select from among that list, but it is up to our DM.

Male Vampire

Alias is up

Male Enigma/20

The shedd aquarium is the main meeting place for the Kindred for Elysium. Anyone ready to start discussing the coterie meeting background?

I guess one question is how many of us are gangrel and how many know wild eye jack....

Time of embrace: around when all the trouble started, was gone during the main events and returned afterwards.

I could have run into others fairly recently....Being unaligned I could be the link between the different orders.

So when was everyone embraced/how long have they been in Chicago?

Male Vampire

Born and raised in Chicago. Embraced 4 years ago, I am not sure how this corresponds to the Invictus fall from power.


Read through the Chicago and Invictus information in the campaign tab and write your own version of what your character did during that time.

I included my prelude in my history (even giving personality and dialog to Wild Eye Jack), so I took more than a few liberties. (take a look at my character if you like)

So were you a supporter of the prince?

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Been in Chicago for seven years, embraced two years ago.

Cecilia laid low in the city during the recent unpleasantness, thinking that hiding amongst the humans and keeping isolated might help her survive. Her sire disappeared during that time, Cecilia reckons that he suffered the Final Death but has no clear evidence either way.

It's possible that during her search for information about what happened to her sire that she would have met the others in the Coterie and hung with them. She's likely not too popular amongst the Lancea Sanctum for hiding during the recent unpleasantness, or amongst the other Daeva/Toreadors (if there is even another Toreador in the city)

Quentin could have met others at any of a broad range of concerts, being a music fan, he likely would have attended at the UIC Pavilion or United Center. I am kind of assuming Cecilla might have spotted him while she was looking for other Toreadors (which he is not) in the city.

Likes a more classic rock type thing, Dave Mathews / Adelle

not at Lady Gaga, pink etc......

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Cecilia, on the other hand, would love Lady Gaga and dance music in general. It's possible that Cecilia might have bumped into Quentin at the United Centre while getting her ticket for a Gaga concert. Then, with the predator's taint kicking in, they'd have known instantly that they were both vampires..

Sounds like a great start want to hash out the specifics on here or by Private message?

Those in the same covenant should easily enough know each other.

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

On here, so others have a chance to jump in on any hooks.

Ok I like it....

Randomly going with Quentin and Cecilia met Friday August 17th



Picked a random meeting date....

August 17th Friday night Quentin was out and about enjoying some of the local talents and acts around the area.

RP the meeting or not?

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador


Broad strokes for now, we're still in the background phase after all.

On the same night, Cecilia would be out in the area, enjoying herself after getting those tickets. Her first time really out and about after the recent unpleasantness, having kept away from other Kindred and their usual dives, she'd be quite surprised to feel the predator's taint come over her.. and equally surprised (but not really) to know in her heart that she was above this strange, if vicious looking vampire. Clearly, he could help her out with finding out exactly what happened to the Kindred within the city, and to reconnect with Kindred society.

Gracefully approaching Quentin, she'd slide up close to him and whisper sensually to him.

"I know who you are.. and you're going to help me."


"If either part of that statement was true I would have to kill you for either knowing who I am or asking for help. I know who I am so that leaves one question, help with what?"

"I am certain you will introduce yourself after that."

Quentin does not break off from keeping a sharp eye on the surroundings.

anyone else jumping in the night of august 17th?

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador


Laughing just a little, she'd keep up the playful, seductive tone, posing to make sure that Quentin got the best view of her rather attractive features.

[b]"I have been.. out of the world for a while, and require some updating as to what has happened as of late. I'm sure you can help me with that.

As for who I am, well.. I'm your new best friend. Cecilia Perez."

Male Vampire

What Thomas did in the war.

Days of war:

After having fought his new state of being alone for almost a year Thomas was marked by the experience. His was slow to accept his guide to this new world, the woman who shattered his future plans, his sire. She kept him away from much of the kindred social scene and most of his contact with other kindred were with other dragons.
Thomas was because of this not the first to know about the war. He followed his sire to the site of the anti-prince when the Ordo Dracul was presented with the ultimatum. Not being a front-line fighter he played his part in hostile acquisition of other heavens, and the demolition that followed. Only once did he see real fighting and his blood powers proved their worth.


Not willing to admit a certain degree of lonliness...

"Ahhh one of those, I am Quentin and the wrong person to ask about events as I was out of town."

Extends one hand to Cecilia...
"I don't really know anyone here."
...Which is true in that Quentin does not consider that he knows his sire Wild Eye Jack....

Shadow Lodge


I still haven't had time to sit down and handle background. I do not want to be the cause of a delay in the start of the game that the others are obviously eager to start. Please feel free to replace me (Alec McGowan) with the alternate character.

Thanks for the selection.

- Talomyr

No T! Don't go, this is only two people meeting.

Male Vampire

At the United Center:

So many vessels Thomas thought while he waited in line. Initially a little shocked by the thought he laughed to himself still able to feel shocked that would change like so much had. Well that is how my life is now. he reasoned as he took a step forward. Then he felt it the beast roared inside him. There were someone else here, someone like him. He wanted to tear them apart. He forced his beast back pushing it away from the surface and turned towards those who had provoked the reaction. The man and woman were standing there speaking. He moved a little closer eager to listen to their conversation.

Resisting frenzy due to predator's taint: 6d10 ⇒ (7, 3, 10, 8, 5, 9) = 42

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador


Looking a bit amused at Quentin's offered hand, she'd wait for him to withdraw it before continuing.

"Then I suggest, Quentin, that we go and discover answers to my questions together.."

She'd pause a moment, feeling the beast flair up again as Thomas approached them.

With Cecilia's higher blood potency, it'd be Rötschreck, not just a normal frenzy. Which would feel a bit different!


"Guess that gives you the upper hand, want to head somewhere away from the fray?"

Male Vampire

At the United Center:

As Thomas closes in on the to he feel a different pull. His beast struggles against every step closer. Again he trumps the beast. One of these days he is going to break free again he thinks.

He comes within hearing range just as the man finishes speaking. Not remembering any of them from his few contacts with the kindreds outside his covenant, he decides to introduce himself. "I don't believe I have had the pleasure, I am Thomas Earthborn." he says while extending his hand towards the two.

Being in his presence is is uncomfortable there is a sense of unease, something wrong on a primal level, when you are close. Touching him amplifies this feeling manifolds.

You're right, but since I couldn't see your blood potency in your profile, I took a guess.

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Good point Thomas, now fixed. ;)

At the United Centre:


"Thomas, of course you are. I'm Cecilia Perez, and I'm sure it's a pleasure" Again, Cecilia would look a little bemused at the offered hand before continuing, without shaking it. Someone else to help her out, she considered.. another body between her and trouble if it came to it.

"As I was just saying to Quentin here, I have been out of the world for a while, or rather, the world has lacked my presence. So I require updating on important matters. Perhaps you can help me with that, Thomas?"

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

Physical Description:
Tall, leggy and with creamy blonde, shoulder length hair, Cecilia would constantly view the world with a bemused look on her face, as if toying with everyone and everything around her. Usually, when out on a night, Cecilia favours rather tight clothes, certainly enjoying the freedom that not needing to breath gives her fashion sense. Pink corsets that show off a lot of cleavage as well as black leather pants are a particular favourite, in addition to her pink biker jacket. A silver cross hangs on a chain around her neck, positioned in such a way as to draw attention to her cleavage.

At the United Center:


"My sire spoke of different kinds and you two seem different in some way I can not fathom. He told me I am Gangrel, but still I am not certain what all that entails."

hints at being newly embraced, and not learning much...

Points at Cecilia
"It is as if you arouse my base mind that could over-run all logic, like a spell of aome sort upon your person."

"I know very little, and some information would be helpful."

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

At the United Centre:

After Quentin said his piece, Cecilia would step in very close and press a slender, delicate finger against his lips, close enough for him to smell her rather intoxicating, expensive perfume.

"We do not use such terms in public, Quentin."

Then, stepping back a little and speaking more broadly to both Quentin and Thomas.

"If we are to discuss these matters, perhaps somewhere friendlier to ourselves should be considered as a meeting point. I recall that the Shedd Aquarium was used as such. Shall we depart and head there?"

If the chaos that had engulfed Kindred society was still going on, Cecilia thought, then having two other vampires with her when she re-engaged that society would certainly increase her chances of survival.

At the United Center:


"Yes let us go there."

Note to others, I usually post very little on weekends...

Female Lancea Sanctum Toreador

So, that's three of us met up and working together. Anyone else want to jump in at Elysium?

Male Enigma/20

Well we have half of our Coterie together. Come on people....

; )

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