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Black Talons of Absalom (Inactive)

Game Master Dave Young 992

The Patchwork City is home to many kinds of people, and a source of wealth unseen in much of the world. Some people make it, others take it. The Black Talons are the second kind.

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It took many months of careful and secretive planning to get the 6 of you involved, inculcated and initiated, but it happened. The Night Ravens are ready to do everything but hire criers and hang a shingle to advertise. There's a new gang in town, and for the first time, you're the “original gangsters.”

Rumors are everywhere, naturally, and come pretty cheap. Folks who cheat and steal are also known to lie, so news of a formidable new presence in Absalom alarms some, and bores others. Alliances come and go like ships in the harbor, leaving little to remember, so there's no telling what, if anything, is going on. That remains to be seen. And demonstrated.

The Happy Harpy is one of the Docks District's landmark taverns, run for nearly 50 years by an ornery dwarf named Brig Ironton, a former adventurer known for his strong arms and his accuracy with the pair of throwing axes always hanging from his belt. The tavern occupies the first floor of a 4-story tenement on the east side of the Dock District.

There is a small shrine to Gozreh in one corner, frequented by sailors and dockworkers alike, a grinning, stuffed harpy Brig reportedly killed himself, which hangs swooping from the ceiling, and enough cheap ale to keep his customers (mostly dockworkers and other working locals) drinking well into the night.

There are usually a few working girls, peddlers and cutpurses to be found in or near the place, now that the sun has gone down. The watch doesn't seem to come around the far east end of the Docks District too often, except to dispose of the mutilated bodies of victims of mostly-unsolved crimes, conveniently (and perhaps truthfully,) chalked up to undead or other horrors from the adjoining Precipice Quarter.

The place is fairly full, and some men stare at the female members of your troupe, but no one bothers you directly. The clientele are mostly human, with a few halflings thrown in.

Brig's wife, Dottie, along with a human barmaid, escorts you to the private back room, where Dottie sometimes performs harrowings for those with the coin during the day. They leave you all at a long table with mugs all around, a basket of bread, and three full pitchers of Brig's Bitter, and roll out with another cask for the bar.

Two measure for the room and all you can drink. If you need more, just call. You have the room for the entire evening, as far as I know, she says, and leaves you to your business. The Black Talons have some things to talk about, and perhaps some ambitious plans to hatch on an unsuspecting city.

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

Kheldor takes a seat at the table, ready to get down to business. He has dressed to make an impression: His dark blue shirt is made of silk, and the sleeves are short. On his right forearm is a tattoo bearing the holy symbol of his goddess, Nocticula. On his left, the tattoo of the Night Ravens is visible as well. A pendant with a small stylized tiger, his family's patron animal, hangs from his neck its eyes two tiny sapphires. Holding his cloak in place is a clasp depicting a raven, set with several onyxes.

Hanging from his waste is a masterfully crafted hand crossbow, inlaid with a raven as well.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our first of many meetings. I am glad you could all make it. Let's get down to business shall we? What have you all managed to find out in the couple of weeks since we first met?"

Male Human Rogue 1/ Fighter (Brawler) 3

When Grigori Hammerhands stomped into the room, his heavy metal boots making a suitable impression of sound on the hardwood flooring of the room he looks about the room, looking over Kheldor as if the man was not there at all, and then looking back over his shoulder at a person or persons behind his broad shoulders and he grunts once to them. "Looks safe," he says in a thick accent that is choppy and barely understandable to any who do not know him and his speech patterns beforehand.

He then crosses over immediately to the table, picks up one of the tankards of ale and eyes it carefully, swirling it about then taking a sip of the rich brown liquid. Satisfied and sure it is not poisoned, he chugs the tankard in one breath, places it back onto the table and then crosses over to stand next to the wall.

He does not respond to Kheldor's question at all, merely eyeing the room time and time again as if expecting some unknown attacker to come bursting forth from the woodworks.

Grigori is a very large man and dresses very well with a black shirt, a long-tailed formal coat with slightly longer sleeves than most, black slacks and his heavy armored boots poking out from beneath the trousers. His shirt and jacket stretch visibly over his chest and belly, giving the look that he is rather rotund around the middle, while anyone who had seen him fight knew otherwise. Beneath the clothes lay a thick expanse of heavily trained and scarred muscle and sinews, gathered from years of fighting. His only weapon is a beautifully crafted and flanged mace that hangs from his leather belt but the constant sound of grinding metal and popping knuckles sound from his concealed hands as he surveys his surroundings and his fellow gang-members.

Male Half Elf, Taldan Rogue 1 Sorc 4// Current Hp 28 /28 // AC 16/ Tch 12/ FLF 14

Sidoze enters the room just after Grigori, Least he seems worth the money I pay him he thinks to himself before letting his red brown eyes slide across the gathered people before disregarding them making his way to the seat in front of Grigori moving the hilt of a rapier so he can sit down that was hidden underneath his cloak.

Standing at a mere five feet Sidoze almost seems to disappear infront of the bulk that is Grigori looming at his back. His slanted ears speak for themselves though not the full length of a pure-blood elf framed by his dark brown hair being pulled back tightly so as not to interfere with his eyes. His face partially hidden due to his long dark colored scarf wrapped about his neck and lower face that he leaves on despite the warmer temperature inside.

Know Local to identify the necklace of Kheldor's1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20

Sidoze listens to the richly dressed man sneering behind his scarf content on letting the spoiled boy speak. Look at the fool acting as if he called us all together, he thinks buying trinkets of wealth depicting our gang's symbol will get him noticed more. What is a rich boy like him doing here anyways? I'm sure he must have supporters that have much more money to buy him into a larger gang. Why is he here to join such a small gang? I'll be damned if I let this gang be sucked up into a bigger family working for someone else.

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 23/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 1/8 | Bit of Luck 6/7 | Agile Feet 7/7

Arriving just a shade late, Andrezi enters the room, flirting with Dottie's human assistant. Quickly glancing around the room, he nods in acknowledgement to the large man's comment about the room being safe.

Dressed in well kept, but otherwise not ostentatious clothing of black and various shades of gray, the man moves to the table filling a flagon with some of Brig's Bitter, and has a seat, propping his well polished boots on the table.

A closer inspection of the man reveals that he carries many knives on his person, and in particular a pair of exquisite curved blades at his belt.

Andrezi ponders the finely dressed man's words for a moment before taking another drink of the bitter and responds with wide grin, "Managed to find out? I thought information was your specialty?"

Knowledge (Local):1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10 (vs. human) - to know the significance of Kheldor's familiy symbol

Ugh...8 d20 rolls with nothing above a 7...


And now we wait on the ladies...LOL

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

Hey, just think of it this way, your getting all your bad rolls out of the way now, on stuff that doesn't really matter.

Kheldor chuckles at Andrezi's words. "Your right, that is my specialty, but this is now a team effort. I am curious to hear what my new allies have found out, before revealing what I know"

What exactly did I find out with those spectacular gather info rolls?? I would hope that they got me some inside information that the rest of the gang doesn't know about.

Of course its the ladies that are late, aren't they always? ;-) lol

Without ceremony, a delicate, young, and beautiful woman enters the room. A warm smile erupts over her face as she sees most of the others already gathered, and the flash of her white teeth seems to clash with the sunshine-colored gown she's adorned herself in for the evening. A rapier swings from her hip, but it's clearly there for show and has probably been used very little.

She sits down with a giggle, but "Hello," is the only answer she offers in response to Kheldor's question. She glances around at her companions, and in the flashes of her eye one can tell that she is coldly calculating the uses and purposes of everyone gathered at the table, including herself. As if this thought process was audible to everyone, she finally says, "Well, then, what are we going to do about this 'Market's Door' festival?"

She pours herself a tankard of booze, takes a dainty sip, and continues, "There is a chest full of money, and I assume" she glances around, looking everyone coldly in the eye, "that we want it."

Knowledge (local) 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Hoping for more information about the chest and its journey, but I probably won't get it with a roll like that ;)



I put out 3 possible things to start off. You happen to know, though, that the big Market's Door party ends in the Ascendant Court. The thing is, though, that the temple there is just for tourists and for show. The "real" temple is more like a very secure bank, and it's located in the
Ivy district; a gated community of arts and wealth, guarded by the watch AND paladins, about a mile away.

They'll have to move the money there, soon after the festival. You might be able to find a window of opportunity before that happens. Once they move the money, it'll be heavily guarded, but not so much until then.

The 3 things mentioned in the discussion thread can all be explored. It's a start. You can always check things out to learn more.

You might want a headquarters, or at least something better than this dive bar to meet in.

OTOH, maybe not...

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 23/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 1/8 | Bit of Luck 6/7 | Agile Feet 7/7
"Savvy" Juno wrote:
She pours herself a tankard of booze, takes a dainty sip, and continues, "There is a chest full of money, and I assume" she glances around, looking everyone coldly in the eye, "that we want it."

"There we go. Direct and to the point. Abadar's church already has more money than they know what to do with. I agree, we should help them with that decision, but how? A direct grab would only serve to land us in prision...or worse."

Andrezi says, sitting up from his rather relaxed position.

"How good are the rest of you with disguises? Perhaps we could detain a few of the guardians of the chest prior to its journey. That part should be easy enough, it gets a bit tougher to prevent the chest from arriving at its intended destination and one of our choosing."

"I've worked with disguises before, but I don't have the body frame to pretend to be a guard." She tosses her hair lightly over one shoulder, "Though I'm excellent at causing distractions."

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 23/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 1/8 | Bit of Luck 6/7 | Agile Feet 7/7

A mischeivious grin crosses the Varisian's face as he says, "I'll bet you are."

"That aside, it would be foolish for all of us to be masquerading as guards. We will certainly need some sort of distraction for us to get away with the chest, or at least its contents, and I suspect that we will want someone at the ready for if things go horribly wrong."


Reposting so we don't have to look for it.

Your 1st meeting will occur on Oathday, 26 Rova, 4707 AR (Wed, Sep. 26).

The following Toilday (Mon, 1st Lamashan) will be the fall equinox. In Absalom, it's when they celebrate "Market's Door," a festival honoring Abadar. There is a great procession from the Coins district to the temple of Abadar in the Ascendant Court. Merchants of all stripes participate, hoping for Abadar's blessing for a prosperous year.

At the end of the line, people make a public display of tossing lots of gold and platinum into a large chest on the temple grounds, seeking Abadar's favor, and also showing off how wealthy they are. The money ends up in the church's coffers, and from there, it ends up in someone's pockets. Whose, though?

Anyone clever enough to get to that chest before the clerics empty it would have a nice sum. Enough to buy a building, perhaps...

Male Half Elf, Taldan Rogue 1 Sorc 4// Current Hp 28 /28 // AC 16/ Tch 12/ FLF 14

"Grigori can pose as a guard. He has the right build. But if we are in need of a plan I do have one. And I think you all will like it as it is need of everyone's skill sets." Sidoze says smiling underneath his scarf after the others have quieted for a second.

Turning to the Half Elf, Juno raises an eyebrow, "Oh, a plan? Well then, let's hear it." She settles back in her chair, takes another dainty sip of ale, and looks at Sidoze expectantly.

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

Kheldor grins knowingly at Juno "You are indeed my dear. As for being good with disguises, I like to think I am fairly decent at that, as well as going unnoticed." Suddenly, his form shifts, and he looks a lot like Andrezi Using Hat of Disguise 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (13) + 20 = 33 Then just as suddenly he disappears from sight Using Night Hunter to turn invisibile.

He pops back into view standing next to Grigori. "The big guy here and I can be the guards, while Juno provides our distraction. Once the festival is over, the chest gets moved from Ascendant Court, to a more very secure bank like temple, in the Ivy District about a mile away. There it is guarded by not only the city watch, but those over bearing goody little two-shoes of justice, Paladins of Abadar. It should go without saying that said final destination can not be reached"

Female Human Cleric 4/Rogue 1 HP: 29/29 AC: 18/T:12/FF:16 - Percep: + 10 - Saves: F4/R5/W8 - CMB +4 - CMD 15

A young red-haired man, pokes his head in to the room "Oy! We started already?" The lad has a nobleman's bearing and his face carries a trim mustache and beard. In his arms are an assortment of parchments, quills, and a bottle of ink. And while this is not an appearance anyone immediately recognizes, the voice was clearly feminine and familiar.

Quill pushes into the crowd about the table and unceremoniously drops her collection of materials on the table in front of her.

She flops her red-haired wig on the table and breaks off a big chunk of bread. It is clearly Quill, happily chomping on the bread with the beard and mustache still in tact on her face.

"I'm starved. Been watching the plaza out front of the temple. <<mmppphhmmm>> Got a map here <<mmppphhmmm>> " Between big bites she first unrolls a very poor rendering of the courtyard and various occupants as if drawn by a half-blind art student..."For anyone too curious as to what I was doing... Then pulling out a very detailed sketch of the courtyard and surrounding buildings. "Ah, here is is."

Quill is lithe and pulls off a young males frame quite easily. She could be thought of as cute, if she ever made the effort, as was perhaps not wearing a beard and mustache. She slips her canvas artist's bag off her shoulder and it lands with a heavy <<clunk>> from a heavy metal object hidden within.

She nods greetings as she pours herself a pint in an attempt to get the last huge mouthful down her throat.

Male Half Elf, Taldan Rogue 1 Sorc 4// Current Hp 28 /28 // AC 16/ Tch 12/ FLF 14

Lol makes me laugh Kheldor casting spells infront of a bunch uptight gangsters

Sidoze rolls his eyes as he watches the well dressed man mumble for a few moments trying to impress the others with parlor tricks then he blinks in surprise when he disappears and then reappears behind him his hand going down to the hilt of his rapier and the other going to the handle of his hand-crossbow.

Restraining himself slightly Sidoze removes his hands slowly glaring at the annoying boy before turning back to study Quill. "As I was saying the plan is simple." Turning to Quill he asks. " May I borrow the map?"

After he stands and begins picking up various things from the table representing different items.

"This shall be the caravan. He says pointing at a cup sitting at the back of Quill's.

"If we were to steal a merchants cart or some such thing we could position it where it has "broken" down as if trying to cross the caravan's path. One person could pose as the cart owner arguing with one of our "guards". This will bring the caravan to a halt. Then we can have our....distraction." Sidoze pauses and nods to Juno before continuing "She can bring word that a fire has broken out in the next street over. Which we shall have started what with everyone's attention on the festival it should be easy. This will draw some of the guards out to that street as terror creeps into the citizens. Then in the confusion our best thieves can pose as concerned citizens or even more guards and move to steal the chest." Sidoze moved random parts pointing at the indicated pieces explaining which is which until he finishes sitting down waiting for the others comments.

Male Human Rogue 1/ Fighter (Brawler) 3

For his part, Grigori grunts in surprise at Kheldor's antics and when he appears suddenly out of nowhere right next to him the large man raised his fist meaningfully at the man's proximity, knuckles clenching slowly until a loud series of pops sounded from his hidden fist and the sleeve of his long coat drew back a few inches to reveal a gauntlet, painted black, and the knuckles of which were covered in jagged and forward curving spikes. He gestures with his head for Kheldor to back away from both him, as a man who did not like people being so close to him, and from Sidoze who was his current employer and thus was awarded the full extent of his duties as a bodyguard. Unless Sidoze said so, no one would be allowed so near him without very good reason.

Grigori gave Kheldor a hard and flat glare from his blue eyes until the man backed up sufficiently. Once the boy was far enough away from him that he was comfortable again, Grigori lowers his fist, sleeve covering his hand again as he resumes his stance behind Sidoze's chair and he finally begins listening in on the plan.

He glances over the entire party in turn, disregarding Kheldor as a nuisance, and instead paying more attention to his other companions. Andrezi he knew from his years as a street-thug, working with him on several occassions before. Overall he liked the man, he was thorough, skilled and they worked well together.

The woman, Juno, was pretty but Grigori paid her little mind once he had acknowledged her presence. He was not the sort of man to just fall head over heels for a pretty face as he was sure she was accustomed to.

Quill caught him off guard to be sure, masquerading so well as a boy that originally he might have moved to remove the new person if she had not identified herself by removing the wig. Overall, she was ok in Grigori's books but he knew little about her, having never really worked with her before.

He jerks his head back to the group at large as Sidoze finishes illustrating his plan and he rubs at the thick beard on his face contemplatively. He wondered if he should say anything to add to it, but decided against it, these folks were the thinkers, even Andrezi as a dagger-man possessed more skill with his mind more than he did. Instead, Grigori leans back against the wall behind him, arms crossed in front of his broad chest and was content just listening.

"Hmmm... that's an excellent start, dear. However, we should anticipate that the guards won't send their whole troop to investigate a fire, and they won't let that chest go easily. Not to mention, in a crowded street, it won't be as easy as simply 'stealing the chest.' Where do we take it? How do we move it? How do we escape the witnesses that see us when we take it and move it?"

"I think we can assume that the guards will be towing the chest with some sort of cart, so we might as well try to commandeer that from the beginning." Juno looks over the map. "First, I think more than one distraction will be necessary. The first, the fire, is an ingeniously easy idea. That will hopefully draw the first set of guards away from the chest, and maybe even many of the witnesses." She motions with her fingers on the map this idea as she says it.

"Second, we stage an attack targeting the guards still accompanying the cart, but not the driver. If we catch them by surprise, they may fall easily. If they don't fall quickly, however, I think archery fire from the building tops will suffice in providing the people on the ground level the means of escaping after a quick brawl."

"At this point, the driver of the cart will be panicked, but his path ahead still blocked. Then, as his buddies are either attacking or chasing our thugs, I will return from announcing the fire, but this time from a different direction, with a new face," she smiles.

Suddenly, coming into character with a panicked look on her face, she cries, "Quick, this way, behind this building where the arrows can't hit you!" She maneuvers the cup on the map faithfully behind a building.

"And then... we strike quickly, and hard. Take out the driver and any last guard that followed the cart into the alley, dump the bodies, throw buckets of mud on the camels or whatever is pulling the cart, throw a burlap tarp over the cart disguising its contents, and we high-tail it to a safer part of the city."

She finishes her mug and places it firmly back on the table. "Questions? Comments? Concerns?" she asks, looking around at each of their faces.

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

Boy?? Kheldor is older by 2 than Sidoze, lol.

Kheldor ignores Sidoze and Grigori, backing down none at all. While the man was intimidating, he had dealt with far more menacing men and women for that matter in his family's line of work.

As Sidoze lays out his plan, he listens with interest and eventually walks over to the table peering at the set-up "Your assuming of course that any of the caravan guards would leave their escort. Would it not make more sense for them to stay and tighten up defenses due to the likelihood that fearful citizens could crash into the caravan in their fleeing the fire? Besides, guards and townsfolk from elsewhere would probably be called into to handle the fire. As I said, the chest doesn't get moved until after everything is over. So aside from some crowd dispersal, the guards will be finished with patrolling the festival."

"So we hit as soon as the caravan starts. It'll still be early, there will be plenty of crowd. With a festival this large, I think that the prospects of a fire in this crowded of an area will at least draw a few of the guards in for protection. Besides, we could always make it a really big fire." She grins devilishly at Kheldor.

EDIT: "Or something very important."

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

"I'm not too keen on randomly setting huge fires for no reason. I mean, sure it's part of getting the chest, but we aren't getting any money from the places that burn down. The plan is a very good one, but we need to be positive some of the guards get drawn off, and I am just not sure a fire will do the trick."

Male Half Elf, Taldan Rogue 1 Sorc 4// Current Hp 28 /28 // AC 16/ Tch 12/ FLF 14

@ Kheldor Acting like a boy with little tricks haha joking, I honestly didnt know but thats what he would read into it sorry

Sidoze listens to the others for a moment and nods a few times before shrugging.

"You want to openly attack and kill guards of the city. From rooftops, I would think they would have someone posted up there. Excuse me if I am hesitant to have any connections or chance of guards identifying our gang so soon. I don't want to chance it. The fire is risk but it is plausible in the chaos off the guards will be too distracted by the fire to notice you stealing the chest. Attacking the guards I believe will draw too much attention potentially calling in additional aid to the caravan instead of hoping to take down fully armed guards. Kheldor you are not the only one who knows the details of this event. Please don't assume with your families connections you know more than true children of the street." Sidoze laughs then though the mirth never reached his eyes.

"Futher more perhaps we can have the cart run rampage as if the horses were spooked perhaps cutting off some of the procession as the fire spreads."

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 23/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 1/8 | Bit of Luck 6/7 | Agile Feet 7/7

"The only problem with hitting the caravan early is that the reward for successfully pulling off this job is significantly less if the damned fool merchants and spoiled, little rich boys" he says, as he casts a sideways glance in Kheldor's direction "won't have had enough time to out do each other with ridiculous offerings."

Andrezi steps away from the map long enough to refill his now empty flagon and grab a piece of the bread, provided Quill has left any after her attack on the basket earlier...

"We have to weigh risk versus reward and decide what is acceptable to us all. I like the idea of hiring out a few expendable types to aid in a distraction...fewer guards we actually have to deal with the better. Sounds like we are resigned to the fact that the driver is going to be visiting Pharasma a bit sooner than he would have anticipated, right?"

"Sidoze, my dear, I've been attacking the city guard since I was six years old. You may not want to get your hands dirty, or your reputation, but that's what it'll take if we want to profit off this. Those guards are being paid to give their lives to protect that chest, and they simply won't walk away from it unless we confront them directly."

"So long as the witnesses are silenced, and those who aren't only saw disguises or shadows, our name will remain clear."


"What's your conscience doing here? This is about making money, not protecting the innocent citizens of Absalom. There are always dangers to a fire, but that's why we're warning them about it, no? What if the guards were somehow convinced that they heard other guardsmen calling for aid, do you think that would work?"

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

Kheldor looks at Sidoze with a deadly serious look "True children of the street?? Ha! Don't make me laugh! All you are are punk brats hoping to catch a lucky break and maybe make your mark in an underworld that chews up and spits out little upstart gangs on a regular basis. As for my family connections, perhaps I can call on them to make you and the tough guy disappear quicker than then you can blink."

He thinks for a few moments "Hmm, I wonder if one of us should pose as the cart driver?. This way, we have full control over perhaps the most important piece."

"I also agree that unnecessary violence is a bad idea. As I said, this city will get rid of us before we even get a chance to pretend to be something special"

@ Juno, "Conscience? Whoever said anything about one of those? I would have no problem setting this entire city ablaze if we had insurance on every building. Since we don't I'd rather not just willy nilly burn things down. If nothing else, it's a waste of a good fire."

Male Human Rogue 1/ Fighter (Brawler) 3

Grigori could not help himself at Juno's words, he began to laugh at her, heavily, rolling in his deep baritone so that it almost echoed about the room and he had to clasp a hand against his stomach hard, his gauntlet making a noticeable clank of metal against metal beneath his shirt and coat. Perhaps his girth was merely a farce after all.

Male Human Rogue 1/ Fighter (Brawler) 3

Grigori steps forwards faster than Kheldor can act and he raises his fist again, this time the gauntlet fully exposed and he cracks his knuckles loudly and purposefully. "Family connections won't help you if Grigori breaks your face in right now." He bares his teeth slightly in a snarl and looks the brat right in the eyes. It is not meant to make him back down, it is to show him that he is fully ready and capable of seriously harming him for real.

Male Human Rogue 1/ Fighter (Brawler) 3

Also in the Discussion Board but posting here to make sure you actually read it:
Kheldor you are making this extremely argumentative and threatening other players is not the way to start off a gaming session I think. You are pushing me to the point that I have to instigate PVP to play this character in this juvenile pissing match right at the beginning of the game and I don't like that or appreciate it, especially since the GM has ruled that PVP is not allowed. Now please drop it.

ALSO you said that Kheldor refused to back away or down from him, ergo you refused to get away

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 23/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 1/8 | Bit of Luck 6/7 | Agile Feet 7/7

"Gentlemen, and I use that term very loosely, if we are to have a working relationship the threats to each other have to stop now. Kheldor, while I am sure your family has plenty of connections, I doubt they will do you much good or else why would you be here with us now?"

"Grigori, while Kheldor's comments are... aggravating...I'm sure Brig wants no bloodshed in his establishment, or at least not any that he doesn't cause himself with those axes of his."

"Now if all of that is done for now, can we please go back to figuring out how to make ourselves significantly richer?"

Who'd a thought the cold-blooded killer would be the rational one ;)

Male Half Elf, Taldan Rogue 1 Sorc 4// Current Hp 28 /28 // AC 16/ Tch 12/ FLF 14

Andrezi lol well your coldblooded thus your "cool headed" hahaha

Sidoze casually slips his hand underneath back to his hand crossbow reassuring himself that the poisoned quarrel is still attached looking to the upstart Kheldor.

@ Juno "Girl I find that hard to believe and there's nothing great or glorious in involving a shooting match between armed guards. We are few and right now it seems Grigori is in the mind of reducing us by one more. Deception and catspaws are our strength right now. Do you really believe we can take on a force upwards to twenty guards in plain view with perhaps a few hidden amongst the buildings and the crowd?"

@ Grigori and Kheldor Sidoze turns his head and looks to the boiling confrontation. "Grigori, while I would love to see the martial skills I hired you for demonstrated on this pompous ass we might need him as we still don't have the gold of Abadar. Kheldor, we all agreed to come to this meeting and discuss how this gang would pull this off. Threatening us will not help you plus as Andrezi says if your family was at all strong you would be helping them not us. The Night Ravens."

With that Sidoze turns back to the table and looks to Quill and Andrezi. "What do you two think so far we have heard a direct attack and distractions. As you se we are nothing if not open to suggestions."

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 23/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 1/8 | Bit of Luck 6/7 | Agile Feet 7/7

"A direct attack is little more than a fool's errand that will get us imprisoned or worse. My vote is for a distraction."

Turning toward Kheldor, "With your talents for disguise, perhaps you could choose a particularly non-descript form and arrange for a few expendable types from the Puddles district. Growing up in the Puddles, I know the people there are poor and desperate enough to take a chance to make a bit of coin as long as all they have to do is distract and perhaps draw off a few guards. Hell some of them may even be foolish enough to grab a handful of coins from the chest and really get the attention of the guards."

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

Instead of being afraid, the lithe man actually laughs at the larger man "See? That's the kind of fire that will get us places!!. As to why I am here, attempting to jump start the Night Ravens, I have my own reasons, and my family's full blessing. Now then, what of my idea about one of us taking the place of the cart driver?"

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 23/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 1/8 | Bit of Luck 6/7 | Agile Feet 7/7

"The idea has merit. Any of us skilled in driving a horse a wagon?"

Male Half Elf, Taldan Rogue 1 Sorc 4// Current Hp 28 /28 // AC 16/ Tch 12/ FLF 14

Sidoze turns once more to Kheldor "Let this be understood I will not have any ties to your family so your either with us or with them. So drop the jewelry, I dont know where you grew up but trinkets that should adorn a woman would earn a quick death in some back alley in Puddles. With that said, how did you change your shape? Perhaps you could appear as the cart driver taking his place, after we have distracted the guards?"

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

"I don't imagine it could be that hard. Also, I agree with hiring a few expendables. I can handle that, though it would be best to gather them before hand. As for the actual heist, I can be a faux guard with Grigori, or I can pose as the driver, if I can manage driving the wagon. Though since I won't be going all that fast, it should be relatively easy."

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 23/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 1/8 | Bit of Luck 6/7 | Agile Feet 7/7

"Agreed it shouldn't be all that difficult, as long as the creatures pulling the wagon don't get spooked. I will fill which ever role is needed of me, be it the driver, a guard or part of the distraction."

While having no actual Handle Animal skill, Andrezi does have wild empathy.

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

"Perhaps I come from a rich family, and I wear nice clothing, but I am no coward coming here with my own bodyguard. Whom I assume isn't free. You show being well of your way, I do it mine. Besides, do you honestly think this is how I dress for job? I was always taught to dress nicely when making first impressions."

"I thought of replacing the driver, but that person will likely be a guardsman himself. They will know each other, they know their lives and personalities far better than we could hope to impersonate. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's very unlikely."

"We're going to need to agree on some things, boys, or this plan will never work."

Male Half Elf, Taldan Rogue 1 Sorc 4// Current Hp 28 /28 // AC 16/ Tch 12/ FLF 14

Sidoze sighs and ignores the yapping of Kheldor more intent on the map infront of him. "Andrezi you know Puddles as well as any of us we can leave you and Juno to find some toughs to help spread panic. But are we agreeing on the fire to create some sort of distraction?"

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

"Well, I think we've come to a few agreements actually. Sidoze's general plan is a good one. Not sure on the fire, but we can continue to discuss that as we move along. We also agree that getting some help is a good idea as well, while a serious assault is a bad one. I can't help but think that if we could somehow find a way to get the loot out of the chest, and into something more manageable and portable that would be ideal, but I have no clue how to reasonably pull that off."

"Another option for the fire is a false mugging staged between two of us. Say, for example, Andrezi and I are on the street corner as the caravan passes. At the signal, I cry for help loudly as Andrezi throws me to the ground, grabbing my purse and running away. The guards might chase after something like that, and I'm sure you could give them the slip easily enough, with some magical enhancement" She says the last part to Andrezi himself, giving him a sly wink.

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 23/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 1/8 | Bit of Luck 6/7 | Agile Feet 7/7

"As I said before, I will fill what ever roll is needed. What sort of magical enhancement are you referring to?"

Female Human Cleric 4/Rogue 1 HP: 29/29 AC: 18/T:12/FF:16 - Percep: + 10 - Saves: F4/R5/W8 - CMB +4 - CMD 15

Quill had looking off to the side distractedly, in her mind playing out the scene of each proposed action.

"We have a good start here on the heist, needs some work but we are getting there, but one additional thing we need to consider as well, is the get away. We cant continue to drive the wagon and chest through the town. We will need to empty the chest, and move the gold off in another means before abandoning the wagon as well. Either passing the gold in a barrel or saddle bags into an alley, an open window, or another cart"

Turning to Savvy, "Unless compelled, I don't see the guards leaving their post for a purse snatching. Now...I could perhaps will the driver to dismount the wagon. But he would soon come to his senses, as it is a simple misdirection, and would only work on one guard at a time. But something along those lines perhaps, because we have to ensure they either replace the guards or at least make a grab for the chest."

Male Half Elf, Taldan Rogue 1 Sorc 4// Current Hp 28 /28 // AC 16/ Tch 12/ FLF 14

Sidoze reaches into his cloak and pulls out a small vial of viscous liquid. "This could be applied to a small dagger or something and all you would need to do is prick the driver. It should render him unconscious for several hours. Then perhaps using some magic wecreate an illusion to make him seem as a sack or something letting our driver take his place."

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 23/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 1/8 | Bit of Luck 6/7 | Agile Feet 7/7

"I have no problems with poisoning the poor bastard, but I would rather get rid of the driver as opposed to relying on illusions to mask his appearance. Illusions can be seen through, and if our illusionary sack is seen through, that puts us in one hell of a tough situation."


Kheldor decides he is no longer interested in working with you and leaves.

I hope that the rest of you still want to play, and can do so respectfully and with an eye towards having some fun with harrowing heists and crazy capers.

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 23/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 1/8 | Bit of Luck 6/7 | Agile Feet 7/7

Andrezi gets a confused look on his face as Kheldor leaves the room. "What in the Nine Hells was that about? Oh well, back to planning."

Male Human Rogue 1/ Fighter (Brawler) 3

Grigori watches the man leave, shrugs and returns his gaze to the room, sure it was by now safe but still unable to shake his usual practices.

Yes still very interested and I do not plan on provoking any more such conflicts on my end.

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