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Carpy DM runs Serpent's Skull!

Game Master Wellard

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Male Human (Chelaxian) Cavalier 4

CAithan i s too fascinated by the concept of a prehensile nose to give the serpent much notice.

Waiting for Helga and Corvus.

Corvus feels entirely odd out of human form and double that as a gorilla. He flexes his muscles and stares at the hairs on his arms.

'Did I choose the form or did the form chose me?' He ponders this for a few seconds before the snake catches his attention.

Unconsciously is top lip curls to expose a dangerous set of teeth - and he fights off the urge to beat his chest - for now anyway.

Female Half-Elf Bard 2/Ranger 2

Helga laughs, and it comes out as a hyena's hooting call as she lopes to one side moving around the arriving serpent to get an angle to attack.

Checking: this gives her +2 strength, +2 natural armour, and a 1d6 base bite attack as a hyena: Str 12, AC 18, Attack +4 for 1d6+1

The Serpent is definitely Hostile you will have to defend The Tempest while he contines to commune with the spirit realm.

Corvus 26
Helga 23
Snake 21
Tempest 19+
Caithen 19
Atzi 4

Corvus is genuinely at a loss as to what to do. Act as a wizard or be a gorilla? This lack of certainty manifests itself as inactivity - as he wrestles internally as to how to behave.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Cavalier 4

Caithan will just do as the elephant do. Step on the snake. :)

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

Atzi moves to protect the Tempest snorting defensively. (Out of turn I know but wanting to bump this. :()

I'm afraid my ISP deprived me of days worth of online time again..what is worse I'm off tomorrow on Holiday (ironically to play at Paizocon UK this weekend) and will have no internet access for a week...never fear I have not left you..but I do need to recharge my batteries.

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

Roger that and see you soon! :D

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