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Blood of Dragonscar-Level 15 (Inactive)

Game Master concerro

High Level Danger

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The dwarf say in a loud voice "I am still alive aren't I?

Male Fort: + 1 Ref: +3 Will: +3, AC: 17 Touch: 15 Flat-Footed: 14, Init: +5 CMB -2 CMD 11, SR 12

::Not because you got past them though! Scared of that girl now?::

Thogg peers at the dwarf curiously.

"Are you sure you got all his pieces back in the right places? It does not matter. If we do get me drunk soon I will become violent, I think. Thogg never tires but Thogg does thirst!"

Male Fighter 5, Mag 10, HP: 143, AC: 36 Tch: 16, FF: 34 F: +18, R: +13, W: +13, Init: +14, Per: +16

"Come Thogg, Let's get you drunk and see what our dwarf friend has to say about what happened."

Male Halfling Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 12/Monk (Zen Archer) 3

"I'll excuse myself on the alcohol. I'd rather stay sober." says the halfling as he flashes his symbol of the Inheritor.

The dwarf is about to respond to Tik Tik, but thinks better of it.

After he has moved several feet away from the young woman, and the guards he looks at Thogg and says "There is no loitering on the streets. Get a room at the inn if you don't want to be put in jail or worse, and if I was betting dwarf I would bet on worse. You can try The Day’s End Inn." He is still openly upset that he is stuck in town.

It is at this time that you realize the streets are empty unless someone is going from one building directly to another. Only the guards are walking about freely.

Thogg grumbles dire imprecations for anyone that tries to stop him from moving about as he pleases but finds his way to the inn without picking a fight.

Male Halfling Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 12/Monk (Zen Archer) 3

"I think we should head over to the tavern first. Get ourselves a good meal and a greater talk."

Male Fighter 5, Mag 10, HP: 143, AC: 36 Tch: 16, FF: 34 F: +18, R: +13, W: +13, Init: +14, Per: +16

"I agree Mouse, we need to find out what went on here and why they won't let people leave." looking over his shoulder towards the gate. "And do so while not attracting any attention."

Male Halfling Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 12/Monk (Zen Archer) 3

"As if a resurrector and his lion do not catch much attention, we have a man and his irlgaunt." laughs Mouse.

Thogg tossed it outside the city walls.

Thogg laughs, clapping the halfling on the back. "I could go back out there and get it if you think it will help but I think I will have to kill the little girl and her dwarfs to get past the gates. But I am willing to do that for you, little Mouse. You make me laugh. So small, but so serious."

Male Halfling Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 12/Monk (Zen Archer) 3

"Ahaha. Don't trouble yourself, Mr. Thogg. Besides, the beast gives the guards some form of entertainment in this grim town's outskirts. I believe we may not be the most interesting specimens in this town. A few minutes in and we've already encountered a practically undead dwarf who seemingly talks to voices in his head and a mighty fine lady with the ruthlessness to match that of a pregnant dragon."

Male Fort: + 1 Ref: +3 Will: +3, AC: 17 Touch: 15 Flat-Footed: 14, Init: +5 CMB -2 CMD 11, SR 12

::In his defense, he did here a voice.:: Tik-Tik sends to Antal before he can think better of it.

Male Halfling Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 12/Monk (Zen Archer) 3

"Oh! Now I'm hearing voices! Why don't you show yourself, Mister Mind-speaker?"

Perception: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (18) + 21 = 39

Male Fort: + 1 Ref: +3 Will: +3, AC: 17 Touch: 15 Flat-Footed: 14, Init: +5 CMB -2 CMD 11, SR 12

I checked to see if I ever rolled a Stealth check, and since I didn't...

On the roof of a nearby house, Antal spies a cat-sized dragon in an almost human looking assortment of equipment.

::Because I was trying to get out of town and find help.:: Tik-Tik replies as he looks at Antal. ::You are the first to look up tonight.::

Male Halfling Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 12/Monk (Zen Archer) 3

"Want to join us? Although after a dragon-related fire such as this, creatures of your kind may not find the tavern so hospitable. I'm quite surprised nobody's shot you down yet!"

Male Fort: + 1 Ref: +3 Will: +3, AC: 17 Touch: 15 Flat-Footed: 14, Init: +5 CMB -2 CMD 11, SR 12

::Again, no one looks up. I was here for the wedding, and put a lot of work into it before the other dragon came and took the bride.::

::I can meet you at the tavern without looking like this.::

Thogg follows Mouse's gaze up to the roof and spies the tiny dragon. "Ha! So many little people and things! Come little dragon, perch on my shoulder and I will see no harm comes to you. I almost wish someone would stab me. I have the worst itch in the middle of my back.

"Drink with us, little friend! I have never seen a dragon in his cups."

Male Fort: + 1 Ref: +3 Will: +3, AC: 17 Touch: 15 Flat-Footed: 14, Init: +5 CMB -2 CMD 11, SR 12

Realizing that it does him no good to stay on the roof anymore, Tik-Tik jumps into the air and glides down to the group, landing a few feet away from them.

::Nor will you! Not me anyway, I've become immune to poisons in my travels.:: He broadcasts this thought so the entire group may hear it. ::If the itch bothers you so much, you could always try leaving.::

The group makes their way to the inn.
Upon opening the door:
The common room is filled with a mass of people, ragged and filthy folk carrying sacks and blankets. It has the feel of a refugee camp—makeshift pallets are laid out in every corner of the room. A young man wearing a green cloak is tending to injuries; many in the crowd bear burns and contusions.
A matronly woman in a green gown presses through the mob to the door. “ My name is Doriana ,welcome to the Day’s End, travelers. I wish it were under better circumstances. Our resources are sorely limited, but how may I serve you?”

Male Halfling Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 12/Monk (Zen Archer) 3

"I thought we were off to the tavern, but this will do. For now, I'd just like a meal. I'm famished."

"I hope your stores of mead and ale are not so diminished! But..umm..." Thogg reaches into a pouch and draws forth a simple looking wooden spoon. "Simply dip this into an empty bowl and it will fill with gruel. It does not taste very good, but it is filling. It's magic should feed several who have nothing to eat. Just see that it is returned to me." He becomes suddenly sheepish as though embarrassed by the kindness.

Male Fighter 5, Mag 10, HP: 143, AC: 36 Tch: 16, FF: 34 F: +18, R: +13, W: +13, Init: +14, Per: +16

"We need a table, food and drink for our group, Doriana. he moves in a bit closer and whispers"I am sure what you have in your stores will be fine, but more importantly we were wondering if there is anything we can do to help."

"I do have alcohol left, and some food." With that said she signals one of the young women, who disappears and returns minutes later with hot food and alcohol or water for those who don't desire stronger drink.

While the young lady is off she says responds to Kaz.
"Well you don't look like you are from here, and to be honest you would probably have been better off continuing on. The best thing you can do is to do nothing. You don't want the bloodless getting mad at you. They don't ask you more than once to do anything. All you will get for yer troubles is a shorter life."

You remember that the name of the groom's mother, and your former adventuring partner from the Magnificent 7 is named Doriana.

Male Fighter 5, Mag 10, HP: 143, AC: 36 Tch: 16, FF: 34 F: +18, R: +13, W: +13, Init: +14, Per: +16

As calmly as he can Kazimier answers Doriana "Well my Lady I am not sure who the bloodless are, but I was invited to a wedding in this town and I find out a dragon came and maybe took the bride, who happens to be an old friend of mine. Kaz looks up at her with his most charming smile "So I ask again is there anything we can do to help."

"There is nothing you can do that I know of.", she replies.
She then adds. "The dragon did not take anyone away. He attacked the town, and then left. He never even landed."

She then whispers,"With all your fancy gear you look like some powerful people so I will tell you this. My son was to be married to Marita(the bride). The bloodless took both of them. Maybe because Baydon(her son) spoke out against Saleno so much. Maybe they are at the count's mansion, but don't mention my name please."

Thogg's face grows ever darker as Doriana talks. First, angered that whatever a bloodless was might dare to tell him what to do. He becomes further enraged by the talk of taking people away for speaking their mind. He takes a deep pull from his mug and growls, "I think I would like to see this castle. I think I will probably pull it down stone by stone. No man should be held in bondage for mere words."

Male Fighter 5, Mag 10, HP: 143, AC: 36 Tch: 16, FF: 34 F: +18, R: +13, W: +13, Init: +14, Per: +16

Kazimier nods and puts his finger to his lips "Thank you for all your help, but I have one more question, since we are going to be here for a while is there a place we can get rooms for a few nights."

She replied, "This is an inn, and a tavern, but with the destruction of houses we have turned into a homeless shelter."

"Thogg needs no roof but sky and stars! If we are not going to visit this 'castle' tonight, I will have a jug or better a bucket of ale and see myself to rest outside."

Male Halfling Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 12/Monk (Zen Archer) 3

"AH! GOOD! Brady-Boy is still alive!

"I believe we have enough supplies to take camp somewhere else, or at least one of us could restore an old structure. Remember, Thogg, that the guards hunt down 'loiterers.' We do not wish to take too much from you, Doriana, So I believe that would be a better idea. As for the About-to-be-Weds, shall we take a visit to the court, right now?"

Male Fighter 5, Mag 10, HP: 143, AC: 36 Tch: 16, FF: 34 F: +18, R: +13, W: +13, Init: +14, Per: +16

Looking at mouse and Thogg, "Then we will be roughing it, I am game." then getting a bit serious "Are we placing a social call?"

Male Fort: + 1 Ref: +3 Will: +3, AC: 17 Touch: 15 Flat-Footed: 14, Init: +5 CMB -2 CMD 11, SR 12

::I put a lot of work into this wedding, so if you're going to the court then so am I!:: Tik-Tik says as he flaps his wings to stay in one place.

"Yes, let us go to the court right away." He looks at Doriana. "But I will still need that ale before I leave."

Thus provisioned, Thogg starts off towards the castle (which I assume is visible?).

Male Halfling Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 12/Monk (Zen Archer) 3

"Before we head in... just for safety measures. Any of you know how to scry inside? This town is definitely not as safe as the wedding invitation claims it to be, judging from all that has happened."

Male Fighter 5, Mag 10, HP: 143, AC: 36 Tch: 16, FF: 34 F: +18, R: +13, W: +13, Init: +14, Per: +16

Kazimier looks at Mouse "I know I was promised a restful visit, now we are going after conspiracies and dragons.

"Why scry something you can see with your own eyes? We will go to this castle and I will knock and demand the young groom's release. I knock very hard and I ask harder. We will get the young man and be done soon. Then we can have that rest!"

There's my taunting of fate for the day =)

Male Fighter 5, Mag 10, HP: 143, AC: 36 Tch: 16, FF: 34 F: +18, R: +13, W: +13, Init: +14, Per: +16

"Thogg we aren't sure what these bloodless are, I think scrying is wise but I do not have that talent." He looks at Thogg with weary eyes "I Think today is not the day for rest nor any in the future until this situation is dealt with."

Male Fort: + 1 Ref: +3 Will: +3, AC: 17 Touch: 15 Flat-Footed: 14, Init: +5 CMB -2 CMD 11, SR 12

::I am quite capable of getting around unnoticed. I could try sneaking in and learning something.::

"Bah, I hold no truck with this sneaking around and magic eyeballs. But if it will satisfy do so. I will drink my ale. It is good for tchamek drink.

Male Fighter 5, Mag 10, HP: 143, AC: 36 Tch: 16, FF: 34 F: +18, R: +13, W: +13, Init: +14, Per: +16

looking at the little dragon "That might be a good idea, so we can gain some insight about what or whom is inside, thank you.

Male Fort: + 1 Ref: +3 Will: +3, AC: 17 Touch: 15 Flat-Footed: 14, Init: +5 CMB -2 CMD 11, SR 12

::If I can handle a bunch of inexperienced chef knocking over the wedding cake and making the bride panic, I can handle getting into the court. Just tell me when.::

"Why wait? I'm not busy now and I think I'd like some excitement! "

Male Human Conjuror 7, Malconvoker 8

The air fractures several paces outside the city's perimeter, breaking open like cracked glass and shattering noiselessly on the ground. The human figure looks around, taking in the unexpected site of burning buildings and crumbled walls.

What scene have I arrived at? The wizard thinks to himself. If the trouble is ongoing, I will need someone that can brave the fires.

The human places his leather-shod feet at shoulder's width and turns his torso to the side. Dipping his fingers into a full leather bag, he produces a handful of colored salt. His form circles as his torso inwinds and then stretched to the other side, as salt falls heavily to the ground, drawn in a flawless arc. With a single step, he crosses his feet and pivots, allowing the motion of his arm to conitnue uninterrupted until he has dropped a perfect circle of multicolored sand. Whispering a few unintelligible words, he then hops out of the circle in one motion. When he lands, he faces it and says boldly to the air before him, Philatel, Annekeshorn, I call you.

There is a wailing sound, as if two men were falling to their deaths. A foul smell breaks from the circle into the air outside the city. As the cries grow louder, two beings form within the circle. They coalesce into beautiful forms - tall, muscular women with longswords and greatbows and wings of pristine black feathers. Though one initially narrows her eyes at the wizard, within a second they are both flanking him and cooing cooperatively.

We are here to serve you, mighty Keffle. It seems unlike you to demand the destruction of a mortal town. Would you have us rescue survivors and deny the daemons their fodder? Their voices are clear in the wizard's mind, but impossible to hear without.

Adreris Keffle does not hesitate. Erinyes are among the most naturally intelligent of those he commands. It would not do to mix stories. In truth, ladies of Hell, the daemons have not been here. Something else is afoot and I cannot risk injury while I find someone to question. Your services today are only required to keep me in the dreadful game your master plays. Watch over me and do no evil in the sight of the mortals. This is the price for learning the names and designs of the yugoloths Xomerkoth seeks.

The second, shorter woman has never narrowed her eyes. She either likes Keffle, or (more likely) is too polished a fiend to betray her annoyance when she is summoned. She purrs as she walks with the human and her counterpart. Her words roll through Keffle's mind like expensive incense. Fear not, my love. When you are safe perhaps you will see fit to enjoy our other talents. When you allow us to show our appreciation, you will find the pleasure worth ten times the price. A long braid of fiery red hair twitches like a panther's tail behind her.

In Keffle's mind, the voice is low and husky. He bristles at her temptation. Perhaps so, he says aloud. But where would I find the other nine souls?

As the three of them approach the gate guards, the 'women' fall in behind their human summoner.


Keffle casts [i]summon monster vi. Out-of the-book erinyes cannot beat my Bluff check if I roll a '1'

Please ignore this second note, I must remember the names Raznathil and Droberit.

You see a young woman with a scythe. When you get to within about 30 feet she speaks.

"Why are you here, and what are those creature that are following you?"

The guards train their crossbows on the erinyes.

Male Human Conjuror 7, Malconvoker 8

Keffle speaks imperiously. I am Adreris Keffle, friend of the bride. My escorts serve me faithfully. They will harm no one, but are quite useful if there are wounded trapped among the fires or you need support from the air.

He looks past the woman for several seconds, at the burning fires and quiet streets. If you do not require assistance, the ladies will escort me safely to your best tavern and go back where they came from.

She looks at you strangely seemingly oblivious as to what the creatures are.
"You may enter, but do not loiter. I will also tell you that once you enter you may not leave until [b]we have things under control."[/b]

Male Human Conjuror 7, Malconvoker 8

Keffle lowers his head slightly. I am willing to comply with the laws of the reigning authority so long as they do not bring me to harm. Please tell me, by what authority do you guard this gate and forbid me to leave?

"The Count and his adviser."

Male Human Conjuror 7, Malconvoker 8

Keffle muses at the straightforward answer. Very well, if you are the legitimate authority over this town, please let me know how I can help. Strife breeds lawlessness and we cannot have that, can we ladies?

As the wizard looks behind him, the two winged warriors cease their flirtatious postures and straighten. The notion of enforcing the law and dispatching looters and dissemblers appears to command their attention instinctually. Their human leader looks back to the guardian.

Good morrow, if it is possible. It is certain to be a long night, and I must present my resources to the bride's family.

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