Buried Secrets (Inactive)

Game Master overfiend_87

Magnimar, a city filled with crime and oppitunity. The players each have an issue, most of them being plagued with nightmares of the city in flames and others having more personal problems. The one man with all the answer, the notorious Irthir.

Second attempt at a homebrew. Here I've set the campaign in Magnimar, the city of monuments as it is the best place for my ideas, which I can't disclose for spoiler reasons.

Current group: 6 players

Jaidoh Palumbra (Sorceress)
Ostog Oath-Breaker (Ranger, Two-Fighter)
Rabe the Hunter (Barbarian)

So far the group have met the mysterious contact who claims he can find them all answers. He has shown that he appears to know more about them that they first thought. If he is to be believed, he will be able to reveal what the visions mean that so many of them have.

So far all he's stated is that everyone on golarian who appear to be sensitive to these arcane and divine powers seems to have been having these dreams.

The groups first task of the three that he gave them was to clear our one of his warehouses of goblins who have taken up residence there.

This being done the group was involved in entering a sacred burial ground where undead were being raised. They tracked down the source of the object and the unusual humanoid in charge of those who raided the place to steal a item from a paladin's tomb.

Later they encountered a Hobgoblin, getting into a hassle with noble man who is claiming he was guilty simply because he was a Hobgoblin, despite no evidence to the contrary.

There was a dock owned by a family of sea-elf fishers who had gone missing.