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Catprog's Online Jade Regent Campagin

Game Master Catprog

This is a general thread for discussions about my campaign

Hello. I am playing Jerrik, the half-elf fighter.

Next session is the 11th of August

Rey's gold is 1596.65 (due to the debt from the wand+cloak)
Jerrik gold is 1695.75

2096.65 total extra gold.(for new characters)

Things not yet sold(and may be purchased by a player for the indicated cost)

2,540 Whispering Strike
25 5 potions CLW
150 2 potions CMW
150 3 potions Lesser restoration
1250 Ring of Climbing
142.5 Wand of identify (19 charges)
125 masterwork chain sirt
110 masterwork cold iron wakzashi
2.5 11 Desnan candles
25 4 skyrockets
560 jewlery
250 chest

Total XP per player is now 2305


Primary Statistics:

3 points to spend



2 -

1 covered wagon
1 fortune-teller’s wagon
1 supply wagon.
2 -

Sandru(or guard,passenger,trader or wainwright)
Bevelek and Vankor

Ameiko (Cook,entertainer,fortune-teller,guard,passenger,spellcaster,trader)
Koya (fortune-teller,guard,healer,passenger)
Shalelu (guard,passenger,scout)


Relationship values

Jerrik (-2 charisma)

Ameiko -1
Koya 2
Sandru -2
Shalelu -1

Reynard (+1 charisma)

Ameiko 6
Koya 1
Sandru 1
Shalelu 2

Special Events (to be applied to new characters)

Ameiko +1
Shalelu +1

Still to be applied are
3) Companionship (for going to L2)
4) Gifts and Insults (for L1 and L2)

Female Human Transmuter/1 Def: 12 FF: 10 Wounds 26/26 Vigor 6/6 Fort +1 Ref +3 Will +2

Hello, I'm Azrael Dukshi and this is my character, Wren Donoma, for the campaign.

Male Halfling Sorcerer 2

Zimmerwald1915 is my overall persona, but for this campaign I'll be playing Henk Snellet.

Crunch is just about done, still need to purchase gear and type out Henk's backstory.

Male Halfling Sorcerer 2

Backstory's done, still need to buy gear. I hate buying gear.

Hi everyone.

I am playing Jerrik, half-elf fighter.

If you could make the decisions for the caravan before hand it will speed up the process in game.

The caravan will be traveling from Sandpoint through Galduria and Wolf's ear, through vhurlwood and eventually reaches Roderic's cove. Riddleport is avoided and eventually reaches Brinewall.

For the caravan, how about we spend 1 point on offence, 1 point on defence, and 1 point on mobility?

Male Halfling Sorcerer 2

Eh, sounds alright.

At what time of day do sessions begin and end? My cousin's celebrating his birthday, and I may have to come late/leave early/not show up depending on how the schedule works out.

The 11th of August server is up at (in about 15 minutes I am planing to start)

Catprog wrote:
The 11th of August server is up at (in about 15 minutes I am planing to start)

Due to circumstances, session is canceled. amp;day=25&hour=19&min=0&sec=0&p1=47&p2=136 is the time for the next session.

Also do you want to put the caravan in the background and have a few normal encounters instead?

Male Halfling Sorcerer 2

Sorry :(

Keeping the caravan encounters should be alright. AFAIK, we haven't seen how they've gone yet. For which I'm sorry again.

Game is tomorrow.

Male Halfling Sorcerer 2

By tomorrow, you mean August 24? 5PM EST (10PM GMT)?

Male Halfling Sorcerer 2

Hmm, looked for your server on b.87, couldn't find anything :(

25th, but session is now cancelled. My internet has failed.

the next session is hopefully on the 9th.

sorry the 8th. amp;day=8&hour=19&min=0&sec=0&p1=47&p2=136

I will be playing.


Server is up at

46 hours to go


Any word from the other players?

The ip address for tonight is

It seems that I've missed the game. I'm truly sorry about that. I understand how time differences can screw us up, for me, getting up (or staying awake) to 5am, as the time would be for me, is a daunting task. I tried to log into the server, but I'm guessing that you closed it already. Again, I apologize for being unable to participate. If you do plan on trying to run this again, I don't think that I will be able to play. Not at the times that you've set.

Azrael, do you live the USA?

I won't be able to play on Saturday 29th September.


Anything happening?

Is there a game on tomorrow?

Hi, I have been talking with cat, I will be joining this campaign with the character Malena.

Game tomorrow?

Game today?

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