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Changes are changing (Inactive)


Nothing stays the same as the world changes before the characters eyes.

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I was reading through these boards and had an idea.

We all are aware of, and probably have done a rotating DM. But the DM has always been rotated at the end of an adventure, or in the middle because of an emergency.

But what if it was done intentionally? That all players in the group would also be a DM, at some point in the future, but sooner than the start of the next adventure? What if it was set so that a player would be a DM after 3 months of play? Or 1 month?

So here is my thought. Start a group of 4-6 players.
Starting level would be 1st level.
Use point by of 20 pts
And to make it easier, limit character creation to the core rulebook.

After one month of real life time, the DM switches out with another player. Example, id dm for oct, jim for november, bob for dec, susie for jan, and so on.

The campaign would be generic, and pribably best achieved without using a premade adventure path.


Sovereign Court

I don't think that's an entirely uncommon thing to do. I know I've heard of several groups who swap GMing duties rather frequently like that.

It should work just fine and probably make for a more interesting series of games.

would be interesting indeed.

would it be the same chaarcters or would there be new characters for each dm?

Same characters

i would be "game" for this

Thats one

might be a great chance to play some of the characters I have that never get into any game

Why not give it a shot. Keep me posted.

With the pace of many PbP games 1 month may not be enough to make sufficient progress

No it certainly would not. You might give it six months or more.

Would it be PbP or a Virtual TT?

thats the point. no matter where the story line is, after 1 month a PC becomes the DM, and takes the party onward.
Its an open game concept, with each player being able to direct the group towards an end that has been cultivated by other players before hand.


It'd end up being like those those stories where multiple people write it, others taking over during the middle of it. A lot of times, the story ends up being more unique than a normal one.

The only concern I see, is that when DMs switch, there could be a lack of something in the group. Like when the character playing the cleric becomes dm, there will be a significant lack of healing. It would take careful consideration for party building.

Count me in.

Well, that is where good rping will come into play. If you dont have the healer on hand, you will think twice as hard to figure out a solution to the problem

I think this is a very good idea. Just a few questions:

Where does this story begin?

What happens to a person's character when he becomes GM?

I've played a few sandbox style games where one DM would control the main quest and the rest of us would switch on for side quests and subplots. Everyone has their own style so we'd get a surprising mix of encounters and events. It's a little like what's being described here only the breaks and switches were a little more defined.

One thing I could suggest for those people concerned about the missing the Healer have two characters and play the adventure an standard PFS format of players coming in and out of the adventure and resources are pooled. The only thing that comes into mind is everyone earns xp for each character played or not, but having the equipment and tools shared.

Characters can be moved in and out of the party as needed Cleric, Druid, Paladin and Ranger and whatever else is needed. Everyone just needs to talk and or plan accordingly.

Player 1 - Ranger / Bard
Player 2 - Cleric / Barb
Player 3 - Cavalier / Druid
Player 4 - Paladin / Rogue
Player 5 - Monk / Sorc
Player 6(DM) - Witch / Gunslinger

Something like this offers up a few options to heal and have a beefier group composition or whatever is needed. But it does offer a chance for when the DM rotation comes around you can keep playing your character or switch over to the other.

i was thinking about 1 character per person.

If we can just get some off healers, it should work. Would probably want a paladin or something. Or if we have a large enough party, someone else specialize into healing (Like an oracle with life mystery) so that we always have two healers.

And zombies!

Have a look here
20th level game, and rolling GM (cuz the GM walked)
The payers do one episode each then hand over to the next player.


I saw that one and had a concept but decided that with all this invincible players didn't seem like much I could offer with the design I had.

I would have been like a "red shirt" among those guys

Count me in.

Seems like we have enough interest, someone just needs to get it going.

Count me in. I also say who cares about party make up. If it ends in a TPK cause we lack a healer there is still plenty of story to go, so moving on won't hurt.

Dewn how do we wanna start?

Grand Lodge

Maybe start with character creation (i.e. everyone make characters) and then do Ye Olde Dee Twenty, lowest roll starts as GM or some such?

I'll throw in a hat with this (eventually) dual-shield ranger build I've had sitting around. (It may need a little bit of re-working, as one trait is a campaign trait, and it really wants the animal companion to get shield proficiency).

I am still game for this it will provide a chance to test my PbP DM abilities and maybe give me some "board cred" to run a game.

My first DMing stint, on the boards, didn't go so hot, but mostly cause I lost patience with the pace of PBP. Having played it for a few months now I think I understand it a bit better.

For my character I am thinking Fighter Spear Master, with a few levels of poisoner rogue as it moves along.

1d20 ⇒ 10

I have no idea what character to play originally thinking cleric focusing on channeling powers.

Are you still open for more? I have a war cleric that can play healer or damage dealer, although I will have to check and make sure he is core only. I have also DM'ed several games on the forums to some success.

Seeing Edward with a cleric idea and seniority on me, I may as well point out that I am 100% flexible in character role. I can and will play anything.

I don't think "senior" has any relevance (I could be wrong) I would rather see everyone play the character that they will enjoy playing instead of something that they feel they "have" to play

forgot the d20 roll:

1d20 ⇒ 4

EDIT: I GOT A 4 !!!

A couple more thoughts here to share. I don't think we should limit source books for character creation. Though the point buy and starting level is perfectly understandable.

It would be a mistake to adopt ANY house rule.

I for one like to use Hero Points but am willing to for go it for this.

I also don't think we should limit ourselves to any paticular module. This very much seems like a homebrew sandbox.

The world setting should be up to the original DM and then we work from there. If the world is strange and nobody but the original DM knows anything about it, thats ok the following DMs can add to it at there leisure.

The more I think of this the more excited I become.

I can throw together any class, but I have ideas on a wizard set up, and a ninja as well. I say final word comes down to Dewn since this is his idea, unless he doesn't pick things up.

1d20 ⇒ 19

Of course, if someone just want to be DM then the die rolls are pointless.

Silver Crusade

I can take the role of 3,4,5 or 6, though i prrefer the role of player 3.

I appreciate it, Edward. I didn't mean that I felt that I "have" to play a certain role. I really just enjoy the game and I have a blast no matter what I play. I'll do this: I'll play either a ranger, rogue, or cleric, in that order. Whatever isn't taken.

1d20 ⇒ 5

Grand Lodge

1d20 ⇒ 1
I was thinking do generic Golarion (lots of info out about that world, which lets people have some setting ideas etc), and then each GM can have their own "main" idea for their time. Somewhat like a series of PFS games, Pathfinders get sent all over to do XYZ and sometimes even in the MIDDLE of a current mission get redirected (i.e. GM switch) via sending or whatever.

I also agree with expanding beyond Core Rulebook, but I'm up for whatever.

How long should we wait for Dewn to fire up a discussion and game board?

Seems like he is still around, some of his aliases are still posting. I sent him a pm to see if he is still interested. Otherwise I say wait a few days, and then go without him.

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of response. I honestly thought this thread had died. It wasnt until wofguy pmd me and let me know it had progressed that showed it was alive.

Ill have some info bout this shortly

Do you guys have any space left? This is something I'd be interested in trying.

Here is my Resumé

If accepted I'd like to take one of the first spots as GM. I have a lot of free time on my hands until spring.

This does sound like a very interesting concept, and I'd really like to play an alchemist if we're opening up past the CRB. If not, I might try a ranged weapon fighter. I have not GM'd a PbP yet, but this sounds like a good way to start. Quick question, are we opposed to allowing the current GM to continue playing his character while he runs the game? Seems a lot simpler to me, as long as people can keep GM knowledge and characters knowledge separate.

i was going with the idea that once one takes over as GM, the character disappears.

Grand Lodge

i was going with the idea that once one takes over as GM, the character disappears.

That was my assumption as well--that someone shows up with a "You: keep doing what you're doing/go away and handle XYZ, I'll take your spot in the team as we go do ABC" (which would also explain why the GM's character gets XP while "off stage."

If Dewn wishes to continue as "organizer" of sorts, he should choose some system for determining who is in/out (as 8 players is probably too many).

since there is enough interest, lets roll with this.

character creation guidelines

1st level

max hps

25 pt buy

classes: lets keep it to only the CRB for the time being. If a PC dies, then we can discuss the opening up to new PC classes as the party explores the new world.

standard starting gold

2 traits allowed

although this is a homebrew world, the pathfinder pantheon of gods will be used. Makes things easy.

Is there any chance we could allow other sources? I have a Cleric Necromancer I've been wanting to try in the worst way.

not at this time. id rather keep it simple at the start, and as the campaign progresses, then we can add in new material.

testing my rss feed

I am interested in this.

I think tat a month is two short but I will go with the flow.

This was touched on in previous posts, when a new GM takes the yoke I think the old GM should have th option of rolling a new character. Or use his old one.

If the party is to big perhaps we could split it?

Just a thought

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