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Black Tom's Serpent Skull

Game Master Black Tom

Current Characters


(737 posts)

(13,148 posts)
Gath Morian
Hrakar Orcbane

Male Dwarf Cleric 02
(438 posts)

(349 posts)
Liberty's Edge Shisumo

Human (Minkai) Samurai (sword saint) 7 (Order of the Warrior)
(4,257 posts)

(99 posts)
Keyra Palin
Aerys D Mavato

Female Human Fighter (Mobile) 5 HP:43/54 AC19/T13/FF16 (AC23vsAoO) Condition:

played by Deevor (490 posts)
DM Shisumo

played by Shisumo (5,136 posts)
Kamal of Zenj

Male Human (Mwangi) Druid (Jungle Druid) 4 AC 20/12/18 / HP 29/29 / F +5 R +3 W +9 (+4 vs animals and disease) / Init. +2 (+2 in Jungle's) / Perc. +12 (+2 in Jungles))

played by Celeador (126 posts)
Kamal the Eagle

played by Celeador (1 post)
Maestro Gelikugel Abermonkey

Mystical Monkey

played by PbemDM (14 posts)
Maestro Gelikugel Aberwhinge

Male gnome Sorcerer 5 (maestro bloodline) HP: 32/38 AC: 13/13/11 F+3 R+3 W+4

played by PbemDM (453 posts)
Ralf Owlwhistle

played by hogarth (2 posts)
Amwyr Yuseifah
Ralf Pennywhistle

male human oracle 5 (lore mystery, stargazer archetype, words of power)

played by hogarth (525 posts)
Wil Save
Sam "Torch" McQuarry

male half-elf ranger (guide) 2 / rogue 3

played by Shisumo (719 posts)
Surkoff Hurntol

Male Human - Chelaxian Paladin 1

played by Xzarf (131 posts)

Current NPCs

Black Tom

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge
(6,849 posts)

Previous Characters

Rocking Horse

(207 posts)
Vine Wrangler Elf

Male Gnome Master Summoner 1

played by Qik (52 posts)

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