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Black Tom's Castle Whiterock

Game Master Black Tom

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Dark Archive

Are there any open spots remaining?

I am interested in this. Character revised, still need to finish backstory.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

If you think you have a finished character, feel free to dot the discussion thread and I'll look it over. I seem to have trouble getting a party together. Don't know exactly what the trouble is with people.

Can't tell right now if there is any spots left but I'm hoping to see Torric, Tyros, Eidem and Philander in the primary party and Zababa, Betoruga, Melima, Deriem and Xanthar in the secondary.

If all those come through with characters, I'm afraid we're full. But you never know on these boards and people may drop off at a later date.

Sorry, I forgot to post that I am removing myself from consideration for this campaign. Feel free to give my spot to someone else.

Good luck,everyone!

I'd be interested in taking Xanthar's spot if you don't have an alternate. I'll roll up a character post-haste if you have a spot, planning a hedge witch.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Zababa, Betoruga and Deriem, please dot the discussion thread if you are on. Jason and Odea, I honestly don't know if there is any spot open, but feel free to make a character and post in the discussion thread. This game seems to be cursed from the beginning. Never have had anything like this amount of trouble getting a game going.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

OK, we need a healer, and I'd prefer sooner rather than later. If anyone feels like putting together a cleric, oracle or druid within a few days, you are welcome to join.

I can throw together a Cleric. Let me look at the discussion/gameplay thread and come up with a concept that gels well.

Tam o' the Dale for your perusal. Background is deliberately vague as if chosen, I don't know how I'll be introduced.

I submit myself

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Tam o' the Dale, you're welcome. I'll slot you in as soon as possible, which hopefully will be within a couple of days. Note that the campaign world isn't Golarion but the Wilderlands (Golarion gods though), so you'll be Alryan rather than Varisian. Mechanically you just get a +1 bonus to Diplomacy.

Monty, sorry but keep watching the thread. We may still get an alternate party going.

No problem

Hey BT,

I would like to join this - I'll reroll a character fitting to whatever we will be missing.

I'd also like to join character ready for appraisal

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