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Cap'n Voodoo's Freebooter PBP

Game Master voodoo chili

Fun and Plunder in Green Ronin's Freeport and around the Shackles.

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Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Besmara 5

the Groom moves out and along the wall (to K-12) and fires a bolt wide of the dino.

PB shot into melee -> 1d20 + 5 + 1 - 4 ⇒ (4) + 5 + 1 - 4 = 6 4/5 bolts

the Grooms shot flies wide as he tries not to hit Kaul in the frenzy of falchion and fang. The dino lays into the burly thug, but can't seem to get a good strike past the wily rogues defenses. Its partner appears to be elsewhere.

Round 1 cont.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Round 1:

Seeing the oversized scaly chicken launch out of the shadows and begin savaging Kaul Dibbs shakes his head Bloody hell, first skeeter men an now big-arsed chickens. He stumps closer so he can intervene if needed... bloodied skeeter man head still dangling from one fist.

Move around the burning skeeter to H,12, Total Defence

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Round 1

HP: 17/29 AC: 17 COND: -

Dodging bites and bolts, Kaul launches another hack at the dino...

Bess Chop: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10

... but is too distracted by the threat of "deadeye from the watery guy"

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

Round 1:


HP: 33/33 AC: 19 Conditions: +2 IP

To hit: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

Jim hustles around the burning bug to Kaul's side (move to H-15) and lunges at the raptor on him.

Damage (if that hits): 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Dingus will likely post 10 minutes after this, but in case he was wondering...he's up. I can't wait to see what he'll do! ; )

Male Human Sorcerer 5; HP 33/33; AC-16/14/12; F+4, R+4, W+4. (Spells:5/5(2), 7/7(1))
Cap'n Voodoo wrote:
Dingus will likely post 10 minutes after this, but in case he was wondering...he's up. I can't wait to see what he'll do! ; )

To be exact 27 minutes later. :-). Yeah I'm having fun with this game because of the characters in it, but although playing Dingus is fun for RPing use, Sorcerers are kind of one trick ponies in some ways. I doubt I'll play one again...still he is better the higher level he gets. I just have to keep spending all my feats on Expanded Arcana, to give him a little room for utility spells.

Dingus reaches into his bag of tricks, and to nobody's surprise pulls forth a two headed vapor viper.

2d4 + 2 ⇒ (3, 4) + 2 = 9 Loving Force fang caress.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Besmara 5

Round 2

the Groom drops the crossbow and moves up to a flank with Kaul (J-14) drawing his blade as he does.

Flanking Rapier attack -> 1d20 + 5 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 5 + 2 = 20
Precise Strike Rapier damage -> 1d6 + 1d6 ⇒ (4) + (6) = 10

Another blast from Dingus and a well-placed rapier in the gizzard finishes off the rampaging dray dino. Its companion fails to show and perhaps already fell to the Spawn of Ghlaunder which continues to burn at your feet. All is quiet again in the smokey village.

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

Jim cleans his rapier before sheathing it. "Well, that was a mite easier than the last few of those we faced. Anything else out there going to try for us?"

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

As he pushes the dead dino with his boot, Kaul grins up at Jimmer;

"Hur... Give the isle a few minutes and we'll have somethin' else trying to skewer, eat or breed wi' us hur-hur-hur!"

Feeling his body a tad battered and bruised Kaul looks to the healers in the party for a blessing;

"Took a decent knock from this fecker... any blessings goin' lads?"

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Spitting on the dino's corpse Dibbets is forthright "Skeeter head onna pole in the middle o' tha village then lets get us gone.... I'm tapped out Kaul, ye might look tae the drowned one... unless you want a poke o' me stick?" Standing like a macabre diminutive scarecrow before having a lightbulb moment "Say, where the feck did Half-Inch scarper to this time?"

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul nods;

"Hit me with yer healing stick Dibbs... then we'll find Half Inch..."

Casting your memory bak, you don't recall Half-Hitch actually left the house with you. You imagine he's likely back there hiding under the couch or something.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Giving Kaul a wee jab with the pointy end (2d8 + 3 ⇒ (5, 1) + 3 = 9 13 charges left), Dibbs starts the slow stump back to the mayor's house.

As you approach the manor you glimpse an anxious face and then Half-Hitch opens the door and after carefully looking up and listening a moment, he grins as he hefts a sack nearly as big as himself, "Just grabbing some grub for the journey home, mates."

"Is it safe? Can we just get out of here now?"

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

Jim listens for clinking as Half-Hitch hefts his haversack. "I surely hope it's safe, mate. I had my druthers, we'd be at sea now."

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

After the healing Kaul shakes off the cobwebs, cracks his neck and knuckles and grins as Half-Hitch appears;

"Ain't often I agree with Half Inch, but he's got the right idea sure enough... Iffen we're tae clear land, best we take everything we fancy is o' worth..."

He rubs his scarred chin in thought...

"How much you reckon them cultists are worth tae a slaver or brothel? Tainted meat or a fervent treat hur-hur-hur!"

Not sure what's the stance o' flesh markets in Freeport Cap'n...

Knowledge: Local to recall???: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

"Over and above any moral objections to slavery any of us might have, getting them there may be a mite problematical, being as we're severely lacking in the ship department. Unless they have one concealed hereabouts?"

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Besmara 5

"Why kill the golden goose? We sell them and get a one time pay off. Or we come back yearly to collect our tribute. We can even make it all nice like, take care of anything that is harming them and keeping them from prospering. In return, we take a share of their goods to market. And well, I guess if they don't produce enough, then we make up the difference, with a pound of flesh."

I am tapped out spell-wise, so that poking Kaul took was necessary

My 8-year old inner child suggests making a raft out of the people. I think we tried to do something like that in 1st edition...oh wait, it was to build a bridge with a bunch of dead kobolds AFTER we waited for rigor mortis to set in. We knew the concept of rigor mortis, that the corpses stiffen, so we thought if we arranged them with interlocking hands we could build a makeshift ladder. The DM didn't go for it, but it didn't stop us from trying.

"Keelhaul" Kaul wrote:
Not sure what's the stance o' flesh markets in Freeport Cap'n...

Folks make money any way they can, but it being called Freeport and all, it's better to sell your wares elsewhere or get them on a ship and call them crew.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

"Aye, I'm with Jimmer. Feckin raft will be crowded enough wivvout havin tae stare at inbred the whole way back." rubbing his mangled leg to work out the kinks as he walks Dibbets is looking forward to wet land ahead, given the adventures they'd recently had on land.

"Less get back tae the raft quick like n' make sure its still there."

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul shrugs his burly shoulders;

"Hur. Whatever yee's think is good 'nough fer me lads... just thinking how we can top out our profits... But I likes Groomy's idea o' making this a regular stop fer tribute..."

People raft sounds the biz :) I likes yer thinking Groom!

Agreed that you've had enough of the strange village for now though it might be worth a raid later on, you gather what you can and head through the smoke to the gates. No one comes out to check as you remove the heavy wooden bars and exit out into the marshland surrounding the compound.

back to the cave?

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

"Best we get back to the cave. I'm hoping no one's run off with our raft."

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Aye - back to the raft and let's get sailing :)

Leaving the smokey, quiet village behind, you make your way back to the beach and sea cave without any problem. The raft is in the same condition you left it and you are left to determine which direction you'll be heading.

Sentinel Island and Ollo are the closest likely settlements to the west and east respectively. However, heading to Ollo will mean braving Sahuagin infested waters. Freeport is about twice the distance northeast past The Smoker.

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

"I'd prefer to avoid the sharkmen, myself. Though Sentinel Island will take us farther from Freeport, I'm thinking we can find passage home there."

no objections to Sentinel Island?

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Sentinel Island it is :)

Leaving Raptor Island and the village of wierdos behind, the crew crowd on their raft and drift eastward. The goblin built raft looks more like a random collection of flotsam, but holds together well enough. A steady drizzle and unseasonably chill weather accompany you, but little wind. It takes over four days before you see the two barren peaks that frame the two-story stone fortress in the dim morning light.

All is still as you paddle toward the deserted docks except the gentle crash of the breakers and the call of sea gulls. Suddenly a loud ringing from the belltower breaks the quiet! It rings five times before a large winged form slips from the low clouds into the tower and all is eerily quiet again.

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

After four days on a crowded raft with the rest of the freebooters, Jim is looking forward to elbowroom. "Feckin'...I am tired of this s##!e! Just once I'd like to make a peaceful landfall, go drinking and whoring for a week or three...."

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

"Ye gots my vote Jimmer" grumbles the diminuitive ornery halfling. His wine ran out about a day ago and Dibbets is plumbing new depths of despair. His weathered eyes squint at the winged form as it enters the lighthouse "But whatever the feck it is less still pull up at the dock..."

Perception: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (6) + 12 = 18 And effectively another +10 for ignoring distance modifiers. Does Dibbets notice anything more about the winged thing? - animal, vegetable, shapeshifting monstrosity that's going to talk Jim up then abandon him just before funtime?

Cap'n - I'm assuming everyone is back to tip top HP and chipper?

It happened so fast it's hard to tell, but it looked to be a hawk or something only it was about as big as a man and had...a wolf-like head and antlers?

yep, everyone ship shape.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Blinking fast paced before using the back of a weathered shivering sunburnt hand to work some life into his eye sockets Dibbs puts down the strange sight to his lack of drink and onset of the D.T.s

Male Human Sorcerer 5; HP 33/33; AC-16/14/12; F+4, R+4, W+4. (Spells:5/5(2), 7/7(1))

"I'm ready to get off this piece of trash raft as well". "Maybe they'll have areal ship on this island". "Plus I've heard every shanty and bad joke you guys have so many times my head is about to explode". Dingus then picks up a paddle, and actually attempts to speed their progress.

Male Fer de Lance AC 17/15/14; HP 11/16; F+1, R+5, W+4

At the site of land even Richard get's excited. He slithers off the raft, and swims directly behind it trying to push it along with his head...till a big fish nearly swallows him whole, then he retreats to the middle of the raft.

You reach the old dock anxious to get off the crowded raft and stretch your legs a bit. No one comes to greet you nor are any other boats to be seen.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Dibbs stumbles onto the dock and stretches out, joints popping and crackling like dry bones being crushed underfoot. Spitting into the water he adds "Summat ain't right here mateys..."

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 5

Kaul eyes the lifeless dock curiously and whips out his coco-nut;

"Hur... Feel wrong tae you o' great one? Or are there trinkets and tributes to be had??"

Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

The moody monkey scowls at Kaul through shiny little mica chip eyes, "Even wood head know sumting wrong, so what else new?"

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Smiling at Tum-Bobblehead's crack and gradually warming to the coconutted sentinel Dibbs pipes "Well I ain't feckin gettin back on the raft until we at least figger out iffin there's any booze in there - so ye ken come wiv or stay." and starts his laborious stump towards the lighthouse.

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

"Hold up, mate. Let's get this raft up where it won't blow away on us; I'd not care to be stranded here."

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Besmara 5

The Groom will help with the raft, pulling it up past high tide.

"No monsters or people.....or boats. He pulls his crossbow off his back and snaps a bolt into place. "...Like all the people left with all the boats because of all the monsters."

He peers around and sniffs at the wind.

Perception -> 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21

Male Human Sorcerer 5; HP 33/33; AC-16/14/12; F+4, R+4, W+4. (Spells:5/5(2), 7/7(1))

Dingus steps ashore stretching and stumbling trying to get back his land legs, while Richard stretches his scales.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Dibbets assists in the beaching of the raft, but then continues his lighthouseward stumping.

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 | AC 20 T 15 FF 15 | HP 49/49 | F +5 R +5 W +4 | Init +3| Perc +1

Jim loosens his sword in its sheath, picks up his bow and arrows, and follows the limping halfling.

the Groom smells a familiar scent...blood. Taking a closer look at the boards of the rough hewn dock, he spots a tint of red in the puddles. Blood has recently been spilled and a lot of it.

He's about to mention it to the others when a strange high whistling sound comes from the belfry and a winged form leaps from the tower. It circles above and again gives its weird whistle something like a cross between an elk call and that of an eagle.

Init rolls:

Dibbets- 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21
Keelhaul Kaul- 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4
Madman Jim- 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4
The Groom- 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
Dingus- 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10
Lonesome whistler 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

Round 1.
High Lonesome Whistler
Jim and Kaul

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 5

Round 1:

Muttering under his breath "...bloody...feckin...arse-rodgerin..." Dibbets calls upon the wind to shield his form as he squints skyward.

Standard action for air barrier, AC 17 now.

The creature circles about 50 feet overhead and the Groom shudders as it passes above him, almost as if the day were warm and sunny instead of cool and drizzling and the creature had passed between him and the sun.

Round 1 cont.
Jim and Kaul

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