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Spamwar - I'm flagging as fast as I can but....., by Dragoncat

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Input for the Designers?, by iohip

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Why do Martials need better things?, by RDM42

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How do you handle homosexuality and transgenderism in your campaigns?, by Kalindlara

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Building mermaid tank- charisma to saves besides paladin?, by Kalindlara

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Black Talons of Absalom (Inactive)

Game Master Dave Young 992

The Patchwork City is home to many kinds of people, and a source of wealth unseen in much of the world. Some people make it, others take it. The Black Talons are the second kind.

Edward Sobel

Noro Kas

Female -- current battle map Human Barbarian 3// Init +2/ HP 20 (41) / 26 (47) // AC: 14(12)/T:12(10)/FF:12(10) - Percep: +8// F +6(+8)/R +3/W +3(+5)/CMB +7(+10) (+9(+12) grapple)- CMD 19 (21 grapple)
(822 posts)
Noro Kasuri


Killian Paltreth

Male Wandering Nomad 3
(567 posts)
Carmilla Caliphvaso
"Savvy" Juno

(122 posts)

Hassan Ahmed

Jared Thorne

Male Human Mnk 4 / Rog 1/ Init +5/ HP 42/42 // AC: 20/T:19/FF:11 - Percep: +10// F +5/R +11/W +6 /CMB +6 - CMD 21
(126 posts)


Crystal Cat

(231 posts)

Female Human Cleric 4/Rogue 1 HP: 29/29 AC: 18/T:12/FF:16 - Percep: + 10 - Saves: F4/R5/W8 - CMB +4 - CMD 15
(171 posts)


Villamar Koth
Grigori Hammerhands

Male Human Rogue 1/ Fighter (Brawler) 3
(69 posts)


Lantern Bearer

(230 posts)
Consortium Agent

Male Half Elf, Taldan Rogue 1 Sorc 4// Current Hp 28 /28 // AC 16/ Tch 12/ FLF 14
(281 posts)


Priest of Pharasma
Shadow Lodge Talomyr

(707 posts)
Andrezi Zeldana

Male Varisan Human Ranger (Urban) 2/ Rogue (Knife Master) 3
Init: +7/+9 - HP: 41/41 - AC: 20/T:16/FF:14 (+1 vs light blades) - Percep: + 9/+11/+13 - Saves: F: +7/R: +12/W: +3 - CMB +5 - CMD 20

(254 posts)


Dark Archive twilsemail

Male Human Fighter (Lore Warden) 9
(604 posts)
Loris Raknian

M Human Rogue 9 (Scout / Thug) // Init +3/ HP 57/57 // AC: 19/T:14/FF:17 - Percep: +8// F +4/R +9/W +4/CMB +12 / CMD 26
(94 posts)
Ulfen Raider
Skaldi the Tallest

Male Half-Elf Summoner 1
(433 posts)

Previous Players

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