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Starfinder Society

Black Tom's Castle Whiterock

Game Master Black Tom

Black Tom

Black Tom

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge
(6,857 posts)
Tristan Tarrascon

Male Varisian (human) Ranger 3
(324 posts)


Ratfolk Troubleshooter

AC20 (T 16, FF 14); HP 86/86; saves F +6, R +16, W +7; bab: 6/1; melee 8/1(+13/8), ranged +12/7; CMB 8, CMD 24; speed 30; init +6(+8); perc +11(13)(+15) mp 2/5 | kitsune rogue (pirate)/7; bard(sea singer)/2
acro 21(23,26), appr 11, bluff 6, climb 11, dd 17, disg 5, esc art 10, fly 9, intim 8, k local 5, k geog 6(8), ling 8, perc 11(13,15), prf: harm 8, prf: act 8; pr: sail 11, sm 2, soh 13, spcrft 6, stlth 19(21)(23), swm 10

(2,889 posts)
Menthen Jagaro

HP 23/23(27), AC 17(15) (T 12, FF 15), F+5, R+4, W+0(2), CMB 3(5), CMD 15(17), init +2, perc +5 human(Alryan), M Barbarian(hurler)/1 Alchemist/1
(81 posts)



HP 16/16 | Init +3; Per +7, Traps +5 | AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 13 | Fort +3, Ref +7, Will +1 (+2 vs Fear)
(169 posts)

Max Hellspont

Cleric of Brigh

Male Human Inquisitor 1
(94 posts)


Grand Lodge Slashcard

Male Human
(35 posts)
Arcadian Tribesman
Eider Da'mok

Male Human Druid 1
(44 posts)


Sczarni Vonzara

Female Elf
(265 posts)
Melima Johnson

Female Half-Elf Summoner/1
(43 posts)

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