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Black Tom's Whispering Cairn

Game Master Black Tom

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HP 134/134; Effects:

Bubba shakes his head at the amazing display of athleticism. "Well done, Valgrim. And he's as close to a friend as we can hope for now. Well done."

Knowledge (Local): 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (17) + 16 = 33

"Oh, there are a few choices. How ostentatious do you plan to be?"

Male Dwarf Ranger 12/Barbarian 2/Fighter 1 HP: 177/177; AC:31; F +21; R +17; W +15 (+17); Init: +2 (+6); Percep: +27 (+29)

"Not spending more than 500 gp on an outfit."

Female Elf Alchemist (preservationist) 15

"Oooh, a pretty dress! I haven't worn one of those since the F-f-f-flower F-f-f-f-festival f-f-fifty-f-f-four years ago!" Vug remembers fondly.

Dotting for party invitation.

Male Dwarf Ranger 12/Barbarian 2/Fighter 1 HP: 177/177; AC:31; F +21; R +17; W +15 (+17); Init: +2 (+6); Percep: +27 (+29)

Valgrim describes an outfit for Bubba so he can direct him to the proper store. Something like this: Link (see 5th image down - Dwarf)

BT, let me know how much gold it costs after Bubba haggles him/her down?

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

Bubba is able to get you a 20% discount on your outfits (as long as you discreetly hint at where you got them). The minimum to avoid shaming yourselves is 30 gp (a courtier's outfit) with at least 50 gp's worth of jewelry. Armor is allowed as long as it is polished, but weapons are frowned upon. It is not possible to overdress.

You might get an edge by making a striking first impression, but otherwise this is mostly flavor. I'll move on to the party proper, and you can present your outfits as you make your entrance.

On the seventh day of your stay in Maskholm you are wakened by a tremendous din. Trumpets sound across the city, every drum, orn, and bell in every place of worship call out (as instructed) to announce that the Day of Great Rejoicing has arrived. The streets throng with happy, smiling faces, the locals cheer and rejoice, babies are held aloft and patriotic songs about the divine mercy of Midas are sung at every corner.

A few hours before sunset your ride comes to pick you up for the party. The carriage is almost shocking in its decadence — a gold-plated vehicle of incredible size and garish ornateness waits for you to board. A group of four trolls serve as “horses” for this ostentatious monstrosity, each dressed in ill-fitting suits designed to call out their hideous countenances all the more. The carriage itself is driven by a lanky, wide-mouthed man with black robes and a tall black top hat. A sizeable crowd gathers and gawks as you board.

The carriage interior is incredibly sumptuous. The leather seats are padded with down and gold lanterns burn pleasantly-scented oil. A tray contains several crystal decanters of wine and silver salvers of sweet-meats. The driver never speaks, and once you are aboard takes you directly to Midas’s Palace.

Beyond the gates of Midas’s Palace is a steep rising path, flanked by polished skeletons in gibbets. The path winds up the rocky promontory upon which the palace and its grounds are constructed. When your carriage reaches the top, you are asked to decoach and are then led to the Vertiginous Terrace — a lawn that overlooks a 200-foot-drop into the sea below. Other guests have already arrived, and they mill about in small groups, talking quietly. Several of the guests carry wrapped gifts for Midas.

This also applies to the heroes of Rappan Athuk.

Male Dwarf Ranger 12/Barbarian 2/Fighter 1 HP: 177/177; AC:31; F +21; R +17; W +15 (+17); Init: +2 (+6); Percep: +27 (+29)

You all see a muscular 4'2" dwarf, pretty much dressed like in the link posted above. His blond hair and beard are neatly trimmed and he wears a freshly polished breastplate underneath his tunic. He has no weapons on him (they're all put away in his bag of holding). He has a sour look on his face and he is clearly uncomfortable with these types of events and the lavish displays of wealth. He has a bit of a worried look on his face. He leans over to his half-orc companion.

Valgrim whispers to Bubba, "We didn't bring a gift and I doubt Midas will want gold. It will be up to you to smooth things if we're questioned about it."

Well, if we're picking images to show what we look like, Friar dresses like this (without the sword): Link

"No gift? May be a problem for us."

Female Elf Alchemist (preservationist) 15

Vug wears a snappy red and white ensemble with an enormous bustle and a dead bird in her hat -- the height of fashion! She has even made a particular effort to smell less like ammonia and sulfur and more like lavender and roses.

(She stows her haversack underneath her bustle and her mithral chain shirt under her dress.)

HP 134/134; Effects:

Bublaka gives the dwarf a 'really?' look, "Friend Valgrim, I always travel with the perfect gift for the ruler or ruler-to-be: boost to the ego."

Bubba's outfit is very understated with clean lines and simple colors, but as the light hits it from different angles, a subtle shimmer of colors can be seen, but it is gone too quickly to focus on. The effect is interesting because the plain nature of the outfit attracts the attention of the peacocks that wish to look more gaudy by standing near him while still providing an outfit worthy of the company.

Taking advantage of the peacocks' attention, Bublaka milks them for rumors and news - as would be appropriate at such a party.

Female Halfling Sorcerer (celestial)

A very delicate-featured young woman with a floating gait and a very-high-waisted dress floats through the crowd charming nearly everyone she meets. There is a definite twinkle in her eye as she visits with other party-goers and piled high upon her head is a coiffure of pale hair that surely must be held in place by magic - that bejeweled netting could not possibly have the strength... It must be two feet tall!

Suddenly, she stops and squeals in obvious delight at the sight of a half-elf that has just arrived and she moves across the way so smoothly that an observer would think she was literally flying.

Male Dwarf Ranger 12/Barbarian 2/Fighter 1 HP: 177/177; AC:31; F +21; R +17; W +15 (+17); Init: +2 (+6); Percep: +27 (+29)

Valgrim chuckles at Bubba's comment. "You're right my friend. I was a fool to worry. You should shine in this arena!" He motions over to the crowd of beautiful people. "Vug, I'd never thought it lassie, to see you in a dress! Wonders will never cease!" Valgrim laughs loudly.

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