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Blood of Dragonscar-Level 15 (Inactive)

Game Master concerro

High Level Danger

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Here is Lackoffocus posting The Character still needs hit points rolled, skills and equipment bought.

hit points 4d10 + 10d8 + 10 + 30 ⇒ (8, 6, 2, 2) + (5, 8, 4, 4, 2, 1, 8, 3, 7, 8) + 10 + 30 = 108

Oh!. we're rolling? I just chose average

I knew I forgot something. I meant to make it a choice.

You can roll for HP. If your rolls are not good then you can take the average.

I should be announcing the people who were selected within the next hour. It might even be within the next couple of minutes. Once that is done I will send post regarding background stories, and post on the crunch.

I was going to reveal two people at a time, but I will just reveal everyone at once.

hp: 12d10 + 3d8 ⇒ (2, 7, 6, 5, 10, 10, 5, 7, 1, 3, 2, 1) + (6, 6, 2) = 73

is that a choice per level or all 15 levels as a whole?

All levels as a whole.

The selected six are:

Lack of Focus Magus/Duelist
Dragon Serpent -assasin-
Taanyth Tuilinn Paladin 12/Monk 3(bow user)
Tik Tik Alchemist
John Spalding -Cleric

oh cool! gonna make the alias now. thanks, man!

Awesome! I'll get my stats finished and then we can cook up a plan to save the princess! :)

HP(Before Con):2d12 + 13d8 ⇒ (7, 12) + (1, 5, 2, 8, 7, 1, 2, 1, 5, 4, 6, 6, 5) = 72

Discussion Link

The link is where you should post with characters so I know you are still available. I have the monsters converted. I expect to have the story element taken care of shortly.

Have fun everyone, good luck!

Have fun guys and gals, I'm sure it'll be a great one.

Dark Archive

Cool thanks will finish uP Kaz today and post the rest of him

Hp(before con)14d8 + 8 ⇒ (4, 5, 7, 1, 7, 8, 6, 4, 1, 4, 6, 7, 3, 8) + 8 = 79
Not bad!

Shame I mixed up the deadline, but plenty to do as it is. Congratulations to all that got in.

Sovereign Court

Chipping away at the sheet. Skills and spells are next.

Joshua if you are still looking you can post a character submission.

If you don't mind, I will have a fully built character up for you by the end of tomorrow night. I greatly appreciate the chance.

Sorry, I'm a bit sick and running low on time tonight. I will have a finished character for you tomorrow night.

That is ok. Thanks for the heads up. :)

I've been mulling this over for some time, unfortunately not as much as I wished as I've had a rather busy day on top of everything. Though I find myself wanting to try a rather eccentric power build of a Halfling Paladin who rides a raptor and wields a rather odd assortment of weapons.

I think I'll look into a simpler build though.

Sorry, I think I'm just biting off more then I can chew right now. Too many ideas swirling in my head and that much gold can be a pain to spend in a timely fashion. I'm working out a Elf Magus who Specializes in the Scimitar and Augmenting the Shocking Grasp spell to the situation he's in. I won't be able to have him up till tonight though. Busy week/end leads to less time for character creation then I would like.


I thank you for your patience. My normal Pathfinder game went rather unfortunate today and I've been trying hard to get this finished for you, but my mechanics will have to be posted tomorrow as I have work in about five and a half hours and require sleep in hopes that I'm merely suffering from sinuses over sickness.

So without further ado I introduce the Elven Magus Elwë Alcarin. Elwë is a devote worshiper of Sinashakti. Quite the free spirit, he travels the realms in search of expanding his knowledge of anything people are willing, and sometimes unwilling, to teach him. This in fact has earned him a slight infamy, but nothing like his reputation for party crashing. A true believer in luck, mixed with a little self-determined destiny, Elwë loves the challenge of getting to places he is told he should not be.

I hope this character proves to be worth the wait I've put you through and sincerely apologize for all my delays.

And I honestly would not blame you for saying I've lost my chance as I already hope I've not kept you from starting the game.

Here is Elwe. He needs some spells, skills, hit points, and a further enriched background, but this is what I wanted to throw your way for consideration. Thank you for your patience.

Recruitment has opened back up. I am looking for 2 to 3 players willing to play in a high level game. The adventure is more RP than combat based. There will be combats though. :)

Link to the rules

PS:This is pretty much player driven and I don't post unless I need to speak for an NPC or make a ruling. In short if you are RP'ing between the party I will be invisible most of the time.

Posting interest with an upgraded version of this character, the game for which has died an unseemly death.

Ok. As soon as you get the level 15 build up I will check it. :)

Could I offer up Rosa Luminass

wonder in the world seeking to know more.


a tiefling click 10/ fighter 5
Shes TN, her god being Ng the hooded.
The idea being she really is an Outsider, her whole look and her belongings are odd. Some other things I was looking to give her DM
Rosa has uses an Intelligent Antimonium + 3 Greatsword called "Dark contact" (note: she uses no other hand held weapon or shield)
as well as a Antimonium suit of full plate, her magic items tend to be tattoos and not objects as such.

Sorry had a change of hart if thats ok

Could I submit

Lotus Larina

A 15th level Aasimar cleric and healer of Sarenrae

Lotus was the daughter of a well known and respect healer, growing up in a large family house come hospital. Her Farther often communed with the agents of the Heavens to aid in his practice as a healer. It was one such Agent that showed Lotus how to stop the hurt from dying with a touch. From that day one even as young as she was she studded the healing arts. Then came the time of war, and the loss of her family and home. She never found out just who did the deed but the result was a burned out township and her family slain. She barred her dead and with no place to go enlisted as a battle Cleric, healing the sick and helping the dying cross over in a number of horrific battles. She got older and more experienced as the war came to an end she had some 30 healer under her command. The scars of war run deep, so to give she self time to heal, she headed out to find the need, the lost, the powerless with the aim to help them find the light and in doing so her self.

In From
Lotus is tall and slime, her skin is pale with maticali silver hair and Silver eyes. She moves with grace and always seems to have a soft smile on her face. Her voice is soft with a deep soft tone.

In action
Lotus is mild mannered and has impeccable manners, She eats little and sleep only a few hours at night. She may often be seen looking for hours at the moon and stars lost in thought. She will not unduly harm others but if she has to, she dos so in the least painful way. She dos not shy away from battle but will always seek to help the fallen if she can even if it means a painless death. She is kind and wise as best she can be in the world as it is.

I do so hope you like Lotus and wish to have her in your game.

Ok, sounds interesting. Sounds too like an opportunity to test Vanir, former assassin seeking to redeem himself (NG Ninja 15)

It is ok to change characters Lotus. Nothing is final until characters are approved and accepted for the game. Lotus I like your character concept. Come up with mechanics, and I will find a way to get you into the game.

Unless I get a flood of recruits I will close the recruiting at 1 AM on Tuesday morning EST. That is the deadline for flavor not mechanics.

Thanks GM ill set to, I want her to have a really high AC and less on the killing arts, as a combat healer who's been a few years in a number of army's she has combat level kit, do you have a Limit on the +n of any magic I know some have a rule of level/4 = max magic plus. I take it looking at the others in the game that has been wavered. Also I would like her to have one Intelligent Item, her Armor, which aids her wile healing under fire. the next question is magic items with more than one power are you allowing them so, say Boots of Fly + Speed etc, so that one can have a duel role, I was thinking of Ring of sustenance + Ring of Invincibility as the same magic item.

What do you mean by "do you have a Limit on the +n of any magic I know some have a rule of level/4 = max magic plus."
I am assuming you asking about the ability enhancing items such as the belt of strength.
I think I forgot to put it into the rules, but no more than 33% of your total wealth is to go to one item. If you are very close I will probably let it go. Just give me a heads up.

As for items not in the core book such as boots of fly+speed that would be decided and priced on a case by case basis along with the price. That also applies to your intelligent magic item idea.

Cool, Thanks for getting back so fast ill had in the rest of my PCs states asap

I have the core PC done I want to do some kind of combined medical item, which ill post soon as I work out how it could work. But shes about done Spells and last items will come but late here. Do rest tomorrow

Hi GM I have done, I think any more is just added into small things but she should be ok from her of she meets your approval, ready to start RP now of your happy.


Do you have any particular holes in the team you are trying to fill?

I have a couple of high level characters from games that died that I would love to bring back to life.

A shy Aasimar Oracle-- but it looks like Lotus has filled that niche.

A freedom loving Drow Cleric/Bard to Eilistraee (good drow god of music and beauty--we could make it shelyn.) If the healer slots are filled, I could rework her as a straight up bard.

and a bubbling fun loving Sprite Rogue (If GM chooses, I would level down for sprite or change to sylph).

If you think any of these would fit your teams needs, I will work up a detailed background proposal for you today.

Many Thanks,

I have an
pseudo dragon alchemist 13
Fighter 5/Magus 10
wizard7 /malconvoker8
barbarian 15
Lotus just made a cleric that I have to look over
Assuming things go well with the cleric I don't have a preference.

Apocalypso more healers are always welcome in most groups. I am sure they wont mind so you can go for the Oracle or the bard/cleric. The slyph is ok to use.

If the armor of the drawn is the intelligent item you discussed I will have to go over it. If it is an official item from a book I will need the source(book and page number). Everything else checks out. :)

I think a healer would be nice. Sure, I can make potions and we have plenty of summoned monster form the Wizard that can absorb hits, but those aren't something I think we should rely on.

The bard/cleric would be awesome in this group too. We're pretty melee/ranged heavy. Even me! :)

Hi Thanks GM

For GM:
Its a Bespoke item GM I think its short 10kgp looking over it now.

What is Bespoke

Sorry it basically means custom made clothes/Armor

Bespoke (English pronunciation: /biˈspoʊk/ ( listen)) is a term employed in a variety of applications to mean an item custom-made to the buyer's specification (personalized or tailored). While applied to many items now, from computer software to luxury car appointments, the term historically was applied only to tailored clothing, shirts, and other parts of men's apparel involving measurement and fitting.
The distinguishing points of bespoke tailoring are the buyer's total control over the fabric used, the features and fit, and the way the garment should be made. More generally, bespoke describes a high degree of "customization", and involvement of the end-user, in the production of the goods.

The Price is right now and I have changed one feat, Channel Smite for Rebuke undead I think its more fitting.

Submitted for your approval the background of:

Halistria D'Harvash Drow Cleric 5/Bard 10,
I'll get you a preliminary build next.
She's primarily party support and back up healer.

Would you consider a Drow noble in exchange for the level hit?

I hope you enjoy her story:

Halistria's Background:
Halistria D’Harvash was originally born to the name D’Harvash D’Lith. In the insidiously beautiful drow tongue “D’Harvash” means “Born to Bring Darkness.”
She was trained into the worship of demons, as were all daughters of noble drow families. And though D’Harvash showed early promise as a divine spellcaster, she was never able to channel the dark forces necessary for the higher spells. Instead, whenever possible she preferred to escape into the underworld tunnels with her twin brother, Dureth, who was training as a scout. Only when they were able to get away like this in private did the two of them express their discontent with the cruel ways of their people. In each of their trainings they were being forced to greater and greater acts of deception and viciousness. They were each being beaten and starved for refusing to obey. They didn’t know how much longer they could hold on to a spirit of something different, something…better.
Only in these stolen moments away from their darkly beautiful city were Dureth and D’Harvash able to be themselves. Together in the high, arching caverns they would sing aching melodies and harmonies that played between the stones. Dureth would beat out playful rhythms on glowing mushrooms. And D’Harvash would dance and light their world with faerie lights.
Inevitably, they were caught. Dureth was tied to the sacrificial alter. And D’Harvash was commanded to perform the ritual to make him a drider, or be sacrificed with him. Dureth begged her to do it, to save herself. But she could not. If she performed this heinous ritual on the person she loved most dearly, she would be accepted into her full potency as a demonic cleric, and lose something more important than her life.
Tears streaming from her eyes, she refused to perform the ritual. By some strange inspiration the two of them, brother and sister, began to sing. Their voices soared in ever-richer harmonies. Even the stone hearts of the drow priestesses trembled at the beauty and longing they heard. A new voice joined the twins’ seeming to weave ineffable color as well as sound into the very stone of the profane temple. It culminated in a glorious blaze of light… and then suddenly everything was gone.
D’Harvash found herself in a dream from which she couldn’t wake. In it, the most breathtaking drow woman she had ever seen was singing to her quietly. She asked incessant questions. “Where am I?” “How did I get here?” “Where is Dureth?” “Who are you?” But the woman didn’t answer. She just continued singing in her alien, lilting tongue. Even though D’Harvash didn’t understand a word, she came to know what this strange woman, this goddess, was telling her.
I am she who your people call Eilistraee (She whose lies make us weak), I have many names. In the world where you are going I am called Shelyn. Your song called to me, yours and your brother’s. Do not worry for him, he has a different destiny. He will do remarkable things.
And you? You called to me. You declared yourself to me. You will be one of my Heralds. You will go to the surface world and heal, and defend the innocent. Most importantly, you will awaken Beauty in the hearts of those believed to have none. But even the deepest darkness can be dispelled with the smallest light. This must be so, or you and your brother could not exist. From now on, you are called, “Halistria D’Harvash—Born to Lead those in Darkness into the Light.”
Halistria awoke on the dew-speckled grass to see the night stars for the very first time. She has never stopped singing the song that night inspired. As she travels the wondrous world above, she quickly turns distrust to hope wherever she goes. But still, she always looks to find her brother behind the next tree or at the next inn. And secretly she hopes to one day return to her own people, to free them from the shackles demons have placed on their hearts. She dreams of the songs her people might sing, if only their true selves could be awakened.

I learned something new today.

You did miss 10000. In addition the amulet of health would be 11250 not.

In short you would have to add 11250 to the previous price.

You also don't have remaining gold listed.

That is all that is left though.

PS:What is the suit's special purpose. -->What would you have to do to force an ego check?

Apocalypso wrote:

Submitted for your approval the background of:

Halistria D'Harvash Drow Cleric 5/Bard 10,
I'll get you a preliminary build next.
She's primarily party support and back up healer.

Would you consider a Drow noble in exchange for the level hit?

I hope you enjoy her story:

** spoiler omitted **...

Drow nobles would not be allowed even with a level hit.

I do like the background story though.

DM all done, sum is at end of equipment list
I may add some more healing kit, small stuff


will add cost
and lost gold left
Special Purpose = Defend the servants and interests of a Sarenrae, I would say if she seeks to harm or injurer others with out just cause or acted in a way that was not in line with the teachings of the Dawnflower.

That works. Now I just have to think of a way to get you into the game.

We will say you were already in town as a guest of the wedding*, and that you were injured by the dragon's attack, but not killed. You were kept in a backroom in the tavern the PC's just left. On the brink of death Sarenrae sent an angel to heal you.

*You help the bride a long time ago and she remembered you.

Does that work for you?

Yes that works form me, she would have been out trying to make the Dragon fight her and not kill the Innocent. Would it be good to say the agent of
Sarenrae told me to find the party (cryptically) so would have come then asked around the tavern for the group and then headed out to where they had gone?

Should I move over to Game play DM if thats ok with you.

Go ahead. You can read the threads and we can assume you know they are headed to the jail. You can head that way if you wish.

Grand Lodge

Greetings Watcher,

I've been working up the basic stats for your perusal. They are available on profile.

I made an alteration, making Halistria a Bard 8/ Oracle of Wind 7. (Both are charisma dependent, which was easier then trying to simultaneously buff wisdom.) She still considers herself a priestess of Shelyn, and took the Mystery in Her domain.

I've got the Attributes, Feats, Traits, Revelations, and Bardic Versatile Performances all selected.

My spells are selected, but I want to double check for overlap between the two domains, before posting.

The Skills are also selected, but the list is quite extensive. (er, um, -blushes- I'm quite an experienced gamer, but not as much in PbP and Hero Lab. Could someone give a girl a hand importing HL to my profile? The manual typing is a beast.)

Thanks for your consideration. I am open to feedback from you and other players (what is needed more of or less of).

Now a break with my patiently waiting dog. And then back to shop for equipment.

Thanks GM moving over now

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