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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Society


Starfinder Society

Brains of the Dark World (Inactive)

Game Master ulgulanoth

Mindflayers ruling the world and keeping it that way

Edgar Lamoureux

Cayden Cailean
The Exchange Edgar Lamoureux

Male Human Bard 1/Barbarian 1
(1,320 posts)
Angel Mask

(117 posts)


Tentacled Horror
Brother Haruhito Kurosawa

? Aberration Illithid 8 / Oracle (Lore) 6
(82 posts)



Male Weremonkey Rogue/Ranger/Trickster
(5,758 posts)


Male Mindflayer Psychic Warrior 3/Phrenic Slayer 3
(66 posts)


The Fifth Archdaemon
Dark Archive ulgulanoth

male wraith biomedical scientist lv5/ film director lv3
(7,705 posts)



(41 posts)

M Mind Flayer 6 Inquisitor of Vecna
(91 posts)


Mind Flayer

Hemaphrodite? Illithid Wiz5\Bloat mage 1
(219 posts)
Crystal Figurine
Tiny Coffee Golem

What it says on the tin; Caffiene addict 20
(9,720 posts)

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