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Black Talons of Absalom (Inactive)

Game Master Dave Young 992

The Patchwork City is home to many kinds of people, and a source of wealth unseen in much of the world. Some people make it, others take it. The Black Talons are the second kind.

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This is a little thing from when we were just getting started. I hope it charges our batteries a little.

Early in the thread:
We'll start out assuming you all have a place to stay and the rent's paid. Some of you might share a space, or all live in different districts. That's up to you.

This being a mostly-city thing, you'll mostly encounter humans and humanoids. Like you, they have levels in various classes, but since they're not you, they don't all have to kill things to get xp. I was just reading a thread about NPCs and the Gamemastery Guide, and thought "So what class and level is the barmaid?" Of course, the answer is "It depends." It's not likely to matter very often.

With 6 of you playing and working on rogue-y stuff, I hope you don't mind dividing duties and maybe even going out alone or in small groups. This goes against the "don't split the party" maxim, but it's a city, and most people can walk from one end to the other without getting killed. Gangsters, naturally, aren't most people. You'll eventually have to be careful in certain areas, TBD.

I'm hoping that we'll have more than one story going on, and you'll be able to decide for yourselves what you want to do. I want to keep things sandbox-y and player-directed. Your ideas are as good as mine (probably better), and the people who post the most will do the most. We'll need daily posting (weekends optional, but encouraged) to keep things moving.

It takes a while to get into a rhythm and get a feel for what you can realistically do. If everybody's patient, we can all have some bracing adventures going on and get to do some cool things. This setting offers a lot of possibilities, but I'll need your help to make it exciting.

Let me just add that this is an extremely slow game, and I'm fine with that. Chess by mail is a lost art.

Female Human Barbarian 4// Init +2/ HP 42 (42) / 65 (65) // AC: 16(14)/T:12(10)/FF:14(12) - Percep: +9// F +7(+9)/R +3/W +3(+5)/CMB +9(+12) (+11(+14) grapple)- CMD 21 (23 grapple)

just wanted to let you all know that Noro is still here I will busy this weekend visiting the wife at the hospital posting will be laxed, anyway thanks for understanding.


Best wishes to the wife. Hospitals are NO FUN, so I'm glad you can be there to cheer her up.

Male Human Mnk 4 / Rog 1/ Init +5/ HP 42/42 // AC: 20/T:19/FF:11 - Percep: +10// F +5/R +11/W +6 /CMB +6 - CMD 21

Quick Question... are these guys Ravens or are they not gang members?


Members. They get the Ravens tattoo, so they get the Minor Magic rogue talent for free.

Male Human Mnk 4 / Rog 1/ Init +5/ HP 42/42 // AC: 20/T:19/FF:11 - Percep: +10// F +5/R +11/W +6 /CMB +6 - CMD 21

But, is their ultimate loyalty to us as individuals or to "the gang"?


Both. I don't see it as either-or. They're loyal to you individually as your leftenants, and the gang, too.

Male Human Mnk 4 / Rog 1/ Init +5/ HP 42/42 // AC: 20/T:19/FF:11 - Percep: +10// F +5/R +11/W +6 /CMB +6 - CMD 21

Sorry of I was pu55y-footing around.

If Jared's ideals were to come into conflict with the gang's... Probably don't happen.

Just getting a feel for building "brothers from another mother" or henchmen. One would feel differently about each.

M Human Rogue 9 (Scout / Thug) // Init +3/ HP 57/57 // AC: 19/T:14/FF:17 - Percep: +8// F +4/R +9/W +4/CMB +12 / CMD 26

My preference would be to play Mijndert.

In the thread I had a bit of RP before a combat, the combat itself, and some RP with Edward afterwards while we spent two months waiting for the party to return.

I'd likely be cool with RPing as the LTs at some point, but I'd like Mijndert to play a role for a bit first.

My $.02.

Male Human Mnk 4 / Rog 1/ Init +5/ HP 42/42 // AC: 20/T:19/FF:11 - Percep: +10// F +5/R +11/W +6 /CMB +6 - CMD 21

I second that sentiment. A little more time getting comfortable in our own skin and working the kinks out.

Also, working through working as a unit.


I see your point. You don't have to send your flunkies.

Male Human Mnk 4 / Rog 1/ Init +5/ HP 42/42 // AC: 20/T:19/FF:11 - Percep: +10// F +5/R +11/W +6 /CMB +6 - CMD 21

BYOF! Be your own flunkie!

M Human Rogue 9 (Scout / Thug) // Init +3/ HP 57/57 // AC: 19/T:14/FF:17 - Percep: +8// F +4/R +9/W +4/CMB +12 / CMD 26

Salutations all,

I hope you are all well. I'm just posting here to inform you all that I'm withdrawing from the campaign. While this post may not be necessary at this point, I feel that it's courteous.

We've not had a post in the IG thread for over a month and it's been nearly that long since this discussion thread had a post. I had fun while it lasted and wish you all the best.


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