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Cap'n Voodoo's Freebooter PBP

Game Master voodoo chili

Fun and Plunder in Green Ronin's Freeport and around the Shackles.

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With that Janore carefully makes her way through the wreckage to the prior's room to sleep. Alone.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

More than happy he's deprived HH of an evening's fun Dibbs lets Janore away with a "Fair enough" before shrugging his head to HH as a way of suggesting he hop to the hard labour.

Assuming HH joins them, Dibbs picks his way back across to the others and reports in "The woman's shook up an won't have her head straight till mornin."

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5


Can Kaul use the Kaptain's axe? Is it a great-axe or something else??Am happy to spend a Exotic WP if needbe...

Composing himself for a second Kaul hears Half Inch's pi$$ poor excuses and something snaps inside...

Muttering under his breath

"She... died... and that weevil lived... time tae balance the books is or'due..."

With that the thug will stealthily edge towards Half Hitch, with the intention of flanking him subtle-like...

Stealth: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

Half-Hitch quickly gets to work under Dibbets' stern gaze, but the keen eared halfling sense imminent peril at the stealthy approach of the half-orc thug. Eyes wide he lifts a scrap of wood defensively as the pressganger approaches. "Um, hey Kaul. I think I can handle the clean up here. Why don't you go get some rest? You earned it. heh."

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

Jim goes to clean the remains of the deader muck off of his clothes and himself, and manages to miss the byplay between Dibbets, Half-Hitch, and Kaul.

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul mugs a leering grin and taps Half Inches makeshift shield with his new found axe just enough to nick the wood...

"Hur... You'll keep Half Inch... Hur-hur-hur-hur... "

Intimidate: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (11) + 12 = 23

Half-Hitch drops the scrap of wood like it was on fire and ducks behind a beam shaking until Kaul departs. Jim empties the tub downstairs and finds a lost pair of ivory dentures at the bottom. Once the tub is refilled with clean water from the cistern it's ready for business.

Half-Hitch frantically attempts to make good by scootching the bodies over by the door and swabbing the floor. Once the work is done, he finds some secret place far away from Kaul and Dibbs and finally collapses well into the wee hours of the morning.

That night you all sleep fitfully, but share a strange dream. A storm rages outside the walls of the old pirate fort and in counterpoint to the thunder, you hear the bellowing calls of a massive dragon turtle that circles the island. Suddenly the outer doors slam open and you hear over all that noise the click of what you oddly know must be fashionable black leather hip boot heels on the old stone floors. The door to the library opens and there is a presence- at once menacing yet alluring.

You feel a velvet gloved hand lightly brush your head as the mysterious figure circles the room and pulls a book from the shelves. Again you hear the rustle of pages despite the fury of the storm and sea monsters outside then the plunk of the binding as the book is laid open on the table. The door to the room opens again and you catch the swell of the rolling hips in the stride, hair dark as the midnight tide and one deep green eye glowing amidst the darkness like a phosphorescent wake just before it shuts.

It was probably just a dream, but you awaken with Besmara's favor.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Besmara 5

the Groom awakens refreshed as if the storm washed all decayed flesh and nausea from the fort. Tossing aside his damp blanket, the Groom rises, stretches, and make his way over to the bookcase. Remembering what seems like a dream, he scans the bookcase to see what might have drawn his Queen's interest.

the Groom finds his attention drawn to an archaic green tome with a slightly slimy feel to the paper. The title is ”An Historie of the Outre Deeps” and no author is credited. It takes him some time to work his way through the jumbled text which is written in several bizarre scripts and languages. The book focuses on beings called the “Abolyth Masters”, but it is unclear whether these ancient beings dwelled beneath the sea or beyond the sky.

One chapter in particular catches the Groom’s attention. It speaks about a vitreous green stone the size of a human head that fed upon fear and chaos and could be used to command all the horrors of the depths. This artifact of the ancient “Abolyth Lordes” was discovered by a merman and led to unspeakable horror and death among the marine peoples many millennia ago. The good races of the ocean finally triumphed and cast the stone out onto the land where it was hoped it would forever remain. It was called the ‘Stone of Solesh’ after the accursed merman that found it.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Besmara 5

the Groom runs his hand along the cool pages. Abolyths...accursed mermen...Its never easy, is it my Queen? He studies the description of the Stone of Solesh, "Can't have someone controlling your pets, now can we?"

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

Yawning, Jim heads outside to make his ablutions, then comes back in and peers over the Groom's shoulder. "Can you read that, mate? I can pick out a few words of Aquan and Taldan here and there, but most of that heathen script is beyond me." He leaves the Groom to his studies and looks for something to eat.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Dibbets enjoys lording over HH for a while, but slacks off when he kens that the halfling knows his place. After a few minutes he offers a shot of Gozreh's indifference to soothe the bruise he got when the deader slammed him and he lost his lunch. He then turns in after one last check over the newly re-dead to make sure that they don't turn into newly re-undead...

Sleep comes easily to the pickled one, but he wakes up feeling dirty and slick with a cold sweat... Feck, the drowner's marked me... what'll the Sky Lord think ought me now... with a hurried and worried look on his face Dibbs stumps outside and relieves himself.

Feeling his feet getting wet he blinks a couple of times before his brain kicks in and he flips around to face downwind and finishes his ablutions. A quick touch of his holy symbol and a furtive plea to the sky and a gush of fresh water springs forth from his hand to souse his ragged and ratty pants and diminish the acrid stench. With a chuckle and a wide smile Dibbets fears are allayed, and he remembers that Gozreh works in different ways than most.

Returning within trailing wet footprints on the floor he sees the Groom hard at reading "Whatcha got there Groomy?"

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Besmara 5

Monster Knowledge Dungeoneering or Planes -> 1d20 + 6 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 6 + 3 = 10 Planes (+1)

"My Queen wanted me to see this...a twisted tale of the Abolyth Masters, creatures from the that the deepest part of the sea or the space between the stars is not clear. But it talks of a Stone of Solesh, a vitreous green stone the size of a human head that fed upon fear and chaos and could be used to command all the horrors of the depths. Seems some fool of a merman found it and played with it till the seas roiled in war. The seafolk eventually captured the stone and tossed it onto land to spare their domains its evil."

He snaps the book shut. "So any green rocks laying about that might draw Deaders up to come look for it. Where did the girlie get off to? She might know if this pertains to our situation here or if this is a sending of things to Queen did give me a heads up of sorts about this place...unfortunately this is equally as vague."

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

"Here, wasn't that the tale Janore spun, of how the deaders came to afflict the monastery here? That b&%@~ Aesha, she bled out a bunch of poor sailors over a stone (that she pulled from the chest we recovered, I'm thinking) about that size."

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul lumbers from his beauty sleep as the early risers crowd Groom for his notions on the strange stones.

The thug stretches, neck and spine cracking as he mulls over his strange dream...

Bless'ed Bess an Mara... The Sea Queen came tae claim em right enough... an' condones me fightin' life good and proper...

Barreling between Dibbs and Jimmer, Kaul presses for a look-see an listen at Groom's sermon;

"Hur... Mornin Lads... Eh? Want me tae go get the girlie? Get her tae spill her guts like - hur-hur-hur?"

Male Human Sorcerer 5; HP 33/33; AC-16/14/12; F+4, R+4, W+4. (Spells:5/5(2), 7/7(1))

Dingus sleeps in tossing and turning, disturbed by his strange dream. Finally he realizes that the others are making too much noise, and goes down stairs to join them. His only robe was stained with blood...much of it his own, and the wind seems to have blown it from where he left it on the window sill to dry. Still not shy Dingus heads into the common room in nothing but the gods gift of clothing. Stretching and nodding to the others he crosses the room, and heads towards the bush that he saw his stained and tattered robe tangled in. "Gonna have to find myself another robe somewhere". "I'm afraid this one has seen it's better days". "What you guys looking at"? After hearing the explanation, Dingus comments, "I had a dream about something like that last night". "Come on Richard, let's go find you a nice fat mouse".

Male Fer de Lance AC 17/15/14; HP 11/16; F+1, R+5, W+4

"Hiss...Hiss-sss-ss, Hiss....hsss"

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

As three legged Dingus makes his barecheeked exit Dibbets shakes his head and mutters "Still don't like seein that bloody snake" leaving it somewhat vague and indistinct to which snake he might be referring.

To Kaul: "Aye matey, we should rustle her up..."

It takes a fair bit of door pounding to rouse Janore. When she finally makes her appearance, she is bleary eyed and listless. She makes her way downstairs, but bypasses breakfast to stare sadly at the putrefying corpses. "The ground is too rocky to bury them and it seems wrong to return them to the sea."

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

To Janore: "We could try burnin em agin afters they had a chance tae dry out?"

"Way I looks at it we're a strugglin fer transpertation... Janore, do ye know of any ships bound to berth?.. or any nearby town we might send fer salvation?"

Plucking the only slightly oily and filth ridden Bird token from somewhere betwixt his ragged pants "Might be time tae send a signal? Least we ken tell 'em where tae look fer us now."

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

Jim nods. "Have Finn's man send him a message? Or do we have anyone else we could trust in Freeport?"

Janore nods dully at the smelly halfling, "We should drag them out into the yard to dry and then burn them. Ships stop by all the time either in need of assistance or to donate supplies. One should be by sooner or later."

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul pipes up his thoughts;

"We knows Buster at the Gull... trust him right enough... but he ain't got access tae ships or such... what about the holy folks?"

The thug glowers at Janore;

"Hur... maybees we just torture you and Half-Inch... yer screams 'll be heard from 'ere tae Freeport... hur-hur-hur..."

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Grimacing as though something distasteful was in his mouth Dibbets adds "Well I wouldnae trust the layabouts in the Grotto as far as I could throw em... and I wouldnae want tae trust HH with the message... Mebbe we jus wait fer a ship-like? Get back tae Freeport and see iffin Finn'll spring fer a second tub so we ken go huntin?"

Janore looks in horror at the mugging thug. "Is that supposed to be a joke?! What an awful thing to say!" The furious woman spins and stalks back upstairs where the door to the priory slams shut behind her.

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

Jim looks after the door as it slams, shaking his head. "Kaul, you have a real way with the ladies. Best to trim that back a notch or three, hey?"

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Dibbets chuckles "She ain't much of a lady Jimmer iffin she'll let Half-Hitch sail into harbor."

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul chuckles at Dibb's wisdom;

"Exactly mate... Itsjes I's gettin fed up o' every one we come across takin' us lightly Jimmer. We need tae set a marker like, let em know we ain't wet behind the ears and no-ones patsies..."

With a shrug of his knotted shoulders Kaul looks bemused, and sets to building the pyre of soggy dead...

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

Jim grins as well at his diminutive shipmate. "Aye, that's true. Though the fear of death makes us do all manner of things...or people...we wouldn't ordinarily do, so I'm inclined to give her a small pass, one might say, on that regard." He pauses after Kaul's reply to think. "You may have the right of it, mate. Though I'd rather we were underestimated than overestimated, if you take my meaning. There's a powerful satisfaction in spitting some overblown idjit who thought I wasn't worth his while to worry about...knowing, as he heads off to the Boneyard, that his last thought in life is going to be about how stupid he was."

The corpses are laid out in the yard to dry under the summer sun. It probably stinks to the outer sphere, but it dries out the muck enough to burn the next day.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Stretching out after helping with the bodies, Dibbs turns to the four longshanks and asks "What's the view mateys? We hole up an wait fer a ship or we sendin a message?"

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul casts his eyes betwixt the pile of drying deaders and the tied bundle of his beloved weapons;

"Ummm... can we give my girls a send off like? Commit em tae the waves and Besmara's armoury?"

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

"Ye'll be wantin the Groom's touch there Kauly... though I'll put in a word wi Gozreh for ye as well."

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

"At first I thought to counsel waiting for a time, news of our survival being something best delivered in person. But then it came to me that we don't know what Dallian may have said about us, nor to whom he may have said it--I'm not sure I'd trust any ship. We're not, you may have noticed, the most typical group of sailors, and it's hard to disguise that."

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul nods, as if suddenly Jimmer got enlightened;

"'zackly what I meant earlier Jimmer... we lure some ship in regardless o' their purpose fer us... fair or foul... and we takes em' - we's pirates after all - right?"

The thug flashes his mako grin and looks to the others for further wisdom...

"Hur... MAYBEES we could sell the bint and the slip on tae Chelax slavers? Them devil worship'rs are a nasty bunch, but coin they do 'ave..."

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Besmara 5

the Groom gathers the weapons. "They have been baptized in blood. Let's bless them in hooch. Dibs, can you spare a dram? And we commit them to salt water. May Besmara keep them well and give them a good home in the Seawraith weapon locker."

the Groom gives them a couple of swings to build momentum and then tosses them into the sea.


Turning to the matter of a boat. "Might want to wait to see what the winds turn up. Likely a ship will find us before we can arrange one to reach us here. This location seems to attract ships."

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul stands alone staring at the water for a long while... silent (for once) in his own deep thoughts...

wonder what's fer breakfast?

With Kaul's best girls retired to the briny black, the crew's thoughts turn to sustenance. Half-Hitch is drawn out of hiding by the delectable scents of cooking food, but takes care to keep his distance from all but Dingus. He actually dangles a rat in a sack in the way of an offering to the odd Tianman, but keeps a wary eye on the deadly viper as he tries to make nice.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

With a mournful look on his face, Dibbs confides "Ain't no liquor left... I'm skint.." before pondering and having a lightbulb moment and hocking up a massive loogie to spit after the blades "There... tha mus be at least 40 proof..." and adding his own mumbled benediction on behalf of Gozreh.


"Aye Groom, we could do wiv a rest like at any rate. Won't hurt tae wait a while."

There is plenty for the crew to do should they wish to occupy themselves while they wait for a ship: the island's longboat needs repair, the bodies burned, the scriptorium perused, the garden tended, general maintenance, etc, etc. Fortunately, the larder is full so no real need to worry other than the lack of booze. Further exploration however, finds a couple fermenting vats in a hidden brewery under the eastern guard tower.

Janore keeps to herself, but Half-Hitch eventually overcomes his intimidation and busies himself cleaning and cooking with abandon in an attempt to win back the crew's good will.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5
Cap'n Voodoo wrote:
Further exploration however, finds a couple fermenting vats in a hidden brewery under the eastern guard tower.

After setting off for a walk of further exploration, Dibbets find his holy grail under the Eastern guard tower. Walking among the equipment, he takes a long time searching to see what he may see...

Take 20 on Perception for a 29

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul splits time between burning the bodies, tending (speaking) to his new axe, chatting to Tum when the opportunity to arises, and generally making Half Inch's life miserable...

Cap'n this involves Intimidation through timely shoves, kicks, growls and if the wee crap shows signs of defiance this:


Sap Slap 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16
Sap Damage 1d6 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5
Applies Brutal Beating ability if he can leaving HI sickened

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Besmara 5

the Groom spends time trying to repair the facilities, not to the state of the current inhabitants of do-gooding cultist, but to its original Besmaran glory, as a shrine to her capriciousness.

He will clean his new-found coat and then clean the walls, uncovering the murals of sea battles and seamonsters to their former glory. Rebuilding the walkway is beyond his skill, but he can fashion a ladder and nail in planks to ensure the walkway is usable again.

Nights he will spend reading of aboliths, pausing occasionally to ensure that noise in the corner, or flicker of firelight was not a portent of their return.

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

Jim works on repairing the longboat, other miscellaneous maintenance, and spending time avoiding the Groom (in case he wants to talk about the book; Jim is trying to put his mind back together, and the book might not help).

It ends up being exactly a week before a ship shows up. The crew members each find tasks to occupy themselves. Jim attempts to patch the bottomless longboat, but has a hard time fitting the wood well enough to get a good seal. the Groom fixes a basic ladder to help with access to the upper floors and spooks himself nightly reading about nightmarish horrors of long ago.

Dibbets putters in what was obviously an oubliette from the shackle bolts in the walls, but re-purposed by the monks into a brewery. At least he thinks this is some sort of beer, but it's unclear if whatever it is is ready yet. On the plus side he finds a rough cut wand half rolled under one of the elevated tubs.

Janore shows up for the burning of the dead sailors, but then returns to the room upstairs and is seldom seen or heard by anyone. Half-Hitch quickly learns to steer clear of Kaul and is equally unobtrusive until the morning of the seventh day when the tower bell is heard to peal and Half-Hitch calls out that he has spotted a ship!

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

After the wand was found, Dibbs handed it off to Dingus to see if he could ken it's purpose.

At the sound of the bell, Dibbs stumps his way loftwards and puts his own eyes to the test...
Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 12 effective +10 more for distance.
Edit: take 10? :)

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

At this point, I think that the Freebooters are happy to be spending time on something bigger than a raft.

Jim makes his way back towards the tower. Though he isn't the best lookout, on seeing Dibbets in the belfry he calls out, "What ship?"

Here's hoping it isn't Aesha or Dallian, come back to finish the job.

Half-Hitch forgets the enmity of the past week in his excitement slapping Jim on the back and helping Dibbs onto the wall. They watch as an unfamiliar midsized ketch bears for the island.

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul eyes the little pest with beady eyes as he attempts to engraciate himself on the rest of the crew;

Little fecker... Slap my back and I'll slap yer mouth...

"Oi lads... perhaps some o' us should keep below decks... so we can take em by surprise if needbe... hur-hur-hur"

Stealth: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

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