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Chicago Nights(Vampire the Requiem)

Game Master Trup

Chicago at a glance:

Recent nights for the Kindred in Chicago have been turbulent to say the least. The invictus has fallen from power and the Lancea Sanctum has its Archbishop holding praxis over the city. The covenants are all weakened from the previous year of open warfare amongst the covenants, and everyone is looking on like hungry wolves, waiting for a chance to strike and gain power.

Short history:
Until very recently the Invictus held power in the windy city, but the Invictus Prince was drunk with power. He ruled as a tyrant, and made fast enemies of every covenant with his clearly biased rules. It all came to a head when an unaligned coterie entered into town without announcing their presence to the prince. Although a breach of etiquette, it hardly warranted the deaths of the 5 Kindred involved, yet the Prince set to the task immediately. Two Kindred died before the coterie responded. They went to a powerful unaligned vampire in the city known as Wild Eye Jack and made a bargain with the strange Kindred. The coterie disappeared after that, and only appeared once more in Elysium to inform everyone attending that the coterie with a large number of unaligned allies would be going to war on the Prince, and any covenant that stood by his side. The threats were dismissed as fanciful imagination of weak vampires but the attitude soon changed. Every night Kindred began to die, their havens gutted by fire, their bodies left out for the morning sun or never found at all. At first it was just the Invictus and their prince, but as covenants began to hunt unaligned vampires in an open show of support for their prince, the targets broadened to include every covenant.

Suprisingly, it was the Lancea Sanctum that was the first to betray the Invictus. Their open declaration of alliance with the unaligned guerilla fighters ignited the city into open war.

Under the cover of darkness the Kindred of Chicago waged an open war as covenants were split down the middle with arguments of who to support. Arguments gave way to civil war, and soon every Kindred had some kind of stake in the battle for Chicago.

The warfare ended when the last surviving member of the coterie who ignited the whole affair slaughtered the Prince who had been hidden away in a secret Haven. With the prince dead, the Covenants had to repair the damage to themselves and it was The Lancea Sanctum who managed to emerge from the smoke of battle to establish their dominance in the city.

These nights the Lancea Sanctum rules fairly, and thanks to a truce signed by every covenant, and even by Wild Eye Jack, has ensured that peace is maintained. Still the brutal cut throat politics that have become common place after the rush to fill the open spots of power through both city and covenant of the city and covenants still make this a very dangerous placed to be a Kindred.

Invictus at a glance:

With the exception of the Carthians, the Invictus were the Covenant that came out the worst from the war. The inner council was slaughtered, and only two Councilors now rule in the Invictus. Each councilor also has conflicting views on how to restore the Invictus into a position of power.

Jason Yiert a relatively young vampire(105 Years) rose to power quickly and assumed the position of Councilor at a unprecedented age. He believes that powe can be returned to the Invictus by increasing their ties with mortal society and bi business. He himself owns a large corporation and has made ghouls of many of the executives in his company.

Brian Spikowski however believes that delving into the secrets of the remaining kindred, using blackmail and threats of overwhelming response from the Invictus is the way to restore the First Estate.

Carthians at a glance:

Daniel Pierson is the prefect of the Carthian movement and he, like his fellow Carthians, are pissed. Unlike other covenants, when the Carthians made their move to support the Anti-Prince movement, they were not fractured or divided. They changed sides as a whole covenant and fought hard to bring the Prince down. The Carthians also suffered the heaviest casualties, lost the most territory (which they still haven’t gotten back), and in general got the short end of the stick.

Many suspect correctly that the other covenants had planned to bring down the Carthians from a place of power no matter who won, and now, they want their power back. The Carthians are a powder keg, and it will only take the smallest spark for them to explode out in rage.

Ordo Dracul at a glance:

The Ordo Dracul is the odd man out as far as the war goes. They did their best to remain neutral during the conflict, trying instead to observe the myriad of repercussions the war was bringing upon the Kindred population. They were forced to join the Anti Prince force during the last nights of the war when the Prince sent a ultimatum to them, ‘Join or die’. The ultimatum is still joked about to this night because within the month the prince was killed in hidden haven. “The Inhuman” is the Kindred who leads the Ordo Dracul in the nights following the war.

Circle of the Crone at a glance:

An ancient hag of a Kindred known as Rose leads the Circle of the Crone, and has for as far back as even the Eldest Kindred in Chicago remember. After the dust settled and the covenants were attempting to reconcile with the factions that had split, Rose instead chose to hunt down those who had not followed her and stake them out for the sun to claim. The Circle of the Crone has remained relatively unaffected in terms of territory, but Rose’s cold actions in the aftermath of the war have left the Circle in desperate need of Acolytes.

Lancea Sanctum at a glance:

The Lance Sanctum stands as the most powerful and influential covenant in the city, and they are proud of it. Archbishop Franklin Jones rules over the city and still manages to minister to his covenants needs as well. Recent nights have shown little reason for other covenants to speak against them as the Archbishop rules with surprising fairness and judgment.

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