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Blood of Heroes. (Inactive)

Game Master Mrdarknlight

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Gervais looks at the both of them before answering "I can wait until you all open. As for what I can offer, I have done most of the jobs around a tavern, only thing I have not done is own one and be a cook. Though I am better as at fixing things."

"I see. Though I can't pay for any extras until the tavern opens for business.", looks over at Caine, "Do you need help with setting up the tavern? Seeing he says that he can do most tavern duties."

M Human Warpriest HP 18/18 | AC 13 T 13 FF 13 | Ft +5 Rf +0 Wi +6 | Init +0 | Perc +4 | Fervor 4/4, Blessing 3/3, CLW Wand (CL2) 22/50

"Depends on how quick you want to be open." Caine says with a shrug. "Everything's basically operational now. It's mostly just a matter of getting the decor up in here and making sure the ladders are stocked. Everything else we can do out of sight or during off hours."

Remains silently clearly in thought for a few moments, "Drankin, I have a position specific that would require your skills. Gervais, we may require some help putting the final touches to the tavern, though as I said before I can't pay until the tavern opens and earn income to support all the required staff."

"I have enjoyed your company, Chulunn. I trust you will reimburse me for any work that I do. I'll earn my keep..."

Gervais looks the group with hope in his eyes as he waits for them to finally answer him.

The group than hear's some noise outside and when force here that is a group of people standing outside the bar seeming to wonder when it will open up.

M Human Warpriest HP 18/18 | AC 13 T 13 FF 13 | Ft +5 Rf +0 Wi +6 | Init +0 | Perc +4 | Fervor 4/4, Blessing 3/3, CLW Wand (CL2) 22/50

Hearing the noise, Caine walks outside with a grin on his face and says "One week folks. Then the doors will open on the best damn bar this city's ever seen."

They look at Caine nodding while some seem to be doubtfully about what he had seen but hey it was near by. They than wander off to do what they were doing telling others as they go about the bar and when it will open.

M Human Warpriest HP 18/18 | AC 13 T 13 FF 13 | Ft +5 Rf +0 Wi +6 | Init +0 | Perc +4 | Fervor 4/4, Blessing 3/3, CLW Wand (CL2) 22/50

Other than getting the bar ready, are we going to be doing anything else this week? Any investigations? Are we going after the gang?

Make rolls for that, you can all take 20s if you want since it will be a week worth of work.

A week passes as the group finds people to work on the bar for some late additions as well as they attempt to find out more information about the gang that threatened them. They pick up bits and pieces doing the week but by the end they finally found as much as they could within the city. No one within the city knew would the leader of the gang or his second in commander really were but there was one story about whom they may have been.

A some years ago there was an accident of a priest of the Church of Light, who was capturing the least faithful and giving them to his a lover, who was a master at the art of torture. They had killed many people before they were captured after years of this happening. They were sentenced to death for their crimes. At the eve of their execution they somehow escaped and disappeared. A few years later bodies that were found in the same condition were found once again but these bodies were of criminals and thugs. Many knew that this meant that the mad priest and his lover were back again but no one could find them.

Chuluun during this time is busy making weapons at the smithy.

While working at the smithy, Chuluun had to keep reminding himself to stop trying to make decorative weapons when he made a very good well balanced sword. The task was not to make a nice profit but to mass produce weapons for their cause.

While moving between the tavern and smithy, he kept an eye out for anything unusual and if anyone was following him. He also stopped at the strange tree to collect some leaves to record in his notes, and to see if he could figure out some more about the tree.

Just tell me what to roll for if needed.

Male Avari Magus(Bladebound)/Sorcereror (Wildblooded)

Sorry for not posting, I haven't been getting updates due to a family troll coming in and resetting all my "x new" markers occasionally.

One day while working, victor says, Well, we've got quite a bit of a problem if these guys are in any way after us, by the sounds of it. It could be quite bad for business, in fact.

M Human Warpriest HP 18/18 | AC 13 T 13 FF 13 | Ft +5 Rf +0 Wi +6 | Init +0 | Perc +4 | Fervor 4/4, Blessing 3/3, CLW Wand (CL2) 22/50

So that's who they are. Good. That erases any doubts about what to do.

During the evening meal as they all discussed the rumors and plans, Caine sets his stein down and says "If the guys running this gang are the two in the rumor, then they might well be gunning for us. I was the one that caught 'em the first time around. They'd been killin' folks for years right under the church's nose. Somethin' smelled fishy to me, so I did some investigating. Ended up bringing enough evidence forward that it couldn't be ignored. I it went beyond just them too. It was sanctioned by some of the folks at the top of the church food chain and the cover-up went pretty far, but I couldn't prove that. After those two escaped I kept poking around and was eventually told pretty directly to stop. That's when I left. If who I am has somehow gotten to them, they probably have a hell of a vendetta."

Chuluun lets out a chuckle with a half formed grin, "So I guess we need to thank you personally for all the wonderful trouble we going to have here."

He bends down to the floor and picks up a few sword to place onto the table, "We been hard at work making swords this week. Here a few of them. What you think?"

M Human Warpriest HP 18/18 | AC 13 T 13 FF 13 | Ft +5 Rf +0 Wi +6 | Init +0 | Perc +4 | Fervor 4/4, Blessing 3/3, CLW Wand (CL2) 22/50

"Good work, but not quite what we need right at the beginning. We can store these for later. Can you make practice weapons? Stuff that people can use in the arena? We want them learning, and wailing on each other, but not in any danger of dying."

"Sure I can do it. A blunt sword is just the step before sharpening them. For arena, you want little bit more stylish ones? Though take me a little longer to make. Or just want blunt versions of these?", Chuluun smiles at the thought of making nicer looking weapons.

M Human Warpriest HP 18/18 | AC 13 T 13 FF 13 | Ft +5 Rf +0 Wi +6 | Init +0 | Perc +4 | Fervor 4/4, Blessing 3/3, CLW Wand (CL2) 22/50

"Stylish? Yeah. That sounds good. Something that matches the rest of the atmosphere. Old looking, and heavy. Too heavy for quick attacks. That will drag the fights out and build muscle."

He gives a nod before ripping the flesh from the bone with his teeth.

M Human Warpriest HP 18/18 | AC 13 T 13 FF 13 | Ft +5 Rf +0 Wi +6 | Init +0 | Perc +4 | Fervor 4/4, Blessing 3/3, CLW Wand (CL2) 22/50

"I'd really like to see if we can hit them before they hit us. What do we know about where they operate from?"

The group has finally gotten the bar set up. Everything they wished to have touched up is either done or almost finished. When Caine sets up the sign to say the bar is opened get some customers almost immediately. A few hours later business seems to be booming many of the working man seems to have came out to visit the new local place. Everything is going fine and smooth until about early evening.

Once the sun starts to set the doors open up and three finely dressed Avari men walk into the bar. Some of the men that have been there for awhile look at them oddly before turning back to their drink. The youngest looking one looks about the place as if trying to find some fault with it. The oldest has a very stern look on his face, before heading to the bar itself.
"I heard this place had just opened. I would like to try some of your best drink." His voice is deep and seems to be use to giving out orders but he seems to just be asking to try the best that the bar has to offer.

M Human Warpriest HP 18/18 | AC 13 T 13 FF 13 | Ft +5 Rf +0 Wi +6 | Init +0 | Perc +4 | Fervor 4/4, Blessing 3/3, CLW Wand (CL2) 22/50

"Coming right up." Caine says with a friendly grin. "We got a fine Blood Amber in yesterday. Tapped it only an hour ago."

He quickly pours three steins of a reddish Avari beer and sets them in front of the newcomers.

"That'll be three silver."

I'm assuming a one silver beer is pretty pricy, about the cost of a good meal at a tavern.

Seeing he had taken up the role of the tavern owner, he decides it would be best if he simply observed the happenings in the tavern. He decides to take the table in the corner nearest to the bar counter s he can easily observe the tavern entrance and able to listen in on some of the patrons by the barcounter and nearby tables. He asks Jael to join him as so to appear as just any other patrons conducting some business.

While observing the patrons he takes down notes of the unusual looking patrons that enter the tavern, and those that seem to stick out in terms of their behaviour, he speaks with Jael about nature issues and projects to make the city more beautiful.

Perception: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (18) + 11 = 29
Knowledge (local): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20
Sense motive: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (10) + 9 = 19

The man nods to Caine before taking the beer and trying it. After a bit he nods in approval of it and the other two men with him start to drink as well. He than hands over the three silver to Caine for payment. The one that ordered than starts to speak "So how did you get such good quality drink?"


The three men that came into the bar do not seem to be here just for drinks, seems like they are trying to find something out. Everyone else in the bar seems like local workers, trying to relax.

With some suspension of the three men at barcounter, he indicates to Jael to also pay more attention to the three men.

M Human Warpriest HP 18/18 | AC 13 T 13 FF 13 | Ft +5 Rf +0 Wi +6 | Init +0 | Perc +4 | Fervor 4/4, Blessing 3/3, CLW Wand (CL2) 22/50

"Well, I've been tending bar from place to place for a while. In my line of work you get to sample a lot of goods. Sellers travel around and pass out wares at taverns all over the place, you know? It was really just dumb luck that landed me this gig. Right place at the right time, you know. The boss gave me free reign over our stock, so I ordered the stuff I like best to start. I'm always looking for good recommendations though, so if we don't have something you like, let us know. We'll see about getting some."

In case they have some sort of sense motive/truth detect, everything I said is completely true.

The man looks at Caine as he speaks before seeming to think over his words "I see, wanted to try out the drink . Though if you have more drink like this speaks volume of how much thought was put into this place. So got lucky with the job that is interesting to hear. So what brings all of you here?" The man speaks as his two companions look about. They seem to be noting some things.

M Human Warpriest HP 18/18 | AC 13 T 13 FF 13 | Ft +5 Rf +0 Wi +6 | Init +0 | Perc +4 | Fervor 4/4, Blessing 3/3, CLW Wand (CL2) 22/50

"Work." Caine shrugs. "What else? The boss thought he saw an opportunity here, and it's looking like he was right. Just about everyone who's come in has seemed like they were ready for something new. Guess the other places around town just don't have enough to offer."

Chuluun continues to make conversation with Jael, while they focus on the discussion at the bar. He tries to see what the men are looking at.

Perception: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (10) + 11 = 21
Sense motive: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21

The man nods to Caine, seeming to think on what he was just told before he says anything else. He than looks at the two men with him they nod to him raising the drinks oddly. He than turns back to Caine "Well I came to see if the place was up to the standards of my fellows and myself. It is hard to get quiet in many of the places in town." He than pauses looking about. "With the opening of here though have a new place to go." He looks about once again before standing up. "Thank you for answering my questions. I will make sure to tell my friends about the place, good luck with business." He than leaves with the two men he came with.

After they leave some more customers come in and out of the tavern many seeming to be very impressed with the drinks as well as how everything looks. A very nice first day open of the bar.

Caine Sense Motive. If over 20 read spoiler.


It is true that he is looking for a new place to be but the reason you think is not for quiet. You get the feeling he is hiding something.

If you guys want to do anything else tell me if not, I will go to next day. I am sorry about late post, lost power for awhile.

M Human Warpriest HP 18/18 | AC 13 T 13 FF 13 | Ft +5 Rf +0 Wi +6 | Init +0 | Perc +4 | Fervor 4/4, Blessing 3/3, CLW Wand (CL2) 22/50

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21

After the man leaves, Caine motions Chuluun over.

"That guy's one to watch. He was casing the place. Spread the word to the rest of the crew."

Chuluun gives a nod to Caine, then indicates to the paper before me with notes he had made of the three men, what they were wearing, how they spoke and their mannerisms while in the tavern.

Speaking softly to Jael, "I be back, please remain here. Continuing with the task.", before standing up to inform the rest.

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