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Does the requirement that a hand be free make the hand un-free for other purposes?, by thorin001

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ACG Errata, by Insain Dragoon

39 classes... I think we'll be good for a while :P, by chbgraphicarts

Boon Trading Thread, by James Apostolou

TemplateFu, I summon thee!, by Garrett Guillotte

Black Tom's Serpent Skull

Game Master Black Tom

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Male Human - Chelaxian Paladin 1

Surkoff is becoming obviously irritated by Torch's attitude. "At no time did I declare this man guilty, but neither did anyone declare him innocent or trustworthy. I am merely looking out for those here that might be in danger having one such as he running around free. Are you willing to vouch for this man and take full responsibility for him, taking any punishment for crimes that he might commit? If so, you are the fool who pets the chained dog and then is surprised and confused as to why you get bitten."

Male Gnome Master Summoner 1

Sitting under the shade, Quij leans over to Torch and Surkoff. "Gentlemen, please - it's miserable enough in this island heat without all this bickering." He punctuates this statement with a lopsided smile.

I'm still here - Ralf had rolled a decent roll, and since there's already been complaints about my over-rolling, I decided to lay low.

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

Torch looks sideways at the gnome, then, visibly trying to calm himself, turns to stare back into the human's eyes. "Yes, he says simply, lifting Jask's wrists and slipping the key into the lock, "I will. I'll watch him, and I'll vouch for him. If he attacks or steals from us, I will take the punishment alongside him." The statement made, the half-elf looks suddenly uncertain, and he looks into Jask's eyes instead as he turns the key in the lock and cuffs fall open. "Please don't make me regret saying that," he whispers plaintively.

Male Human - Chelaxian Paladin 1

Surkoff shakes his head "At least return the irons to his wrists when night falls, I am sure that we will all sleep better." Then whispering loudly enough for Torch to hear. "Give me the patience to deal with these fools."
Turning to Jask "Know that I am watching every move you make, waiting for that moment when your true nature will reveal itself." Surkoff then hands his shovel to Jask. "Here, start enjoying your freedom."

Black Tom:
Detect Evil on Jask

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

"Well, good paladin, I share your misgivings about this, but short of gutting each other there seems to be no way of solving this problem. We should be content with mr Torch promise he'll take the blame for any criminal action undertaken by mr Jask, here" says the dwarf loudly so everyone (besides Ralf, probably) hears him.

Then he speaks to Jask:"You said you were a servant of Nethys or somesuch, right? I figure since you are free there's no harm in giving you the symbol of your faith back, but Iremember I can call to the power of Torag if I need to, so don't make me regret my curtesy"

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

Jask rubs his wrists and looks at you. "Thank you for the courtesy of returning what is mine, dwarf" he says with a stiff bow. Then he turns to Torch and thanks him a bit more warmly, before asking to examine his poisoned wounds. Unfortunately there is not much he can do about them.


None of the castaways detect as evil.

Did you give Aerys the brandy?

Ishirou sits aloof and smiles enigmatically, while Sasha has invented some kind of game tossing pebbles. Gelik just gives you a wry smile.

Do you want to try and explore the island or will you try to fortify your camp first?

There are five roles you can choose from to man your camp: Defender (setting traps and so on), Entertainer (raising morale), Guard (watching for wandering monsters), Hunter (gathering food) or Medic (combatting disease). Each is a full-time occupation.

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

Do we have to take on those roles? Can we talk the other castaways into helping out?

"Thanks for trying," Torch tells the cleric of Nethys in response to the examination. Looking over at Aerys, he says, "If you want to drink, wait till we get the camp set up and it's closer to nightfall. You'll dry yourself out drinking in the heat of the day."

Would much prefer a more stable base-camp to work from as we begin our exploration. Particularly since there might be cannibals or zombies on here, along with whatever wild animals we would normally expect to find...

Male Gnome Master Summoner 1

As the group begins to settle into its makeshift camp, Quij makes his way around, laughing and joking with as many individuals he can, as best he can. He's anxious to learn more of their surroundings, but for the time being, he decides to be patient (at least as patient as a gnome can be).

Quij would make a great entertainer. We could also set Ilum as guard, but I'm fine with someone else taking that position. I could actually go either way - fortifying or exploring - so if there's a predominant opinion, I'll roll with that.

What kind of rolls would work for raising morale?

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Ralf slaps his balding head with dismay after reading the journal. "Oh my stars and garters! I should've known there was something fishy with the Captain's course, but I just figured he was doing a little business on the side. I never reckoned he'd gone off his nut for some woman. I must be gettin' old -- mighty, mighty old..."


Ralf nods with approval as the shackles come off Jask. "That's better. Now don't think for a second that we're not keeping an eye on you, mister. I don't trust you further than I can throw you. But we all got to stick together if we're gonna make it out of here. Now let's get this campsite as ship-shape as we can; who knows what nasty buggers might come crawling in here after dark."


When he has a moment, he turns to Qui and clears his throat. "I don't know quite how to say this, little feller, but did you notice you got some kind of monster following you about? I hope it's a tame one. He don't bite, do he?"

Ralf will offer his services as a medic, although he's much better at it outdoors after the sun goes down. He recommends fortifying the camp as much as possible before exploring.

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

None of the occupations in camp is vital, except possibly hunter, and they are probably best suited for NPCs, leaving you free to go on adventures. I just want to be clear about your options. You can get the NPCs to help with Diplomacy checks and/or some sweet-talking, pretty much as when you were setting up camp.

Male Gnome Master Summoner 1

Quij saddles up to his fellow gnome Aberwhinge, and begins speaking quietly to him. "My good sir - now that we have a bit of time alone, I just wanted to let you know that I'd appreciate your help in keeping morale around this camp above the water line, so to speak. Every bit helps," he finishes with a wink.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26

I figure Quij can entertain when we're here, and leave it to Aberwhinge when we're out.

At Ralf's wariness, Quij laughs and pats the eidolon fondly. The eidolon is basically a living shadow - a small, entirely black humanoid figure quite resembling an outline of Quij, which so far hasn't spoke except in whispered conference with the gnome. "Don't worry yourself over Ilum, old fellow - he's quite a friendly beast. His bite is worse than his bark, of course, given that he's not prone to speaking, but as long as you treat us right, you're doubtful to ever get metaphorically bit yourself. He tends to save such things for our enemies." At this last bit, the outsider mimes confrontation, with Quij encouraging him playfully.

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Ralf looks relieved at whatever Qui was mumbling.

Did anyone heal up the HP damage that was suffered during the fight(s)?

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

Gelik lightens up considerably at Quij's skillful flattery. His jokes turn from sarcastic to cheerful, and everybody feels a little less dejected at your plight.

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

If hunting is Survival-based, Torch would cheerfully volunteer for that gig when not away from camp.

I'm going to suggest that Ralf not volunteer as a guard. ;)

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

I didn't hear anything...

Male Gnome Master Summoner 1

As the afternoon heat begins to abate, Quij begins to get ansy. "So gentle men and women, what say that we have a look around the island, now that we're settled into camp? Even a few hours of looking would be preferable to waiting until morning, in my humble opinion."

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

If you want to explore the island, maybe you should study the map. :)


You are at the small bay at the top of the map.

Male Human - Chelaxian Paladin 1

That brandy is not going to go to Aerys as it is the last remnants of my cargo and I feel like I should be hanging on to it as evidence for my employers.

Surkoff nods to Quij "I agree, we should at least investigate the immediate surroundings so something isn't going to pounce on us in the middle of the night."

Male Gnome Master Summoner 1

Just to be clear, you mean the inlet at the very top, and not the larger one where the compass is located?

Also, here's a bigger map, in case anyone's like me and hates to squint: Map

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

"Exploring? And what about building a raft and escaping before all those horrors the old human mentioned decide to have us for breakfast? I think it to be much more sensible to fortify camp and build something to escape from here. We've got some sailors with us after all. That said, if you insist with this crazy idea about "exploring" the island I suggest we keep on the beach without going into the forest, and I also suggest traveling by night and sleeping by day, the heat is really unpleasant around here"

Btw I didn't get any other requests for the loot. If you don't want anything else I'm going to distribute stuff around, including to NPCs; Surkoff, do you want the brany bottle btw, Aerys wants it too, so maybe you should play this out?

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

"My night vision's likely a lot better than most," Torch observes dryly, "but even I can't see in the pitch dark, master dwarf. Resting in the afternoons? That's a good idea. Trying to explore a jungle island in the dark? I'm not so sure. Also, we shouldn't forget - there are two ways off this island that I can think of. One is we build a boat, like you suggest; the other is we find that lighthouse master Pennywhistle mentioned and use it to signal for help. Given that we'd need supplies to try to make a raft, I can't see how we do either one without exploring some of this island's interior."

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

Aerys comes to life for the first time in a long while. "Build a raft? Are you crazy? Didn't you hear what the bald guy told us? Have you any idea about how many ships have wrecked upon this cursed island, with its treacherous currents? Go ahead, build your raft, but I prefer to be dry and cozy when I expire, rather than to find a watery grave, dashed upon some jagged rock."

And to Surkoff: "Why are you trying to deprive a poor dying gal her last ounce of comfort. I'll fight you for that brandy, that's for sure."

Some more mechanics:

You are indeed camped near the small inlet at the top of the map. My English sometimes fails me. Hunting is automatic, but of course you may also make regular Survival checks. The NPCs mood is based on Will saves, so unless you have access to long-time save boosters, entertaining is the only way to affect it. You can make Diplomacy checks to improve their attitude once a day.

Male Gnome Master Summoner 1

Quij wrinkles his nose at the dwarf's negativity. "I'm with our stuttering friend here - I can see fairly well at night, but walking around in an unfamiliar and likely dangerous jungle in the dark is a good way to get most of us killed."

"Perhaps if we head to the west, there looks to be something of a hill there..."

No worries on your English - it's loads better than my Swedish! :)

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Apropos of nothing in particular, Ralf opines: "I love the night time -- the moon and the stars above are so beautiful, and they calm my soul. It's too bad it's so blasted hard to see in the dark, at least compared to whatever wild animals are out there. Well, we better get some shut-eye pretty soon; tomorrow we have to work on finding a way out of here, somehow."

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

I think it's still midafternoon - we could probably poke around a little if we wanted before dark. At the very least, the more Diplomatic folks might work on the rest of our fellow castaways; the more they help, the less we have to worry about our base camp.

And Tom, your English is phenomenal - I continually have to remind myself you're not a native speaker.

Male Human - Chelaxian Paladin 1

To Aerys "Poor dying gal is it? Nothing like a little bit of positivity to help us get through the day. As this is perhaps the last bottle of anything worth drinking that you or any will see in while perhaps we could ration it out, in small quantities that is."
Diplomacy check to see if I can get her on board with sharing and getting her a little more positive, the last thing we need is a drunk, cantankerous useless old broad.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

Surkoff grabs a seat under some trees finding what little shade he can. "We should let the heat of the sun pass a bit and then we need to secure the area directly around us. Then we try and scout a better and more defensible position for a camp."

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

Aerys softens up considerably as Surkoff offers to share the bottle. She even agrees to try to make it last and slumps down beside him at the tree, sipping the brandy pensively. For the first time it becomes evident that she really is a remarkably beautiful half-elf woman.

"You know" she says, "I could guard the camp if you're going to explore the surroundings. No point in us abandoning it to wild animals or worse while you're gone. I think there is a good spot by that rock that has a decent overview."

To Surkoff:

Under the influence of alcohol, Aerys mellows even more. She looks sad for a moment and says. "You know, I really should try to kick this drinking habit. I heard that there are some berries, viper nettle berries they are called, that help you get through recovery. If you're out scouting anyway, could you please see if you could find some?"

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

"I can see pretty well in the dark, but I suppose not everyone has my same luck. Anyway I didn't suggest to explore the jungle on the contrary I suggested to stay here, fortify the camp and build something able to take us away from this blasted isle... if we are dead set on exploring then I suggested to follow the coastline instead of entering the jungle, and doing that should be possible even by night, after all we found enough lamps even for shortsighted fellows, travelling in the dark may very well be dangerous, but travelling the day heat would be madness"says the dwarf to his fellow castaways, then specifically to Aerys "building a raft is a sound idea, girl, much saner than staying on this island and hoping someone saves us, as ships actually try to avoid this place, no one is going to save us, we need to do it ourselves"

Sry for the delay in posting, I'm working quite a lot and have very little time for the moment

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

"If they were building a lighthouse, there must be a safe apporach there," Torch points out. "Isn't that why you build the things?"

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

Soooo... how about a bit of exploring? Any particular direction you'd like to go?

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

"Maybe there is, but according to our deaf friend here the isle is shunned by all, there are cannibals on it and only the desparate or the foolish brave these waters... I can't see anyone saving us soon, and with "soon" I mean "before those cannibals decide to have lunch with us". No escaping as soon as possible seems the best course of action, although I admit the notion the captain and this scholar who sinked us here are still alive and somewhere here is quite offensive as they need to pay for their crimes"

For exploring I vote for going east keeping on the coastline for the moment

Male Gnome Master Summoner 1

"Not to be contrarian, Mr.Dwarf, but I'm for having a look into the woods to the south - if danger is to come, it's likely to come from such concealment."

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

"On the logic that we should leave as little chance as possible for a surprise to take us from behind, I'd like to head west and explore this peninsula before we turn east or south," Torch replies with a sideways grin. The burns on his face turn it into a ghastly grimace.

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

So we all want to go in different directions? I can agree about going west as long as we keep to the coastline, the woods are precisely the place where we should not venture unless armed to the theeth, and I'd like to keep the risks for us all to the minimum. Why searching for danger if we don't need to? We should be building a raft but we could search for useful materials on the coast, where danger is certainly lower than in those woods, besides I reckon that blasted fool we had for a captain is marooned here too, probably camping on a beach near here... I'd fully agree with any action, including entering inside the island's woods as long as that bastard pays for what he did"

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Ralf nods sagely in agreement with all of the suggestions.

Did Hrakar heal everybody up? Who's still injured?

Male Human - Chelaxian Paladin 1

To Aerys. "M'lady, as we leave the camp to search for dangers around I want only for you and the others that will stay behind to be safe and secure. Take my whistle and if trouble presents itself, blow it and I will come running to your aid. Also, take my dagger, hoping to never have to use it of course." Surkoff takes his whistle from around his neck and places it around hers, then hands her the dagger as well.

"I will search for these berries to assist with your 'issue'. Do you wish me to keep this between us?"

To the rest of the group. "As much as this pains me, I would have to agree with Torch, but also a bit with Hrakar as well. We head west along the coastline and then come back through the jungle, making sure we don't leave any dangers behind us."
As the heat of the midday sun starts to fade a bit Surkoff puts his armor back on, slings his sword over his back and starts to head off down the coastline. I hope that others will follow.

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

That's precisely what Torch wanted, so he's right there next to you.

Male Gnome Master Summoner 1

Shrugging off the dissension, Quij follows Torch and Surkoff as they set off to the west.

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Ralf struggles to his feet and totters after them. "Say, where are you going? It's dangerous out there, you might get lost! I better go with you, make sure you all make it back to camp in one piece."

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

"Very well, let's go west then, I just hope this will be worth the risk" Says the dwarf gruffly.

I believe everyone was healed, yes, the issue may be we don't have our full spell set since we never had the time to meditate

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

You would have your default spell set, whatever that is, minus any spells you've used since waking up.


Aerys takes the whistle with a shy smile. Then she shrugs. "This isn't a time for secrets, and several pairs of eyes see more than one, so by all means tell your friends or whatever they are. The berries are good for other kinds of sickness too, I hear."

Male Human - Chelaxian Paladin 1

As we head away from the camp along the beach: "Aerys has mentioned that there might be viper nettle berries that are helpful for some medicinal purposes that grow in these climates. We should keep an eye out for them." Surkoff describes the berries as best he can from what Aerys told him.
I assume that I wouldn't necessarily know what they look like from experience but someone with Kn:Nature might.

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

The berries are bright red and grow on bushes with red thorns that can grow up to 6 inches long. By the way, you get 20 xp each for getting on Aerys's good side.

As you proceed along the coastline, caught between a steep cliff and the ocean, you make decent speed and hope to be able to reach the tip of the island and be back by nightfall.

After walking the better part of a mile, you may notice something:

Survival 20:

You find the shed skin of a black mamba (a Medium venomous snake in game terms). There is no other trace of the actual beast but it can't hurt to be extra careful.

Further ahead, as you approach the tip of the island, you spy the wreck of a ship. It is probably too old for you even to salvage any materials from it. On the stern you can make out its name: "The Tattooed Lady".

Do you want to explore it more closely?

Male Human - Chelaxian Paladin 1

Heh, I can't even make a Survival 20 check.

Surkoff eyes the wreck carefully. "It may be old but there may be something useful inside her, I say we have a quick look."

Surkoff has the grappling hook and 50ft of rope if needed to get inside.

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

Survival check: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19

Hrakar doesn't notice anything strange.

"Sure! Let's check for planks and the like. We will need them when we come to our senses and understand we need to build our means of escape!"

Male Gnome Master Summoner 1

Quij and Ilum walk along with the rest of the group, whistling a duet as they keep an eye out for the berries.

1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 13
1d20 + 12 ⇒ (15) + 12 = 27

Quij is up for scoping the ship out, too. He'll follow behind the meat shields, err...warriors, though.

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

Survival 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11

"A second wreck in just a handful of miles of coastline," Torch comments with either respect or disgust (it's hard to tell). "This place is extremely... impressive."

If there doesn't seem likely to be salvage onboard, Torch's not too enthusiastic about exploring a possibly-going-to-collapse ship, but he'll go along if the rest of the group seems to want to check it out.

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

Surkoof throws his grappling hook and prepares to get on board the wreck. As he starts to climb, though, the rotten wood gives way, and he is unceremoniously dumped to the ground, taking 1 point of damage.

After that you are a little more careful, but it doesn't take long to realize that there is nothing useful or valuable on the ship.

Pressing on, you are overtaken by a sudden downpour of rain, leaving you soaking wet, but relieving the oppressive heat somewhat. The pounding rain continues for what feels like an eternity and you take a -4 penalty to Perception checks while it lasts.

Will you be pressing on towards the tip of the island or do you prefer to return to camp?

Male Gnome Master Summoner 1

Despite the rain, Quij and Ilum continue their whistling duet, perfectly happy to continue onward.

Male Human - Chelaxian Paladin 1

"A little moisture never hurt anyone, lets get this job done and then return to camp."

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