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Black Tom's Serpent Skull

Game Master Black Tom

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male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Does Hrakar get an AoO against the Tiny monkey?

Ralf huddles out of sight of the witch, his fear finally ebbing.

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

"The hell you say," Torch snarls as he turns toward the witch. With anger and fury, he rushes toward the old crone, his scimitar raised high. Torch moves to O22, declares the witch the target of his ranger's focus as a swift action, and attacks her. (If he can charge, he does, but I think the patch of greenery next to him gets in the way. If he can, add +2 to the roll.) Scimitar attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26, damage 1d6 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12. Crit confirm: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24, crit damage 1d6 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9.

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

Hrakar is at 0 hp.

Stabilization roll:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

0 doesn't require stabilizing - you're staggered, not dying. You can even take a standard or move action, and you should get an AoO, like Ralf said...

Male gnome Sorcerer 5 (maestro bloodline) HP: 32/38 AC: 13/13/11 F+3 R+3 W+4

Fair warning - if it turns out the monkey really did bite Hrakar and staggered him, Gelik will be merciless in his tauntings.

Seeing the tide of battle turning, Gelik smiles widely, almost giddy. He points a menacing finger at his enemy.

Ray of Frost touch attack on the big lizard (if it's out of range, he'll hit the crone instead 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12 damage 1d3 ⇒ 1

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

Hrakar does get an AoO, provided he's got a weapon in hand.

Torch slashes the crone across her throat. She starts to say something in a gurgling voice, but then is struck by Gelik's ray and topples.

Congratulations! Will calculate the xp as soon as I can, but it should put you at level 3. You should also be able to rest and recuperate for a bit in the deserted camp.

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

You all get 440 xp and a hero point for conquering the cannibal village.

The witch isn't carrying anything of value except for her wand. The cannibals are wearing red pearl amulets, but their other gear is rather tattered and of little value.

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Ralf comes hobbling back, clearly embarrassed.

"Sorry gents -- and lady. I don't know what come over me."

He gives some healing to Hrakar and Aerys.

Hrakar: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
Aerys: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

First successful crit in about a thousand posts. Damn good time for it, though!

Torch stands over the body of the witch, shaking his head in surprise. "We did it," he murmurs. After spending a few moments staring down at the dead woman, he shakes himself, trying to dispel whatever thought has overtaken him, and looks around at the others. "We need to check through the camp, make sure it's cleared; but if it is, I think we might have a new base camp for the others, on top of a lighthouse we can start trying to get working." He starts to say something else, but something occurs to him and his fist tightens on his blade. "We still haven't found Ieana or the captain, and what little information we've got suggests they were headed this way."

Male gnome Sorcerer 5 (maestro bloodline) HP: 32/38 AC: 13/13/11 F+3 R+3 W+4

Woo Hoo! We're badasses.

Gelik solicits help from the rest of the group to coup de grace the cannibals he stunned with his color spray. It's a distasteful job, but he tries to lighten the mood by singing a jaunty murdering song as he stabs the fallen men with his spear. His lyrics taunt the dying cannibals with the plump and tasty nature of gnomes in general, and he himself in particular.

Perform (sing) 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19

His voice, a falsetto with a touch of the otherworldly, is surprisingly affecting.

"Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!" Gelik finishes his tune with a flourish. "Hey Torch, that was some handy blade-work there, but did you notice it was my powerful Ray of Frost that finished off the hag?"

When Ralf returns, Gelik smiles at him and says, "Congratulations, you ancient geezer! You were even less useful in this fight than I was, and that's not easy to pull off." The gnome continues to smile and nod amiably.

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Ralf nods and smiles in return. "Well, we survived, that's one thing to be happy for I reckon."

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

I guess you will be investigating the camp before you rest, so I'll just give you the highlights.

The camp is about as disgusting as you might imaging, and the implements for food preparations are quite chilling to behold, as is the rather large store of human jerky.

In the witch's laboratory you can salvage some useful equipment, however. There are three antitoxins, two smokesticks, three tanglefoot bags, a thunderstone and eight magic potions (six of one kind, two of another).

There is also a strange hole in the ground covered with a lid of bamboo and driftwood. A few stakes are sturdy enough to hold vines if you should want to investigate it.

A couple of the rooms stand out, though. The room contains a crude (but comfortable) bed made of driftwood and a homemade feather mattress, along with the remains of several meals — many of which are recognizable as rations taken from the Jenivere.

The room to the north looks like some kind of very cluttered temple. It has been decorated with all manner of relics and remnants taken from the wreck of the Thrune’s Fang, including its Asmodeus-shaped figurehead, which looms to the north as the centerpiece of this temple-like area.

On the upper floor you find a dented footlocker containing several rotted bags, as well as 4,200 sp and 180 gp.

The lighthouse itself is not quite finished, but it looks like the massive bronze reflector and other machinery could be put in order, although with a fair amount of work. If you could get it to work, you might be able to signal for help. Knowledge (engineering) or an appropriate Craft skill might help.

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

Torch studies the rations. "They were here. But the question is, were they guests - or were they food?" He shakes his head, adding, "If I'm right about Ieana having enchantment magics that she used on Captain Korvack, she might have done the same to these cruel bastards too. That would mean they were here for awhile - at least a couple days - based on the food... At least we can guess they're still on the island. No one's used the lighthouse yet, at any rate."

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Ralf goes into a trance identifying the potions.

Use Focused Trance twice and take 10 twice = 36 Spellcraft check

After that, he looks at the reflector with an appraising eye. "You konw, I wonder if tinkering with this a bit would teach me enough to fix it."

If Ralf goes up a level, he can take a rank of Know (engineering) and knock that Knowledge check out of the ballpark. ;-)

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

Torch claps the old man on the back. "An excellent thought, my friend."

Female Human Fighter (Mobile) 5 HP:43/54 AC19/T13/FF16 (AC23vsAoO) Condition:

Aerys, tired after the fight, walks slowly with the others into the camp, sweat and blood caking her hair. "Sort ourselves out, then rest. We'll set watch tonight, can't be too careful. She joins the others as they search through the camp, her face darkens in anger at the sight of the food store, [b]"Let's bury them tomorrow, to be food of the earth not other races. I'll see if there's any fresh food nearby and hopefully not encounter that lizard. " She moves towards the shore and searches for shellfish and other edible flora and fauna.

Survival 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (15) + 3 = 18
Watch for the night, was going to take engineering herself if you want a different knowledge check Ralf, but then 2 of the same are always handy. I could instead take knowledge dungeoneering, but wanted something a bit different for Aerys.

Male gnome Sorcerer 5 (maestro bloodline) HP: 32/38 AC: 13/13/11 F+3 R+3 W+4

New loot list in the discussion thread.

Gelik stands over the body of the crone, making a tsking noise. He casts a simple cantrip, picks up the wand and concentrates on it for a few moments.

Cast Detect Magic and Spellcraft to identify the crone's wand: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

He plucks a necklace off one of the cannibals he killed, and puts it on. "Looks better on me," he mutters as he roots around through the alchemical items.

"Ooooh." Gelik twiddles his fingers as he peruses the items. He selects a tanglefoot bag and an antitoxin to slip in his belt pouch.

As they search the camp, he chats with Torch. "That's a pretty good theory, though the savages might have jumped Ieana and took the food from the Jeneviere. No matter what went down, she either got herself killed, or she didn't, or she was here, or she wasn't. Hmm. I guess we still don't know much. The big question is, do you want to go looking for that sweet revenge, or do you want to rig up this lighthouse and get rescued. I vote for revenge, but then I'm often driven by unproductive urges." He frowns at some human jerky, considers just a tiny sample, but ultimately decides against it. "Actually, another good question." He waggles his eyebrows. "What's in yonder hole?"

Tom, how big is this covered hole (diameter)?"

Female Human Fighter (Mobile) 5 HP:43/54 AC19/T13/FF16 (AC23vsAoO) Condition:

As Gelik makes his way over to the hole, Aerys puts a hand on his shoulder and pulls him back. "Not now, we're still injured and tired. Leave exploration for another day, we have things to settle here first and strength to regain."

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

The potions are six Cure Light Wounds and two Lesser Restoration. The Wand is of Vampiric Touch and holds 8 charges. The hole in the ground is 10 feet across.

Later that day, as you have buried the stash of human jerky and start to make yourself somewhat comfortable, you have company.

A slender woman with lush green hair and a complexion that seems to be made of wood greets you, having seemingly appeared out of nowhere. She holds her hand up in a sign of peace and smiles at you.

"My name is Aycenia, and I came to greet you. I understand that you bested the cannibals. Were you also the ones to end the fungal blight on the island due north?"

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

Relevant Knowledge (nature or dungeoneering), if applicable? 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

Torch turns his ruined face toward the woman, his hand restng on the hilt of his scimitar but seeming to take her peaceful approach at face value. He nods, "We were. Good souls lost to foul corruption in both cases."

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)
Aerys D Mavato wrote:

Watch for the night, was going to take engineering herself if you want a different knowledge check Ralf, but then 2 of the same are always handy. I could instead take knowledge dungeoneering, but wanted something a bit different for Aerys.

Ralf is probably going to take a rank in every knowledge skill to take advantage of his enormous +20 bonus to Int-based skills.

Know (nature): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

Ralf looks at her hesitantly. "Say, you aren't one o' them savages, are ye?"

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge


She's obviously a dryad, and she looks a little worn. Probably she is away from her tree, which is very taxing for her.

The woman smiles at Torch. "Then I owe you a debt of gratitude for cleansing my island of that foul corruption. I cannot stay long, but you can visit me across yonder bay." She gestures northwards."I can help you with some small healing and perhaps a bit of advice, should you need it.

To Ralf, smiling. "No, I am not one of them. It is a sad story. Seventy years they have been here, castaways just like yourselves I presume, and not once have they come to visit me. Too bound up in their own evil schemes and preying upon other hapless shipwrecks. I guess the island is better off without them."

And here you go, a belated story award for cleansing the fungal infestation and befriending the dryad: 480 xp each.

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Ralf nods and smiles back, apparently convinced she's not a vicious cannibal.

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

Sorry for being afk so long. Unfortunately I had some problems with my PC. Anyway good job everyone! AND... we are now at 5288 XP!!! 3rd lvl!

Once the Cannibals are vanquished Hrakar makes sure to heal the rest of the group and himself channelling the power of Torag

channel energy:2d6 ⇒ (2, 3) = 5
channel energy:2d6 ⇒ (1, 4) = 5

Once that's done he helps the others search the cannibals' camp. When Aycenia manifests herself he's suspicious but willing to hear her out. As her story makes sense he's inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt:"So... you have been here on this island a long time... right? Anything else we should know? We defeated those fungal creatures and it was pretty bad, then we were attacked by a giant flaying reptilian creature, and after that we had to deal with the cannibals... anything else we should be wary of?"

EDIT: forgot level up hp roll!

HP roll:1d8 ⇒ 8

Male gnome Sorcerer 5 (maestro bloodline) HP: 32/38 AC: 13/13/11 F+3 R+3 W+4

Gelik bows to the exotic woman, seemingly taking no notice of her unusual appearance. "Greetings, fair maiden! I am Maestro Gelikugel Aberwhinge." You've never heard Gelik introduce himself with his full name before, which is comically pronounced 'Jelly-koogle Aber-wingy'. "I imagine you were drawn to my melodious singing. I have been told it's irresistible. We will visit you, of course!"

Also, level up HP: 1d6 ⇒ 4

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

Torch bows formally, though as always his permanent scowl manages to make it look more mocking than sincere. "Indeed we will, if we have a chance; we do not mean to be impolite guests on your island, but we have business and lives on the mainland we mean to return to soon. However, before you go, there is one thing I would like to know, if you can tell it: the ship that brought us here had two other survivors, the captain and a scholarly woman. We think they might have visited this place, but they could be anywhere on this island. Do you know of them?"

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

Btw I don't remember... we have 3 rolls and then we choose the best one? In my case I was so lucky to roll an 8 but it can be useful for the others"

Female Human Fighter (Mobile) 5 HP:43/54 AC19/T13/FF16 (AC23vsAoO) Condition:

Aerys, her longsword held loosely in her hand, is ready should the woodland lady become unfriendly and threaten her friends> The group though seem to take trust the woman, but Aerys does not let guard fall, although she smiles at the thought of a refuge on the island where they can heal. She wonders if this mysterious woman might know the whereabouts of the pair of conspirators who shipwrecked them on this island. A smile crosses her lips at the thought she might wreak revenge on the two of them.

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

The lady shakes her head. "I do not know of those you speak. I cannot stray far from my tree and my connection to the island does not concern the fate of individuals. I sensed the demise of the cannibals and the cleansing of the isle, so I came to greet you. There have been others like you, many times, but they have all eventually succumbed to the cannibals or other dangers."

"In truth I can never fully fathom your kind. You are so earnest of purpose, so that you are capable of great good and great evil. I know that the way of nature is that everything must pass and that some must die to nourish others, yet I am glad that the cannibals are no more and that you cleansed the island of the fungal blot, which was no natural growth."

"If you have met the flying beast they call the Red Mountain Devil, you have met the most powerful natural creature on the island. However there is some kind of ancient evil lurking under the earth, which has been here for as long as I can remember.

´"I cannot tarry. Good luck in finding your way back to your own world, and know that your short sojourn has made my world a little better."

With a graceful wave, she steps into a nearby tree and is gone.

Regarding hit point rolls, you get only one, unless you spend 3 hero points before rolling, in which case you get two and may choose. Should you roll very poorly, 5 hero points will buy you a re-roll.

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

Torch stares after her, the bark of the tree she used to travel holding no explanations. "'Ancient evil lurking under the earth'...?" he repeats. "I've got a bad feeling about this..."

Female Human Fighter (Mobile) 5 HP:43/54 AC19/T13/FF16 (AC23vsAoO) Condition:

Aerys again relaxes, "Yet where there is evil, surely that is where we will find revenge. It is revenge that I seek before we leave this accused island." She bares her teeth in a grin as she speaks.

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Ralf goes back to tinker with the lighthouse reflector until someone goes back to get him.

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

Hrakar shrugs:"Bah.... I don't really care about much else but leaving this Torag forsaken place or getting my revenge against that betrayer of a captain. If there was a way to confirm him and that strumpet were eaten by our friends here it would be a small blessing. Unless we find they are alive I suggest we move camp here and make that lighthouse work. Ancient evil will get more ancient as far as I'm concerned as long as it doesn't start botheruing us"

Female Human Fighter (Mobile) 5 HP:43/54 AC19/T13/FF16 (AC23vsAoO) Condition:

"So if I understand what you want to do, is to make this camp safe, then bring the other here and camp here. This camp has one thing that makes me nervous and that means I think it could make it unsafe, that hole. Tomorrow we should make sure that it does pose a threat to us here. Does that sound a course of action we can follow?" as Aerys seems to gain in confidence after the destruction of the cannibals.

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

"Well reasoned, lassie, although I'd ask why wait for tomorrow when we can explore it right now? When we'll make sure this compound is safe then we'll be a step ahead in getting away from this verdant hell of an island. So the sooner the better!" answers Hrakar.

After a moment of silent contemplation he adds:"By the way, are we sure those unpleasant anthropofagi are all gone for good? I fear they could have some patrols running around the island, like the one we ambushed. If so they are bound to return here. I don't think we should keep our guard down on that reguard. They may still be lurking around here waiting for a chance to turn us into stew..."

Male gnome Sorcerer 5 (maestro bloodline) HP: 32/38 AC: 13/13/11 F+3 R+3 W+4

"Oh yeah, there'll be savages returning to camp for the next couple of days for sure. Hunters and gatherers, the ones that guard the traps, those guys." He pauses and chuckles, the image of Torch being hauled off his feet flashing across his mind's eye.

When he's done laughing, Gelik says, "I'm all out of spells, so if you want me to go crawling into that hole, it's going to have to wait until tomorrow. After all, didn't the tree-lady say there was a great evil underground? Maybe the great evil is in the hole?

Female Human Fighter (Mobile) 5 HP:43/54 AC19/T13/FF16 (AC23vsAoO) Condition:

"Indeed Gelik, if it is the great evil, we'll all need to be fresh and ready for it, rest and patience are essential. Yes Hrakar, we must set watches for the night. It won't be long before we can set things straight here and seek a rescue."

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

With Ralf's newfound mechanical insight, you'll be able to restore the lighthouse to working order in just a day or so. Then you'll just have to wait for someone to see your signal.

With the remains of Aerys's foraging, you make a frugal meal and then lock yourselves into the lighthouse for a night of quiet sleep, waking refreshed and with new spells.

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

The coming morning Hrakar leaves up early and wakes up the others.

"I suggest we check that hole in the ground. Then we'll have to bring the others here and see if the lighthouse can be made to work again. All things considered quite a bit of work to do!"

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

Ralf smiles at Hrakar's suggestions. "Well...if you don't have anything particular planned for the day, I reckon I might as well get back to work on the lighthouse."

Who's still hurt, and how badly?

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

Torch is down about 4 hp, but I'm not worried about it at the moment.

Torch nods in agreement when Hrakar finds him, but when Ralf doesn't seem to get the message, he gently takes the older man's arm and points at the hole. Overexaggerating his mouth movements, he says, "We. Are. Going. Down. There."

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

Hrakar nods wisely at Torch enthusiastic approach:"Very well! Let's get down to there! I want to leave this rock as soon as possible!"

Female Human Fighter (Mobile) 5 HP:43/54 AC19/T13/FF16 (AC23vsAoO) Condition:

"Before we go trampling down there in the dark, who is going first and have we some torches or light for those of us that can't see so well down there?" Aerys puts her hands on her hips, "We'd best have some sort of plan, rather than blunder into any dangers we find down there." she says rather crossly. "I want to get this over with as much as the rest, but it doesn't mean we just rush around, less haste more speed was my father's motto, when I was young. He might have a point. Let's open up and see what we can see before we start tumbling into the hole. Where's the rope, is there a place we can safely tie it, so we can all climb down, we had difficulty at that last hole if I remember. Who'll be going in first, and what's the order of the party?"

Male gnome Sorcerer 5 (maestro bloodline) HP: 32/38 AC: 13/13/11 F+3 R+3 W+4

"Light, you say?" Gelik speaks a few few arcane words, and grins as a small pebble flares into illumination. light cantrip "Just say the word, and I'll drop this down the hole and we'll see what we see." His face breaks into an even wider grin in anticipation.

When we are all in agreement, Gelik will drop the pebble down into the hole. As eager as he is to see what's down there, he waits until everyone else has climbed down. Last is the place to be in this situation, for a tender morsel like Gelik.

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

As Gelik's pebble hits the ground, the cave beneath you becomes visible. The uneven floor of this irregularly shaped ten-foot-high cave which is about 30 feet across is stained with blood and scattered with pieces of wood, fallen leaves, broken weapons, and in places, bits of bone. The vines seem sturdy enough and well-anchored enough for you to descend if you feel so inclined.

There is only one visible exit, a narrow passage to the east.

Male Dwarf Cleric 02

"So? What are we waiting for? I'd expected you to just jump down there, McQuarry!" says Hrakar in a humorous tone.

Torc and Aerys first, ma and Ralf behind them and Gelik in the rear?

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

Torch shrugs. "I gotta admit, I am curious what's down there..."

If Hrakar and his darkvision don't want to take the lead, Torch is more than willing to do so.

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

Cautiously you lower yourselves down into the cave, Torch taking the lead and securing the area. The air down there is salty and stale, but there are no immediate dangers.

The passage twists so you can't see where it leads. If you're going to explore it you'll have to go in single file. Same marching order?

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

Torch looks over his shoulder at Gelik. "Do that again, on my scimitar this time?" he asks, indicating the light-enchanted pebble.

Female Human Fighter (Mobile) 5 HP:43/54 AC19/T13/FF16 (AC23vsAoO) Condition:

Aerys follows Torch, her weapon and shield ready as they make their way down the passageway.

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