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Buried Secrets

Game Master overfiend_87

Magnimar, a city filled with crime and oppitunity. The players each have an issue, most of them being plagued with nightmares of the city in flames and others having more personal problems. The one man with all the answer, the notorious Irthir.

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Female Fetchling Sorcerer - Shadow(Umbral) Bloodline/2 - HP 27/27; AC11; F+3;R+4;W+5

Its your call. If you can get the pace back up, then I am all for the campaign. If it going to keep being slow and inconsistent, both from you and the players, then I have a tough time getting into the character and the game.

If closing this one down allows you to focus on other games and/or RL, then perhaps it is time to shut this down. If you want to run smaller campaigns - 2-3 levels, sort of like a PF module or PFS scenario, that might be easier as you will know that it has an end. If that works, you can always run the characters through another campaign so that rather than a grand campaign, it is a bunch of interconnected segments, that might be a good option.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

Hmm...certainly a lot to think on.

I think the best way would be if I found someone to co-DM with in RL so I can pick things up easier.

I'm great at ideas for adventures or possible situations for a party to deal with, but terrible with loot placement with WBL and all that. I own the Game Master's guide and must've read it several times, but it doesn't appear to stick. I think I take things in better when explained in audio than written...which just gave me an idea.

In gave me several...*grins* Alright, give me a chance I've got something cooking in my stewpot of a mind. It's nearly midnight where I live however and I have work tomorrow, but I'll see about getting straight to it after work.

I've come up with a few interesting ideas for where we can do with this. I think I'll post one or two in the game thread.

Male Human Barbarian(Superstitious)4 Hp:50[58]/55[63] AC:17[15] T:12 FF:16 Fort:6 Ref:3 Will:2[4]

I look forward to it.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

How many are still around? I'm interested in opening up a re-recruitment thread for this now. Especially as the enemies are not going to be so easy to take down as to only need a sorcoror and barbarian, lol.

Male Human Barbarian(Superstitious)4 Hp:50[58]/55[63] AC:17[15] T:12 FF:16 Fort:6 Ref:3 Will:2[4]

Well I am obviously still Here.

Female Fetchling Sorcerer - Shadow(Umbral) Bloodline/2 - HP 27/27; AC11; F+3;R+4;W+5

I may or may not be here. It is ambiguous questions like this that I really find hard to answer. I mean, what is "here", and how am I to know that I am "I". I mean really, I might not be me, which would mean that I am not me. Very confusion to say the least.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia
Jaidoh Palumbra wrote:
I may or may not be here. It is ambiguous questions like this that I really find hard to answer. I mean, what is "here", and how am I to know that I am "I". I mean really, I might not be me, which would mean that I am not me. Very confusion to say the least.

I just got off work and it's 10pm...that just melted my brain.

Getting back to the game I do enjoy your character backstories. I will advertise that the adventure will be taking people's backstories into account, which is what my plans for the future will be.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

Early days yet, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on those applying to the recruitment thread. There is only one so far, but I did post this on a late saturday and it's sunday so will possibly be more posters through the week.

Hp: 48, AC: 17, Touch: 12, Flat-footed: 15, F +6, Ref +7, W +2, Perception +8, Initiative+3

I think this is the end for me on this adventure, thanks for some good times.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

thanks for the time Ostog.

Also, how is everyone else? Looks like we have quite a bit of interest and just managed to grab three characters we can add to the ranks.

I'm hoping to keep the posting up. I have a idea for where we can go to have the characters join you instead of them just popping into existence.

Male Human Barbarian(Superstitious)4 Hp:50[58]/55[63] AC:17[15] T:12 FF:16 Fort:6 Ref:3 Will:2[4]

I plan to stick around, I have been enjoying the game thus far other then the slow pace.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

yeah I'm hoping to speed things up. I've been posting in the game thread, though not many people have responded...

I was thinking the new members would appear at the Mayor's, but I want some more replies from everyone so we can start rolling on.

Reporting for Duty sir.

Male Human Barbarian(Superstitious)4 Hp:50[58]/55[63] AC:17[15] T:12 FF:16 Fort:6 Ref:3 Will:2[4]

I was waiting for confirmation that new players had been picked since it seemed we wouldn't be moving forward without them.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

Yeah I was a bit late deciding. I do apologise. Got some brand new ideas too.

Male Human Barbarian(Superstitious)4 Hp:50[58]/55[63] AC:17[15] T:12 FF:16 Fort:6 Ref:3 Will:2[4]

No problem. I am assuming we are moving on now even though only one person reported in.

Also reporting in. Character needs a lot of work so I have one question. The recruitment said average wealth for class but we are supposed to be level 4 yes? Should I use wealth by level or level 1 average?

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

As mentioned in the recruitment thread, I have a few additions to their backstories that may lead to some interesting discussions.

Tariel the Reincarnated:

Through the many years of your reincarnation you have been in many different bodies, often dying as a unheard of legend. This gives you all kinds of knowledge of the goings on in Magnimar. You know of the deadly creatures that live in the ruins or atleast of those who broke out during a excavation that many of the locals remember in long memory and you in past experience.

There was a time that a unknown evil was attempting to control Magnimar. A vampire of ancient times had made it's home here and you worked under a woman who called herself Irthir. Part of your group was a gnome named Jake Gringlebottom. He appears to be the gnome who goes by the same name, Irthir.

You manage to make your way into the city and into the good graces of the Mayor who has you in a waiting room, waiting for the arrival of a group of people who had been working with Irthir.

La'vriel the Failure:

Arriving in this strange land you have found that no one has addressed you with hate, unlike your past. You even see other half-elves wondering out and half-elf children, none of them being beaten or treated as outcasts. It gives a comforting, though confusing feeling seeing this. If anything, you are more suspicious of this city that would embrace what you have long been brought up to believe as abominations.

After investigating a bit you manage to find that the Mayor is where Irthir's group will be going next and you manage to convince the Mayor that it's of some importance to the Mordant Spire that you come here and meet with him to assist in these situations. There appear to be many different kinds of humans you've run into and the Mayor appears to be quite a plump and well fed one whilst his advisor, a shadowy man who eyes you suspiciously and circles the room has pale skin and looks like he is trying to hide under his hood.

Though this figure suggests you be tossed out on your pointed ears, the mayor decides he'd keep you here along with two others to help him with a case of deaths.


Unlike most people in the city you have been noticing the many dark issues that are left out of the news and public eye. Disturbing rituals to unknown deities, people disappearing near ancient ruins. You have actually caught a look at the killer in the streets and he appeared to be bareing fangs and claws, but fled before you could give chase.

Most of what you saw he appeared to have bright amber eyes and covered in fur under his big dark cloak and the Greataxe he held in his hand. the guards had arrived and at first pegged you as the killer, until it was revealed the damage to the body was too brutal to have been caused by you. the Mayor saw fit that you should join a group who is looking into these killings and possibly track down the beast that did this with their aid.

Sorry about posting this so late. I was trying to post it last night at about 1am, but then Paizo went down and I lost most of the post when I waited for it to be fixed around 2am.


Sorry I copied and pasted off the origonal recruitment and thought I'd done all the changes. Yes I should've said the average WBL for 4th level. Also I couldn't do much with the backstory you've given me, but I've attempted to come up with something interesting that got the character involved.

I think I am ready if you want to take a look. Had a really hard time assigning skill points.

Actually, nevermind. I should have checked sooner but I see jumps of nearly a month in the campaign thread and jumps of several days a few times a month. As the DM the game moves at whatever pace you decide to set which is less than I prefer in this case. This one bugs me the most:

DM Aron Marczylo wrote:
Sorry about the delay, for some reason I forgot I was meant to be posting. Whoops. Will get back to the other threads when I can. Full day of work tomorrow.

How do you forget for almost 3 weeks. I understand RL stuff getting in the way but that is just negligence. Master of Procrastination doesn't give me confidence either.

Sorry for getting anyone's hopes up but I am pulling out.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

Well mainly forgot due to checking the thread on my phone and not when returning.

I've been hoping to speed up the posting after I finished the recruitment and then get on with the game, but now that you've bailed out I'm going to have to find someone else.

I'm hoping to get this game on it's tracks again and everyone's backstories have inspired me to keep going and coming up with new branches to the adventure.

So, am I good to post then? Am I there at the mayors?

Male Human Barbarian(Superstitious)4 Hp:50[58]/55[63] AC:17[15] T:12 FF:16 Fort:6 Ref:3 Will:2[4]

Well, "Owl" was highly rude, wasting everyone's' time. I for one have no problem with how things are progressing.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

I'll let you know. You should be in a side room with the body.

Yeah, real shame with "Owl" but there was another character that was quite interesting. I'll see if I can catch him.

Plus I'm curious what the character's reaction to see a Kobold in the room would be like.

Male Human Barbarian(Superstitious)4 Hp:50[58]/55[63] AC:17[15] T:12 FF:16 Fort:6 Ref:3 Will:2[4]

Didn't we just kill a bunch of those a few days ago?

I would post timight but a coworker mixed,me a really strong drink in revenge for something rhat happened earlier this week, I work at a restaurant, and I don't trust my writing skills right now. I will ask though, can I use a Heal check to determine which injury was cause of death? And should I roll History to see if I remember anything like this from 'Before'?

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

Heal can be used, yes and History...wouldn't work, but it could be possible that it may work in other fashions.

Darn, forgot this, and don't know if editing would reroll the other dice, which would be cheating I feel.
Kn. Religion, Holy Symbol: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14

Male Half Elf Investigator 4 (spireborn)

If I have a chance to check if the glass is from a chapel window or if the corpse wears clerical vestments:
Knowledge Religion with free Inspiration: 1d20 + 6 + 1d6 ⇒ (3) + 6 + (4) = 13

Male Half Elf Investigator 4 (spireborn)

A 1 on a knowledge Nobility check? Sometimes the dices support my background of coming out of a remote backwater of the world real good...

Shall we go to the temple of Desna or are there any things left to be done here?

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

I know what you mean. My characters have sometimes had it work really well on characters who only have a little knowledge and yet those with full ranks in the skill points end up rolling a 1, looking sooo stupid.

As if a scholar decided to stare at the pages and then got lost in thoughts of home and, depending on the race, golden-haired elf maidens.

It's worse in PFS scenarios where the group I generally game with all fail our knowledge checks and just sort of stand around going "Hmm...what to do now?"

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