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Bone March

Game Master farewell2kings

CY 577, the year after the death of the Overking. Greyhawk.

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Male Human Ranger 9

As Belric fires off his Flamestrike Spell, Agathon will grin for a second… Then, as the Troll does not react to the flame, Agathon barely has time to register something is quite wrong as he hears Idnae and Belric shout their warning. Wasting precious moments in indecision, he is snapped back to the moment as he is hit by the vile spittle of the dragon.

Before he can even register the intense burning pain of this attack, he looks at the hill and locks eyes with the dragon…

Agathon has fought many creatures… from Bugbears and Ogres to Zombie Deer. All of these foes wished him death; but, for the first time he is looking into the eyes of a creature fully intent on simply eating him alive. And THIS beast can easily do just that. Agathon finds something deeply terrifying in being looked over as merely a morsel of food.

With his knees visibly shaking, Agathon tries his best to change his face into defiance or anger or bravery… Anything but the cowardice he feels… Anything but the terror which is nearly forcing his feet to take him in the other direction! He fails. His voice cracks revealing his fear as he yells to the others, “Stand and fight!”

No one is buying his bravado this time…

Pelor! Help me!

Not knowing or caring if this thought was actually spoken aloud, Agathon will visibly grit his teeth and charge the dragon. As he charges up the hillside, his fear grows as he realizes the size of the beast. As he approaches, he can see it look upon him and smile with impossibly sharp teeth. Its breath washes over him. Agathon is amazed at its sickly sweet smell as cup fulls of acid flow from the sides of its mouth as if it were some enormous dog slobbering before a meal.

As he comes to within the striking distance of his axe, he lets go of the Sword and wills it to attack the dragon as he swings his battle axe over his head and attempts to bring it down on the forebody of the wyrm…

CK Summary:
Agathon HP 76/91; AC 20

Bless Spell Round 2 /100 (+1 Attacks & +1 saves)
Dragon Fear Aura Round 1/15 (-2 Attacks, damage, attribute checks, & saves)

Agathon will charge the dragon.
Agathon will start the Dancing Sword and attack with the Battle Axe as he arrives in melee. As both attacks are simultaneous, they both should happen at the end of the charge (please feel free to correct that if I am wrong). IF for whatever reason he cannot have both attacks, then he will hit with the sword and start the dancing at the beginning of next round.

His current bonuses:
+2 Great Sword of Dancing: +12 (2d6+3)
+2 Battle Axe +11 (1d8+3)

Male Human Wizard 9th

Concentrating on his spell, Thaddeus does not see the impact of the flame strike. He does hear the shouts of 'illusion!' - followed by a great exhale, the sounds of splattering and then screams of pain and terror. Thaddeus looks up in time to see a black dragon perched atop the ridge, huge mouth dripping acid, surveying the remnants of the party. His heart skips a beat, his throat tightens, and a cold knot of terror forms in his chest.

He dimly hears Agathon shout something but it is lost in the sound of blood rushing in his ears. A flash of lightening completes the fearsome tableau. You had better do something, son. sounds the voice of Thaddeus' long-dead mother. You and all your friends will be killed if you don't move quickly.

"Mmmmmmmmm....", the sound is low in Thaddeus' throat, but his lips and mouth are frozen and will not work to complete the word.

"Mmmmmmm...", with a shaking hand he reaches into his spell component pouch, draws forth a shaving of licorice root, and clumsily shoves it in his mouth. The strong, faintly sweet taste chases away the tang of fear in his mouth.

"Move!", he says, no more than a whisper. His hands steady long enough to cast the haste spell, and when he speaks again his voice has power.


With a burst of energy he will take cover behind the secure shelter, should the dragon breathe acid again.

CK Summary:
Thaddeus HP 38/38, AC 21
Dragon Fear Aura Round 1/15 (-2 Attacks, damage, attribute checks and saves)
Haste Round 1/9 (+1 attack, +1 dodge bonus to AC and reflex saves, +30' movement, extra attack)

Thaddeus casts haste on all party members. Range is 45' and he gets one creature per level, so all party members are affected. He will then take cover behind the secure shelter.


Belric AC 25 HP 59 Current spell up Bless +1 to hit +1 to Fear last 9 turns
Garn AC 19 HP 27 current spell up bless +1 to hit +1 to fear

AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH, the scream in Belric’s head or was it aloud seems to go on forever. Barely being able to think as he feels the physical onslaught of the wyrm’s presence, he grips his holy symbol in panic and his first coherent thought By the nine hells! A dragon, well at least Moradin can take some of the sting out the beast’s spit

“MmmmmooraDIN! Hear ma prayer, protect us from the creature’s vile spittle!” Belric looks about trying gauge where everyone is at so that he can protect as many as possible. He brandishes his Holy Symbol feeling his God’s power build up and in an explosive flash a golden glow flares out covering himself and the others.

CK Notes:
Belric casts Resist Energy Mass the spell lasts 90 minutes, gives DR 20 v acid.

It was cast to cover Agathon, Belric, and anyone else who is within 30 feet of Belric.

Also Belric is currently a +12 to saves v. fear due to his dwarven ability and the Bless spell.

I am not sure how long a turn is v rounds

Male Human Monk

Jaques looks to see what all the comotion is about. He smells the dragon at the same time he sees it. The eyes! That's not an animal, it's ... something else... Though he's seen and fought many unnatural things, even undead, nothing prepared him for the sight of a dragon. He finds himself transfixed, like a small mouse, eye to eye with a snake. There's, intelligence there, twisted, evil, intelligence...a coldness. So many orders revere dragons, to see one so is an abomination. His fear turning to loathing, and rage, Jaques rushes forward to join Agathon's attack on the dragon, even if his speed puts him forward. This is the reason for the minus's, Jaques has lost perspective and thereby, focus. He's going to try to coldcock the dragon, like punching the horse in Blazing Saddles. He may die, but if he succeeds, it will live forever... He attempts to use a stunning fist attack on the beast.

Thaddeus casts Haste on Agathon.
Jacques uses his 50' foot speed to close with the dragon. He notes it is barely touching the ground with its feet, its wings spread out. He leaps and attacks with this stun attack

1d20 + 12 ⇒ (14) + 12 = 26 to hit AC21. HIT!
Dragon's CON save to avoid being stunned. 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (18) + 9 = 27 to beat a 21. Dragon saves, but still takes 1d10 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3 damage.
The dragon huffs with an audible intake of air and a bit of shock and admiration in its green eyes.

It is 40' to the dragon for Agathon, with Haste in place he covers the distance and gets his attacks
Great Sword 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (5) + 12 = 17
Dancing Sword 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (9) + 11 = 20

Both miss.

Belric's spell goes off and everyone now has resistance to the first 20 points of acid damage. Everyone was within 30'.

The dragon takes to the air, ends up in square F11, 40' high in the air. Its shrieking roar echoes off the hillsides.

Forgot to roll the extra attacks for Agathon

1d20 + 12 ⇒ (3) + 12 = 15
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (7) + 11 = 18

They miss too. Dragon has AC of 21

Male Human Wizard 9th

Well, that didn't work out how I planned. I'd have thought Agathon would have drawn blood. I was also hoping the dragon would stand and fight...apparently I've misunderestimated how smart these things are. I wonder if I will live to benefit from the knowledge?

Over twenty spells to choose from and nothing looks like a sure bet. I must do something! But what..? Any good offensive spell will surely not be enough to slay the dragon and will only identify me as a wizard of some power...and thus make me the target of choice. Thus I must take a few moments to protect myself before doing anything really obvious...

Thaddeus whispers the words, his hands knitting together the magick forces that will help protect him from the dragon's attacks. The familiar magick surges through him as he casts mage armor, greater.

With any remaining action, Thaddeus will maneuver in an attempt to keep the secure shelter between himself and the dragon.

CK Summary:
Thaddeus HP 38/38, AC 27
Dragon Fear Aura Round 2/15 (-2 Attacks, damage, attribute checks and saves)
Bless Spell Round 2/100 (+1 attacks & +1 saves)
Resist Energy Mass Round 1/900 (DR 20 vs acid)
Mage Armor, Greater Round 1/9 hours (+6 AC)

Thaddeus casts mage armor, greater and tries to interpose the building between himself and the dragon.

Male Human Monk

Frustrated at not getting a parting swing on the beast, Jaques switches to his magic sling and a magic bullet, firing off a parting shot. There was that story about the kid with the lucky shot at a giant... Since he was in melee with the great beast before it took flight, he aims at the most painful target exposed to him from his present angle. It's rear sphincter. If this works, it's gonna hurt...


Now that we are protected from it’s vile spit, tis time tae clip its wings! Moradin bring your clamor!
Belric concentrate, draws in his breath and lets out a shrill, piercing cry, much like the sound of a piece of metal being scraped across an anvil. A faint translucent spear flies from Belric straight at the dragon Sound Lance (1d8=7, 1d8=1, 1d8=6, 1d8=2, 1d8=5, 1d8=3, 1d8=4, 1d8=6, 1d8=2)total of 36 To overcome any spell resistance (1d20+9=28) The dragon gets a Fort save for half damage

well that dinnae do much, but hopefully it caused some pain tae it

CK Summary:
Belric AC 25 HP 59
Dragon Fear Aura Round 2/15 (-2 Attacks, damage, attribute checks and saves)
Bless Spell Round 2/100 (+1 attacks & +1 saves v fear)
Resist Energy Mass Round 1/900 (DR 20 vs acid)

Male Human Ranger 9

As the dragon lifts off and flies over Agathon, he turns to move to follow and realizes that the beast will severely out pace him (even in his quickened state from the spell Thaddeus hit him with…).

He nearly misses the sword as he sees the horrible muscles of the great worm writhe with the effort of lifting it in flight. A renewed shiver runs the length of his spine as he marvels and quavers at the sheer size of this creature… and, the knowledge that he intends to stand his ground against it.

If I can just hold its attention long enough… Perhaps the others can bring it down or at least flee to safety…” He will think to himself.

As he moves to be in front of the party he cannot help but be amazed at his new found speed. In his current state of mind, he wonders if he should loose his bow upon this thing. But, how can an arrow pierce that hideous hide!? “No. The dragon may swoop in and try to grab someone! I must be ready to strike.

Nervously, and with his mind racing with self doubts and re-recriminations for his cowardice and indecision in the face of an enemy, Agathon will attain his interposing position and try not to allow his knees to shake.

CK Summary:
Agathon HP 76/91; AC 20

Bless Spell Round 3/100 (+1 Attacks & +1 saves)
Dragon Fear Aura Round 2/15 (-2 Att, dam, att chks, & saves)
Resist Energy Mass Round 1/900 (DR 20 vs acid)
Haste Spell Round 1/9 (Doubles Movement and Attacks)

Agathon will snatch the Dancing Sword while on the move. He will move toward the dragon to a position roughly 10 feet in front of the party to interpose himself between the dragon and the others. As he does this, he will retain the Sword in his left hand and the battle axe in his right.

His current bonuses:
+2 Great Sword of Dancing: +11 (2d6+3)
+2 Battle Axe +10 (1d8+3)

Thaddeus casts his spells and moves as indicated. Edgar is still running and out of sight.

Jacques fires his sling bullet, -4 for range 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25 hit damage 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4 Idnae is also out of sight, probably still running.

Agathon moves as indicated. Verlik has also left sight, but you all can hear the sounds of running to the west.

Belric casts his sound lance. Dragon's save vs. a 21 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (14) + 9 = 23
Takes 18 points of damage.

The dragon shrieks in anger and pain and bolts towards the ground in a sharp dive, westward.

Dragon claw/claw on Idnae vs. AC 10 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 121d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13 Damage 1d4 ⇒ 11d4 ⇒ 3
Idnae is still alive, but the party sees the dragon rise back up to about 40' in the air, the gnome screaming and struggling against its claws.

Male Human Ranger 9

Seeing Idnae lifted struggling in the claws of the creature shoots a wave of horror through Agathon.

No…” he will gasp to himself.

With this eyes never leaving the Gnome, Agathon flashes into action. Focusing on Idnae for the briefest of moments the dragon does not consume his World and he knows what he must do…

Dropping his melee weapons, he reaches over his shoulder and brings out his bow.

Often, he has spent hours marveling at the amazing construction of this magical weapon. Its wood and bridge seeming more grown than made by hand, the care and time that went into this amazing tool has always been beyond his mind to comprehend.

But, here in the rain, with his new friend clasped in the clutch of death itself, it nothing more that an extension of his hatred and fear. Now, he must fire true! He must hit the mark!

No longer noticing the amazing speed given him by Thaddeus’ magic, Agathon furiously pulls, strings, and fires his bow twice at the dragon…

“Put her down and fight me!”

CK Summary:
Agathon HP 76/91; AC 20
Bless Spell Round 4/100 (+1 Attacks & +1 saves)
Dragon Fear Aura Round 3/15 (-2 Att, dam, att chks, & saves)
Resist Energy Mass Round 2/900 (DR 20 vs acid)
Haste Spell Round 2/9 (Doubles Movement and Attacks)

Agathon will drop the sword and axe at his feet. He will pull and fire his +1 Composite Long Bow at the Dragon (2 shots due to the Haste Spell). He will not move away from his melee weapons in case the dragon comes this way.

His current bonuses taking everything above into account

+1 Composite Long Bow: +9 (1d8+1) {He is an additional -2 due to range}

Male Human Wizard 9th

Thaddeus sees the dragon overfly him and hears the gnome's screams. It's never going to land and Agathon will never catch it. I can't hit it with a fireball because then Idnae would be incinerated. It's out of range of most everything else, except my crossbow, and I may as well throw peas at it. His mind rapidly ticks through several possible course of action and settles (unhappily) on one.

"Belric, if you have any spells that will help me in melee with that thing, now is the time. I have to do something drastic."

The wizard sighs to himself and pulls a small feather from his spell component pouch. He whispers a few phrases and drops the feather, now glowing faintly. Thaddeus drops to a knee, still chanting, and punches the feather on the ground. The ground around him ripples slightly and he shoots into the air, the fly spell now in effect.

Thaddeus will gain altitude and move towards the dragon, on a southish tack, away from the main body of the party.

By all accounts, this is a smallish and youngish dragon. There is a chance it will not even be looking for airborne enemies, using its advantage of flight to hunt ground targets. It is intelligent, but not experienced. The pattern indicates two dimensional thinking.

CK Summary:
Thaddeus HP 38/38, AC 27
Dragon Fear Aura Round 3/15 (-2 Attacks, damage, attribute checks and saves)
Bless Spell Round 4/100 (+1 attacks & +1 saves)
Resist Energy Mass Round 2/900 (DR 20 vs acid)
Mage Armor, Greater Round 2/9 hours (+6 AC)
Fly Round 1/90 minutes (fly 90', up 45', down 180' per round)

Thaddeus casts fly, matches altitude and moves towards the dragon, slightly south away from the party.


“HA! TAKE THAT YE SLIMY LIZARD! (GASP) ACH! LEAVE THAE WEE ONE ALONE YE COWARDLY NEWT!” Belric’s first elation at his successful sound lance, quickly turns to acidic dread seeing Idnae’s peril. He starts forward pulling his crossbow and loading it on the way towards the wyrm.

One last prayer at ma disposal tae cause harm tae that wyrm, a blast from Moradin’s forge itself, but it be too far away!

Belric moves up 20 feet screaming obscenities (with a few gasps and whimpers as the dragon fear asserts itself)

"Sorry lad, I dinnae pray for any other protections, ye hae tae just keep ye distance" Belric takes aim and fires +8-2 for fear, -4 for distance magical light crossbow (1d20+2=12)

Ach, cannae even hit something as big as that flying lizard!

CK Summary:
Belric AC 25 HP 59
Dragon Fear Aura Round 3/15 (-2 Attacks, damage, attribute checks and saves)
Bless Spell Round 5/100 (+1 attacks & +1 saves)
Resist Energy Mass Round 2/900 (DR 20 vs acid)

Thaddeus casts his fly spell and ends up at about 30' altitude. The sun has just set and dusk is setting in, but you can still see okay for about the next 20 minutes. He is able to see Garsh running full tilt away from the dragon, about 150' off the map to the west.

Jacques takes off running at full speed, running to square B15, which puts him very close and nearly underneath the dragon. "Let her down!" he yells (since he can't attack).

Agathon's shots: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (18) + 9 = 271d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18 One connects for 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9 damage.

Belric misses.

The dragon bites Idnae 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20 and 2d12 ⇒ (8, 6) = 14 swallows her, a severed leg dropping to the ground near Jacques. It flies off, gaining altitude slightly to about 60 feet, chewing and crunching as it goes.

Male Human Ranger 9

Something inside Agathon slams his stomach as if punched by a giant. Agathon cannot register what he is seeing. The dragon looks right at him, bites Idnae in two, and between wing beats tosses its head back catching and swallowing her lower half. The creature licks its lips for what seems like ten years and then with a hideous smile scouring its serpentine features, it wheels over and climbs into the sky.

Agathon vomits.

After what seems like an eternity of dry heaves and tears, he looks up to discover he is on his knees. The magnificent bow now dropped casually into the mud next to the dancing sword which glitters in the fading light. He looks away in disgust at his uselessness in the battle… blaming himself for Idnae’s fate. Next to his axe, he spies the back of his hand. It is red and scarred from the acid of the dragon. It hurts.

“This is what my soul must look like… burned. Damn! How could I have allowed this to happen?” Agathon asks himself aloud.

As Jacques runs by, he yells at Agathon to secure the camp and find the others.

Agathon barely hears him…

Frightened you are, boy!” He shivers at the thought of the dragon’s eyes staring at him like black lances of the emptiness. Like places where the Light can never be… Like death itself.

What was her last thought? Was she as terrified as I?” Try as he might, he cannot shake away the thought that it should have been him in those jaws.

Squinting through his misery in the drizzle, he sees Jacques running full blast and looks up just in time to see Thaddeus vanish from sight in pursuit of the beast. He is too emotionally drained to wonder what they are up to. But, he can hear Belric behind him beckoning him back to camp. So, this must be part of a plan of the wizard’s.

“Pelor! Hear me through these clouds of sky and heart! I beseech thee to look after her soul and guide it to her final place of rest! But, if she must haunt any place of this World, let it be in my heart. For it is my failure in battle that ended her…” This prayer, he shouts to the wind and rain.

Agathon will stand and collect his gear. With one last look into the growing darkness and the now vanishing Jacques, he will turn back to camp and consult with Belric on what is going on and what they are to do next…

CK Summary:
Agathon HP 76/91; AC 20

CURRENT EFFECTS: I have no idea how much time you will allow in this post… The above action should last about three to four rounds. The following effects are listed as per the beginning of this action. Please delete the appropriate amount of time for each effect and advise us as to elapsed time.
Bless Spell Round 5/100 (+1 Attacks & +1 saves)
Dragon Fear Aura Round 4/15 (-2 Att, dam, att chks, & saves)
Resist Energy Mass Round 3/900 (DR 20 vs acid)
Haste Spell Round 3/9 (Doubles Movement and Attacks)

As mentioned above, Agathon will spend at least three to four rounds of relative inaction as he contemplates and prays over what has just happened. Afterwards (if the CK allows more time for it in this posting cycle), he will go back to camp, speak with Belric and begin the process of tracking down the other henchmen (provided something does not interrupt all this, of course)…

Male Human Wizard 9th

Thaddeus' mind grinds to a halt as he sees the dragon eat the gnome. What can we four possibly do against such might? At least she met her end quickly. Will Verlik even live to see the morning? Will any of us?

Stop it! Losing your head will gain nothing. Several weeks ago, a troll seemed an impossible opponent, and now..? Focus...I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

It is too far away for most of my spells. It appears to be leaving. We need a plan...communication...information. We must learn where its lair is. We must regroup the party. Once we have more information we can decide what to do.

The wizard casts message, and in an instant his familiar voice is in the dwarf's ears. "Message spell is in effect. Belric, please stay here with Agathon. He appears to be in shock of some kind. I fear Verlik is gravely wounded and when our companions recover from their terror they will need words of encouragement. The cottage will protect you from the elements and the fire should be up so you can all dry out. Garsh is to the west and I don't know where Edgar is. Jacques and I are going to follow the beast to its lair and mark a trail so we can find it on the morrow. We will be back as soon as we can."

He will then overfly Jacques. "Jacques! We need to pursue but not engage. We will follow the beast to its lair, marking a trail as we go, and come back in the next day or two to avenge our loss. I will guide you from the air."

I wish I felt half as collected as I sound!

With that, the two will set out. Thaddeus will do his best to stay in the treetops to stay hidden from view should the dragon look back. He will guide Jacques from the air and help him to avoid major obstacles. He will keep an eye on the beast while Jacques piles rocks or arranges branches to mark a trail. If we have not located the dragon's lair or nest in an hour, we will turn around and head back to camp.

[ooc]CK summary
Thaddeus HP 38/38, AC 27
Secure Shelter Round 5/18 hours
Dragon Fear Aura Round 4/15 (-2 Attacks, damage, attribute checks and saves)
Bless Spell Round 5/100 (+1 attacks & +1 saves)
Resist Energy Mass Round 3/900 (DR 20 vs acid)
Mage Armor, Greater Round 3/9 hours (+6 AC)
Fly Round 2/90 minutes (fly 90', up 45', down 180' per round)
Message Round 1/9 (450' range, contact with Belric)

Thaddeus will cast message and disseminate a plan to Belric. He and Jacques will head off to tail the dragon, marking trail as we go, and hope it leads us to its lair. We will stay hidden as much as possible and will not engage unless it cannot be avoided. If we don't find its lair in an hour we will call off the pursuit.

Male Human Monk

Jaques twists slightly to avoid Idnae's falling body parts, but keeps running at a steady pace. He focuses on the complex task at hand, matching unhindered airspeed with ground speed over terrain with obstacles. He twists, swerves, and ducks as he runs with uncanny speed, seeming to wriggle his way through the forest. Listen to Thaddeus, tree, stump, gulley tree, branch, shallow, tree, low bush, jump, tree...Idnae...rock, dies by my hand...jump...


That poor gnome! Well she went fast that’s all any o us can ask for. I need tae concentrate and heal those that can benefit from it. First I need tae heal Agathon he looks a bit worse for wear

“Lad hold up, let ma Lord heal ye wounds!” Belric runs over to Agathon and casts cure moderate wounds 2d8=9
“That should hold ye up for a bit, we need tae find the others that went a running, tae make sure they survive!” Belric will gently tell Agathon to help bolster his will. “First let me light up the area so our lost companions may find their way back” Belric casts light on his shield to be a beacon for the others.

No longer tactical, but I will tell you how many rounds pass so you can mark off your spell effects

7 rounds pass.

Agathon and Jacques crash through the underbrush, with Thaddeus keeping air cover. Along their run, they recover the surviving henchmen and guide them towards Belric, who is trudging along behind, picking up one of the pack animals along the way.

The dragon steadily gained altitude and disappeared from sight into a low lying cloud layer.

You are still in the hills near the mines. As noted before, you're only about 3-4 miles from the suspected werewolf village (which is east of you). The hills stretch for another 6-8 miles west and then gradually slope down towards the river and the village of Ferin.

Male Human Ranger 9

After muttering a gratitude to Belric for healing a goodly portion of his wounds, Agathon will join Jacques and jog about the country side collecting their animals and wayward fellows.

He remembers little of it. Trudging about in the light rain, his darkest thoughts pour freely darkening his countenance and silencing his tongue. He lets Jacques do all the talking to the people. He does not even notice Jacques staring at him when Agathon fails to even offer his normal comforting tone to the animals, jerking the bridle of Thaddeus’ steed and practically dragging his own pack horse through the mud with little consideration for their terror that is only now slowly beginning to ebb…

After a comment from the monk, Agathon will snap back into the now and find himself totally lost… unaware of their position or their route here. He offers Jacques’ concerned face a wan smile… “I’ll be fine. Seeing that thing eat Idnae with as much effort or thought as you or I might with a strip of sweet meats burns my mind.”
Pausing with his friend for a moment, he looks into the monk’s eyes. “I confess to you, my friend that I was afraid. I find myself shaken still and unable to properly concentrate on the task at hand.”

He looks at his feet and shakes his head, “I was completely unable to exact harm on that creature! This has never happened before to me. I have always felt a normal amount of fright in combat. It steels me. Makes me sharp and keeps me moving and focuses my skill. But that drag… That… beast took my skill from me. What terrible magic it wields! Can it be defeated? Will I fall down before it again should it come back for another meal? You are the most stoic among us. I doubt there is anything that can make you bow in fear. What can I do to fight this foe that attacks my will as well as my body!?”

Keeping in mind that during the combat, Agathon never really got a good look at Jacques… He is assuming here…

The Monk’s words offer little comfort to his mind (beyond the simple relief of being able to unload his thoughts on a friend). After a moment, Agathon will shake his head and re-focus on finding everything.
Once back in camp, Agathon will make a point to offer up a more proper thinks to Belric for his healing. “Brother Belric, forgive my rudeness earlier. I was still shaken a bit and was not thinking properly. I am glad to have you here as Moradin’s steward within our group…” He will not reveal that the pain on his left side is still in evidence (and has worsened a bit after running about with Jacques). He will sleep with it tonight as a slight penance for his failure in the combat.

Once the entire group is reassembled, Agathon will speak:
“For all of us, the loss of Idnae was tragic and horrifying. I offer this prayer now to Pelor and will repeat it with the rising light of tomorrow’s awakening…

Pelor! Here me! Our friend has been sent to her doom and was taken from this World by the vilest of beasts through the worst means. She was valiant and true. I beg thee to shine your heavenly light upon her path to afford her the easiest journey to her final rest. As we await your rising upon the morrow, fill our minds with the will to continue and the wisdom and strength to offer her killer its due justice should we manage to bring ourselves before it again. Steel our hearts and quicken our souls so that we may bring a proper ending to this creature for Idnae and for all those for whom this thing may be called murderer.”
Those who know him well will not recognize the look on his face. His expression is a dark one and his mouth appears incapable of bursting into a grin ever again (lopsided or not). He will also offer the following advice for the night.

“Let us move the camp a ways and not light a fire. We should keep ourselves under cover while in these lands until this foe can be felled. We all saw its ability to make see what is not there… From this point onward, we should treat any sighting of friend or foe as an attack and be as ready as we can against it… I know not a great deal of dragon lore. But, this creature hunts us for sport upon our own lands. It must be tracked and felled…” Upon seeing the henchmen react to the notion of actually seeking out the dragon, Agathon will say, “I see your eyes… And I know your feelings. No one feels it more than I. But, we cannot allow what has happened to stand without challenge! I for one will not. I will track this thing down and in the face of shaking fear and soul stopping fright, I will pursue this dragon. And upon our next meeting, I will offer it what vengeance I can for Idnae or at the very least I will be its next meal. In this way, I will either achieve justice for the fallen or at least sate its appetite long enough to give the remainder of you a chance to fully escape.”

At this, he plops down to allow the others to speak as they will.

CK Summary:
Agathon 85/96 HP, AC20
I have advanced Agathon’s age 1 year. Please roll a Will Save to see if I lose a Hit Point permanently from the Haste Spell. Agathon is +1 on all Wisdom based saves (carry over from 3.5 bonus) and Wisdom is a primary stat.

Male Human Monk

After returning from the pursuit with Thaddeus, during which they discussed on the return journey the practicalities versus the emotional need to find and dispatch the dragon, he joins Agathon in attempting to re-organize the affairs and effects of their small band. Agathon appears heartsick, a wholly unnatural state for the man. In some ways, watching Agathon scowl and frown about, is more disturbing than Idnae's death to Jaques. Warriors die, peasants die, kings and children all die. The reapers hand seems swayed by neither valor, wisdom, piety, nor even justice. Their thread seems to simply "run out", and only in passing can we have a chance to view the role of that thread, in the greater tapestry of the universe. Only then to know their part in the picture, great, small, or poignant.

Emotions of the living man are within his power to master, however, and the choice of what do within his life, to enjoy or bemoan, to act or lay supine, are within his power. Seeing Agathon in such a state, despite his nature, disturbs Jaques, because unlike Idnae's death, it is a thing that is a choice. When Agathon speaks to him, Jaques responds as best he can. "Agathon, every man feels fear. It is not the fear we feel, but what we do with that fear, the actions we take while in it's grip. That is the measure of the man. Does he stand paralyzed, or does he, quaking with fear, take action as best he can? You have nothing to be ashamed of my friend, you acted with valor. No man can ask more of another, or of himself".

After Agathon's address to the group later in the evening, Jaques looks down at his feet and pushes a small rock around in the dirt. Once again my lack of eloquence has robbed me of my ability to help. I would not see Agathon changed by this experience. He has a bright soul that warms the darkness of this world, and if that foul beast took that from him, it's a greater crime than than Idnae's death. I'll speak to Thaddeus about sharing some words with Agathon. I fear his and my souls are stained darker from the conflict with the 'The Drow Woman', we cannot afford to have our groups lamp dimmed. If so, we may lose our way. He fears the effect of the her on him so much, he dares not to think her name, even to himself, lest the disturbing dreams return.


Belric will stay at camp, and start the camp fire and get things set up for administrating to the wounds, he will gather up Idnae’s leg so that it won’t be taken by scavengers and start digging a grave for it.

Ach, this puir gnome ye shall be missed. Ma bones still ache with fear from that foul beast, I must prepare better for that in case it comes back. I hope the others be alright and come back soon

When Agathon and Jaques return, he will listen to Agathon’s apology, huff out his mustachios and reply “Ach lad dinnae worry aboot it, tae tell ye ma heart joost stopped when that foul beastie glared at me, and I felt as if my bones were crack’n!” Belric will pat Agathon on the arm, and look at Jaques.

“Are ye hurt lad?” Receiving a negative nod from the quiet man, Belric will ask “So any idea as to where the others are? Oh and I buried Idnae’s remains, we can give a service when we all are together” Belric will point to where the small, small mound was next to a boulder that Belric chiseled her name on.

CK Notes: Belric will heal all those that need it when they return, just let me know how many and how much and I can deduct the spells

Male Human Wizard 9th

Try as he might to keep up, Thaddeus' fly spell is simply outpaced by the dragon, and there is nothing to be done for it. Even Jacques would be unable to keep up as the gathering dusk hinders his ability to move swiftly. As the dragon finally vanishes into the misty distance, Thaddeus drops altitude to fly next to Jacques. "It pains me to say it, but let us break off the pursuit. We'll never keep up with the dragon. We know it is heading constantly west, what its business is we cannot know, but the village of Ferin also lies in that direction. Come, let us find our missing and see to our wounded."

On their trip back to the camp site, the dragon fear effect long gone and the rush of the chase ebbing from their minds, Jacques and Thaddeus discuss what to do about the dragon. They agree that the dragon is a menace to all of their lands as well as Knurl, and represents a significant threat to resettlement and the return of commerce. Thaddeus is convinced that with adequate preparation and reconnaissance, the party will be able to kill the dragon. The desire to avenge Idnae, while understandable, must not influence our decision or approach.

At the camp site, Thaddeus will assist with the search for scattered henchmen, horses, and pack animals, using the last of his fly spell to do so. When he finds Edgar cowering under a fallen log, it takes ten minutes of gentle coaxing to get him out, and another ten minutes to talk him into returning to camp. Best to not tell him about Idnae yet or I'll never get him back. I can almost smell his fear, and I do believe he soiled himself. Poor man.

The wizard will listen to Agathon and ponder his response carefully. Agathon is in danger of becoming crazed for revenge. He is also humiliated by not fighting well and is drained coming off that [i]haste spell. His thirst for revenge, properly harnessed, would be a potent force. Uncontrolled he could lead us all to doom. Best to tread lightly for now.[/i]

"I agree with Agathon. Let us move our encampment, at least half a mile, and into heavy tree cover. Edgar and I have some minor magicks that will dry us out once the tents and tarps are up. The dragon flew due west for as long as we could keep it in view, and our next destination - Ferin - lies in that direction anyway. Let us not make hasty decisions when we are wet, tired, hungry, in the dark, and defeated.", Thaddeus looks at Agathon. "Instead, let us at least wait until the morrow, when Pelor's light chases away some of the evil that was done this night."

Some time later - at Jacques' suggestion - Thaddeus will find Agathon. He will put his hand on the larger man's shoulder, itself a rare gesture for the wizard. "My have nothing to be ashamed of. I felt it too. We all did, like an icy fist holding your heart still. Yet you stood your ground and fought. That is valor, not cowardice.", he pauses. "The dragon will and must die. I will be at your side when you fight it, and so will Jacques and Belric. Venegeance, yes, justice, yes, but keep your head and do not let it consume you! The darker emotions are immensely powerful and also immensely dangerous. Trust me...I know. The flame of your soul burns brightly and warms those around you. Please, do not let this night extinguish it!"

With that, Thaddeus will give Agathon a reassuring shake (or at least try to given the differences in size and strength), and make ready the camp.

CK summary
Thaddeus HP 38/38, AC 27
Secure Shelter Round 5/18 hours
Bless Spell Round 12/100 (+1 attacks & +1 saves)
Dragon Fear Aura Round 11/15 (-2 Attacks, damage, attribute checks and saves)
Resist Energy Mass Round 10/900 (DR 20 vs acid)
Mage Armor, Greater Round 10/9 hours (+6 AC)
Fly Round 9/90 minutes (fly 90', up 45', down 180' per round)
Message Round 8/9 (450' range, contact with Belric)

Elapsed 7 rounds on all spells and effects but unsure of actual time to round everyone up, move camp, etc.

Thaddeus will return to camp with Jacques, help round everyone up and help move the camp.

Male Human Wizard 9th

Party action post

We will move camp a half mile or so into heavy tree cover. Cold camp, no fire, the wizards will use prestidigitation to dry out equipment and heat food. We will resume the regular watch rotation (minus Idnae) as follows:

1st watch
Thaddeus, Edgar, Jacques

2nd watch
Agathon, Garsh

3rd watch
Belric, Verlik

In the morning we will offer prayers for Idnae and continue west towards Ferin, looking for any dragon-sign along the way - large trees knocked over, boulders clawed up, large patches of ground disturbed, and so on.

The next day, a drizzling rain and thick fog covers the hills. The party makes slow, but steady progress and at lunch time, a column of thin smoke signals someone nearby.

You guys are able to heal up and rememorize spells if needed.

Jacques and Agathon scout and find a hunter's camp, semi-permanent. Log cabins, tents and a fortified overhang with drying deer carcasses underneath. The hunters appear human and relatively well kept.

The party approaches them and finds about twenty hunters in camp. They all know about the dragon, but don't know where its lair is. They suspect it is on the other side of the river. They will sell you venison at half list price if you want. Half of the hunters look like they're halforcs, probably outcasts from the Bone March tribes. Many of them are teenagers. They look distrustful, but not hostile.

They do know that there is a hill giant family about 4 miles away that has been stalking them on their hunts, trying to steal their deer and smash their heads with rocks. They suspect these hill giants killed two of their troupe a few weeks ago, but never found the bodies.

Male Human Wizard 9th

party action post - CK summary

The party will identify themselves as the new lords of Darzog and Ferin, and let them know that the Count is attempting to restore order in the land. We will purchase 10gp worth of dried/smoked venison from the hunting camp and set off to track the hill giants.

Agathon has some bonuses for tracking down Giants. Using his track ability, he makes a check every 5 hours and can ascertain details of the target. He is +11 (on a Prime Stat) to track giants.

18 Reaping CY 577: you start tracking north from the camp.

Tracking roll: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (15) + 11 = 26 to beat a 12

By mid afternoon you've slogged north through 4 miles of tree covered hills, following the deer trails and passes the giants have been using. You see sign of activity--chopped down trees, a stripped deer carcass, a crude spear lodged in a tree trunk.

As your tracking closes in on their camp, you notice the hills become more grass covered, and a gentle slope to the east shows the outlines of the Harp River about 3-4 miles away, past grassland and farmland gone fallow.

The giants are camped in an old abandoned farm house. The barn has been crudely repaired. A rope is strung from an old windmill tower to the top of the barn, with strips of hide and meat drying in the wind.

You are about 200 feet away, watching the farm house from a copse of trees. Palisades have been lashed in a perimeter around the complex, which consists of three large buildings and the aforementioned barn. There is a hill giant or large ogre keeping watch from the gable of the barn, sitting astride the rotted wood beams with an oversized bow across his lap. He doesn't look too alert.

The sounds of digging and clanking of metal on metal and some shouting and conversation is heard from north of the farmhouse. There is also a column of smoke.

Male Human Wizard 9th

party action post

Leaving Jacques in place to observe, the rest of us will quietly gather up our followers and pack animals and back off. Using Agathon's ranger abilities, we will establish camp downwind at least a mile away from the giant farmstead in a location that is unlikely to be stumbled upon - away from game trails, likely patrol routes, and so on. Agathon will direct camoflauging efforts. The followers will complete the camp and the remaining 3 PC's will return to Jacques. Verlik will be left with a whistle and instructions to use it if they are attacked.

If there is a better point for an observation post we will move to it, otherwise we will remain where we are for the day. Jacques and Thaddeus will observe while Agathon and Belric pull security and rest, switching out every few hours. The PC's will remain in the observation post that night.

That night, after the giants have taken their evening meal, Thaddeus will make a reconnaissance overflight. He will cast darkvision (9 hours), invisibility (until dispelled), and fly (90 minutes) on himself. He will then approach the giants' farmstead from altitude and observe, coming in for a closer look at times and places it is safe to do so. Thaddeus will also fly out to the campsite to let our followers know we are all right and will be back the following evening.

The next day just before dawn we will move to another point for an observation post, just to get a different angle. Thaddeus will cast invisibility on Jacques, who will get as close as safely possible. Agathon, Belric, and Thaddeus will remain in the new OP with a two on/one off rotation. At dusk the four PC's will return to camp.

We are looking for types, numbers, routines, activity cycles, hunting/scouting/patrol parties, guard rotations, purpose of buildings, apparent leaders and spellcasters.

The giants keep one of their kind sitting on the barn with his bow at all times. After dark, they light a huge bonfire on either side of the camp outside the palisades. The palisades aren't tight enough to keep out anything but large creatures or bigger. During the evening, you all count 7 seperate giants, 4 males and 3 females, plus about a dozen ogres and two worgs. The worgs sniff around the camp a few times, but they are more interested in picking up scraps from the deer that are being roasted on the bonfires. The giants retire to the farmhouses after the bonfires dim, with their guard on the roof and the worgs roaming the grounds.

In the morning you all see that two giants and two ogres leave and walk a few hundred yards east of the farmhouse, where a column of smoke rises from a cavern entrance. You all smell the familiar smell of a smelter in action. There appear to be a couple of orcs on guard duty near the entrance. A closer look by invisible/careful Jacques shows that the orcs are bearing the "Bloody Eye" emblem of the major Bone March tribe.

Male Human Wizard 9th

party action post

The PC's return to base camp late the afternoon of the 19th to exchange notes and discuss options. Our presence should reassure our followers and we will make an effort to include them in discussion and planning. The key question that comes up is whether the orcs have slaves in the mines, and whether they are of friendly races (e.g. human, dwarf, elf), or would be enemies anyway (e.g. goblin, kobold).

Normal guard rotation the night of the 19th. Light and noise discipline to be maintained in camp.

The morning of the 20th - well before the 2 giants and 2 ogres "show up for work", Thaddeus will cast invisibility and darkvision on Jacques. Jacques will hide near the entrance to the cavern and follow the giants in when they show up for work, using their noise and distraction as cover. He will then conduct as complete a reconnaissance of the caverns as possible, taking as long as necessary in the interests of not being detected. When complete he will time his exfiltration with some of the giants leaving.

Agathon and Belric will remain in concealment close enough to watch the cavern entrance, but far enough away to remain undetected. Thaddeus will cast invisibility on himself and find a quiet spot - picked out by and known to Jacques - to watch and listen to the sentries. If Jacques is discovered and they raise an alarm, Thaddeus will alert Agathon and Belric via message spell and we will move up to help Jacques.

Our followers will remain at the base camp, directed to make spears and pointy sticks out of saplings and branches, but to be quiet about it. When Jacques exfiltrates, the PC's will return to base camp to assist and fashion spear/spike traps (think First Blood).

Hopefully Jacques can learn type and number of slaves (if present), type and number of troops, approximate duty cycles, and any conversations overheard that might indicate any external relationships or coming events (caravan coming tomorrow, why can't we go kill the gnolls, etc).

My comments about Jacques findings were posted in the comment on the google drawing I posted and shared. Check your email for the link and then view the drawing comments I posted. Thanks.

Evening of Reaping 20th: Jacques returns from the aforementioned scout. During the last two days there has been no apparent scouting or hunting activity from the camp.

Male Human Wizard 9th

Party action post

After much discussion, the PC's conclude that the mine and giant farmstead are receiving external resupply. This would follow the already observed pattern of humanoid specialization.

We will spend another 3 days observing, as follows:

- invisible Jacques will monitor the mine entrance and giant farmstead for comings and goings, especially wagons or carts.
- if a hunting party or patrol leaves the mine/farmstead complex, Jacques will tail them long enough to get a direction, then come to camp to alert the rest of us for pursuit
- invisible Agathon and Thaddeus will scout for rear entrances to the mine complex
- Belric will remain in command at our campsite, continuing to practice light and noise discipline

Pre dawn, Reaping 21st: Thaddeus is about to awaken Jacques so he can cast invisibility on him and send him off when Belric walks over and advises that Verlik spotted a hunting party of giants and ogres, accompanied by two worgs, leaving the camp and heading west, towards the river. There are four hill giants carrying huge bows and six ogres, with arbalests. All have massive spears and clubs. They moved competently and fairly quietly.

Gulping down a quick cup of water, Jacques receives his invisibility spell and jogs off to get a better direction of travel and to watch them.

The rest of the party tries to get ready as quickly and quietly as possible.

Following the giants isn't hard. Jacques is able to catch up easily and keep up with them, but the rest of the party has to drop about a mile back because without horses, they wouldn't be able to keep up with the giants and maintain silence.

By lunch time, you've come down from the hills and entered the relatively open former farmland and lowland north of Ferin. The river is a couple of miles farther west and the giants will certainly reach it in another hour or so. It's a bit dusty here and there's a greater chance of discovery

Jacques move silent roll 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18 vs primary stat of 12, with invisibility bonuses--quite sufficent to stay hidden.

The giants spread out a little as they enter the more open terrain. They unleash the worgs, who go snuffing ahead, very alert, their muzzles in the air and on the ground alternating.

As the party begins to leave the wooded hills on horseback about a mile and a half behind the giants now, Agathon notices the giants up ahead and the dust they kick up.

Male Human Wizard 9th

party action post - color posts may follow

The party will stop for a quick planning session, cast spells, and split into four groups:

  • Jacques, still under an invisibility spell, will continue trailing the giants on foot.
  • Thaddeus, with fly, invisibility, protection from arrows, mage armor, greater, and detect magic will advance to contact with the giants.
  • Belric, Garsh, Agathon, and Verlik, with invisibility sphere centered on Belric, will remain mounted and pursue the giants.
  • Edgar will remain mounted and lead the spare horses and pack animals.

Thaddeus will fly to the giants/ogres and spend a round or two observing them. He will try to pick out any apparent leaders and especially spellcasters, as well as any of them possessing magic missile weapons. His final position should be on the other side of the giants from the party at an altitude of 30 feet. At a fly speed of 90' per round he will cover 300 yards a minute. He will attempt to contact Jacques along the way to fill him in on the plan.

The group with Belric will give Thaddeus a few minutes' head start and then ride their horses to some landmark 400-500 yards from the giants - a tree, boulder, or other terrain feature would be perfect. They will go no faster than a canter (2x move) in the interests of silence and staying within the invisibility sphere. At a canter speed of 120' per round they will cover 400 yards a minute. They will wait at that landmark until Thaddeus becomes visible.

Edgar will wait in the treeline with the mules and spare horses. When the fighting starts he will head for the landmark. The horses and mules will be tied in line ahead of time and he will make his best speed while maintaining control of the animals.

Jacques will stay on foot and head for the landmark. With his base move he should have no trouble keeping up.

If everything goes well and we get into position, we will start the fireworks and go tactical.

Male Human Ranger 9

Color Post for Agathon:

Agathon listens intently to Thaddeus’ instructions. Looking at the others and seeing the steel in Verlik’s eyes and the cross determination in Belric’s he finds his spirits hopeful that the Wizard’s ideas will work…

Thaddeus points to a low rise with a short tree upon it in the terrain near their targets… “That is our landmark and rally point. I will use the Fear Wand to send some of the ogres running away from the group and will attempt to drive them toward you at the landmark out of their bow range… If I deem it time for a charge, I will cast a fireball into their midst!” Agathon nods and give Edgar a wink and a small grin to attempt to reassure him.

”Wait for a fireball to charge… Good. Can’t miss that!” Agathon will think to himself...

Before Thaddeus begins casting his spells, Agathon will dismount and quickly tie the mules and spare horses together with a long tether (this will use a 50’ length of rope). When done, he will hand the end to Edgar and say, “Loop this tightly around your pommel. Stay here, but, be vigilant! We will see you after the battle, my friend!”

Agathon will take the riders close to himself… “To keep us all together within Sir Thaddeus’ invisibility spell, we will cantor our horses together…” He will cut a short length of rope and hand one end to Verlik. “Stay on Brother Belric’s right hand until I give the charge order!” And with that, Agathon will sidle his mount up to Belric’s left and hold the rope tight across Belric’s lap with Verlik on the Priests right side. “Garsh, you ride right behind Belric and keep your horse close in! Do not fall behind!”

And with that, Agathon will follow instructions and the moment the wizard disappears from sight begin to count to the number Thaddeus tells him to give his friend time to get to the target ahead of them… When the number is reached, he will begin the group cantor toward the little tree…

To the invisible group of riders, he will say, “We can do this. We will stay out of arrow range and kill the ones that flee Thaddeus’ magic. When he casts his fireball, drop the rope and fan out a bit in case these devils have magics of their own… Attack the giants first if you can… Brother, do you have any sort of divine provenance from Great Moradin that will make us stronger or better in combat?”

After Belric's answer, Agathon will pray...”Oh Great Pelor! We fight beneath you light against great foes! See us! Give us the power to smite them and their evil into the dust! I hope that our actions today please you… For Idnae and for so many others… Allow us the chance to prevail!”

CK Summary:
Agathon: HP 91/91 AC 20 (22 against Ogres)
Ranger Ability: Combat Marauder +9 Damage to Humanoids and Giants
Favored Enemy: Ogres +2 to Hit/AC/Tracking
Weapons bonus currently:
Great Sword of Dancing +13 (+15 vs Ogres) 2d6+5 (2d6+14 vs all but Worgs)
Batle Axe +13 (+15 vs Ogres) 1d8+5 (1d8+14 vs all but Worgs)

Thaddeus, loaded up on spells heads out. He has no clue where Jacques is. Jacques doesn't see him either, since they're both invisible.

Thaddeus has no trouble flying ahead of the giants. They're pretty alert, but he doesn't appear to be detected.

The party heads for the landmark, an abandoned farmhouse.

Jacques has no clue what's about to happen and is continuing to trail the giants

Please remember to post the spell duration/remaining time and your individual character's condition AC, HP, current effects up, etc, as per usual procedure when posting individual character posts.

When posting party actions in a general post, please include only spell effects duration, so I know that someone is keeping track of them. Thank you

Male Human Wizard 9th

Agathon calls a halt and creeps to the edge of the woodline. Thaddeus dismounts and scuttles up next to him.

Six ogres, four giants, and two worgs? If we were in tunnels or a building we could take them, but in the open field it would be madness. They outnumber us almost two to one! Yet this is too good a chance to pass up...this is what we have been waiting for. There must be a way to fight them in twos and threes. But how?

"Well, there they are", breathes Agathon, as if echoing Thaddeus' own thoughts. "Now what?"

"Too many to take at once, that's for sure", the wizard responds. "If only there was a way to get some of them to run off so we didn't have to fight them all at once...hmmm..."

"Wha' aboot that wand ye have?", asks Belric. "Sure and it put tha dragon to flight when we fought the lizard folk."

"Yes, but I'd get pincushioned before I got close enough to use it.", responds Thaddeus, thinking aloud. "So I'd have to come in invisible. Then once I activate the wand I'd get pincushioned, so I'd have to protect myself from those spears they use as arrows some way. And everyone would have to be close enough to ride down any that do run off. Let me think on it for a moment."

He spends a few minutes deep in thought and then addresses the party. "Okay, I know what to do. Gather around." Thaddeus kneels on the ground and brushes an area clear of pine straw. "Right. These rocks are where the giants and ogres are", and tosses a dozen small rocks on the ground. "I'm going to cast invisibility sphere on...Belric. As long as you all stay within ten feet of him, and don't attack, you'll be invisible. You'll ride up to that old abandoned farmhouse about five hundred yards from where the giants are now.", he draws a circle with his dagger away from the giants.

"Edgar, you'll stay here with the spare horses and pack animals. There are too many of them to make invisible, and they're too slow to keep up with the warhorses. Hopefully Agathon and Verlik will be kind enough to tie them in a line for you."

"Agathon, give me a three minute head start - make it an even two hundred count. Don't break the horses out of a canter to reduce noise and dust. When you see me appear, start walking the horses towards whatever I got to run away. They will only run for a minute or so before they recover their wits. You want to be close enough to ride them down, but far enough away that you're out of effective bow range of the rest of them. Use your best judgement as to when to actually attack. Edgar, when I become visible, start your column moving toward the farmhouse."

"When it looks like I've thinned them out enough, or when I start running out of spells, I'll cast a fireball at the survivors. That will be the signal to you all that it is time to charge. If I get over there and see something we don't want to mess with right now - say, the 23rd Bloody Eye Shock Regiment or our friendly black dragon - I'll fly back to the abandoned farmhouse and we'll figure out what to do. I'll try to find Jacques along the way and fill him in on the plan."

With that, Thaddeus will wait to begin casting spells until all the mules are tied in a line, loads redistributed, and other preparations made. He will cast the following spells, longest durations first: invisibility sphere on Belric, and invisibility, mage armor greater, protection from arrows, fly, and detect magic on himself. He will also receive whichever of Moradin's blessings Belric sees fit to ask for.

"Good luck everyone! They say that fortune favors the bold - I suppose we'll find out. I will see you all when this is over.", he says in farewell, and flies off in the direction of the giants. He will look for paths that he thinks it likely Jacques would take, looking for small puffs of dust where he is walking. Every ten yards or so, he will say "Jacques! It's Thaddeus!" in a conversational tone of voice. If he finds Jacques he will explain the plan to him and then fly off to the giants.

Thaddeus will make his initial approach at the giants from behind at an altitude of 40', using detect magic to look for magic items, taking special note of magic missile weapons. He will also look for concentrations of magic items that might indicate a leader or spell caster. When he has completed examining the group, he will fly to a position in front of them and directly opposite the farmhouse.

As his first targets, he will select apparent spell casters or anyone with magic missile weapons. Failing that, he will attempt to target as many ogres as he can get with one use of the wand. Thaddeus mentally says a swift prayer to Rao and triggers the wand, becoming visible.

CK summary
HP 38/38, AC 27
invisibility: until voided
mage armor, greater: 103/5400 rounds (+6 AC)
detect magic: 102/900 rounds (detect magic in 50' x 10' path)
fly: 101/900 rounds (fly straight at 90', up at 45', or down at 180' per round)
protection from arrows: 100/900 rounds (immune to normal missiles)
wand of fear: caster level 9th, range 50', AOE 25' x 25' square, save vs charisma or flee in terror for 9 rounds. Thaddeus' charisma bonus is +2 in case it applies.

Thaddeus activates the wand with the targets as any apparent spellcasters, anyone with magic missile weapons, or failing that as many ogres as possible.
I also took the liberty of rolling Initiative (1d10+4=14)

Male Human Monk

AC:26 HP:79 Invis:until disappated

Jaques creeps along, invisible, trailing the giants. He ducks and moves below the foliage level as though he were not invisible. Force of habit. Periodically he remembers he's invisible, stands up straight and stretches his back, grinning. I like this invisibility stuff! He know that Thaddeus will be creating a plan for the others, so he remains vigilant to any activity behind him. I need to be ready to add to whatever attack they launch. Probably be some blast spells from Thaddeus, and a charge of some kind by Agathon and Belric. If one of the Ogres is close to me, and I can attack by surprise, I'll try to stun him, and put him out quickly. We need to reduce their numbers. Jaques decides to pick off stragglers as much as he can without drawing attention to himself. Hopefully he'll be able to pull off a variant of the old trick, whereby a stealthy ambusher, can repeatedly take off the guy at the end of the line, without the rest ever becoming aware.

Thaddeus approaches the enemy party, in flight and invisible. His detect magic picks up some minor magic auras from the belt pouch of one of the giants, who also appears to be the meanest. No one else appears extraordinary. The giants are at least 20-30 feet apart from each other. The worgs are about 50' ahead of the giants and the ogres trot behind the giants, keeping quiet and also at least 10' apart from each other. Many of them sport tattoos, nose bones, piercings and the typical accoutrements: skull belts, leather pouches of questionable origin, etc.

Jacques wisdom check to hear Thaddeus 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22 to beat a challenge level of 4 (which means he needs to beat a 16). Jacques hears him and they meet and Jacques is filled in on the plan.

Thaddeus is pretty sure he might be able to get two of the giants if he times it right and waits a minute until they get a little sloppy and two of them get too close to each other, one of them the leader.

Giant #1 charisma save 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25 to beat a 27. Leader succeeds.
Giant #2 charisma save 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21 to beat a 27. Flunkie fails.

One of the giants takes off running abject terror. The giants see Thaddues and initiative is 6.

Thaddeus goes on a 14. Jacques is about 50' behind the giants and his initiative is 17.

First round of combat
Jacques moves towards the abandoned farmhouse.

Thaddeus fireballs the leader. He is also able to catch another giant and an ogre in the same blast radius.
Giant dex save 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15 to beat a 21
Ogre dex save 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12 to beat a 21
Giant leader dex save 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (14) + 11 = 25 to beat a 21
Damage roll 9d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 4, 5, 2, 5, 2, 1, 2) = 30

Giants are hurt; ogre is dead.

Ogre leader fires arrow at Thaddeus from his ridiculously large bow. 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (8) + 11 = 19 to hit AC27. He misses. I know he would have caused no damage anyway, but it's important for his decisions.

The five remaining ogres start looking around suspiciously. The one giant that isn't hurt yet looks around as well. made some rolls off screen to see if any of them rolled a 20.

The party starts moving as directed.

So, at the end of the round, one giant is running away at full speed, south bound. Two giants, including the leader, have fireball damage. One ogre is dead.

Important note. This post took me too long to write, it seems. I hit preview a few times to see the results of my die rolls and the results are as indicated in my post. However, the server recalculated the die rolls displayed above at some point during this process, so the results of the die rolls may not match what I said happened. I need to keep this in mind for next time.

Male Human Wizard 9th

Great! I wasn't sure any of the giants would break and run. It will take them some time to hack him down so I'll need to space them out a bit. One more spell and then the fear wand again.

Thaddeus will cast orb of acid, lesser at the giant leader, but is distracted by one of the ogres and his shot goes wide. ranged touch attack vs giant (1d20+5=7)

With any remaining action he will move to where he can target another one of the giants with the fear wand next round.

CK summary
HP 38/38, AC 27
mage armor, greater: 104/5400 rounds (+6 AC)
detect magic: 103/900 rounds (detect magic in 50' x 10' path)
fly: 102/900 rounds (fly straight at 90', up at 45', or down at 180' per round)
protection from arrows: 101/900 rounds (immune to normal missiles)

Assuming that a 7 will miss on a ranged touch attack. Even with a bless spell it would only be an 8. If by miracle it hits, the damage would be orb of acid, lesser damage vs giant (5d8=22)

The giant from the first round has been running for 2 rounds and will run for 7 more, including this one.


“Alright now that we’re ‘ere in da farmhouse, let ma Lord bless us all” Belric intones the prayer for Moradin’s blessing to envelope the party that is with him

Belric loads his crossbow and waits for the order to move out. Giants! they be fun tae take on, cut em at da knees and down they go!

[ooc] Belric AC 25, HP 59

Bless 1 rd / 90 minutes

Male Human Monk

...and we're off Jaques watches Thaddeus's barrage, and sees the hill giant break away toward his position. Per the plan explained earlier by the wizard, Jaques remains invisible, setting out at a relatively slow pace, making some effort to remain undetected, and fall in directly behind the running giant. When he runs into Agathons interception, I'll attack him from behind with a stun strike. From this side of the meleeILll be better positioned to run down any fleeing ogres.

Male Human Ranger 9

Seeing the wizard become visible as he gets to the old farmhouse, Agathon smiles a bit when he sees the fireball and then one of the giants cut and run directly toward him… Pushing and shoving his way through their Ogre minions, there is no mistaking the terror in the giant’s movements…
For a fleeting moment, Agathon is coursed with pity for the giant as his own recent experience with un-rational battle fear comes to mind…

”Hmmm, I wonder if the Dragon used similar magic on us… Perhaps my cowardice was not cowardice at all! Ask Thaddeus later, boy! Get busy with the task at hand!” He will quickly think…

Agathon will say to the invisible horsemen about him… “The fireball was our signal! Forward at the gallop! We shall meet this fleeing giant and set upon him…”

With that, he will spur Triple Sox onward to increase the pace to full speed…

Although the group will try to stay together and thus stay invisible, the CK might want to roll to see if we are able to as galloping in a tight formation will be harder to do than cantering close together…

CK Summary:
Agathon: HP 91/91 AC 20 (22 against Ogres)
Magical Effects: Bless Spell (+1 to hit, +1 Save vs Fear)
Ranger Ability: Combat Marauder +9 Damage to Humanoids and Giants
Favored Enemy: Ogres +2 to Hit/AC/Tracking
Current Weapons Bonus:
Great Sword of Dancing +14 (+16 vs Ogres) 2d6+5 (2d6+14 vs all but Worgs)
Battle Axe +14 (+16 vs Ogres) 1d8+5 (1d8+14 vs all but Worgs)

Spurring the group to full speed with his horsemanship, Agathon will begin a gallop towards the fleeing giant. Giant speed is 40’ (fleeing at 4X that for 160’/rd). Lt Warhorse speed is 60’ (galloping at 4X that for 240’/rd). This means that we have a closure rate of 400’/rd. Time now to intercept the fleeing Giant is: 3.75 rounds (4 rounds rounding up… 3 rounds after the close of this round!). The intercept point will be at 640 feet from the main group of bad guys.

I'm going to roll the dice myself to avoid confusion. There will be no rerolls of any type; I love the chaos that random dice rolls cause, even if my bad guys suffer.

Order of Initiative: Thaddeus, Jacques, bad guys, Agathon, Belric

Thaddeus misses with his spell.

Jacques falls in behind the giant, running invisibly. Challenge level (CL) 6 DEX check to remain undetected. Rolled a 4+4 = 8 to beat an 18, failure. The running scared giant hears Jacques behind him. He looks over his shoulder and seeing nothing, continues to run.

All the giants and ogres open up on Thaddeus with their missile weapons, arbalests and bows. Two of them hit and the missiles do no damage. The giant leader yells something at the others and from body language it appears that they know that he's protected from their missiles now.

The invisible group gallop trying to stay within 10' of Belric while no one can see each other is a disaster. None of you have enough riding experience (knights) or experience riding invisibly to pull this off. You make this happen, I ruled that you had to make a CL6 CHA check to keep your horses from freaking out AND a CL2 DEX check to maintain your distance without running into each other or accidentally riding outside the circle.

By the time the round is over you all are kind of sort of back within 10' of Belric, but the giants have seen you and certainly hear you. In order to make this work, you're going to have to slow down to no more than normal walking speed.

I've updated the Google docs grid map for this encounter. Check your google docs for an updated map.

You are located in hex 05.13 of this map

Blemu Hills near Ferin and Darzog mines detailed map

The giants were headed west towards the river, angling slightly south towards the direction of Ferin.

Male Human Wizard 9th

Thaddeus blinks in surprise at seeing bits of the party members emerging from the invisibility sphere. They are going much too fast! They can't all stay in the sphere at that speed - what lunacy is this?

He shrugs mentally. Well, nothing to be done for it now. Back to work.

Thaddeus will fly to E-32 and reduce altitude to 30'. He will then trigger the fear wand, targeting giant #2, and ogre #5 as well if they are close enough.

CK summary
HP 38/38, AC 27
mage armor, greater: 105/5400 rounds (+6 AC)
detect magic: 104/900 rounds (detect magic in 50' x 10' path)
fly: 103/900 rounds (fly straight at 90', up at 45', or down at 180' per round)
protection from arrows: 102/900 rounds (immune to normal missiles)
wand of fear: caster level 9th, range 50', AOE 25' x 25' square, save vs charisma or flee in terror for 9 rounds. Thaddeus' charisma bonus is +2 in case it applies.

My intention is to maneuver to drive fear-targeted creatures towards the east or northeast. I will fly south to E-32 and drop to 30' altitude, then target the fear wand at giant #2, hopefully getting ogre #5 too. A half move is 45' so that should get him to the right place.

Male Human Monk

Jaques watches as Agthons's group flashes into visibility, and then vanishes again. He sees them just long enough to realize they are going in the "wrong" direction. Still invisible, no on sees how he grimaces in an expression of disgust and resignation. No battleplan survives contact with the enemy. He advances on the giant, and uses his one surprise invisible back attack in an attempt at a stunning blow. Thereafter he will use his most effectatious, multiple attacks per round.


Belric AC 25 hp 59
Bless round 2/90 minutes

S&+#e! We’re spreading out, I knew this galloping aboot would nae work
“Lads, bring it down an get back in the circle! Listen tae my beasty’s hooves and ma voice”

Belric will slow down so that everyone can get into the invisibility sphere. He will not attack until the Agathon gets in range to fight then he will blast a giant with firestrike

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