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Blessings of the North Star (Inactive)

Game Master Lloyd Jackson

A quest to bring a lost empress to her throne.

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Male Human Minion 1

1 Arodus 4712
The morning fog has finally burned off and it's a beautiful summer day along the lost coast. Your trip to Magnimar was productive, in more ways than one. The priests there seem to agree with Zantus that your training is complete. More importantly, your teacher agreed, as signified by the masterfully crafted starknife hanging by your side. It may not be official until the final ceremony at Sandpoint's Cathedral, but for you, the look in the old man's eyes as he attached the starknife was confirmation enough. Whatever other people may think of you. None of the faithful will doubt your status.

As you walk along the road, something catches at the corner of your eye. Perception check. 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 12 Off the road, perhaps 50 feet from where you stand, you see a trio of goblins putting a torch to a wooden tube of some kind.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Perception 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28 To see if he notices anything particularly dodgy about the wooden tube.

Initiative 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22

Aldel wondered for a moment what the goblins were up to, and then remembered what they were and drew his crossbow. He lined up a shot and fired, hoping to kill one of the disgusting creatures before they even noticed him, he'd never been much of a marksman, though, so that was more of a hope than an expectation.

Attack: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21
Damage: 1d8 ⇒ 2

Male Human Minion 1

Roll to confirm. You threatened a critical. BTW. I'm using the critical hit deck, so if you confirm, coolness will ensue. Also, you have a masterwork starknife, and are proficient with such weapons.

You notice that the tube is beginning to shake and spit sparks where the torch was applied.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Confirm 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12

Male Human Minion 1

No critical. Alas
The goblin shrieks as the bolt carves a line across it's side, and excitedly points in your direction. The other two goblins help keep the tube pointed in your direction as it begins to shake and spark violently.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Damn, I was hoping they would charge.

Aldel put the crossbow away, moving closer to the goblins in a juking fashion. In the process, he pulled the axe off his back, planning to charge when he was close enough.

Basically, he moves diagonally toward the goblins in such a way that he is within thirty feet of them next turn so he can charge them.

Male Human Minion 1

The tube leaps forward, leaving the goblins tumbled in a scorched, but enthusiastic, heap. Ranged Touch Attack1d20 + 0 ⇒ (10) + 0 = 10 The tube rockets past you into the dense, twisted tree behind you, exploding in a cloud of flames and smoke. You have seen many things, but nothing like this before, though it does seem to fit the goblins perfectly.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel paused to watch the thing fly by, and made a note to leave the last goblin alive for questioning, if possible. He then turned back and charged, slashing at the nearest one with his axe.

Attack: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23
Confirmation: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14
Damage 1d12 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12

Male Human Minion 1

Critical confirmed. Your turn again, goblins wasted the round. If you make an intimate check next round, you get a +4 bonus.

In the spray of gore, the goblin and his lower half part ways. The other two collapse in fits of laughter at the sight of their companion in pieces.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel snarled in revulsion at the pair. He settled his gaze on one of them, and made sure it knew he was watching. "I think I'll kill you slowly," It wasn't clear that he intended to do it, but he obviously could have.

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

Male Human Minion 1

Eyes quickly moving between the pieces, the dripping ax, and the half-elf, the two goblins begin running toward Brinestump swamp.

AOO against one.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel stepped into the blow, hoping to take out this one in a single shot, and then take the second one captive.

Attack: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5
Damage: 1d12 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9

Male Human Minion 1

Axe whistling over their heads, the two goblins dash into the thick tangle between swamp and road, shrieking in fear or excitement. Knowing goblins, probably both.

Though the tunnel-like path the goblins took is too small for you to easily use, the creatures trail is easy to follow.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel followed the trail as best he could, hoping to catch up to them before they found reinforcements. He wanted to take one alive and question it, but not so much as he wanted them to not warn their fellows.

Survival (tracking) 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8

Male Human Minion 1

The goblin's path seems to vanish and return at whim. After several frustrating minutes the trail disappears altogether. Extracting yourself from the brush and getting back to the main trail takes a while, but all is not lost. You still have the goblin corpse, and the location of the ambush and subsequent flight is well marked. Perhaps someone more experience with the swamp, or goblins, would have better luck.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Oh well, Aldel thought, you win some and you lose some. At least there is one less goblin in the world. After he made his way back to the scene of the fight, he searched the body for anything of interest, especially something that might explain what they had been doing. He didn't really expect to find much, Aldel had heard that goblins were militantly illiterate.

Regardless of what he found, he continued on the road, hoping to make it back to Sandpoint without being swarmed by the little beasts.

Male Human Minion 1

There isn't anything particularly interesting about the goblin or it's remains, just a rusty dogslicer and other junk.

perception1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14

Searching the area, You do find a few scraps of paper and a fabric that could be silk. The fabric is printed with flowers of some kind blooming in the night sky. It looks similar to designs you've seen in the Rusty Dragon, an inn run by Shalelu's Ameiko. The whole area of the attack has a interesting smell. Sharp and sulfurous.

The rest of your journey into Sandpoint is mostly uneventful, the Lost Coast Road usually is. perception 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20 However, when you near the Pyre, right before the road heads east, you hear a series of cracking booms coming from the swamp, and near the center of the wetland, a cloud of birds rises from the trees.

If you wish to do anything here, just say so. Otherwise...

Hastening to town, you pass by the familiar welcoming sign with mirror. "Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you!" An interesting question, how do the town's people see you, and how will it be different now?

Interestingly, the wooden bridge into town has a guard posted there. Usually the bridge is unattended.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel watched the guard as he approached, wondering if they'd met. If not, there was little chance of an issue starting, his wide brimmed hat served the dual purpose of shielding the sun from his eyes and hiding the most obvious signifier of his heritage from those who didn't know what to look for. Before he'd ever left Magnimar, Aldel had made sure that the starknife he'd been given was displayed prominently on his belt. He'd long ago realized that Desna had not given the weapon her blessing not for use as a weapon, it was too cumbersome for that, instead, it was her weapon as a marker of her servants. Aldel wore it as a badge of office, and hoped the guard would recognize it as such.

"What is going on?"Aldel said as he neared the bridge. "I heard something like explosions on the way to town, and this bridge is usually unguarded."

Male Human Minion 1

Hey Aldel. The guard calls out. You recognize him, a local named Alex who joined the guard after the giant attack. Yeah, looks like the goblins in brinestump got their paws on some alchemical stuff. 'Fireworks' is what they're called. Shoot sparks and flames, some explode. We've been seeing explosions over the swamp the last couple of nights. I think they're pretty neat actually. Don't know where they got them from, but it's made them go all kinds of crazy. You know how goblins love fire and noise. He chuckles. You remember when that goblin got stuck down the glasswork's chimney. No? Must of been while you were in Magnimar. Took them most of a day to fish the body out. Anyway, they've been getting more aggressive, and some people are still paranoid after Goblin Day, so I'm out here to make sure none sneak into town and try to burn something. I don't mind though, good day to fishing off the bridge anyway. Gesturing to a pair of poles with lines trailing into the water.

So, what bring you back? and why the knife? Looking at the starknife hanging by your side.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel managed to keep from rolling his eyes, but just barely. He had to remind himself that Sandpoint was a far cry from Magnimar, here the soldiers were not prepared for an attack, that was why Shalelu patrolled outside of town. In fact, if memory served, the last time the city guard had been required to defend Sandpoint, it had been the attacks that made Aldel choose to become an Inquisitor instead of a Cleric.

"I don't find it neat that the goblins have found a new weapon, regardless of how entertaining it is to watch them practice with it." Aldel realized, after the words were already out, that his tone might have been harsher than he'd intended, so he offered a smile and a shrug before adding, "Though I suppose it is possible that they will blow themselves up and save us all the trouble."

When asked about the knife, he looked down, as though he'd forgotten about it, and then felt foolish. Of course he knew what Alex had been talking about, he was damn proud to have it, and he would be inclined to say that it was the most valuable thing he owned. "It is the martial symbol of Desna. It was a gift for completing my training as one of Her Inquisitors. And I'm back because," Again Aldel paused, this time because he'd apparently been blindsided by the question. "This is my home. I went to Magnimar to learn to fight. I've a lays intended to return." Trying to wrap up the conversation, he added, "Have you seen Ameiko? I found something on the road that she might want to see."

Male Human Minion 1

In a placating manner. Wasn't suggesting it wasn't. You just usually have a particular reason for being wherever you are, and I wondered if it had something to do with the goblins. Not sure where Miss Kaijitsu is... Dragon maybe? He shrugs.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

"Thank you,[" Aldel said with a nod. He quickly crossed the bridge and headed straight for the Rusty Dragon, hoping to find Ameiko there. When he got there, he first looked over the crowd, watching for anything unusual. His teacher had taught him to first take stock of the situation in any confined spaces in case he should have to defend himself.

Assuming that Ameiko was present, Aldel headed straight for her and retrieved the cloth from his backpack. "Hello," He said awkwardly before before he continued.
He unfolded the cloth on the nearest table or bar and added, "Have you been having trouble with goblins lately? I pulled this off the corpse of one."

1d20 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 12

Male Human Minion 1

Nothing catches your attention as you look over the crowd. Just the usual mix of locals and travelers. Bethana, the elderly halfing woman who helps run the inn informs you that Ameiko won't be in until the place fills up in the evening. She's at the glassworks at the moment sir.

As you approach the glassworks you see a merchant arguing with a Tian woman, the purple and white streaks in her hair making Ameiko easy to spot. They finish speaking before you arrive, but you can tell that she is frustrated by whatever the conversation was about. Examing the bit of cloth, No, no goblin problems. Not anymore than usual anyway. A few travelers have been attacked, but so far nothing more serious than a broken arm, and that was from falling off a startled horse.

Hmm. Looks like Tian silk. Probably from a sky chrysanthemum firework. I've seen a few in Magnimar. Not sure where goblins would have gotten their hands on one. I'd say shipwreck, but there haven't been any shipwrecks in Sog's bay recently.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

"How dangerous would such a device be would they be in the hands of the goblins? They shot thie one that came with this at me, but it missed by quite a bit."

Male Human Minion 1

Your phone-fu is not strong...

Don't really know. The exploding argues for dangerous, but I've only seen them in the sky. What did the one they shot at you do?

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

I think it was a matter of rewriting part of it, and not making sure that it was right. . .

"Well, it exploded," Aldel said, wondeing what she was looking for. "It hit a tree first. It seemed mostly fire and smoke, and to be honest the goblins that were holding it got a little singed because of it. I couldn't tell anything else, they ran away after I killed the third one with them."

Twirling a multi-colored strand of hair, Couldn't say for certain then. I'll guess that one won't kill you, and that three will. Biggest danger for us would be if it went off in someone's home or barn. They can start fires if tinder is near the sparks.

Noting the Starknife, Ameiko's eyes twinkle, Sha mentioned you might be finished soon. Congradulations Aldel. The Song and the Rose has been friends for a long time, so come to the Dragon and bar and bed will yours for the night.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

I guess this is what I get for relying on the new post reminder. Two of my games updated on Monday, and this is the first I've noticed of either of them.

Aldel looked at Ameiko for a moment, then quickly looked away, embarrassed. He did manage to mumble a "Thanks," before he started pretending to watch the glassworks. In some ways, praise was no better than scorn. At least he knew how to deal with derision, even if it meant bottling it up and saving it for later.

He did have other things to do, but he certainly didn't want to leave looking as ungrateful as he must right now. "What brings you to the glassworks, if you don't mind me asking?"

A little bemused, Well, I do own the place. Mostly its just the usual hassles: shipment didn't come in, shipment didn't leave, blower got the job wrong, client got the job, etc. And then someone wants to speak to the owner, and that's me! Sighing, It get's on your nerves, but... just how it goes.

Its cool and I understand. Actually I was thinking about PMing you today, just to see if something came up.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

"Oh, yeah," Aldel said, embarrased again. The worst part of this one was that he didn't know if he'd forgotten, or never known. He decided to move on before pondering it too much. "Well, thanks for your insight on the fireworks. To be honest, I was thinking that the goblins had developed them on their own, and half expected to see the town under siege when I got back." He chuckled at his own joke, though he knew better. It was, after all, a goblin attack on Sandpoint that had inspired Aldel to become an Inquisitor.

"Anyway, I'll be by the Dragon later on. Father Zantus might have given my place away to some other desperate urchin he found on his doorstep, and then I'd have to take you up on your offer." He smiled at her as he left.

Aldel knew he should head to the Cathedral next, Zantus would want to see him, and from what Aldel understood, there was still some kind of ceremony to be had before he'd offically be an Inquisitor. Still, he found himself wandering back out of town, to the woods. As much as he knew to go see his adoptive father, and as much as he would never admit it to anyone but himself, he'd missed her more. He didn't know what it was about Shalelu that he found so intriguing, but he knew it had to be more than just her elf nature. That would be the ultimate insult, for his attraction to her to be based on nothing more than a desire to know what the other half of his family tree was like.

When he got to the woods, Aldel paused. He watched the ground for tracks, he listened intently and he scanned the trees for movement. One benefit that came with his association with Shalelu was that she'd taught him to be a surprisingly competent tracker. Oh, she could lose him any time she wanted to, but he'd learned a lot from her. He set out into the woods, looking for her, wondering how she would react to his return.

Perception, to notice any signs of Shalelu: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (15) + 9 = 24
Survival, to follow a trail if he finds one: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8

See you when. Ameiko smiles in response before heading back to the glasswork's building.

Searching the woods and ground for signs, a small patch for brush catches your eye. With closer scrutiny, two bird's eggs resolve themselves in to a pair of angular eyes the color of sky. A bit of thatch turns into hair and the figure of Shalelu is revealed. Finally learned to look down? It seems miracles never cease. Rising to her feet, Shalelu brush the twigs from her clothing and quickly surveys you. You are looking well Aldel. I see the priests think your training is done. How do you feel about a final practical exam with your old-teacher? Want to see what the goblins in Brinestump are up to?

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel smiled when Shalelu stood up, saying "Surely you haven't been waiting there for me? What if I'd gone to see Father Zantus first? He might have kept me there for hours, going over everthing from this upcoming ceremony to the price of shoes in Magnimar. After that, I would come out here to find you, and after hiding in that spot all day, I believe that you would look rather, er, silly." Aldel had always had a hard time finding the right words to describe her. It wasn't that he couldn't think of the right word, it was that it always got lost amidst the flood of wrong words. Gorgeous, for example, was not a word he could use if he was to keep his secret.

Aldel's eyes widened in excitement when Shalelu mentioned knowing what the goblins planned. "You know what they are planning? Oh, yeah, of course you do. Very well, instructor, I will take your test, what do you propose?

Not too silly. Glancing upwards, Kree has been keeping an eye on you, so I just had to wait until you headed out of town. If you had visited Zantus, Chask has a few books I haven't read yet. Following her gaze you notice a raptor's silhouette overhead. Chesk owns The Curious Goblin, Sandpoint's bookstore and unofficial library. For those with the interest, it's easy to spend all afternoon glancing through books and chatting with other locals of a similar bent.

With a chuckle, That is the test. I don't know what the goblins have planned, and want you to find out. They obtained these fireworks, but no one has sent any to Sandpoint and there haven't been any shipwrecks lately. Goblins lack the patience for saving, so they must have recently acquired them, but there isn't a logical source. What they plan to do is only one of the questions we need answered. Where it came from is just as important. How you go about it, that's up to you.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel looked up, and noticed the bird in the air. "Oh," He said simply. He'd wanted to make a joke about how she was watching him, but caution stayed his tongue. Well, caution and the knowledge that she must watch all visitors to Sandpoint this way, that was surely a large part of what made her such an effective guardian.

Aldel was surprised to hear that she didn't know what the goblins were planning. He had always assumed that she had all the answers as to what happened outside of town and why. He wondered what this 'test' of hers actually meant. Was it simply a practical way to help the town and show off what he'd learned, or was there more to it than that. He realized that he'd been quiet for some time, and was probably looking foolish. "Well then, uh, don't make it too easy on me. . ." The joke fell flat, mainly because it was too obvious. He pulled himself together and tried again, "So, any suggestions, thoughts, leads? Keeping in mind that I got my sense of grace and stealth from my father's side." The comment about his father was more of an insult than a joke, Aldel clearly saw no problem with mocking the presumed inferiority of his human father that had given him up, becuase he made the jokes often enough.

Shalelu's voice takes on a bit of edge and her gaze become level. Remember that my father leads the Blackarrows. She begins to walk towards Sandpoint, speaking as she does so. He would recommend taking the fishing trail to see Walthus.

You recall that the Blackarrows are a group of Magnimarian rangers who patrol the Hook Mountain region. Well known for hunting ogres and giants in the woods and crags they inhabit. Jakardos, a middle-aged human, leads the group and is Shalelu's adopted father and mentor.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

"That sounds like a decent enough idea. Any other advice, aside from the obvious, don't get killed?" Aldel looked toward the path she suggested, wondering what he might find.

No. Seek Desna's guidance and use your training.

The fishing trail branches off from the Lost Coast Road at the northern end of the Brinestump swamp. You'll have to go through town again, so if there is anything you would like to take care off there before hand, feel free.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel stole a quick glance at Shalelu before looking back toward Sandpoint. "I suppose that I will return with the information you seek. Or maybe I'll just raise my voice, I have no doubt you'll be hidden nearby." In his tone, it was clear that he meant that she'd be close at hand,watching over him like a teacher would.

He headed back to Sandpoint, deciding he'd stop in and see his real father, Zantus, before he continued on Shalelu's task. He headed to the Catheral and entered, hoping to find the old man inside.

Entering the familiar building is like returning home, for in many respects it is. The central nave surrounds a circle of seven stones open to the sky. The familiar figure of Zantus stands in the center of the stones.

His face breaks into a wide smile as he moves to embrace you Aldel! Blessing of the Song upon you! How are you and what are you thoughts on the initiation?

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

"Father Zantus!" Aldel announced, returning the embrace. "I am feeling all right, it feels good to be back. Even the goblins came to welcome me. I'm not sure how I feel about my initiation, I don't feel any more righteous, but then, maybe I didn't need any more." Anyone else would likely have been surprised to hear Aldel tell a joke like that, but then, Aldel didn't speak as candidly to anyone as he did to his father.

Goblins are good about things like that. They add excitement to life, like finding a snake in your bed. If it wasn't for their need to burn burn, steal, eat, or kill everything, I could almost like them. Don't tell Shalelu I said that. After a moments telling you local happenings of Sandpoint, Zantus returns to the topic of initiation. The ceremony takes place at night, usually a holy day or night of the full moon. As this month will have two full moons, it seems a particularly auspicious time. Which day sings to you?

The first full moon is tomorrow and the next is on the final day of the month.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel shrugged, 'It might be her influence, but I don't find them all that appealing, especially not after they shot a Tian firework at me. Though it was comically off the mark. I suppose I can see what you mean in that regrard." Aldel looked at the circle of stones, and then up at the sky. He turned back to Zantus and added, "Speaking of Shalelu, she asked me to look into the goblins' activities and find out what they are up to. I thought I might pursue that immediately. Perhaps it would help soothe old prejudices if I already have accomplishments to be recognized before I am a full Inquisitor."

Zantus smiles gently, You don't need to prove anything. This is something between you and the Song. Her approval is what matters. If you think it would be best to take care of the goblins first, then go with Her blessing. The comforting word of benediction are familiar and welcome. You feel Desna's presence lifting your spirit.

As you prepare to leave, You might bring Alex or Manius with you. Sheriff Hemlock has been worried about the goblins too. He'd probably give them approval, and it's usually good to have help.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel paused for a moment, apparently he hadn't been expecting that answer. "Hmm, do you think I should?" Well that had been a stupid question. More than anyone else in town, Zantus would certainly not want Aldel (or likely anyone) to head into goblin territory alone.

"I don't know how well I would do if I was responsible for the well being of others. . ." There it was again, the old insecurity creeping up again, hoping that Zantus would say something encouraging, though not really sure that he would.

Zantus' face is still kind, but his voice become firm, Aldel. You must overcome this doubt. Humility and caution are virtues, but pride is not. Your starknife shows that your master thinks you ready. I, who raised you, believe you ready, or I would not have suggested you go. You are ready to lead, or I would suggest that you do. Shalelu who trained you also thinks you ready. Your continued self-doubt means that you think yourself better able to judge than those who have raised, known, and trained you. Is that what you really think?

He sighs wearily, tired of fighting a ever-returning foe. Until you have faith in yourself, your ability to serve will be limited. Now go. If words aren't enough to convince you, maybe action will. Ask Alex or any of the others if they will join you. See if they think you are ready to lead.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel looked shocked, as though Zantus had given him a much needed slap in the face. His father had made many arguments like that in the past, but never had they been put so simply, or so starkly. In response, Aldel said the only thing that he could say, "Yes sir, I will go see Sheriff Hemlock now." He couldn't help but sound a little defeated. He seemed to cheer up quickly enough though. He left, saying "May Lady Luck smile upon you!"

He found his way to Sheriff Hemlock's office easily enough, and requested a meeting with him. When he found himself in the Sheriff's presence, he said "I intend to find out what the goblins are planning with their new toys. Father Zantus suggested I ask one of you men for assistance, he specifically mentioned Alex and Manius."

Hemlock greets you brusquely, Good. Gods know someone needs to. Alex is at the bridge into town, probably saw him on your way in. Manius is probably asleep since he has night duty. Tell him if he goes no night duty for a week. He'll like that. Take either or both, up to you. I'd say both. Safer that way. Mayor Deverin has reinstated the bounty on goblin ears. Also there's a reward if you seize or destroy all the fireworks. Anything else? No. Good. Report to me when you're finished, or if you find something that demands I bring guard or militia in.

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

Aldel was somewhat surprised. He hadn't expected it to be that easy, he'd been expecting a long, drawn out debate with the sheriff where he would have to prove that he was capable and worthy of the task. It actually made Aldel feel somewhat good that the sheriff must think he was up to the task. That is, until he began wondering if the Sheriff had been so cooperative because he didn't care whether or not Aldel survived the trip.

He tried to put that out of mind as he made his way to Manius's house. He knocked politely on the door, though he would begin to pound on it if it looked like Manius was the only one there and asleep. When he was addressing the man himself, Aldel introduced his proposal by saying simply, "Sheriff Hemlock has offered you a week free of night duty if you will accompany and assist me in a task.

A bedraggled young man opens the door. On hearing your offer, Done. I'll get my stuff. When he returns, it's with ready equipment and a suspicious expression. What exactly I am agreeing to?

Male M Half-Elf CG Inquisitor L1|AC16 T11 FF15|HP9/9|F+3 R+1 W+5|Init+3|Perc+9

"Investigating the goblins' activities, discovering what they are up to. Also, if possible I'd like to destroy their supply of fireworks. Aldel spoke as if he were describing a routine chore, like shoveling snow or raking leaves. "Sheriff Hemlock suggested I might recruit Alex as well, what do you think?"

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