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Black Tom's Whispering Cairn

Game Master Black Tom

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Friar picks up and stores away as many parts of the shattered crystals as he can. "I believe Sarenrae may bless me with magic to recreate the crystal but we will need to wait till morn so I may pray to her for guidance. So, where to next? The ropers or the octopus tree?"

Hopefully, memorizing Make Whole will work! :)

Male Dwarf Ranger 12/Barbarian 2/Fighter 1 HP: 178/178; AC:31; F +21; R +17; W +15 (+17); Init: +2 (+6); Percep: +27 (+29)

"I vote for ropers. I think I should try a stealth approach with the party to back me up. If Bubba can turn me invisible, I can try and stealth my way there and take one of the crystals without being noticed, hopefully. If combat ensues, we know they're weak to fire and with Vug's fire bombs, Friar's fire magic, and Vulcan's ice magic and scorching rays, you can inflict damage if combat ensues."

Plan: Party airwalks there out of reach of tentacles and watches, while Valgrim, invisible, uses stealth +36 to try and take a crystal. Thoughts?

Female Elf Alchemist (preservationist) 15

If we can airwalk out of reach, we can just plink at them with ranged weapons, too. Ditto for the octopus tree.

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