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Carpy DM runs Serpent's Skull!

Game Master Wellard

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These are the items of note currently on sale in Eleder

MW manacles 50 gp
MW thieves tools 100gp

Mw Musical instrument 100gp

Royal Outfit 200 gp

spyglass 1000gp

MW blowpipe 302gp

MW Bolts (10) 61gp

MW Whip 301gp

potion of mage armour 50gp

armour MW Breastplate 350gp

Elixer of Fire Breath 1100gp

scroll of lightning bolt Major Image and deep slumber(on a single scroll)1125 gp

figurine of wonderous power golden lions 9000gp

iridescent blue sphere ioun stone 8000gp

tome of leadership and influence +1 27500 gp

Bag of tricks, rust 8500 gp

Cloak of resistance +3 9000gp

potion of delay poison 300gp

potion of invisibility 300gp

wand of eagles splendour 4500gp

Anarchic club +3 50300 gp

ring of Protection +4 32000gp

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

What armor is available as well, hide, lamellar (leather) and any other light druid wearable armor? Masterowkr? As most of the above is far out of my price range lol! Is there anyone available to craft items or are we not staying in Eledar long?

Female Half-Elf Bard 2/Ranger 2

Not even a masterwork composite longbow? Helga will go back to making one, then. Have we a lock-picker amongst us now?

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

Asidea from possibly enchanting her armor she will look into having the serpentfolk skull turned into a helmet. A grim reminder of that they have overcome in their travels.

If she isn't able to find an enchanter then she may just hold onto her coin until we reach a bigger city.

No you are still lacking a roguish type..

Thee items listed above are those for sale this month..the list will change.

You can buy any normal equipment here although metal armour is in short supply.

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

roger that! will post item list shortly!

Totally forgot in rl about the other castaway's retconning if possible. if not then a little late checking up. ;)

Atzi hasn't forgotten about her fello castaway's and ensures to keep them close as their survival on the Smuggler Shiv has bonded them all closer together. She reminds Aerys of the progress they made and hopes to remain friends with the sailor woman. Despite his sometimes venomous tongue Gelik has grown on Atzi and his stories she has come to hold dear. Ishirou proved his mettle defending the camp and despite his initial aloofness is another person she as come to trust.

Jask and Sasha she closest, Jasks predicament had her wondering at the spiritual mans words. That was until they discovered the papers on the wreckage and thus gained his redemption. At least she hoped...

Sasha and her new companion were a top priority of Atzis at first until Sasha proved more than able to care for her scaled companion. Despite not being needed in teaching her the proper care for her companion, Atzi enjoyed training with Sasha as her unique methods helped ingrain a more martial order to Atzi's usually chaotic approach.

She made sure to visit with the colonials and Zanj tribesmen to mak sure she didn't alienate anyone...

Party Related Business
Are we getting those notes deciphered?
Diplomacy to find translator? 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21
Will Allocate 200 gp to this task, leaving me with 2090 gp left~

While spending her time shopping she looks for someone to aid in translating the notes they found. She goes as far as to buy information if she has to to find a suitable and quick translator.

Or is there a library we can put our collective heads together at?

Once she had found someone she lets the group know and resumes her shopping until she acquired everything she needed...

DM Wellard - what's your view on the number of scrolls I can have created and the purchase of wands?

You can purchase up to three wands..and create up to a dozen scrolls of any levels and spells you are capable of casting.


You find a translator with relative ease..and whilst at the archives encounter a studious elven mage named Corvus.

Jask you hear is soon able to clear his name and reputation with the authorities and returns to his old job in the government offices.Theen who accused him leave town in a hurry and he is promoted to department head in recompense for his treatment.

Sasha turns up for a couple of sessions and then seems to drop out of view altogether.

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

Jask's change in fortune was a source of happiness for Atzi and she visited him in his new office to harass their friend. Sasha's disappearance had Atzi alarmed momentarily but once she considered the woman's skills she left it alone. Sasha had moved on and despite that saddening her she had to continue with the groups betterment.

How much for the Translator?

Whilst at the archives she encounters another elf, hopefully this one would be less dour and stoic as their Lady of Blades had been. She reaches up and pulls out a book on plants and animals as she sidles up beside this studious looking elf. She peruses the book before wrinkling her nose at all the scientifical language within, her many trinkets clink and sway in her hair as she speaks. "Why must they explain the world so? It is far simpler than this... So. Have you come to see the translator as well Mr...?"

Female Half-Elf Bard 2/Ranger 2

Helga will procure the thieves' tools, and some artisan tools to work on her new bow, which she will do as much as she can.

Ok..lets see..

1d3 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

It takes 5 days for the notes to be fully translated and then you need a linguist to decipher the clues from amongst the somewhat archaic phrasing the snake woman used.The translation costs you 50 gp

Thankfully Corvus is a linguist...

Atzi wrote:
"Why must they explain the world so? It is far simpler than this... So. Have you come to see the translator as well Mr...?"[/b][/smaller]

Corvus visibly jumps as the tall ebony skinned woman talks to him. He’s used to spending days here in study without a single word being uttered. ”Were you talking to me?” He glances around quickly, making sure he isn’t making a fool of himself in replying. A jungle crow is sitting on a nearby window-sill. It caws reprovingly.

”Well obviously I’ve managed to work that out for myself now,” he says in the direction of the window before turning to face the young woman. ”Oooh, an adventurer type, how exciting. You don’t get many of your kind in here.” The inference on ‘your kind’ isn’t rude but you get the feeling it wasn’t meant as a compliment either.

”And your questions was…ah, yes…two questions. The world is simple to those that have experienced it but books are frequently written by those that have never seen anything other than these four walls. Their recounting is based upon interviews and anecdotes and lacks authenticity. To ensure said deficiency is not exposed, the prose is purposefully verbose and thus lacks both clarity and insightfulness.” If Atzi’s eyes have glazed over, Corvus is blissfully unaware.

”And to your second point, I have no need of a translator. I speak ten languages fluently and can translate anything you care to test me with. Oh, a third question remains unanswered. I am Corvus.”

The jungle crow caws again and Corvus’ head snaps around to face it. ”If you’d given me a moment, I would have introduced you, but I think youi’ll agree it wasn’t a direct question, so I was not, as you have it, rude in not making my new friend aware of your monicker. And for your impertinence, I’ll honour my new friend’s actual questions and stop where I have. Thank you very much.“

Corvus turns to face Atzi, a sickly smile on his face. You’re not sure what’s more perturbing – his apparent conversation with a bird or his insistence on calling you his new friend!

From a mechanics perspective, Corvus’ conversation with the bird – Macro – is little more than an owner chatting to his pet. His empathetic link will allow him to feel basic emotions from the crow but, like any doting animal owner, he will attach whole sentences to the merest noise or gesture from the creature. I think he needs to get out more!

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

Atzi smiles at Corvus, despite all his complicated talk she remained tentative and paid attention as he spoke. She did however enjoy his conversations with his bird as clearly he was one in tune with more than just fancy speech and books. His initial words she took as a challenge though and smiled broadly when he said his somewhat pointed remark. "First, who is this fine creature by the window?" She pulls out the remaining dried snake meat and offers it to the raven along with her open shoulder to perch upon.

Wild Empathy - Diplomacy towards Raven: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26
@Corvus: As a player you can disregard the rolls of course but I just couldn't pass up tempting your fine feather friend for a moment. Lmao a 20... When you least expect them!

No matter what happens with the Raven she gives a half shrug as she speaks. "Sadly not many of your kind are bold enough to mingle with my kind, perhaps they are unable to keep up~" She says this with her broad smile and in a teasing way. Challenging this academic as she continued speaking. "Do you speak snakefolk than?" She taps the sizable serpent skull sitting upon her head like a grim helm. "This one made notes we could not understand, hence why I sought a translator if you can read it I would be quite glad to pay you for your troubles friend Corvus~" She doesn't seem at all disturbed by Corvus's somewhat eccentric attitude, her broad smile never fades and her many trinkets tied in her hair clink and sway in the small draft that passes through the building.


Atzi is mysterious and alluring with her ebony skin and light green eyes, which have the slightest tinge of blue in the center. She is tall and light weight at six foot one inches tall with an athletic build and weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds. She bears an almost feral look because of her clothes, made of an assortment of barely concealing animal skins and tight leather armor. Her fascination with small trinkets is very apparent from all the predator claws, teeth and feathers from large birds dangling from her hair.

Other than her masterwork leather armor she wears a large Serpent skull like a grim helmet on her head. Its empty eyes unable to tell the story of its destruction as its jaw bone hangs broken in two and settled on either side of her head. She sports a darkwood buckler that remains strapped to her back with three shortspears strapped to her back as well. Other than that she carries a pack that is slung over her shoulder and a scimitar hangs loosely at her side.

Female Half-Elf Bard 2/Ranger 2

Er, why translate when Helga can cast comprehend languages? and she is also a linguist...

Atzi wrote:
"First, who is this fine creature by the window?" She pulls out the remaining dried snake meat and offers it to the raven along with her open shoulder to perch upon.

The crow cocks its head to one side, its shining eyes focussed on the tasty treat being offered. With a soft caw, it gently hops onto Atzi's shoulder and takes the offered morsel. Once eaten, it makes no effort to leave its new perch but instead stares intently at the various items that are attached to Atzi's hair.

Atzi wrote:
"Sadly not many of your kind are bold enough to mingle with my kind, perhaps they are unable to keep up~" She says this with her broad smile and in a teasing way. "Do you speak snakefolk than?" She taps the sizable serpent skull sitting upon her head like a grim helm. "This one made notes we could not understand, hence why I sought a translator if you can read it I would be quite glad to pay you for your troubles friend Corvus~"

Corvus clearly makes a conscious effort to ignore the bird’s interest in the snakemeat by focussing too intently on the skull atop Atzi’s head. You hear him mutter, ”Traitor.” under his breath before he composes himself.

”I am fluent in Common of course plus Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Draconic, Elven, Ignan, Infernal and Terran.” Clearly this was a statement expected to impress. And I can of course use magic to translate if need be – but I find such translation lacks the nuances that true linguistic skill offers. Snakefolk you say? Hmmmm…it could be one of many or a derivative thereof perhaps. Draconic? Without seeing the said language it’s hard to tell but if it’s broadly local, I suspect it’s a language that isn’t common and there’s the rub. What is said isn’t always what is meant and codes, ciphers and enigmatic clues often elude the standard translation. In terms of payment, I am offended by the offer.” He smiles and winks conspiratorially. ”Of course I’m not genuinely offended, but for me the challenge of the translation is the reward. Are you keeping up?”

This last sentence was not said in a rude way, but the way an adult speaks to a small child to check understanding.
Finally, he glances at her shoulder and under a false cough you hear him say, ”Common magpie.”

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

If comprehend languages works to translate the document then by all means we can do that and save some gold :) Wasn't trying to step on your toes Helga, I was just a little more active then everyone I guess, sorry. =/

She gently runs a finger down the crow's side as it sits perched on her shoulder, feeding it another morsel. She is completely at ease with it being there as she listened to Corvus's words and nodded to the sagely linguistic. "My companion Helga has the notes with her, I was merely looking for someone interested in helping translate. I am sure she wouldn't mind some help with that but we are a bit spread out, we are meeting at the Xai Xai bar later on tonight if you wish to meet the rest of us. A little improv right there DM Wellard, if there is an Inn/Tavern for Eledar then please insert that there lol.. Until then though I must return to my gathering as well, I must call a new companion~" She strolls over to the window and allows the crow to hop off back onto it's previous perch before adding. "A fine companion you have there. Smaller then what I am used to but a good companion none the less." She waits for him to respond before taking her leave of the library as the musty smell of so many books was stiffling for her free spirit.

AC13 HP 12/12 Init + 2 Pass Percept + 3 Pass Insight + 1 Saves:*Str:+5 *Dex:+4 Con:+2 Int:+0 Wis:+1 Cha:-1

Fun question. Are there any weapon smiths in town and roughly how long would it take to commission a MW weapon?

Atzi wrote:
"We are meeting at the Xai Xai bar later on tonight if you wish to meet the rest of us."

Corvus stands and bows graciously as Atzi stands to leave. He gives the bird a sideways glance before replying. "I'd be delighted to meet you there." "Alone," he adds, turning his back on the crow.

Female Half-Elf Bard 2/Ranger 2

Following a day of talking to many people, listening to stories and picking up any odd scraps of information, Helga wends her way to Xai Xai with the new bow she has procured.

AC13 HP 12/12 Init + 2 Pass Percept + 3 Pass Insight + 1 Saves:*Str:+5 *Dex:+4 Con:+2 Int:+0 Wis:+1 Cha:-1

Big post coming tommorrow. Caithan is a large man who lives large.

AC13 HP 12/12 Init + 2 Pass Percept + 3 Pass Insight + 1 Saves:*Str:+5 *Dex:+4 Con:+2 Int:+0 Wis:+1 Cha:-1

Caithan has been in high spirits since reaching shore. Indeed feeling the worst is behind them he sets out into the town with fuzzy animals and fuzzy people in tow.

His first stop is at a variety of different food shops. Grocers, bakers, specialized makers of fine pastries, restaraunts etc. He pays well and put in orders for a load of food. Enough to feed all the survivors and get them stinking drunk.

Afterwards he makes arrangements with some messenger boys to invite all the survivors to a feast thrown in their honor at the Xai Xai Bar. He was careful to get their whereabouts from each one promising to make it worth their time.

Arrangements at the bar have to be made as well. Expectations will have to be met. Some will be angry that their favorite table will eb reserved. Others might feel inclined to have a bone to pick with the apparent violator with the big wallet. But a quick glance at his broad shoulders, large sword, and retinue of fanged furry companions dissuade them rather abruptly.

For his part the nobleman turned castaway, nearly turned spiderfood, turned witch hunter and cannibal killer seems ready to celebrate life and move on with his planned safari into the wide Expanse. Once arrangements for the feast is made and money exchanged he sets about makign plans for this trek eager to explore the deep parts of the wild and take part in that most many of endeavors: killing big things with a sharp stick and displaying its hide on his carpet.

He reminds himself to check back with Atzi about a certain spell she is offered up and makes a note to visit certain local shamans and wizards operating within the city to gather the appropriate materials. He gathers hunting implements a large local spear, as well as a simple but clever device for hurling large darts with great force. Favored weapons in a jungle environment where moisture can ruin a good bow and long bladed weapons like he favored could fall prey to rust or get caught in an inopportune vine. It's easy for Chelaxians to discount the value of local wisdom. But, given Chelaxians also tend to come in droves with magical might behind them it's hard to take local wisdom seriously, even Caithan had to admit.

He also takes the time to get his dogs outfitted for the trek as well. Aurora will need to be trained in the fine arts of tracking adn bringing down prey. But for now Rollo is more than sufficient the massive Wiscrani Harrier more than big and strong enough for the coming trek.

His last purchase of a pipe and some fine smoke to go with it seems to be his most cherished purchase so far. Not having a good thoughtful smoke since his marooning was not a healthy experience for the man.

As night approaches Caithan spends his time ensuring the guests arrive, being a friendly sort he greets each one personally by name. He's oafish and forward which some find charming but most find a touch off putting. But the free food, free booze, and a chance to unwind after so long spent fighting for ones life in a godsforsaken jungle seemed so far away only a few days ago that this chance for respite is relished.

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

The party invitation was interesting and Atzi accepts with enthusiasm, sending the messenger back with her rough signature as she continued her work on the outskirts of the city. The use of her spells would require a forge, Natures forge, she smiled at the wide eyed look of the messenger as the jungle around them moved and writhed. Once they quickly trotted away she turned back to her task with a light laugh, reveling at the feeling of the wind rushing through her hair...

Crafting with Natures forge and the sudden strike! Wordy Spoiler ahead~:
With a wave of her hand rocks gathered, emerging from beneath the earth, rolling from nearby places and gathering themselves in a crude pile resembling a forge. The surrounding earth rose up and filled the many gaps so the forge would retain heat as what usable fuel there was came striding in like manikin's made of twigs. They jerkily walked there way into the forge and once enough had been gathered she had the last one furiously rub itself together until it burst into a neat flame, before it fell apart it hurled itself into the forge and with it's sacrifice the real work could begin.

She started with Helga's new bow, a beautiful thing but imperfect and this day she would remove it's imperfections. She raised her hand, calling forth many of the trees around her to shift and writhe, shaking themselves free of their thick vines and letting them hang like hair from a thousand maidens. She held the bow aloft and started to weave the vines into holding the bow in place for her. Once it was settled she started by bending the bow back and cracking it's belly, a horrid thing to do but the impurities had to be removed. With it's belly broken and bear to her she started to cast the first of many components upward into the air and tear them apart so that they could meld with the insides of the bow.

The process itself was grueling in it's intensity as she spent an entire hour, bending the bow back and forth. Casting components upward and rending them apart until, finally, she used the strength of the vines to press the bow's innards back together. The magic of her spell wouldn't allow the destruction of a weapon, only the removal of impurities. As the last few minutes wrapped to a close a fine weapon appeared, the wood was far lighter yet much stronger and easier to aim with. She drew back on the bow but found she was too weak to test it fully she set it aside and moved on to the armor Setebo had bought.

She picks up the metal shirt and for a moment the entire natural forge shuddered as if unsure as to how to approach such a thing. Metal was refined, unnatural in essence, a mixture of components and fire that resulted in toughened rings or great sheets that could withstand bow and blade far better then flesh alone.

So she approached it that way with fire! She cast the shirt into the forge, weaving the forge to burn hotter and faster. Calling wave after wave of dried twig and debris to incite more purifying flame so that the impurities could be cast out of the metal shirt. As the entire shirt began to glow a yellowish red, nearly searing the image into her eyes and burning her skin with the intensity of the forges heat, that was when she started to lift and cast in the components needed to improve this strange item, she showered the shirt and watched as the impurities were melted away. Replaced by superior parts and once she had gotten most of the impurities removed from the shirt she weaved her spell to remove it from the forge and set it on a large rock where she proceeded with the next phase.

Hammering! She called on the trees around her, the vines to pick up rocks and with the last handful of components she beat the shirt back into it's original shape. The heat of the forge had warped the many fine rings but now she would correct the purified object that had emerged. With the clatter of a dozen hammers it wasn't long before the metal shirt emerged renewed and perfected.

She sighed tired and feeling a bit weary, but she had one last bit of work to do. She had to take care of her new set of armor. To craft it into a finer better shape and make it worthy to wear into battle...

This decent set of wooden armor was presentable and beautiful in its almost natural design but it was flawed in the way it constricted her movement. She would create what the smith sadly didn't, perfection out of nature's grace. She used vines to pick up the many pieces of the wood armor and utilize the slowly dying forge to heat the many pieces and make the fire treated wood more pliable. She carved each piece in the way the needed to be, crafting the suit to not only be beautiful in design but crafted to fit her body as she knew best. To create a more supple armor so that she wouldn't be a burden to the parties future endeavors.

This last crafting wasn't as intensive as the last two, more repetitive and interesting as she bent each peices and then strapped it on to make sure it fit perfectly with rest. As she bent them she used handfuls of components to retain the new form it would remain as and once it was all said and done she stood in the middle of the now receding vine. Wearing the fire treated armor and reveling in the fading warmth that was at the heart of each piece. With nature's help she had crafted beautifully this day and had something fine to wear to the party, she picked up her remaining items, slung her bag over her back and was about to make her way back into the city when the hairs on the back of her neck began to stand on end.

She spun, almost a moment too late as the beast lunged out of the jungle with a hiss and flash of claws. Rolling back awkwardly she rose to her feet with her buckler drawn and shortspear out and facing what could only be described as a beastly lizard that walked upright on clawed feet that had large curved claws on the main toe. A predator and a dangerous one at that. There was no way she could defeat it, not alone and not with her spells near depleted so she opted to charm it instead...

Charm Animal: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

When the creature lowered it's guard she gave a sigh of relief and asked it to stay close, at least until she could return to deal with it. Strangely the lizard did as she asked, trotting back into the undergrowth it had lunged out at her from originally.

With it dealt with for now she at last headed off to Caithan's party, intent to enjoy herself and return to deal with this creature later...

Total gold spent 150+300+150= 600 GP

Masterwork Chainshirt - Setebo
Masterwork Comp Bow - Helga
Masterwork Wood Armor - Atzi

The next few days are full off activity as Atzi busies herself with enchanting items and communing with nature as well as finding the scholarly Corvus.Helga involves herself with the locals and ingratiates herself with the church of Iomedae and Caithen makes preparations for the party..

Corvus please feel free to jump into the general RP anytime you wish

The party itself was a slightly strange affair. Some who are invited don't turn up at all(Natalyah and Cutlass)whilst Uchendu and Inkathru spend most off their time talking together quietly in a corner.

Off the other castaways Jask and Aerys are cheerful and talkative with almost everyone Jask is pleased to be a free man again the shadow of his conviction removed forever and those who were behind it destined for a jail cell in his place. Aerys brings a friend Captain Kassata Lewynn an attractive redhead who swears like a..well sailor to be honest.

Sasha,Gerlik and Ishirou are civilly polite to each other but you get the feeling that their island borne comradeship is not holding up now they are back in civilisation.

Each off them endeavors to get a one on one conversation at some point.

Sasha with Atzi

Gerlik with Helga

Ishirou with Caithen

In the middle off the festivities Corvus arrives at Atzi's invitation.

AC13 HP 12/12 Init + 2 Pass Percept + 3 Pass Insight + 1 Saves:*Str:+5 *Dex:+4 Con:+2 Int:+0 Wis:+1 Cha:-1

Just how many survivors were there that made it back to port?

Answered in my above post..9 in all.The crazy Tengu refused to communicate with Setebo and was left behind

AC13 HP 12/12 Init + 2 Pass Percept + 3 Pass Insight + 1 Saves:*Str:+5 *Dex:+4 Con:+2 Int:+0 Wis:+1 Cha:-1

That few? Damn the way things were described I figured like 32.

45gold spent on party then.

my bad 16 total including yourselves..but OLOB, Cutlass and Amisi never showed. so 13 people 65gp

Corvus arrives at the party. He immediately wanders around, looking for Atzi, oblivious to the other party-goers.

When he makes one sweep of the room without seeing her, he loiters near the door, weighing up if he should leave or not. Just when decided this was a bad idea, he sees her enter the room. His face splits into a wide grin and he makes a bee-line for her, nudging a few elbows and causing a few spilled drinks as he goes.

Oblivious to the wake of disgruntled party-goers behind him, he bowls up to Atzi, almost breathless with excitement. "Hello...err do you remember me? The library? That annoying, flea-bitten bird? Corvus. That's me not the bird of course, err hello?"

He finally stops for breath, suddenly aware of the claustrophobia of the situation and glances around for an escape route if the young woman ignores him.

Liberty's Edge

The party was a huge success in Atzi's opinion, a welcome respite compared to the many harrowing days on the troubled island. Her thoughts wandered to her winged companion who she left behind. Who she planned on returning to when she found time to settle down. Her thoughts were interrupted by Corvus suddenly speaking. His words broke through the haze of nostalgia and pang of regret she was feeling and despite her troubled mood she gave him a wide smile. "Ah yes my friend, Corvus and his fine bird. Come, come..." She took hold of his hand before he rabbited on her as the sudden look of indecision showed plainly on his his sharp elven features.

As she stood though she saw Sasha lingering in the background, had she not been paying attention Atzi would have missed her completely. In that brief moment she noticed Sasha motion towards the edge of the room, a semi-secluded spot. She gave a casual nod to let Sasha know she understood before turning and finding Caithan and some of the others to introduce Corvus too. "Friends! This is Corvus, he said he could help us with the notes the snake woman had made. Perhaps he will join us on our journey as well~" She was all smiles as she turned back to Corvus and gestured to each of her companions as she introduced them individually.

"This is Captain Caithan the Houndmaster, this powerful man is Setebo and this is the finest Skald in the land Helga. She's a language person too, very smart and talented." She says all of this truthfully and with obvious admiration for her companions who helped to keep her alive on Smuggler Shiv.

Corvus' smile widened - if that's at all possible. "Adventurers? Wow...that's amazing. You've been, well, what's the word...adventuring? And you'd like me to join you on your journey? This is almost more exciting than translating your notes. When I say almost, I can't be precise but if I had to put a percentage on it, I'd say three, no maybe two and a half percentage points more exciting. Which is enough of a difference to be significant. Am I rambling? Perhaps? Well, actually I'd say I was. Sorry. Where are my manners? Pleased to meet you all."

Corvus gives a rather stiff bow to each of you.

He comes to Helga last and cocks his head slightly to one side. You are instantly drawn to the fact that the bird sitting on his shoulder has exactly the same pose. "A skald no less. Is that skald as in a war-singer or lore-keeper - or a Skald as in the language of the people north-west of Avistan? And a linguist to many languages can you speak?"

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

Atzi smiled as Corvus seemed to settle in with her companions more comfortably. She gently placed her hand on his shoulder as he spoke to Helga speaking into his ear breifly. "They're a rowdy bunch but good souls, please enjoy yourself as I have someone I must meet and she is rather flighty around new faces. I will return shortly~" She gave Corvus's shoulder a gentle squeeze and went to find Sasha. Now where did that woman go?

Female Half-Elf Bard 2/Ranger 2

Helga seems trying not to laugh as she addresses the odd elf.

"War-singer, lore-keeper, and Ulfen from the far north, I'm all three," Helga laughs. "But I'm hardly the best - yet!" she adds with a glint in her eyes that says this is not a situation she plans on standing forever.

"Of course I speak my own tongue, and that of the Taldane, and those of the elves, the dragons, and the fey. I've also picked up some of the local speech, it's a strange one but it rolls well on the tongue when you've the feel of it. With a little magic I can understand many more, and I know the runes as well."

"So, I hear you've the knowing of spells and wizardry? That's a mighty wisdom to have, in any land - though few in my homeland have the inclination save those of my father's race."

Helga will get to Gerlik in time...

AC13 HP 12/12 Init + 2 Pass Percept + 3 Pass Insight + 1 Saves:*Str:+5 *Dex:+4 Con:+2 Int:+0 Wis:+1 Cha:-1

Caithan spends much of his time playing the part of host and is difficult to pin down until later in the night.

To corvus hes brief but friendly. Giving him a bone crunching handshake that will leave the poor man sore for a day he gives a broad smile while Rollo contemplates copulating with the mans leg.

"Pleasure to meet you! Please help yourself to some food and drink! Everythings been provided for! Just celebrating the continuation of life! So enjoy!"

And with that Caithan bustles off to be violently friendly elsewhere.

Corvus whimpers slightly as Caithan crushes his hand. "Was there a need to be so rough? he says to Caithan's back as he departs.

Turning back to Helga, his smile returns. "Your father's side eh? I suppose half-elf is better than no elf at all. Hopefully you carry a lot of his blood in you. Well, you are not without inteligence!" Corvus ends the sentence as if that said it all.

"I'd appreciate learning more of your linguistics when time permits. One can never know too many languages."

Finishing the sentence, there is now an awkward pause as Corvus has clearly run out of things to say.

Female Half-Elf Bard 2/Ranger 2

"No, he does that anyway," Helga shrugs. "It's his way of saying he likes you. Anyway, tonight is for having fun, not talking work."

Helga also moves away, and runs into Gerlik before she has taken many paces...

Combat stats:
Move 40. Per . Init + AC/tou/ff. Norm / / , Rage / / , Fatig / / . Saves Fort / / , Ref / / , Will / / norm/rage/fatig
Half-Orc Totem barbarian 1

Setebo spends his first days in 'civilization' firmly in the Captain's shadow. He provides porter and inadvertent bodyguard duty though it would be a very desperate cut-purse who would try their luck with the furry crew.

Setebo does provide some unwitting amusement as over the days of Cathain's shopping the sailor gathers an extraordinary pile of gear. Much of what was gathered on the island is sold and replacement gear begins to fill Setebo's room at the Xai Xai.

A long stay at a public bath provides much grist for the rumor mills and a trip to a barber reveals first that Setebo has quite a heavy, strong jaw under that unkempt beard and second that his hair regrows quite quickly.

{assuming rooms are available and we are using them. Setebo would want to be near the Capt, Helga or Atzi and would be happy to share. Assuming good meals and good inn for the Xai Xai? so 7gp a day?}

Setebo is out of place at the party. Eating daintily, trying not to scratch at his stiff new clothes and freshly scrubbed skin. He is glad to see Jask and Ayers but is a bit too overwhelmed and self conscious to have much conversation.


Sasha seems strangely withdrawn and looks tired but is quite happy to make small talk about her pet and the way things are going since she got here.She mentions that she has contacts that might assist in your explorations if you are minded to continue them in search of this lost city of Saveth-Yi


Gerlik is..Gerlik.Not quite rude enough to make you slap him but enough to make you want to.He tells you his standing has gained significantly within the ranks of the Pathfinders and mentions that his superiors..well colleagues as he calls them..would be interested in assisting with any expedition up country in search of the city of Saveth-Yi


Ishirou is as impassively eastern as always but probes you about possible hunting expeditions upcountry..He mentions that his associates would be interested in funding any serious expedition to the lost city of Saveth-Yi

Female Half-Elf Bard 2/Ranger 2

To Gerlik:
Helga grinds her teeth, but isn't fool enough to look a gift horse in the mouth, let alone slap it there.

"Really? What kind of help could they offer us, should we choose to go there?"

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

To Sasha::

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28

Atzi considers Sasha's words as she tries to read the young woman's body language. Feeling uneasy, She looks around the room making sure that Sasha hadn't been followed or being watched. Her instincts whispered to her that something wasn't right. Gods help any who harm Sasha or her companion because I will gut them if any lay a hand on them... She leans forward enough to be able to look Sasha in the eyes as she says."Before I reply to your proposal answer me this friend Sasha. Why is it you disappear like the wind and then return suddenly talking of contacts interested in us. I am ever so glad to see you as I was worried about where you had gone but are you in some sort of trouble? You know you can rely on us right, we are your friends after all." She reaches over and, if Sasha doesn't shy away, lays her hand on her shoulder. Giving it a tender squeeze as she smiles faintly in encouragement.

The last thing she wanted to do was drive a wedge between her and Sasha...


"Well to tell the truth gorgeous, the Venture Captain here wants to send an expedition out herself but she needs your help in actually finding the place. In return she can offer you cash to outfit yourselves and a finders fee if your information turns out to be accurate..and there might be a few extras along the way as well.Off course in return the Captain wants full access to the city and it's knowledge..So what do you say beautiful, you me the wild romantic jungles, sounds perfect eh?" He gives you a leering look and a wink.


Sasha smiles "Trouble well no not really I merely had some...unexpected company on my arrival. Associates of my Mother who wish to make use of your experience and umm..knowledge.They would be willing to provide you with bearers guards and all the necessary provisions for an extended expedition up country. In addition there would be some money for yourselves to equip with and a substantial bonus should the expedition find the city.All you have to do is say Yes. Oh and I would be going along as well

AC13 HP 12/12 Init + 2 Pass Percept + 3 Pass Insight + 1 Saves:*Str:+5 *Dex:+4 Con:+2 Int:+0 Wis:+1 Cha:-1

"Hmmm lost city in the wilderness likely teeming with unimaginable loot and knowledge valuable to any who can use it. Chap do you know who I am? How do you know I won't claim the bloody place in the name of the empire? I've certainly the means and the power if I wanted even if my popularity back in the motherland with my cold hearted b&+%* of a cousin is far less than pleasant. So either you don't know me or your desperate."

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

@ Sasha:

Atzi frowned a little at Sasha's explanation as it still sounded like she was being exploited. "I'd prefer to just take you two but it sounds like your company is crafty if they found you so quickly..." She gives a small sigh as she takes her hand off Sasha's shoulder and thinks for a moment. "Since we have a bonded trust I would like to say yes but first I would like to know what their wants are. No one gives things for free like this not without something to show in return. If we are going to sway the others then we will need a good reason as to why we would agree to such aid from a person or gorup we don't know..." She gives Sasha an apologetic look after asking for an explanation of who and what her backers wanted.

Abandoned by the people he has met, Corvus stands around for a few minutes before locating a goblet of red wine and some tidbits for Macro, finding a corner seat and pulling a book out of his pocket. He settles down to read 'Kobolds of Golarion' and soon becomes lost in the pages.

He initially passes scraps to Macro when pecked before the bird, tired of waiting for the treats, takes to helping itself from the plate on the table.

Female Half-Elf Bard 2/Ranger 2

To Gerlik:
"That will depend on my companions, Gerlik. We'll discuss your venture captain's offer, and if we decide to take it up we'll want to speak to her directly."

Helga goes in search of the others, giving them the nod that she has some information.


Well what do you think they want.Knowledge is power as they say and knowledge of Saveth-Yi and its surroundings will be most useful to my mother and her associates.I really cannot go into details here, too many prying ears..If you want to know more then be here with just your immediate party tomorrow at 7 of the clock in the evening


Ishirou shrugs.."Let me see you would need a large number of bearer, guards, supplies..enough for at least a thirty day trip if not more.My friends can ease the acquisition of those items..or if you choose to ignore their generous offer then they could, I am afraid make, it much more....difficult.All they want in return for your co-operation is the right to certain artifacts from the city....a few baubles of no real consequence.The rest of what is there would be yours to do with as you wish..including claiming it for Cheliax if you so wish

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

Her frown fades some as she gleans a little information from Sasha's words. "I will let the others know of the offer then. So are you staying for the party?" She smiles a little hoping that Sasha stays a little while at least.

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

Whether or not Sasha stays Atzi joins the others and brings up what was said to her as she had little time to hang around sadly. She didn't have a lot of time to waste, not with the crafting yet to be completed and the creature that had been stalking her waiting around as well...

"So did anyone else get an interesting offer tonight? Sasha offered us the opportunity to have some of her associates aid us in our expedition." She swirled around the light wine she had been sipping at, enjoying the flavor of grapes and something else that she couldn't identify...

Female Half-Elf Bard 2/Ranger 2

"Gerlik offered the aid of the Pathfinders as well. They have a good reputation, even if he makes my skin crawl. Who are her associates? I think we should know before we take help off anyone."

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

Atzi frowned at Helga's question and new that her answer wouldn't go over well. She takes a long drink of her wine, liquid courage Caithan had called it and after a brief shudder she spoke. "As you joined us later you may not have known this but..." She looks around to make sure no one was listening before whispering. "She said it was her mothers associates and they would be the ones she called the Red Mantis. I'm not sure who they are really only that she was hesitant to speak about it on the island..."

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