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Carrion Crown

Game Master martinaj


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All information is up, if there's anything missing or unclear, let me know and I'll update.

i have a doctors appointment, then i will eventually work on the rough draft for Kleiner Teuffel's statblock later this evening.

Alright done, although I dont know anything about APG, I have the PFSRD and the core thats it.

I rolled the dr2 cold iron and trading darkness for that would be nice and being a hand to hand unarmored fighter it also makes sense. though I dont know how the APG does alternate things. For now I just assumed vanilla on this.

I would like to submit Kruegar Wolf Heart the Half Orc Packlord Druid for your perusal and consideration.

Kruegar was originally born at the border between Belkzen and Ustalav, the product of an unfortunate and undesired union between an orcish warlord and a peasant girl. Soon after his birth, he was left for dead by his mother in the forests of Lorzeri. However, instead of perishing there he was discovered by a pack of wolves led by an awakened dire wolf named Hrothgar. Once the companion of a noble druid, he assisted his master for many years in eradicating the forests of Ustalav from the undead taint deeply entrenched within the land. After his master perished, he gathered the wolves of Lorzeri together in defense against the undead scourge. Upon discovering the abandoned infant, Hrothgar was moved to pity, and decided to take him into the wolf pack and raise him as one of his own. He named him after his deceased master, and began slowly teaching him about the land and the threat that the undead pose against it. Kreugar showed a natural aptitude for the druidic arts, and assisted his adoptive father in his crusade to rid the forest of the undead. Two years ago, the undead in the area conspired to destroy Hrothgar and the forest once and for all. Led by some unseen master, wave after wave of carrion came against the wolf pack in the heart of the forest, slaying Hrothgar and driving them out of the wood. Kruegar and a handful of his brothers and sisters were all that remained. Cut off from his home and driven to desperation, Kruegar was forced to travel to human lands and steal livestock in order to survive and ensure the survival of his pack.

Set upon by trappers and disgruntled farmers, Kruegar and his pack were captured and would have been put to the sword were it not for Petros Lorrimor. Lorrimor, interested in Kruegar and his strange aptitude for nature magic despite no evidence of contact with civilization, payed for the livestock that Kruegar and his pack killed in exchange for the chance to study Kruegar. At first he viewed Kruegar as a unique curiosity, a wild half orc with an affinity for wolves who could only speak in the Druidic tounge. He gradually began teaching Kruegar common and little by little taught Krueger how to live with other humans, treating the half orc as a grand and noble experiment, a chance to introduce society to the savage. Then as he learned of Kruegars past, he grew in admiration for the adversity that Kruegar had suffered and the resilience he had shown in bearing up against it. Kruegar likewise gained respect for his newfound mentor, thanking him for the great kindness he had done in rescuing him and his pack. Over the years, Lorrimor began to look less and less upon Kruegar as an experiment and more and more upon him as a son. Kruegar served the professor loyally as a bodyguard and groundskeeper, defending him and his estate. Three months ago the professor left Kruegar and his pack at home while he went off to do some reaserch. He has yet to return. In the meantime, Kruegar is dutifully defending and looking after Lorrimor's estate, anxiously awaiting his return.

Also, is the feat from the Pathfinder Chronicles Book "Seekers of Secrets" Boon Companion avaliable? It allows you to add +4 to the level of a single animal companion or familiar as long as the new effective level of your companion does not exceed your own level.

Kleiner Teufel Rough Draft

Shadow Lodge

I'd like to submit Shanoa, an inquisitor of Milani. She's a character from another Carrion Crown PbP that started out great but fizzled out way too quickly. I'd love to give it another try. Full backstory in profile.

I went back and looked over your house rules and if selected I would like to change a few things in light of how you've changed Weapon Finesse. It would not change the meat of the character, just lower his strength, raise his dex, and replace toughness with Weapon Finesse.

Well, we haven't had a new applicant in about 12 hours, so I suppose it's about to time make the selections. This one was a toughy, because I need to make sure that we both have a functioning party, and that we've got cool PCs, and a lot of my favorite entries would be filling identical roles, or were even the same class. If you're one of the guys who didn't make it in, I'm sorry we aren't able to game together just yet, but you guys will be the first to know if anyone drops out. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce the six heroes that will be braving the heroes of Ustalav...

Adwa Namandi, Witch
Ildeon Horlindan, Paladin
Dr. Benedict Darcy, Alchemist
Cassandra Blackmoore, Oracle
Charles Hawthorn, Druid
Calavas Orlosky, Sorcerer (the PRC should be fine)

No rogue-type character in the party, but do you guys think that will be a problem?

Checking in.

I don't know how many traps are to be found ingame (or how deadly they are), but if it is on the niveau of Kingmaker, the lack of a rouge should be no problem.
And even if there are a lot more, as long as they are not instantly lethal it should be no problem.
Also most locks can be smashed and rouges aren't the best faces either way.

Thanks for the invite.

Also checking in, and thank you for the selection!

As far as a rogue type, I'll likely be able to cover as a poor man's for disabling devices, and if traps look to be a major concern, between myself, Benedict and Adwa I'm fairly sure we can cover it with a spell or two.

I've already taken disable device and will be taking a level of rogue either 2nd or 3rd level, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Discussion thread is up. Any further questions from the PCs, please post them there. We'll take a day or two to get it all hammered out, then we shall begin.

Shadow Lodge

Congrats to those who made it in. Cassandra, I hope this one goes better than our last CC.

cheers. Happy gaming folks.

Congrats to everyone who got chosen! Good gaming to you all =)


Great! Thanks for taking me in!

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