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Bone March

Game Master farewell2kings

CY 577, the year after the death of the Overking. Greyhawk.

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Belric 36/36 AC 22 rd 23 of 40 for Bless

Seeing Jaques had stunned the creature, Belric squirts some water into his cupped hand.

“By Moradin’s Breath!” he intones the spell and blows hard on the water in his hand, and the resulting blast of ice and crystals slam over the creature.

Frost breath, save reflex for half spell resistance yes, failed save also means stunned for 1 round. (1d4=4, 1d4=2) “Hae at it lads!”

DC is 16, total damage is 6 3 if it saves

Male Human Ranger 9

Agathon: HP: 25/47, AC: 21 Bless Spell 23 rounds left.

“Ugghh!” Agathon’s back rebounds off the wall as the Ogre smashes him in the face with the rock.

”Blast and damn it all! Had my helmet not taken most of that…”

”Aha! He is reaching for his shield!

Powering through the pain, tasting the blood, he can see out of the corner of his left eye his most definitely broken nose… And focusing past that, he sees his chance! Agathon will take a step to the right around the enemy and bring the sword down catching the Ogre on his exposed side as he reached for his shield…

This would be a 5 foot step staying in range to attack around the Ogre to Agathon’s right…

Another strike on the Skull Crusher Ogre: (1d20+12=26, 2d6+7=17)

Forgot to include the multiple attacker bonus… His roll was actually a “30” plus any further bonuses for the Ogre being stunned!

Agathon snorts in and nearly chokes on a large wad of blood from his nose extinguishing all thoughts of celebration as the Ogre takes the hit and brings his shield into place.

Male Human Monk

Jaques attempts to drive home the attack with a flurry of blows. 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 241d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 131d8 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 81d8 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6 Not adding in any multiple attacker bonuses, or stunned bonus, leaving those unknowns to GM to modify. Hope Agathon can keep the attack going...this is a big one.

Male Human Wizard 9th

20/20hp, AC16, 3 mirror images left at AC13 (3 minutes left), bless: 23 rounds left

Thaddeus looks back, aghast at the monstrosity his friends are fighting.

Skullcrusher ogre! We have to put this thing down swiftly before it slays us all! I must boost the acid is worth the risk!

Not wanting to fatigue himself again as he did before, Thaddeus will carefully intone the spell, drawing additional power from the bones of the earth to cast orb of acid, lesser as a 7th level caster: DC20 spellcraft roll (1d20+14=29)

When Agathon circles the creature to the left and Belric takes his place, Thaddeus knows he will have no better shot. orb of acid shot at ogre (1d20+2=14, 4d8=22) +3 dex, +2 BaB, +1 bless, -4 firing into melee. touch attack so it should hit. no save

With his remaining action, Thaddeus will return his attention to our 'six' and will shout an alarm if any enemies appear.

The skullcrusher's shield and morningstar clatter on the ground.

Agathon connects with this hit. The creature is shaking his head like bees are buzzing inside it while he looks around for his weapons.

Belric's spell hits. Jacques' first blow hits. Thaddeus' spell also hits with acid, splattering the creature.

Yet, he is still up.


Belric 36/36 hp, AC 26, Bless 23

"Did ye like Moradin's power?" Belric growls at the Skullcrusher, while he steps to the right trying to get in flanking position, and takes a swing 1d20+9=23, 1d10+4=5

Aye hope ma prayer keeps it stunned a wee bit longer

Male Human Ranger 9

Agathon: HP: 25/47, AC: 21 Bless Spell 22 rounds left.

Spitting a bit of blood onto the creature as he says it, Agathon will declare, “You are powerful, Beast! But the LIGHT is more so!”

With that, he will bring the sword across in a sideways slash in an attempt to disembowel the stunned Ogre…

Another hit on the Skull Crusher Ogre (with Multi Attacker Bonus added): (1d20+16=28, 2d6+7=15)

As the sword slices deep into the Ogre’s left side, Agathon will use the resistance of his foe’s organs and bone to heave himself around the creature further (This is another 5 foot step to Agathon’s right).

”Oh Great Shining Light me to put this evil thing down!” Agathon will pray in his mind…

Male Human Wizard 9th

20/20hp, AC16, 3 mirror images left at AC13 (3 minutes left), bless: 22 rounds left

Thaddeus glances back at the melee with satisfaction. It seems under control now. That was a good spell that Belric cast, it worked well with Jacques ringing the ogre's bell.

if the ogre is alive on my initiative:
Thaddeus will attempt a snap shot at the ogre in an effort to put it down. Instead the crossbow slips from his fingers and clatters on the floor. Crossbow shot at ogre (1d20+3=4, 1d8+1=8)

I really hope no one saw that!

He will sheepishly retrieve his crossbow, clear and reload if necessary, and resume his vigil on our 'six'.

if the ogre is dead:
Thaddeus will maintain his watch on our 'six' while the other three search the body and the room.

Male Human Monk

...and two for the show.. If the ogre is still up.

Jaques launches another flurry of blows. 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 251d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 261d8 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 91d8 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10 His set of perfect attacks delivering terrible damage to the stunned creature, and the party hears him shout a rare Kiyiii!

If the ogre is already down

Jaques wipes his brow, looks around the room for another threat, seeing none begins to cautiously search the room.

Dave, please post your character's current AC, HP and conditional modifiers, if any, thanks

Agathon strikes the skullcrusher goes down, never able to pick up its morning star.

It is dead.

Tossing the room finds lots of smithy tools. Probably has some value, but it requires lots of clean up and it weighs a lot.

The ogre has large sized half plate spiked armor. It has a pouch containing 55pp and 85gp.

Spending a minute thoroughly searching the room uncovers a hidden compartment in the base of the furnace.

Inside are four potions: waterbreathing (9th level), cure moderate wounds (5th level) and 2 potions of fly (7th level). There is a bag with 500sp and 250gp and a pair of +1 light crossbows (labelled as such) wrapped in oily cloths.

XP 400 each.

Male Human Wizard 9th

Party action post. DM please advise on elapsed time.

Thaddeus will trade out the watch with Agathon so he can sit and rest while watching our 'six'.

After tossing the room, we will bring everything out to the large table for sorting and packing.

  • All the coin will go in a securely tied pouch in Belric's pack.
  • One of the +1 crossbows will be "temporarily" issued to Belric so he can return Thaddeus' masterwork crossbow.
  • The weapons and armor will be packaged with those of the ogre and the orcs for easy transport in case we need to leave quickly.
  • Smithy tools will be left for now.

Looking at Agathon's wounds, including a nasty burn, we will give him the cure moderate potion. cure moderate for Agathon (2d8+5=17)

After a moment's discussion, we agree to open the north door and explore in that direction. We first check our tankard alarm to see if it has been tampered with.

We will carefully examine the area around the north door, looking for blackened spots or discolorations on the floor indicating a trap. If any evidence of traps is found we will attempt to either disarm them or look for a way to open the door from a safe distane. We should be able to find a pry bar among the smithy tools, and possibly some oil to loosen the hinges, if necessary. Otherwise, standard door SOP is in effect.

2 minutes pass doing all that.

Opening the north door after detecting no traps:

The room beyond is 30' wide and 40' long. Coal dust covers the walls and floor. The rotted remains of a few old coal sacks remain. In the center of the room is a winch, a large basket that looks like it was recently patched and can hold 2-3 Medium sized persons. Below the basket is a shaft that goes down. A winch pulley is bolted to the floor and ceiling to lower the basket into the shaft. The pulley wheels look rusty, but the ropes holding the basket are new.

Male Human Ranger 9

Party Post:

Spells Active:
On Thaddeus: 3 Mirror Images left @ AC13, 1 minute left
On all: Bless, 2 rounds left.

Seeing the rope and bucket, the group will take a round or two (ending the Bless spell) discussing what must be done quickly.

Jacques favors descending in the bucket or by rope to the lower levels. However, Thaddeus and Belric advise that this might allow enemies at this level cut us off while down below.

Agathon silently nods his head.

Working quickly, Agathon will haul up whatever rope might be dangling down to the lower level and stow it in the bucket, or tie it off so that it can not be used by someone down below. (it might allow enemies to bring down the bucket and thus come up here...).

This leaves the bucket/pulley device still serviceable in case we might wish to use it later.

While this is happening, Belric will use his dwarven sight (darkvision) to look down the shaft to see if there are multiple levels, any light below, or enemies that happen to be looking up! Thaddeus will "watch our six" while Jacques will assist either Agathon or Belric as needed.

The party then turns its attention to the cavern.

As they set out, Belric takes the lead with Agathon, Thaddeus, and Jacques trailing him a bit in that order.

Note to DM: Please feel free to roll Belric's Spot Check and Listen or Spot checks for the rest of us during this time. Also, please advise on the time needed to: Discuss action, haul up and stow the rope, get into our line up and move to the cavern and begin it. The Bless will be gone; but, Thaddeus' Mirror Image spell might still have a few round left on it. Thank you...

Male Human Monk

Color post.
Jaques trails Thaddeus, frequently looking back and listening for any sounds of pursuit, or a stealthy approach from the rear. Perhaps I should have used one of the darkvision potions? We now have the slowest, and arguably loudest party members up front. I don't doubt his bravery, but we certainly will not be sneaking up on anything this way. Darkvision goggles wouldn't require me to make hard choices about when to use. I should discuss this with Thaddeus. Jaques whispers loud enough for Thaddeus to hear, but not so as his voice should carry above the clanking of boots and armor, "Should I use a darkvision potion and move ahead of Belric, or are we just going to recon by force?"

You pull the rope up and tie it off without a problem. Belric looking down the shaft shows that it ends about 40 feet down, in a cold passage. Everyone quiets down to listen carefully. Distant echoes. Distant water splash still and a distinctive 'tink' of something firm and heavy striking a rock wall. All noises except the water splashing come from the well shaft. The water splashing is from the south and it's getting louder.

5 rounds pass


Belric 36/36 HP, AC 22 hairy!

Hearing the splashing noises, Belric will think to himself hmm, water creature? They be just as bad as Air fiends! All squishy an slimy, ughhh (visible shiver of his whole body at the thought) Cannae wait til ma Lord grants ma the power ta summon creatures o earth!

Belric will move to the left of the entrance indicating with his waraxe for Agathon to take the right. He will plant himself peering over his battered shield’s rim while slowly rotating his wrist making his waraxe carve slow figure eights silently through the air. Ma lord’s power can make this ground here soft so dem gobbers hae tae slog at us! I will do it once da battle be joined. Now the first gobber through that entrance shall taste ma waraxe . Whatever happened tae Ebbers?

Belric will flank with Agathon, and has held his action to attack the first enemy through the entrance the attack will be +9 if the enemy is not goblinkind (1d20+10=26, 1d10+4=7) after surprise attack/held action Initiative (1d20+2=21)

Male Human Ranger 9

Agathon: HP: 42/47, AC: 21

Following Belric into the large room where we struggled with the ogres, Agathon will follow Belric’s lead and head to the right side of the entrance, pulling his sword on the way.

Stopping against the wall across from the priest, Agathon will catch his eye, give him a nod of assurance, and his best lopsided grin as he brings the sword high above his head readying his first strike.

Only then, as the seconds stretch and the anticipation and fear begin to mount does he once again feel the lingering wound in his thigh that was not fully healed… In his thoughts, he will pray, “Pelor, allow me to assuage this minor hurt and cause its pain to visited upon our enemies ten fold!

He will wait quietly with Belric and be poised to strike in the hopes that this new enemy will come through the opening…

As the enemy approaches the connecting hallway between the cavern and the large room, Agathon will listen to the sounds of the approaching force:

A Listen Check to determine type and numbers of foes approaching: (1d20=5)

DM Note: If an enemy moves into striking range, here is Agathon’s strike (and, an initiative roll for when that becomes appropriate):

A strike against the first opponent through the opening: (1d20+11=16, 2d6+7=17)

Agathon's Initiative Roll: (1d20+8=21)

Male Human Wizard 9th

20/20hp, AC16, 3 mirror images left at AC13 (5 rounds left)

Seeing Belric and Agathon moving into ambush positions, Thaddeus will move into cover behind the table and train his crossbow on the opening to the cavern.

I'm starting to run low on spells. I have to conserve what I have left. Hopefully this will be a straightforward fight.

Thaddeus silently motions Jacques to take position on the wall alongside Agathon. Initiative (1d20+7=18)

ROE change: Thaddeus will only take a crossbow shot if something breaks through Agathon and Belric, or comes from an unexpected direction. I'm not going to waste ammunition firing into melee at this point.

You position yourselves. Your light shines down the into the water cavern and the splashing stops. You can't see anything. There was definitely more than one. Nothing busts through for now.

Male Human Monk

Here it the point where their Shaman throws some massive explosion into the room with us...I just know it... Thaddeus notices Jaques wince as though in momentary discomfort, and adjust his stance.


Belric will give it a hard listen to see if he can pick up any speach, or numbers of the enemy. Then in his best imitation, in goblin he will say as if talking to someone in the room "quick loot the bodies before any others show up!"

listen 1d20+5=25, bluff 1d20=1

Ach, that dinnae sound so good, maybe I should take some lessons from a bard on how tae sound like another

Belric will grimace at his poor attempt of a lure, give Agathon a sheepish look and wait for something to step through into the room.

Male Human Ranger 9

Agathon: HP: 42/47, AC: 21

As the enemy over in the cavern comes to a halt and is silent, Agathon will look down at the sun rod in his hand and grimace with the realization that the light is the reason they have stopped where they are…

”Blast!” He will think to himself… Dropping the sun rod and thinking quickly, he will dig out a thunder stone from his belt pouch… (MA)

As he is fishing out the round marble colored device, Agathon starts as Belric says something in Dwarvish (or Orc or something)…

Not knowing what was said, he will give his friend his best ‘What!?’ look as he shows Belric the thunder stone (to warn him of its impending use) before he tosses it down the passage and into the cavern. (SA)

Agathon is not trying to hit a specific target, just the floor somewhere in the cavern past the hallway leading to it. As the floor has a pretty easy AC, this toss might be okay (his intention here is to hopefully disrupt a spell or other action on the other side of the hallway):

Throwing a thunder stone into the cavern: (1d20+9=12)

Male Human Wizard 9th

20/20hp, AC16, 3 mirror images left at AC13 (4 rounds left)

Thaddeus sees Agathon pull out the thunderstone and an idea flashes through his head. They may scream in surprise or terror. Their shouts may give me enough information to know where they are so I can cast a spell...

He will cover his ears and open his mouth slightly as Agathon throws the thunderstone. The sound wave passes over him harmlessly. Immediately he will uncover his ears and listen for shouts from the cavern beyond, attempting to determine approximate range and direction. listen check (1d20=18)

if he thinks he has a good location on the enemy:

Thaddeus will cast stinking cloud at what he thinks is the enemy location in the cavern, if it is in range (150'). 20' radius, fort save DC17.

if he does not get a good location on the enemy:

Thaddeus will cast light on a crossbow bolt and fire it into the cavern. crossbow shot into cavern (1d20+6=14)

Like Agathon, just trying to put the round downrange.

The thunderstone creates a mighty sound in the cavern beyond. It sounds like some debris hit water as well.

After the sound of the thunder dies away, you hear and see nothing.

Male Human Monk

AC 22; HP 38

I wonder if there were every actually anything down that way, if not there will be soon. That was so loud it probably reverberated through the whole cave complex. Agathon really doesn't do "stealth" very well.
Jaques grimaces, but remains poised to attack should anything emerge from the tunnel.


Belric 36/36 AC 22, getting impatient.

"Hssst, Agathon," Belric will get the big man's attention. "Should we charge? Ma feet are getting tired standing here" Belric's quiet words can barely be heard after that thunderous explosion, "On three?"

If Agathon agrees, Belric will charge into the cavern and then move to the left out of the path of the entrance ready to attack, defend or run. If Agathon does not agree, Belric will hold his action for anything coming through the entrance

Male Human Ranger 9

Agathon: HP: 42/47, AC: 21

Agreeing with Belric and hearing Thaddeus break cover to do the same Agathon will utter a very fast “one, two…” Knowing that the passage does not have room for both he, Thaddeus, and the priest to charge forth as one, Agathon will move on “two” and thus be certain to be in the lead as he and his friends move into the cavern… (MA)

Agathon will move quickly and immediately ‘break right’ as he emerges into the cavern striking any enemy who happens to be within reach…

A hit with the Great Sword: (1d20+11=24, 2d6+7=17) (SA)

DM Note: IF there is no one to hit after his first MA, Agathon will forgo the above SA and do one of two things:

1. Continue on to just outside of reach of the nearest enemy (providing that doing so would not be suicidal… common sense time…). (MA)
2. Screech to a halt and immediately flee back to the room we were just in (if moving forward would be a stupid move… Again, common sense time…). (MA)

Male Human Wizard 9th

20/20hp, AC16, 3 mirror images left at AC13 (3 rounds left)

Thaddeus looks at his mirror images, knowing the spell will expire soon. shame that most of it was wasted on exploration and packing up loot. It did save me a couple of hits though. I wonder...

Belric's gravelly whisper floats to him. should we charge?

Now there's an idea! I can go in front and hopefully draw the enemy out - they will have to expose themselves to shoot at me, but the images should protect me. It's time for me to pull my weight in this company.

Thaddeus leaps to his feet, trying to squeeze past Agathon who is also on the move. 'Let me go first! My illusion will protect me!', he hisses. DM to resolve who gets through first?

In either case, Thaddeus will take his full move straight ahead into the cavern. He does not have a light source, but between Agathon's sun rod and his crossbow bolt with light on it somewhere in the cavern, he should be able to see okay.

Initiative Order
Agathon, Thaddeus, Jacques, Belric....

Agathon rockets through the opening, Thaddeus behind him. Jacques guards the rear, Belric is third moving through.

Your light shines into a cavern covered in ankle deep water. Rocks, stalagmites and mineral formations shimmer outside the water.

Agathon is the recipient of six arrow shots from six very muscular, well armored orcs wielding longbows. They have cover behind mineral formations and stalagmites.

Agathon is hit three times for 25 points of damage total.

Male Human Wizard 9th

20/20hp, AC16, 3 mirror images left at AC13 (2 rounds left)

Thaddeus will take a move action to step over Agathon and advance into row 16. "Stay behind me, all of you! And whatever you do, stay out of the cloud!"

He will then cast stinking cloud centered behind #3 and #4, on row 21 somewhere or even a row off map. The intent is to get all the orcs in the cloud without gassing myself. AOE is 20' radius so that location should do the trick. Fort save DC 17 or be nauseated.

Male Human Ranger 9

Agathon: HP: 17/47, AC: 21

As the arrows pierce his flesh, Agathon will release an involuntary cry of pain, “Arrgh!”

”Oh Great Light! Give me the fortitude to withstand the pain!” He will silently pray…

He will stumble forward and to his right as the wizard leaps to the fore by him… (This is a 5’ MA forward and to the right diagonal into the #15 line to be against the wall)

As he does so, he will pull out one of the healing potions he carries and he will drink it. (Pulling a potion during movement is a FA and then drinking the potion is another MA)

Drinking a Cure Light Wounds Potion (1d8+2): (1d8+2=6)

Agathon: HP: 23/47, AC: 21

Male Human Monk

AC22 38/38

I count it as apprx. 11 spaces from Jaques to either #1 or #6, whichever is easier to get to. He'll make a move on one of those, skirting the wall, using cover and swatting aside any incoming arrow. Attacking on one end of their line. Jaques stares in amazement as the others charge into the hallway ahead, towards where we heard enemy movement. What? I thought the idea was for them to come through the fatal funnel into our ambush, not go charging into theirs! Wang help me. He sees Thaddeus's gas cloud launched and decides to try an take on the nearest "end" archer, leaving the middle ones to the cloud. Fast, light, with no armor for monks speed, he ducks and weaves along a wall to get in melee range of his target. When upon the archer, he tries to put him down with a stunning fist, if he can reach him. 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 261d8 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6


Belric 36/36 ac 22

Ach laddie, ye keep getting yerself stuck like a porcupine, well ma lord hae a sure fer that Belric will move up to Agathon, and lay his hand on his back intoning the healing power of Moradin into him. 3d8+5=18

"This should keep ye on yer feet a wee bit longer" Belric will tell Agathon looking into the stinking mist covering the enemy, "Master Thaddeus, dae that cloud stink as bad as I think it dae?"

Ach better load up this fancy dart thrower

Agathon steps as indicated.
Thaddeus moves as stated, casting his spell. 1, 3 and 6 are nauseated and can only take a move action each round.
Jacques moves to L17, but can't move in to attack because he would be inside the stinking cloud then. He takes cover behind a mineral formation.
The three nauseated orcs move back into the cloud.
Orcs 2, 4 and 5 drop their bows and move to attack Thaddeus with their falchions. #2 hits a mirror image and it disappears. #4 misses. #5 hits Thaddeus for 11 points of damage.

Belric moves up and casts his spell.

Male Human Ranger 9

Agathon: HP: 47/47, AC: 21

Feeling the divine power coursing through his body with both the healing potion and the more direct power of Moradin applied simultaneously, Agathon has never felt so energized!

”Need to get around this guy’s flank!” Agathon will think quickly…

He will take a step to his left pulling out another magical potion as he does so. (This is a 5’ MA into Square I-15 and pulling a Potion of Barkskin as a FA during the movement…)

As he pulls the small vial, he will end the bottle between his teeth and snap down his left hand to join the right on the hilt of his weapon so as to bring the sword around in defense of the son of its maker… (A hit on #5 in Square I-16)

A hit with the Great Sword: (1d20+11=23, 2d6+7=11)

“Mmmm Taddeus! Baaaa up!” Agathon will shout to the wizard (hoping that the words were not too mangled by having to travel around the vial) (Blurb) in the hopes that the wizard will tactically fade back to where Agathon just was so as to reduce the number of opponents on him…

DM Note: I actually got a small bottle (a bottle of Epicac) and put it in my mouth to see if I could say that... The weird spelling reflects what I could actually say in that state...

Male Human Wizard 9th

20/20hp, AC16, 2 mirror images left at AC13 (1 round left)

Thaddeus will take a move action to get behind Agathon and Belric.

Seeing that Jacques intends to go after the three that were sickened, he will use a standard action to dismiss the stinking cloud spell.

Hope this works. If there are just the three, he should be able to lay some hurt on them before they recover. If there are more behind them, this could get ugly...


Belric 36/36 ac 22

"There ye go Lad, at 'em!" Belric will move up to #5, and take a chunk out of him 1d20+8=15, 1d10+4=14

not sure if Agathon and Belric are on this same guy, if we are then add +2 to the hit please

Male Human Monk

AC 22 HP 38/38
When the stinking cloud goes down, Jaques moves on the one closest to the wall. Probably #6, he doesn't want to get flanked by attacking one that exposes him to easy flanking attacks. There goes the cloud, I wonder if it had stayed up, if it would have kept these three occupied. Can't get over there to help Thaddeus, let's take down this one. 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 81d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 71d8 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 101d8 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5 Of course I don't get to use my good stunning fist roll, I spent that hiding behind a stalagmite.

Thaddeus should be at 9 points of damage out of 20

Agathon moves and swings at #5, hits, but is still up.
Thaddeus takes his move action, triggering an attack of opportunity as he moves out of square H16 from #2, #4 and #5 I would have thought you might have wanted to withdraw, but that's a full round action and since you specified that you are going to dismiss your spell.... the first hit hits the mirror image and hits #2 and #3 strike Thaddeus for 18 points of damaging, putting him down to -9 hit points.

Jaques sees the spellcaster go down and runs over to J-15, attacking #5 and missing.

Orcs #2 and #5 attack Agathon for 10 points of damage (one hits, one misses)

Orc #4 strikes at Jaques but misses.

Belric can't get to the enemy now, but I'm sure he'll want to cast a healing spell on Thaddeus (Please advise in your post).

Male Human Ranger 9

Agathon: HP: 37/47, AC: 21

Seeing Thaddeus go down next to him, Agathon will shout around the vial between his teeth… “Noooooo!”

Without further thought, Agathon will swing at his opponent once again:

Another hit upon enemy #5: (1d20+11=17, 2d6+7=13)

DM Note: If this hits and it kills the opponent, please direct my Cleave Attack to the one on Agathon’s right (the one currently looming over the unconscious Thaddeus). Thank you.[/ooc]

If this does not hit, he will stick with #5 for next round…


Belric 36/36 AC22

Ach, wizards nae be brawling! Belric will rush to Thaddeus' side, and apply the first spell to mind

Cure Serious (2d8+5=16)

"Thar ye go lad, cough it out, and get back at the entrance"

Male Human Monk

AC 22 HP 38/38

Damn!Thaddeus just went down. Jaques renews his attack on #4, who just tried to hit him. 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 161d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 111d8 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 71d8 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10 Die nasty beastie!

Male Human Wizard 9th

7/20hp, AC16

If Thaddeus is in H-15, he will take a 5' step back to I-14, basically switching places with Belric.

With a move action he will pick up his crossbow, and with another move action he will load it.

Please note that Thaddeus will not move in any way or perform any action that will result in an attack of opportunity. If in doubt he will withdraw to a position 10' down the hall.

Agathon misses.

Thaddeus can't end his movement in the square with Belric, so he moves down the hall. If Thaddeus had held his action to wait on Belric to move, they could have switched places, but since Belric's initiative is after the orcs, I figured he didn't want to do that

Jacques misses.

Orcs #2 and #5 hit Agathon for 11 points of damage.
Orc #4 hits Jacques for 7 points of damage.

Belric casts the healing as noted.

Map is the same except Thaddeus is in I-12

Male Human Monk

AC 22 HP 31/38

Arghh Jaques attacks #4 again. 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 231d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 81d8 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 61d8 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4


Belric 36/36 AC 22

Belric will step into the space vacated by Thaddeus. He will lash out with his waraxe

1d20=9 add 8 to the hit=17 damage 1d10+4=9

Male Human Ranger 9

Agathon: HP: 26/47, AC: 21

Wincing further in pain and nearly breaking the vial as the Orc’s weapon smashes into his armored right arm, Agathon will lash out yet again at his original opponent…

Another hit with the Great Sword upon Orc #5: (1d20+11=21, 2d6+7=13)

Hopefully a hit this time!

DM Note: If this attack kills #5, here is a Cleave Attack against #2:
A Cleave Attack against Orc #2: (1d20+11=23, 2d6+7=15)


He will shout in his mind with every flash of his new blade through the air...

Male Human Wizard 9th

7/20 hp, AC16

Thaddeus will reload his crossbow and lock on to #4. He recognizes the particular kata that Jacques is performing and watches for his opening.

left fist...right knife hand he will crouch low and try for a leg sweep...there!

The wizard lets fly: Crossbow shot (1d20+2=21, 1d8+1=4)

Agathon connects on #5. The orc grunts in pain, badly wounded, but is still up. He utters an orcish warcry "Bloody Eye!!!! Bloody Eye!!!!"

Thaddeus hits #4 with a crossbow bolt for 4 points.

Jaques hits for 6 points.

Orc #2 misses Agathon. Orc #5 misses Agathon, Orc #4 misses Jacques.

Belric steps up to the line and misses.

No change to map except Thaddeus in I-12 and belric in H-15

Male Human Ranger 9

Agathon: HP: 26/47, AC: 21

Connecting with his opponent, Agathon will grunt in pain himself as the jarring impact of his own blade causes pain to radiate through his wounds.

Willing the pain away, he will strike again… This time from right to left in a short chop:

Yet another hit on Super Mega Orc #5: (1d20+11=20, 2d6+7=18)

This hit brings this Orc up to 42 HP’s of damage… If this doesn’t kill this guy, I am bracing for his breath weapon next!

DM Note: In all seriousness, if this hit kills Orc #5, here is the cleave attack and action on Orc #2:

Allowing his sword to bounce back out of his opponent’s flesh, Agathon will lean to the right ploughing the sword in a near perfect strike on the Orc to his right… (this would be Orc #2)

A Cleave Attack on Orc #2: (1d20+11=29, 2d6+7=14)

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