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Black Dow's Iobarian Saga (Inactive)

Game Master Black Dow

PFRPG pbp conversion of the classic UK 2 & 3 series The Sentinel & The Gauntlet aka "THE IOBARIAN SAGA"

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No worries Mark - I'll keep Ragnar and his hund safe from the trow's pot until as/when your little vikingr arrives :)

Male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 3 (Invulnerable Rager archetype)

Thanks Luke - this will be our second boy arriving (other is 3), so we will be in roughly the same situation as yourself.

DM BD - no need to keep Ragnar safe, he's learnt by now that the trow are basically sissies... both of the ones he's faced have gone down the first time that Ragnar has hit them ;)

Believe Mark's wife's water broke earlier today gang, so we'll be sans Ragnar for a wee while.

Am uber busy with my Bosses wedding this weekend [am an usher] but will get a post up tonight to keep you all busy over the weekend lol.

To celebrate Mark's wee vikingr joining the world thought this was quite apt:

There are many traditions concerning childbirth on the Orkney Islands. Most are a combination of magic and religion, devised to keep both mother and baby safe from supernatural creatures or “trows”. To begin, pregnancy is supposed to be kept secret to protect the unborn baby from the supernatural, and mothers should sleep with knives and a Bible under their bed. More worrying is what happens after the birth, when the knife and Bible are transferred to the baby’s room to carry on protecting the child. (What would health visitors say about that?!) Any women who were present at the baby’s birth should remain at the home for the next few days to keep the evil trows away.

The Orcadians like to celebrate the birth of a child by “Weetin’ the heid of the bairn” (wetting the child’s head). Normally the father will bring out a bottle of whiskey and share it with the other men in the neighbourhood (presumably the women drink tea?), to bring the baby good luck. The celebrations carry on with special feasts. The first is called the “blide-meat”, whereby scones and ale are given to family members and neighbours who come to visit. The “Fittin’ Feast” is for the baby’s family only and marks the mum’s return to her daily household duties (a cause for celebration?!). The final feast is call the “Cirsenin’ Feast” which takes place immediately after the baby’s baptism.

So time fer a "Weeting" eh lads???

Male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 3 (Invulnerable Rager archetype)

Sounds a fine tradition set BD ;)

Wife and Bub continue to do well and all things considered should hopefully be back in our own home as of tomorrow. Will see how the home-life settles out before committing to a specific time for wading back online so if Sasquatch botting can continue a wee while longer that would be grand like.

Male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 3 (Invulnerable Rager archetype)

Ragnar has returned from the cold dark and although the bags under eyes are epic... should be back to regular-ish service ;)

Male Human Ranger Hunter (Outlander)/4, HP: 31/31, AC: 16 , Saves: STR +3, DEX +6, Initiative: +4, Perception: +6


Gents, as part of my moving house we're having a timely enforced - cough clear out.

Now while all my PF stuff is safe, some of my materials for RL gaming hasn't been so lucky lol.

Last year I was hell bent on running Kingmaker as a RL campaign for some friends and colleagues. Never got off the ground but my prep did...

sooooo... I've a couple of rolls of mapping paper free to a good home. Happy to ship em if you want em... Just PM me :)

1 x Hex Paper

1 x Square Paper

Lads just a wee heads up regards the status of the saga - I'm moved in to my new home but no interwebs [address registration issues are holding up that process] - work is uber busy so no time for anything outwith the cursory post in other pbp...

All my notes are on my home PC so keep watching this space and hopefully within the next week or so I'll be back in the saddle.

Keep the faith lol - but I'll understand if patience wears thin as the spring ice...



Male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 3 (Invulnerable Rager archetype)

No problems BD - Ragnar will just wait on tenterhooks to find out how badly he's going to get thrashed.

RL Interwebbage Update lads - won't have home access until end of June now... (bah) so the game will remain likely frozen until then.

Apologies and hope you'll be here when the thaw comes.

On the upside have some choice stuff to throw at you thanks to Giants Revisited :)

Alrighty then... Interwebbage is back with avengence in the Black Dow hooseholt...

Barring my new hund chewing the laptop I'll be getting this one up and running again by the weekend. Can I take a wee head count to see whose still with me on the cald, hard jaunt into Iobaria...

BTW - thanks for the patience - know this game's been a little stop-start-stop... but fingers chopped we'll get a good run from here in.

Male Human Alchemist (Beastmorph) 3

Muli raises his hand, giving the stuffed Ice Toad a good look around the room.

Male Human Ranger Hunter (Outlander)/4, HP: 31/31, AC: 16 , Saves: STR +3, DEX +6, Initiative: +4, Perception: +6

Luke nods with a slight smile...

Male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 3 (Invulnerable Rager archetype)

Waves, just waiting for the big ugly guy to start whaling in on poor Ragnar.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Cailean Caydean 3

Kevkul plonks down his mug hoping the brute will topple any moment now.

Male Human Ranger Hunter (Outlander)/4, HP: 31/31, AC: 16 , Saves: STR +3, DEX +6, Initiative: +4, Perception: +6

I hope you pull it out Kev. I bet money that I do not have to pay! LOL

Male Dwarf Cleric of Cailean Caydean 3

We could always pilfer money off from their stone cold pouches, eh?

Male Human Alchemist (Beastmorph) 3

There is a running (bad) joke at our RL table about searching Giants' sacks after killing them.

A group after my own heart lol...

Male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 3 (Invulnerable Rager archetype)

BD - might be worth popping out a few PMs to the players, the campaign probably isn't showing up with new posts in their campaign tab.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Cailean Caydean 3

Yep..missed the new updates, thanks for the heads up BD.

Male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 3 (Invulnerable Rager archetype)

Just in time to see Ragnar's epic fail :)

Och not that bad a fail Ragnar... I'll rally the rest o' the merry band and get his Saga into a higher gear...

Male Human Alchemist (Beastmorph) 3

Man. I just saw your post in the 3-days thread. The game tread was definitely not giving me a heads up that posts were going on. Will work on catching up.

i was invited by the GM, and was wondering what yall would prefer. in mind i am thinkin a halfling bard, or or if i can (GM willing) maybe a halfling ninja? would that be ok with the current crew?

Male Human Ranger Hunter (Outlander)/4, HP: 31/31, AC: 16 , Saves: STR +3, DEX +6, Initiative: +4, Perception: +6

May be difficult in deep snow...but Halfling Bard sounds fine to me.

wish there was an IM feature here where i could talk in real time with people

Morning (well here in Scotland) - Aye was doing a stealthy yeti recruitment of a skills orientated character and Talon drew the short (no pun intended) straw.

A Halfling Bard would be my preference - depending on your archtype (if you go for one); I'll incorporate that into the game...

See what you come up with Talon and fire the character up here in the OOC thread. I'll probably PM you back some feedback on rumours you may have heard and suchlike...

BTW - post the current Gánnáhwǽr interlude I'll be allowing the group to retool incorporating the Advance Races Guide and other supplements if/as necessary. So you plan ahead while Ragnar plays nice with Black Halvr ;)

Male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 3 (Invulnerable Rager archetype)

Waves to the newbie :)

Ragnar's trying to play nice... but he just keeps missing with his headbutts!

Okay nasty northmen foes defeated... honour maintained :)

I've updated the XP to reflect this and made it a complete total rather than amount earned (in addition to your starter XP of 1,300).

We'll also be introducing Talon's character in Gánnáhwǽr and there's plenty of stuff to keep you out of trouble until the wilds lol...

Gánnáhwǽr is a trading post. The trading post with Brevoy (and as such the West) so many things can be found here. I'll try and fire up a basic map of the posts layout and you guys can take it from there.

Apologies for the start-stop nature of this part, and heartfelt thanks for sticking with me :)

Game On!

Male Dwarf Cleric of Cailean Caydean 3

Kevkul waves too. He'd be happy to have another shorty in the pack.

i may do a human ranger now.....not sure

I've (sortof) nixed the Human Ranger as Luke already has this locked up... Talon check your PM for feedback :)

Male Human Ranger Hunter (Outlander)/4, HP: 31/31, AC: 16 , Saves: STR +3, DEX +6, Initiative: +4, Perception: +6

I was gonna say...I would have been highly

Okay Talon is going to pass. Still think we perhaps need a rogue or bard, but given how buzzsaw you lot are I'm beginning to think I'm being too cautious.

Thus far encounters have went your way... but...

Thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated. Yes this will remain quite a combat heavy game (in the spirit of the original adventures) but there is more detective work and diplomacy to come...

Ragnar and Skolryk have proved themselves more than capable of red-handed work. Luke is the wilds and a deadeye with a bow. Kevkul the daughty priest with a number of cool abilities thanks to the Spledig Wesa. And Muli is... well Muli lol.

Do we need anyone else????

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Male Human Ranger Hunter (Outlander)/4, HP: 31/31, AC: 16 , Saves: STR +3, DEX +6, Initiative: +4, Perception: +6

A rogue may be with a sterling personality (read...high CHA) to handle the delicate situations where bloodshed may not be necessary. Hey, I know, a rogue based on Bluff/Feint to provide sneak attack damage. I want to play him...can I do that? Just kidding. LOL

Lads - have posted a recruitment thread for a potential new addition to our merry band.

Feel free to chip into the thread with input, comment and glowing endorsements of me and the game lol.

I'll fire up a detailed game update tomorrow - been distracted by a combination of work, the Olympics and visting relatives this weekend...

Male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 3 (Invulnerable Rager archetype)
Luke Falgren wrote:
A rogue may be with a sterling personality (read...high CHA) to handle the delicate situations where bloodshed may not be necessary.

Ragnar raises a heavy lidded eyebrow in confusion "There are situations where bloodshed is not necessary?"

Of those who've put forward characters I'd agree that Nadia is probably the frontrunner.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Cailean Caydean 3

I would prefer someone who could drink with the best of them and not stagger after a thimble of mead.

I would rate consistency highly as attrition does wreck a good story.

Initiative +4, Perception +6, AC 18/14/14, Fort +2/Ref +8/Will +3, HP 22, Archaeologist Bard

Nadia can handle her ealu! :)


Just to let everyone know - Nadia will be joining our happy saga :)

Hopefully the next Druncnung will test her mettle with medu... although let's not have them too often eh?

Male Human Ranger Hunter (Outlander)/4, HP: 31/31, AC: 16 , Saves: STR +3, DEX +6, Initiative: +4, Perception: +6

Welcome Nadia!

Initiative +4, Perception +6, AC 18/14/14, Fort +2/Ref +8/Will +3, HP 22, Archaeologist Bard

Thank you Luke!

Guys - am bushed - heavy day at work and want to make the next post a start of a new chapter in the Saga :)

Will work on something suitably epic for tomorrow and welcome Nadia :)

Male Human Alchemist (Beastmorph) 3

It was the ale comment above, that decided it, wasn't it? Good job Nadia. Welcome. This group can definitely use a female perspective...good luck with that. :P

Initiative +4, Perception +6, AC 18/14/14, Fort +2/Ref +8/Will +3, HP 22, Archaeologist Bard

Thank you BD and Muli. Get ready...this girl has got some attitude! Hehe! She'll have Ragnar eating out of her hand!

As well as recruiting we'll use this little interim at Gannahwaer to retool the characters if necessary. You can re-equip, trade and spend coin if you wish...

Crunchwise if there's anything you're aching to change or bring into play with regards rebuilding or new materials - nows the time :) Run it past me and we can take it from there...

Male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 3 (Invulnerable Rager archetype)

Ragnar needs no modification and doesn't have enough money to buy what he would desire.

Spoken like a true Northman :)

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