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Carpy DM runs Serpent's Skull!

Game Master Wellard

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Male Human Fighter 1

Forgot to mention, I'm readying an attack for if the creature swoops down at us. I'll roll in advance in case I'm not at the computer when the action starts.
Attack: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14
Damage: 2d6 + 9 ⇒ (1, 2) + 9 = 12

You can confirm that it is, indeed, a sea scorpion, just as Natalyah said, though an unusually robust individual. (Not that it does much good.)

Sasha hesitates a moment, setting herself in a guard position in front of Aerys, but before anyone else can react, Uchendu rushes toward the sea scorpion and bisects it with his elven-wrought blade.

Just for the record, the slope of the deck actually meant it would have been impossible to charge, but since those rolls were more than good enough to hit without it, that’s a purely academic note. Also, 200 XP for each of you.

The two halves of the scorpion twitch in death throes for a few moments, but are at last still. The door into the supply room is still closed, if fragile looking, while the galley door hangs open across the corridor.

There is a brief shout from below (it sounds like Uchendu), but then all is quiet again. Just pausing in case you decide to respond to that before I go ahead with the footlocker.

Storian and Amisi:
The creature is a dimorphodon, sometimes called a “fangbird” or a “vampire lizard,” though they don’t actually drink blood and aren’t really birds. Dimorphodons are venomous and territorial, though also relatively easy to domesticate and train if you can manage to catch one at a young age. They are distantly related to the quetzalcoatlus, such as Atzi’s Quetza, but this is clearly not he. (Quetza was onboard the Jenivere with you guys for a couple of weeks – you know quite well what he looks like, and can tell at a glance that this isn’t him.)

Dimorphodon 25
Inkathru 13
Storian 11
Gelik 5
Amisi 3+
Jask 3

With startling speed, the large creature (Amisi calls it a “dimorphodon”) swoops down toward Storian, clearly intending to take a bite of his hide. Inkathru adopts a defensive posture, while Storian prepares to strike out at the oncoming beast. Gelik looks around nervously, then hits the deck, seeming to have forgotten all about his worry over his clothes; nevertheless, he stammers, “I’ve been birds with beaks like that crack open some pretty hard cases, but not you, sailor man! Toucan play at that game!” Using inspire courage on the party, granting +1 to attack and damage rolls, and +1 to saves against charm and fear effects. On the other side of the clifftop, Amisi ducks behind Jask, who stares at her in confusion, before she raises her hand a chants an incantation, sending a bolt of mystical force at the creature, which sears its hide but seems to cause little damage.

Instead, dimorphodon continues its assault on Storian. They strike at each other almost simultaneously, but even with Gelik’s encouragement, the greatsword fails to find any purchase in the fangbird’s hide. Dimorphodon attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19, damage 1d6 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9 By contrast, though, the pterosaur's bite is vicious, savaging Storian and almost knocking down the larger man in one blow. Storian, I need a Fortitude save, DC 14.

Storian's initiative is now 25, the same as the dimorphodon's. Inkathru is up.

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

Lone Scavenger:

Hearing Uchendu's shout she pauses for a moment to listen for the sounds of combat but when she hears nothing but silence, she starts to worry. Not wanting anything else of importance to be lost to the sea. She hurries on to the footlocker and no matter its contents tries to stash it, carefully, into the now growing sack and will try hurrying to the lower deck after the others.

i'm keeping a list of what she finds so she can share it with everyone at a later date. Atzi is definitely not a greedy person by no means :p

When Atzi steps out onto the main deck, a shadow passes overhead, and she looks up to see Quetza swooping down toward her, his red-grey head bobbing excitedly as he lands on the deck next to her. His shrieks and cries seem to have some purpose, though, and she realizes after a moment that he is trying to direct her attention upward. Even as she looks up, though, she realizes the quetzalcoatlus is injured slightly - several long gashes mark his flanks, tail and one wing, though all appear to be fairly minor. Quetza does not wait to be examined, though, impatiently pushing her head upward.

At the top of the cliff, Atzi can see another pterosaur, one of Quezta's smaller dimorphodon cousins, swooping and screeching angrily about. There is blood on its beak, and she can hear cries of anger and fear coming from the party members left back with the rope anchorage.

From below, the seemingly ominous silence continues.

So, which way will it be? Up or down?

Male Half-Elf Oracle (Juju) 5

Wreck, including Atzi:
Uchendu cleans his blade of the creature's sticky blood, his face suffused with a glow of satisfaction.

He then glances around, a puzzled look crossing his features.

"What happened to Atzi?" A note of concern creeps into his voice. "I hope that there are not more of these things loose on the wreck..."

"Atzi, where are you?"


Looking at the the two halves that just as few moments ago consisted of a whole sea scorpion, Natalyah can't avoid being impressed. She wouldn't have charged head first onto the creature, but still, you can't argue with results.

Short sword in hand she walks up to the supply room door, listens for any activity on the other side then tries to open it. Carefully if she hears nothing on the other side, else with a kick hoping to have the element of surprise on her side.

Perception check 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (19) + 11 = 30

@DM: do i know if sea scorpions are solitary or roam in packs? do i have any idea of the chance of there being more of them aboard the ship? Also, do i know if they like to ambush potential prey?

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

Pray this works! On the deck of the Jenivere, For DM:

Nicely done Dm! but I haven't forgot about that footlocker! xD

She strokes the side of Quetza head, although she is concerned for his wounds her eyes are drawn to what he so desperatly wants to show her. As the fear of losing him grips her she does what she believes is right.

She will ask Quetza to defend her (i can roll Initiative for him if you want =) )

If she hears Uchendu's shout, she shouts back, unconciously slipping back into polyglot, as she watches terrified of the battle on the cliffs. "The others are under attack, bring your bows!"

If its within 120ft Atzi will try and cast Produce Flame and lob it at the Dimorphodon

Range 120ft (No penalties xD)
Attack 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (13) + 1 = 14
Damage 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

Edit: forgot initiative >.<;;;;
Initiative1d20 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3


If the Dimorphodon isn't close enough she will cast [i]Cure Light Wounds on Quetza

1d8 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

Then she will ask him to attack the Dimorphodon

Scarab Sages


Looking at the creature Amisis thinks this doesn't look like a young trainable bird - not the way it mauled Storian. Amisis feels bad for Jask. He is helpless, defenseless, still she tries to stay behind him.

[ b]
I will try to put the beast to slumber. I only have one chance. And I'm not sure I can time it in a way when the beast is above the sea. If it isn't above the sea - someone needs to be quick and do a coup de grace before it wakes up again.

With this words Amisi turns to Storian and Inka.

Readying a sleep spell. Will cast it when the beast is at least 20 feet away to avoid hitting one of our own. DC16

Storian - these beasts are poisonous. I do have some Antitoxin in my belt pouch if you think you need it.

Scarab Sages

Clifftop Jask:

Amisi interrupts her spell for a moment and whispers to Jask.

"There is vial of Antitoxin in my lowest belt pouch. Try to get it out - but don't disrupt me while I'm casting.

She then carries on preparing her spell. A small tear can be seen in her left eye. Is she feeling sorry to command Jask, is she just afraid - you probably will never be able to tell.

Female Half-Orc Oracle 1


Seeing the Beast Attack Storian Spurs Inka into action. Feeling the rage in her blood start to boil, She Releases a Massive Roar at the Beast!
Inimidate check

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

Depending on where I am on the "mat" I'd like to do a few different things. Was I standing Next to Storian when the Beast attacked? I'd like to cast shield on him, then possition myself so that the Monster is the only one within 10 feet of me, and use my Swift action to activate my Heat Aura.

Heat Aura reflex dc13 for half.
1d4 ⇒ 4

Also, the Creature will burn for 1 point of Dmg for 1d4 rounds: 1d4 ⇒ 4, Due to Burning magic. It is a move action to put out the flames, dc13 reflex.

If I cannot place myself in the correct spot, I'll just Cast Shield on Storian, moving to him avoiding any aoo if possible.

Natalyah hears nothing on the far side of the door, but with the roar of the ocean nearby, it's hard to say what that might mean. She tries to open the door, but finds it stuck.

Sea scorpions can be both solitary and pack-oriented, much like wolves. There's no way to know whether this one had any companions or not.

Even as Natalyah tries the storeroom door, Unchendu calls out to Atzi, and though she shouts back, it is impossible to make out her words over the sound of the surf. It sounded like Polyglot, however.

It's a standard action to meaningfully intimidate someone or something, so while you can let out an enraged roar, it won't have a game effect.

Also, heat aura isn't a spell, it's a supernatural ability; burning magic has no effect on it. The only way you use your burning magic right now is though burning disarm.

Male Human Fighter 1

Storian swears as a bite takes a fair chunk out of his arm.

Fort Save: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15

Inkathru weaves a spell of protection over Storian, then circles around the dimorphodon, away from the rest of the group. There is a sudden burst of radiating heat around her, and she seems to waver and shimmer like the a desert mirage. The dimorphodon lets out a shriek of pain as its flesh cooks in the sudden blast.

The fangbird sweeps out over the cliff's edge, circling around for another pass. Gelik crawls closer to Storian and reaches out a hand, murmuring another incantation and letting healing magic flow into the warrior. Cure light wounds restores 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4 hit points. "Keep it up, everyone!" he calls out. "I'm hungry, and it's half-cooked already!"

Amisi also begins chanting a spell, hoping to end the fight once and for all. Will save for the dimorphodon, DC 16: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12. The pterosuar suddenly folds up in midflight, tumbling over the cliff and out of sight below.

Combat over. 200 XP for each of you.

Scarab Sages

Clifftop fluff only:

Amisi nearly loses her concentration when she sees Inka burst out in flames.

What foul fell magic is that.

She places the thought to the back of her mind. There is a fight to be done and she can't afford to have her concentration laps even a moment now. But she surely will inquire once the fight is over.

Until then - most important is that the beast seems to have been wounded by the outburst of flames. What else could there be of importance right now.

I did miss the second part of the post. Great - seems this thread is over - more to follow

Just she is about to unleash her spell on the swooping dimorphodon above, it suddenly folds up, abruptly unconscious, plummeting downward into the ocean like a stone. She does not think it likely survived.

Even though you didn't get to cast your spell, you had entered combat with your initiative roll, so you get 200 XP. (And, in fact, you technically should have gotten to cast the spell, since Amisi's sleep and your produce flame were on the same initiative - I just decided to let you keep your spell rather than waste it on an already-dead opponent.)


As Unchendu calls out for Atzi notices her absence. Stupid girl, this is no place to wander off with these predators around. As she hears Atzi's voice from the upper deck she leaves the door for later and jogs up to the deck to talk some sense into the girl.

Female Half-Orc Oracle 1

Got ya, I wasn't sure on some of that stuff, thanks for Clearing it up! That action is fine.

Scarab Sages


Turning around to the comrades

"That was a nasty beast - thanks for defeating it.  "

And with a special smile towards Jask

"And I'm grateful for your protection."

Turning towards Gelik

"Didn't you get enough of the crab meat. This creature looked foul and I doubt it's leathery wings would taste at all - unless you have a very different taste to mine. I'm glad it seems to be gone. Next time don't throw yourself to the floor - it's difficult to fight that way. Jask here was much more a hero than you have been. And have you seen me crawling on the floor. I'm a young defenceless girl but wouldn't crawl in the dust like you did!"

But then she adds with a smile

"But thanks for healing Storian. This is very appreciated."

Unsure if the should be awed or afraid she looks at Inka

"I've never seen magic like that before at the academy where I studied. Is this something you could teach me. I guess the supply of good magic books here on the island will be pretty limited."

Amisi then walks towards the clifftop - ensuring that the monster truly won't re-appear - but also trying to find out if their friends below are not running into any trouble.

Fine to do small-talk and wait upstairs (or be silent and wait - albeit this seems the more difficult option)

Male Human Fighter 1


Storian nods, the bleeding slowed but still not stopped. "Aye, thanks for that. That thing had a nasty bite."

Amisi can see Atzi standing on the deck of the wreck below, looking upward anxiously, with Quetza at her side (who seems to have shown up from somewhere). Currently, none of the other members of the exploration team are visible.

Scarab Sages

Amisi looks down to Atzi and then shouts

I'm so glad for you that Quetza is back. Did you see a creature like a distant cousin of Quetza crash down close to you. Storian and Inka tried to kill it but I'm sure it still was alive when it crashed down.
There is so much I can tell you what happened up here. But maybe you could do me a favor. Is the logbook of the ship anywhere. I doubt it's still needed and it's so difficult to get paper here. It would be great if you could retrieve it for me.

Female Half-Orc Oracle 1

"Sadly, I cannot Teach you how to do what I just did, it is not a "spell" as you would call it. My ability to do that is granted by the Gods."

Just for the record, if someone else can hear you, you don't need to spoiler the conversation.

Natalyah Melethiell wrote:
** spoiler omitted **


Just noticed i missed a word in my earlier posting and it's to late to edit.

As Unchendu calls out for Atzi Natalyah notices that she's absent. Stupid girl, this is no place to wander off with these predators around. As she hears Atzi's voice from the upper deck she leaves the door for later and move up to the upper deck to talk some sense into the girl.

Aerys steps aside to let Natalyah pass her up the stairs, but heads herself straight for the galley door, which hangs slightly ajar. When she pushes it open, though, she leaps back in shock, gasping and pressing up against the far wall, her face pale and tight. After pausing a moment, she visibly steadies herself and crosses the corridor again, opening the door all the way to reveal the dead body of Rambar Terillo, the Jenivere's cook, sprawled grotesquely across the floor.

Male Half-Elf Oracle (Juju) 5

Uchendu mutters a brief prayer for the deceased's soul, steps over, and closes the corpse's eyelids (if they are open). He then begins to grimly search the Galley for anything that could be of use.

Once he has finished in that room, he will move on to the other door, roughly shouldering it open to investigate what is inside.

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4
Carpy DM wrote:
** spoiler omitted **


I feel a little metagamish but I appreciate the xp, nice entrance on Quetza too~ and thanks for allowing me to keep my spell =). So far this is alot of fun and your doing awesome!

Atzi waves back to Amisi and strains to hear her over the crashing surf against the battered ship. Stroking Quetza's scaled ridges again with more affection, then relief, as the fact that he is wounded dawns on her Atzi remembers what she is carring in her belt pouch. She still gives Amisi a big and happy shout in response to her kind words.

Heal1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20 on Quetza

Satisfied, she goes to the rope and, slipping the belt pouch into the sack, she secures it tightly to the climbing rope.

Acrobatics?1d20 + 1 ⇒ (17) + 1 = 18

Cupping her hands around her mouth she shouts upto the clifftop defenders "This is all that I have found now, I hope one of the keys will free Jask of his bonds and the book you want may be in there as well. Take what you need and pass back my bags please!" She gives everyone a happy wave especially Jask at his response to her, hopeful, findings.

"Does anyone need a healing hand there?

I don't know if I had time to loot the footlocker, If I did then its in the sack as well, if not then i'm heading back to it

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

ran out of time to edit >.<;

If she is unneeded, she will go against her better judgement and move to the side of the ship where the large dimorphodon had plummeted into the sea and look to see if there is any sign of it in the water.

If there is no sign then she will follow through with what I posted earlier. Thanks =D

Scarab Sages

don't risk your life Atzi - there could be sharks and worse in the water.
What happened to Uchendu

with this words she hauls up the rope - getting help if needed by one of the stronger members up on the clifftop but trying as good as she can

Scarab Sages

For a moment Amisi was afraid that Atzi - for unknown reasons - would go into the water. Seems from her current position it's difficult to follow what is going on below.

And were are the others she ponders.

She looks around to Storian, Inka and the cowardly gnome for help to get the first load up.

Amisi should be able to get 50lbs of stuff in the sack up in one go. This already takes weight of the ropes and sack into account. Beyond that she will need help.

Male Human Fighter 1

"I'll live, but a little healing would be greatly appreciated," Storian says as he heads towards the load and helps to lift.

Storian should be able to carry 100lbs quite easily, and taking 10 should be able to carry up to 300lbs across that rope (Heavy load: -6; Armour: -4; Climb: +8, so taking 10 allows me to hit a DC of 8).

Scarab Sages

Amisi rewards the help from Storian with a broad smile.

No need to climb I hope. If it fits into the sack, then we just have to pull it up.

There should be an empty sack at the end of the rope. But with 100 feet rope this is already 20 lbs. Using my lift over head of 70 I was afraid it could be not enough.

I'm just curious what Atzi managed to scavenge for us?

And turning towards Storian

That was a nasty bite. That could have killed someone not as strong as you. At least it seems you didn't get poisoned.

The sack contains a set of keys, the Jenivere's logbook (carefully wrapped in linen by Atzi), and some maps of the waters through which the Jenivere usually sails.

The footlocker, now that Atzi has a chance to open it, contains a holy symbol of Nethys, a dagger, a suit of leather armor, a spell component pouch and what look to be two potion bottles.

There is no sign of the fallen dimorphodon in the water.

The galley's larder contains the food intended for preparation in the next day or two's worth of meals; in all, there are rations enough to feed one person for probably three weeks or more, or the entire group for today and tomorrow (with a little to spare, even).

Aerys looks around the area, determinedly not looking at the dead body, but does not seem to find what she is searching for. Her fist is clenching and unclenching again.

Sasha and Ishirou follow behind Uchendu as he searches; Ishirou seems unnerved by the body as well, but Sasha seems to take it in stride. "Hunh," she murmurs. "Looks like something bit him." She points to the cook's shoulder, where a large set of bloody tooth marks are quite visible. Heal check, DC 16.

Opening the door to the storeroom across the corridor is not easy, but Uchendu's mace is enough to shatter the door in just a couple of swings. But here, too, Uchendu finds death. This time, it is the body of Alton Devers, the Jenivere's first mate. Devers' body is covered with wounds, of two different types, and he still wears his high-quality studded leather armor and clutches his fine short sword in one hand. Another DC 16 Heal check.

In this storeroom, Uchendu finds a block and tackle, three large sheets of canvas, two fishing nets, a grappling hook, two bullseye lanterns, 12 pints of lantern oil, 150 feet of rope, and five shovels. He can't help but recognize the value of these materials in a survival situation, once they can be gotten back up the cliff.

On the deck of the Shipwreck:

As Natalyah makes it up to the deck of the shipwreck she tightens her grip on the short sword as she sees the beast next to Atzi. But she releases it quickly as she recognizes the quetzalcoatlus as the creature kept that was kept in a cage during the journey.

Natalyah is abit surprised to see that the creature "belongs" to Atzi. There's more to that one that meets the eye, she thinks to herself before calling out to Atzi over the sounds of the waves.

What are you doing up here?! You shouldn't wander off, there are sea scorpions in this wreck!

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

On the deck of the Jenivere wreckage:

Unable to see the poor creature in the choppy surf, Atzi says a brief prayer for it in polyglot and goes back to the task of scavenging any materials they can find on-board the wreckage.

With Quetza following close behind her, Atzi will pack up the footlockers contents (or take the footlocker if its not to hard to remove >=) ) and store everything in her now empty sack.

As she emerges on deck and moves to the rope again, she hears Quetza's low growl heralding the arrival of Natalyah. She gives Quetza a reassuring stroke across his scaled neck to calm him before turning to regard Natalyah with a broad smile and a hearty 'hello' before being dashed as she speaks her mind at Atzi. Taken aback she listens politely, nodding in respect to Natalyah words before saying "I apologize, I am used to the Mwangi and surviving on my own. I believed it would be faster if I searched the more enclosed places above deck." she motions to the rope she was about to climb. "With respect to you, I will not do so the next time, forgive me though but I am needed above but I will return soon to come and help you." with a smile she waves goodbye, speaks to Quetza in a strange language and climbs the rope to the ledge above.

Before returning to the rope, she will ask Quetza to Guard and climbing up (take 10~ on climb check) the rope she will deposit her new goods with the clifftop defenders and heal Storian.

Cure light wounds 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

Quickly giving everyone a broad smile she climbs back down to the deck, she will ask Quetza to heel as she moves to delve below decks, with her scimitar drawn and ready in case of a fight

At the deck of the Shipwreck and below:

Natalyah watches as Atzi climbs up the rope. Then she takes a look around the upper deck for movement and turns to go back down to the others.

Natalyah twitches slightly at the sight of the dead crew members, but steels herself and tries to examine the wounds.

Heal check for Rambar Terillo 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13
Heal check for Alton Devers 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14

After examining the bodies Natalyah continues the exploration of the lower deck looking for supplies and hopefully survivors.

Perception check (if needed) 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (3) + 11 = 14

Scarab Sages

Amisi takes out all the items from the sack and lowers it down again. First she tries she keys - in the hope they will free Jask.


"I hope we can at least get the manacles off you. Are you able to fight once they are off?"

She turns towards Storian

"Not sure what problems they have below - but I overheard the word Seascorpions. If you go down and help them - then take this Antitoxin with you - just in case.
We are short on weapons - especially if we get Jask out of his manacles. Anything below that could be used as weapon would be useful up here. And if you go down and can spare the Light Crossbow - I would be grateful if you could leave it up here with me. Might be easier to climb down."

Amisi then has a closer look into the logbook and the maps. She hopes to find any clues what might have happened. If necessary she will even use magic (Comprehend Languages) to understand the logbook. It seems that the captain is still missing - she will have to check who else got missing.

If the keys work on the manacles, then Amisi will give her dagger to Jask. He probably will be able to make a better use of it. If Storian leaves his Light Crossbow, then Amisis will keep it.

The third key on the ring unlocks Jask's manacles.

He stares for a moment, almost unbelieving, as the key turns in the lock and the manacles fall away from his wrists, but after a moment, he smiles, then laughs aloud. "I cannot believe it! Oh, thank you, my lady! Bless you, bless you!"

Gelik says, in an aside to Storian, "I'm guessing he's happy about something, but I can't imagine what."

For a moment, Jask just rubs his wrists, but then he waves his arms around, reveling in his ability to move them freely. It takes a few minutes for him to calm back down, but he finally does, and addresses Amisi's question. "I am not, as I told Atzi, much of a warrior, though I will do what I can if we are called upon to defend ourselves. I would be much more useful if I could pray for Nethys' blessings, but for that, I would need my holy symbol, and I fear it is lost in the wreckage, along with my other belongings. Perhaps I can try carving another one, if we are here long enough...?"

This turns out to be unnecessary, however, as Atzi climbs up and drops off some gear that she found in the captain's cabin - gear that includes not only Jask's holy symbol, but also his armor, spell component pouch, dagger and other goods. Immediately, Jask kneels down and begins to pray quietly. A few tears leak down his cheek, but he does not seem to notice.

Once that is done, Amisi turns her attention to the logbook. It covers the last three voyages of the Jenivere, from Magnimar in Varisia to Eleder in Sargava, back again, and then back once more; in all, it is almost a year's worth of notes.

The entries for the first two voyages, and the first part of this last one, are all very similar: precise, businesslike notes of shipboard events, boardings and deboardings, cargo unloaded and loaded, ships encountered on the seas, and so on, usually three or four entries per day, and sometimes more. However, as this last transit from Magnimar to Eleder went on, it seems as though some strange madness began to overcome Captain Kovack. His recordkeeping becomes spotty as Amisi reads, with some entire days having no entries at all; moreover, the entries that do exist take on a more diary-like tone, focusing more and more on one of the passengers, the Varisian scholar Ieana. Kovack seems to have become obsessed with her, and some of the entries are nothing but poorly written love poetry in her honor. As the entries go on, they take on a paranoid tone as well; Kovack writes that he suspects some of the crew, in particular Alton Devers, the first mate, of having designs on "my Ieana" - as these suspicions grow, Kovack writes several times that he wishes Devers "would just have an accident."

The last entry in the logbook is from the afternoon of the 23rd, the day of the shipwreck (yesterday afternoon, in other words); in it, Kovack notes that he has ordered a change in direction, one that he hopes will go unnoticed by the crew. "We will wreck on the reefs of Smuggler's Shiv, and there Ieana and I will build our lives together, with no one else to come between us ever again," the book says. And beyond that, there is nothing.

The maps show several sections of the Jenivere's voyage, including the waters along the western Avistan coast, the route Kovack usually takes around the Eye of Abendego, and the waters of Desperation Bay. One of these maps includes an outline of Smuggler's Shiv, along with a note of danger, but it is little more than an outline of the island's coasts, with no details about the interior at all.

For making Jask friendly, everyone gets 25 XP, including those who are not on the clifftop.

Though Natalyah searches the lower decks thoroughly, she finds nothing else of interest. Shall I assume that you are going to gather the supplies and food for transport to the top of the cliff as well?

Scarab Sages

An outburst of sorrow and pain can be heard from the top of the cliff - it echoes even to the ship below.


Suddenly tears well up in Amisi's eyes and a shout burst's out of her.

Betrayal - we have been betrayed. Kovack and Ieana have betrayed us.

She still can't believe what she has read. How could anyone become so evil and sink his own ship. She goes back to the logbook and reads it again. Slowly it seems to make sense.

Enchantments - Ieana must be capable of casting enchantments or by other female charm lure an innocent male victim to do her bidding. Amisi feels sullied by that thought. She is casting enchantments as well - but she would never go that far - never.

Talking to the others

We do have some maps. As soon as the group from the ship is back up again we will need to make plans were to go next. And we should look out for Alton - I feat the worst for him.

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

After healing Storian for 8 hp Sorry storian I put it into my spoiler above by accident >.<; my bad Atzi is delighted to see Jask's hands free and shocked at his reaction as the gear she acquired from the footlocker bring about a very emotional response from the man. Her shock turns to delight as he reveals himself to be a very spiritual and good hearted man, she smiles as he drops to his knees in prayer. As Storian recovers himself after being badly injured and Inkathrushe looks well enough, Atzi gives Amisi an interested look as she looks to be very engrossed in her reading of the old logbook.

Before returning to the ships deck Atzi lays a comforting hand on Jasks shoulder as he prays, with a reassuring squeeze she looks at him with a small smile playing across her features. "I know not what you did in the past but now you are free of those burdens as we fight for our lives here and now. We promised to free you and now you can put your intellect to use, whether or not you will need your sword arm shall be known soon enough, but you now have your freedom rejoice and take heart"

With that she climbs back down to the deck of the ship to help with removing the supplies, she keeps Quetza on guard duty on deck making sure they aren't caught unawares when they come up on deck. She is shocked and saddened at finding Alton Devers dead, she stops to give both both of the dead men a silent prayer. She hears Amisi's distraught cry as she comes on deck, seeing no threat she makes a note to talk to her later about what has upset her so.

"If it is not to much of a burden could we give these kind men a burial on the beach? If it is too much of a burden to pull them up the cliff-face I will understand friends"

Scarab Sages

Two dead bodies - at least Amisi hasn't been the first and she swears to herself not to be next either. Amisi isn't taking betrayal lightly. She still wonders who the two dead bodies would be. One is likely to be Aldon if the entries in the log-book are true - but who could be the other dead body?

"Atzi - tie them to the rope and we will get them up. I'm sure Storian or Jask will help me."

The bodies can easily be wrapped in the canvas sheets Uchendu found belowdecks for transport to the clifftop with relative dignity.

Just reminding you there was one more desk drawer in the captain's cabin that you couldn't open.


Carpy DM wrote:

Though Natalyah searches the lower decks thoroughly, she finds nothing else of interest. Shall I assume that you are going to gather the supplies and food for transport to the top of the cliff as well?

Yep, once she realises that there's nothing more of intrest Natalyah starts to collect the supplies we've found and carry them to be hoisted up the cliff.

Natalyah helps to carry the dead crew members to the deck and watches in silence as they are wrapped in the canvas sheets and hauled up the cliff. Once in a while she scans the surroundings as if she's on the look out for potential dangers.

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

As Atzi helps to slowly rap the bodies of the first mate and cook, hoping to give them a small amount of dignity in death, she remembers the final place she was unable to explore. She continues her task as she says "There was a drawer in the Captains Desk I was unable to open, sadly the keys I had found didn't unlock it either. Perhaps if we had a way to pry it open we could find what was inside, but I sadly am not strong enough for this."

she will show whoever is interested where the drawer is, and try to assist in attempting to open it if she can. After the attempt she will return to helping move the bodies and supplies to the beach. She will ask Quetza to Defend her while they go about this task.

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