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Baldwin the Merciful's - CoT Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master baldwin the merciful

This is Council of Thieves AP. Westcrown, City of Twilight, once was the center of Aroden's faith, but now it symbolizes despair. By day, the city remains a vibrant center of trade; but, by night only those with a death wish venture out.

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Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

Orsin gives a gulp as Amaya leans closer. "Uh-uh-Of course! What would you like to hear?"

Female Human Tian, NPC

Looking around at the group of dwarves and guards, "Well, not really sure this crowd would be too keen on an opera, perhaps an good drinking song." She pulls out a slender tin whistle from her satchel. "I can provide you a little help...would you like D or G Major?"

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Andrea passes near Janiven and presses a pouch with 100 gp in it. Just a small appriciation for you. Andrea whispers. Looking over to Orsin who is being enchanted by Amaya, Andrea nods. He was very dependable in combat with the goblin king's forces, I believe he is approachable.

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

Orsin leans in close and whispers, "I've never met a baritone who doesn't love D major. Do you know the 'The Cleanly Drinking Maid'? On my count and in two, then." Orsin waits for Amaya to ready her instrument and silence the room if she feels so inclined. Once they're ready, he whispers the ghost sound spell to bring in 12 seconds of instrumental intro, featuring fiddles, lutes, harps, and tambourines.

"The Cleanly Drinking Maid" is about a young housewife who will only preform her chores when hammered at which point she comes up with humorous, drunken solutions to her everyday cleaning. Many solutions involve a handaxe.

Perform (sing): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (6) + 10 = 16

M Dwarf, HP 87 NPC, fighter3/Expert5/wiz5

A hearty dwarf waddles over to Andrea and Fiosa when they come back from the bushes. "Loss sumth'n in me bushes lasses?" He begins to chuckle loudly, "urges be mighty 'owerful at times." His rouch callused fingers pinch Andrea's cheek. Y'all be just fine in my book. Let's 'ave another drink." Thumping Andrea on the back.

"Name's Gruum, Duncan sumtimes shows up 'ere." Thumping you again on the back in a good natured way.

You can see Duncan staring at you.

Evil GM

A roar of the crowd occurs when the music begins. Mead and ale slushes away as Orsin and Amaya take center stage. The baritone singing his rowdy bar song accompanied by the wind instrument.

The crowd starts to stomp their feet and gut out the song with their unrefined voices. All in all a great time is had by the crowd. There is a loud cheer when a dwarf, Gruum, starts to juggle two handaxes.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16
Gruum Sharpest wrote:

A hearty dwarf waddles over to Andrea and Fiosa when they come back from the bushes. "Loss sumth'n in me bushes lasses?" He begins to chuckle loudly, "urges be mighty 'owerful at times." His rouch callused fingers pinch Andrea's cheek. Y'all be just fine in my book. Let's 'ave another drink." Thumping Andrea on the back.

"Name's Gruum, Duncan sumtimes shows up 'ere." Thumping you again on the back in a good natured way.

You can see Duncan staring at you.

Andrea jumps a little when Grumm lets her know that he knows exactly what was going and and gives a little laugh as her wine flushed face gets even redder. Oh, I've found exactly what I was looking for. Andrea holds Fiosa's hand and winks at both of them.

Andrea 'umphs' a little as the strong hand thumps her back, almost making her stumble due to her wobbly legs. Pleased to meet you Master Grumm, I'm Andrea I've been helping Duncan out with some of his work. Andrea notices Duncan staring at all of them.

Oh dear, I think Duncan will not be amused at my froliking amongst the tulips. Andrea burps a little and sip her wine..wait, somehow it has become ale. Why thank you for the drink, I just need to mosey over to Janiven for a second and then we can perhaps sing a few drinking songs. Andrea thumps Grumm's back, to utterly no effect as his broad back doesn't even flinch. Andrea nods again and heads off with a beet red Fiosa in tow. Andrea I think we need to talk about drinking too much as well. Fiosa whispers as they vanish into the crowd.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2
Shinon wrote:

"To be fair, I did try to talk you out of coming in in the carriage," Shinon countered, smiling back at her. Even when she's teasing him, Shinon feels comfortable around her. He relaxes a bit and sips some more wine, feeling some of the weight of the day fall out of his shoulders.

"Know him? We've met, I wouldn't call us more than acquaintances of chance. Though it looks like the man plans to stick around, he might possibly even be joining my team of associates who are assisting me in my hunt for Lord Jospuph."

Looking at her with a bit of a nervous smile, Shinon offers, "If you are a fan of his, perhaps I might be able to get us some special VIP tickets to one of his shows? We could go watch the opera together, in first class seats that even money can't buy."

"I can already imagine the smug look on that opera singer's face when I beg him for these tickets, but..." Shinon thinks to himself, looking up at the elf smiling at him from across the table, "if it will get me another chance to spend an evening alone with her, I'll endure any hardship, even an opera."

I think this post might have gone unnoticed. I don't mean to sound impatient, I just wanted to point it out in case you missed it.

Male Dwarf Expert 1/Inquisitor 4 (Witchunter) Int+4, F6, R1, W4, +4 vs Spells/PoisonAC19/T12/FF17, HP46/4663/67 when raging

Having seemingly snagged the Officer as a client, Duncan backs off from.the sales pitch and just enjoys the evening. He liked the honesty of soldiers, for his gruff demeanor, usuallya handicap socially melted away when talking to men who simply respected a good sword arm.

Female NPC, Elf

Shinon, nope didn't miss it, just haven't gotten to the response yet.

"Sure if you can get tickets...I'd like to go...I do enjoy the theater. She drinks some of her wine. There is a tap outside the curtains then they separate. A bright faced male server looks in, would you care to begin dinner. He then proceeds to describe the dishes on the menu. After a while he gets the orders and then departs closing the curtains.

"I never thought that an opera singer would be able to assist. I guess he knows people and can ask questons." Clearly a bit confused as to how you all get information and gather facts.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2

Sorry to bother you about it then.

Shinon sighs with relief. "Okay, Orsino. Perhaps I can forgive you for ruining this night for me. Just this once..."

"I can't claim to personally know anything about Orsino or his music, but it would be pretty interesting to check it out. I've always wondered what kinds of shows they played at the opera house," Shinon replies, clearly pleased by Chelsi's response.

The waiter knocks and comes in, and Shinon smiles and politely gives the man his order, mentally thanking himself for having the sense to ask for a male instead of letting the brothel assign whichever whore they thought would be most appealing to the pair of elves.

Chelsi's comment drifts across the table and Shinon looks up, surprised. "Ah, I can see why you're confused. This mission has become...dangerous. Whoever has kidnapped your Lord, be they the Red Knives or the Bastards of Erberus, they will not negotiate his release. Were they willing to undergo such a process, they would have contacted your Lady already. No, when I find Lord Jospuph, I'm going to have to take him out by force. There is more to Orsino than meets the eye. He has certain skills and gifts that make him an asset on the battlefield."

Sighing and looking up at the ceiling, Shinon quiets down for a second. "This city has already claimed one of my group members' lives. I won't let it take any more of them. I'll do whatever I can to protect them while they help me in this search. And if the time comes...if it comes, I'll do everything I can to make sure it's me who dies for this. Not them."

Shinon realizes suddenly what he has said out loud and quickly forces a reassuring smile. "But that's not going to happen, because I'm well-equipped, well-supported, and very experienced. No way that this band of thugs will ever take me down."

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Andrea made a face as Fiosa made her drink the bitter drink but her head did seem to clear some.
There you go, now you won't be weaving all up and down the road tonight, even though a hang-over might do you some good.

Ugh..what is that? Andrea wiped her tongue to try to get rid of the taste.

A little alchemist's kindness mixed with something my mother taught me. Now no more alcohol! Time to sing and dance.

Fiosa took Andrea's hand and they went to join the other singers, clapping their hands and keeping tune going as Orsin and his new protegee worked their magic.

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

After the third song Orsin shouts to Amaya over the din, "After the day's efforts, I confess I'm nearly spent. Perhaps you would like to sing the next one?" He heartily drinks down the remainder of his wine as he awaits he reply, gazing at her sidelong from the brim of his cup. Sweltering in the heat, Orsin tugs on the collar of his doublet, revealing beneath a loose white chemise and his powerful, hairy chest to the Tian girl.

Aww, yeah.

Male Dwarf Expert 1/Inquisitor 4 (Witchunter) Int+4, F6, R1, W4, +4 vs Spells/PoisonAC19/T12/FF17, HP46/4663/67 when raging

Call that a hairy chest? I got more hair on my....well EVERYTHING

Female NPC, Elf

Chesli listens to her dining companion discuss the dangers of the city. During a moment of silence, "Westcrown is a wonderful city but it also has its dark sinful side. It's not right that people fear the night, especially the unlit areas. Like most things in life the evil seems to prey on those less fortunate." Gathering her thoughts, "But it has, and does, effect those of means too. Several noble houses are living proof and I'm sure there are many others that I don't know about either."

She reaches over and touches your hand, clearly her hands have not wielded a melee weapon. "Well, this is something I will always remember...a date at brothel, at least it was refined, your acquaintance has taste." She giggles. "Time to take me" a pause that seems like an eternity, "home."

Female Human Tian, NPC

The party at the smith's shop begins to wind down and amaya smiles, "People need to be getting home before dark, looks like we all have another 30 or 40 minutes of daylight left. Folks need to get inside or at least on lit street." She looks around the shop. "I'm sure Gruum has a few backrooms with cots but I think I will pass on that tonight." Common knowledge that most establishments have a room with bed because of the shadowbeast.

Male Human, NPC Fighter, Dottari Sergeant

The last to leave is party is Maurice and Pinkerton, "Both are laughing with Gruum and telling him they will be back to talk about weapons and again offering to arrange lights for the street. It could benefit your business and he looks over at Duncan, provide some access to the evening."

Female NPC, Halfling

Fiosa tugs on Andrea's hand and leads her to the doorway waving good night to Janiven and the others.

Evil GM

After a bit of cleaning up Janiven, Amaya and Ermolos take their leave and walk out laughing about something.

Leaving Orsin, Duncan, John and Gruum remaining in the smith's shop.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Andrea waves to the others. See you tomorrow, we have lots to do no doubt.

With food, coin and equipment settled, Andrea walks back along the lit streets with Fiosa. Reaching their sanctuary for the night, Andrea gets ready for bed and lightly runs a fingertip over Fiosa's cheek as her partner slips into her arms as they lie together under the covers.

Bless you goddess for this treasure. Andrea breathes a prayer before she slips into the land of dreams.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2

Shinon nods seriously at Chelsi's words and replies, "I'm not just doing this for myself, or for House Grulios, or anything like that. I want to change this city, and transform it into a place that is truly owned and loved by the people, no matter the hour. I will find the source of this curse...and break it. I will find the group that is calling itself the re-established Council of Thieves, and I will break it apart and scatter them to the four corners of Westcrown, then hunt each one of them down and punish them."

Chelsi touches Shinon's hand. Her fingertips are cool, but just a single touch from the elven maiden makes Shinon's hand feel like it's on fire. He listens intently to her and looks into her eyes, until she says "Time to take me".

Shinon's eyes widen in disbelief. "'Take her'? I-I had no idea that Chelsi was that type of woman! W-well, she did mention she had seen this type of thing before, and she was a 'big girl', offer herself to me on the first date?! And so boldly!" Shinon gulps, his mind racing. "W-wait, is this really how she is? Perhaps she's an enemy in disguise! Yes, she just wants me to take my clothes off and leave my sword down so I'm defenseless, and distracted by her unclothed, bare body...ooh crap..." A mental image passes through Shinon's mind and he gulps even harder. Was he ready for this? He barely knows her! And yet, if he refuses, he might pass up the opportunity for a second date...might lose her forever, but still, this seemed so...

"'Home,'" Chelsi finishes. Shinon snaps out of his paranoia and blinks. Her entire sentence, minus the pause, plays out in his mind. "O-oh! Take you home! A-as you wish, my Lady! Your every desire is my command! N-not that you have any desires that would require commanding me, I'd be more than happy to fulfill any- unless you enjoy commandi- er...let's go!" Shinon quickly gets to his feet and grabs Chelsi's hand, pulling her out of the brothel behind him, rather than escorting her, so she doesn't see his bright red face that only gets even deeper red as he hears the various background noise coming from this place.

Shinon walks outside and opens the door to the carriage, helping Chelsi into it, then walks around to the other side, opens his own door and climbs in. "Ashe, to the Full Viras, please," he says quickly, taking a deep breath to try and calm himself down.

Evil GM

As the carriage returns safely to the Grulios Estate the Captain breathes a notice sigh of relief. Once on the property Chelsi wishes the young half-elf good night, pleasant dreams with a wick little smirk, and goes back into the main house.

The Captain approaches Shinon and abruptly stops him. "Sir, I acknowledge that you are a desired guest at the estate; however, it was dangerous and foolish to take a trusted advisor off the property without an armed squad." Staring hard into the half-elf's eyes.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2

Shinon laughs uncomfortably. "Believe me, that wasn't my decision. I would have welcomed your accompaniment gladly. However, it is my duty to fulfill each and every one of Lady Chelsi's wishes, and she wished for us to be alone. Now, I'm certainly no 'squad', but I'm definitely armed." He expertly draws his longsword, pulling the blade out in one easy motion, in such a manner that the blade passes slowly in front of the captain, showing off its expert craftsmanship.

"If you truly wish to prevent this from happening again, that's something you'll have to take up with Lady Chelsi," Shinon continues, sheathing his blade as quickly as he had drawn it. "However, if you can't convince her, don't come running to me. Your words will fall on deaf ears. Her voice is the only one I bow to. Now, have a pleasant evening, Captain."

With that, Shinon waves and heads back to his guest house, falling into a deep, peaceful slumber. His dreams are haunted by echoes of that beautiful woman's lilting laugh.

Human, NPC

During Janiven's conversation with John.

John Only:
When Janiven pulled you over to the side asking quesitons about he group and Orsin. She would have suggest that you approach Orsin about joining the Brotherhood.

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

As Amaya leaves, Orsin calls out to her, "When will I see you again?" His heart is pounding in his ears, though whether it's the wine or Amaya, he cannot say.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2

In the morning, Shinon rises and yawns, glancing out the window. The sun is bright in the sky, the birds are chirping happily, and our young hero is ready to face the d-

"DAMNIT I SHOULD HAVE KISSED HER!" Shinon yells angrily, slamming his fist in the wall. "I'm such an idiot! When it comes to battle, I'm completely trigger-happy and always shoot first, ask questions later, but with this one woman, oooh, I turn into a complete wuss and second-guess myself about everything! At least I'm not hung over. Man, she dropped the word 'date' so many times, she was just hinting at me to make a move and I just let her go. That's it. Next time, I'm going to make her melt! Oh yeah, she's going to be all...over...crap, I just made myself really nervous."

Ahem. As I was saying, our young hero is ready to face the day! After some reflection on his exciting evening spent with the lovely Chelsi Longbottom, and a quick shower, he sets out to face the world of Westcrown with fire in his eyes!

Shinon exits the apartment and frowns. "Huh. What should I do today?" he wonders aloud, crossing his arms.

Shinon thinks for a moment, then sighs. "Well, I haven't taken a job in a while. Ever since that guardswoman approached me, my entire life has been spinning around in a completely different direction. It's not like I really need the money, but..."

Shinon heads into Westcrown, and heads into the Market District, stopping by at a loud, rambunctious inn with a sign hanging over the door that reads "The Shark Net".

The young mercenary has decided to take on a job, and there is only one place in Westcrown where men and women of his standing go to take on jobs. The Shark Net inn, so named because it often catches the interest of every dangerous warrior in the city with its high-reward, high-risk missions on the mission board. And as Shinon enters the inn, he spots a familiar face gazing at the wall.

Shinon instinctively winces at the sight of the one mercenary in town that he knows by name. Not particularly interested in interacting with her, Shinon stands near the bar and tries to blend in with the crowd, waiting impatiently for her to pick a job.

The human woman is taller than any female of her kind Shinon has ever met, standing at an impressive 6'1". She wears thick, buckled armor made of brown bear hide, and a huge greataxe is strapped to her back, with the handle at her waist and the axe end just behind her head. The blade is so sharp that Shinon wonders if she keeps her black hair so short just because it would end up getting chopped off anyway whenever she turned her body and the axe blade moved.

After a few minutes, the woman, who had been standing stock still in front of the board and hadn't made a sound, suddenly moved. Her hand darted out quickly, snatching a page from the boards and stuffing it into her pocket, and then she turned to leave. Shinon drew himself even closer to the bar. The woman in question, Sabrina Reskhart, was extremely competitive and had decided that she and Shinon were eternal rivals ever since he had accidentally taken the same job as her and finished it before her two years ago. She wasn't dangerous, in fact, she usually treated Shinon with a friendly attitude and respect, it was just one of those "eternal rival" things that was both embarrassing and trying on Shinon, and he certainly didn't feel the same way about her.

After she was out the door, Shinon relaxes, breathing a sigh of relief and walks up to the board. "Let's see what we've got here. Hmm...I wonder if there are any jobs that will take me to a new part of the city...or perhaps someone who might know something about the Bastards of Erebus or Lord Jospuph's disappearance? Right now, I'm grasping at straws, so even the slightest clue would help..."

Female Human Tian, NPC
Orsino 'Orsin' Bessatte wrote:

As Amaya leaves, Orsin calls out to her, "When will I see you again?" His heart is pounding in his ears, though whether its the wine or Amaya, he cannot say.

She turns and smiles, "Right now, unless you were suddendly struck by blindness." Turning back around she leaves the smithy with Ermolos and Janiven, who are each laughing at the comment.

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

Orsin's eyes roll back into his head, heaving a heavy lovestruck sigh as he lies down fully on the bench he was sitting on. He stares up at the ceiling, turning over the events of the evening in his mind, recalling the sidelong glances, laughter, and the moments of eye contact that lasted longer than most should.

He thanks Gruum for hosting the party and heads home, to his finely appointed, and very empty, apartment.


Orsin does not greet the morning happily and though he narrowly missed a hangover, the tang of last night's wine clings to his tongue like a vinegar. He looks about his apartment from his bed, admiring the finery in the sunlight: the finely decorated harpsichord, messy stacks of sheet music interspersed with bound scores, the mahogany wardrobe, and then it hits him: Amaya. He recalls her face for the first time since waking and the image keeps him transfixed for a moment longer than he'd like.

No Orsin, no time for that now.

The opera singer snatches a quick drink of water before throwing himself to the ground. He hums low and soft to warm up this throat as performs his morning routine of push-ups, sit-ups, and brief calisthenics. Amaya's face and wit pop into his mind often, but Orsin pushes them aside in a vain attempt to focus on the task at hand. After a bath, more rigorous scales and vocalises, and a good morning primping before the mirror, Orsin leaves his apartment, in search of breakfast.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Oh Shinon you so adorablly clumsy person you.

Andrea is woken by the sounds and smell of breakfast but everything is rather muted due to the cottony feeling in her mouth and gummyness in her eyes.

Pushing herself up, Andrea soon finds a glass put into her hands. Good morning. Fiosa says a bit matter of factly. Here is some more Alchemist's Kindness, best drink up and wash your face, we have much more to do this day.

Andrea sipped the drink as she slipped out of bed and made her way to the table. Thank you. Has Areal said anything specific about what he thinks we should do?

Fiosa slipped a plate of food in front of Andrea and sat down beside her. Nothing specific right now, but we still have our little guest to deal with. Just how long are we going to keep him there.

Andrea shook her head. I don't know, but he is definatly on our list. Shinon was very insistant on getting information about the kidnapped nobles from him. I guess we can try again tonight.

Both fo them finished their breakfast and Andrea prayed before getting ready for her day. You should show me where you work sometime. Andrea said as they parted ways.I still know very little about you.

Well maybee. Fiosa grinned and kissed Andrea's nose as they went their seperate ways to work.

Male Human Fighter(Tower Shield Specialist) 6/ Hellknight 2 +5 int, AC 26, Touch 12, FF 25, Fort +8, Ref +4, Will +5 HP66/82, Perception +12

Janiven before she leaves.:
"the group did fine, though beofre we got the goblins, Shinon went off on his own and almost started a fight. Speaking of witch I wonder where that crazy Half-elf has gotten off to now." In respons to Janiven's request John will say "Consider it done"

Human, NPC

Janiven to John:
Thanks, we are making an impact but it's important that the group stick together. Today was a fanstastic result, if we can now knock out a bandit group like the Bastards of Erebus, we could really gain some footing. If it's not too much trouble can you get the folks to meet at the safehouse tomorrow mid-day. Bring the dandy if you think he is trustworthy.

Male Dwarf Expert 1/Inquisitor 4 (Witchunter) Int+4, F6, R1, W4, +4 vs Spells/PoisonAC19/T12/FF17, HP46/4663/67 when raging

Duncan awakened in his cot in the back of the shop with a spring in his step.
He stretches out and dons his apron and fires up his forge good and early.

Grumm pops his head in, Doin some WORK today lad? I'll hafta remember this day

With anyone else, Duncan would have a sharp reply. He knew Grumm was jokingbut there was truth in the statement. As an employer Duncan would easily have fired a worker who had been so tardy. Likely it was his friendship (and the THOUSANDSworth of gold he bringing in coin and confiscatedgear) that was keeping Grumm happy.

Jus' catchin' up. He works hard till mid morning and is relieved when Brian comes in and notes the young man at his own forge working on a....SWORD? Well it seemed Grummthought the boy ready to work on REAL weapons now, rather than wagonstraps.

He had come far.
Duncan gears up and heads out.
I'm off, see if I can find s'more armor or gold, as It were. Again, thanks fer the Sword.

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

As Orsin makes his way towards a tavern or street vendor for breakfast, he hears an incessant jangling in his backpack and recalls he still carrying his entire share of the previous night's loot.

I still can't believe how generous the others were. Giving so much coin to a complete stranger. Well, it's not like I didn't deserve it.

He's aware of the crime that pollutes the streets of Westcrown and the nearby laughter of children playing makes him wary of pickpockets.

Breakfast will have to wait. I had best deposit these at the exchange house or I might get my throat slit of a handful of sovereigns.

Orsin changes course for the Exchange House where Gerald works (and how coincidental: ANDREA works there too!).

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Andrea finds her way to her workplace and greets her co-workers.

Good Morning, Andrea. Gerald said as she entered. That was quite the expiditon you had yesterday? Will there be more oppurtunities in the future?

Andrea nodded as she set up her workspace. There is a very good chance that two such oppurtunites will present themselves soon. They way they talked was discretion considering Andrea's at times questionable activities.

Andrea ws left to her own devices and started her tallying and counting. A jingle fromt he door caught her attention and she saw Orsin walk through. Good Morning. Welcome to the Westcrown Exchange House, may I help you? Andrea does look a little red-eyed from last night but is otherwise recovered.

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

"Andrea, do you not recognize me? And wait, you WORK here?" Orsin says dumbfounded, standing in the threshold.

"As a matter of fact you can," Orsin says, moving towards her station. "I've been keeping a sizable portion of my personal wealth here and was hoping to add the spoils of yesterday's...excursion, to my account." Orsin sets down the finely crafted backpack on the table and begins to pull out tiny leather pouches of coins, each marked according to their denomination.

He leans in to whisper to her as he slides the small sacks of coins forward. "And whatever it is that you're doing with the others, I want in." His eyes are dead-serious as he meets Andrea's gaze.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Andrea smiles at Orsin as he approaches. Indeed I do. I will be happy to desposit your money here. Andrea makes the needed arragements and secures Orsin's funds in a strongbox as she ponders his next words.

I can't really speak for the others, but we can meet at Grumm's at mid-morning and speak with Duncan, sinc3 he is the only one I really know the residance of. He'll give his opinion on the matter.

Andrea pats Orsin's hand. and bats her eyes. Thank you ever so much for your help last time. A fine warrior and singer is always a good companion. Andrea hands Orsin his receipt.

Evil GM

Gerald walks out of his tidy office, "Can we help you today?" A look of recognition hits his ruddy face. "Yes, yes..Orsino Bessatte how have you been lately? Andrea will gladly help you out. Any new shows happening?" The rounded face asks.

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

"Ah, Gerald, yes good to see you. Andrea's been very accomodating already, thank you," he says tucking the receipt into the aforementioned backpack. "Yes, as a matter of fact. I'm engaged to sing the role of Belial in a new production of The Feast of Asmodeus in a week or so. I've already sung three of the other eight archdevils, so it seems I'm simply making the rounds!" Orsin chuckles lightly, inviting Gerald to a laugh along. "Rehearsals are nearly finished and we were engaged to perform at the Limehouse, but it appears there have been complications with securing the venue. I'll keep you posted as soon as I know where the performance will ultimately take place."

Evil GM

"Very well young man, very well."

He turns around and walks back into his office.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Andrea smiles at Orsin. Well you seem to be well aquainted with Gerald, that is good. If you ever have any Object d'art that you wish to turn into coinage, Gerald will be more than happy to accomidate at a very reasonable comission. Andrea speaks a little lower Such oppurtunities seem very likely in the future. She then smiles again. Thank you for your patronage, I will meet you later at the smithy later?

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

"Till mid-morning then," Orsin says, leaving Andrea with a wink.

Orsin exits the exchange house in search of breakfast, biding his time, studying his music for The Feast of Asmodeus in a public park before heading towards Gruum's Sharpest. He looks at the state of his courtier garb and reminds himself to pay Lisbane's haberdashery a visit later.

He repeats Amaya's name over and over in his mind without realizing every step of the way.

Orsin is keeping 200 gp on hand and the rest in savings, converted to gp and cp in his profile.

Evil GM

As Orsin is practicing his music in the park, his preparation is interrupted by a strong bartone voice."Well, look her, if it isn't my goooood friend Orsino Bessatte." The commanding voice says. "How have you been. Such a shame that last production shut down sooooo soon after its opening." Clicking his fingers together several times trying to recall the name, "What was it called again...The Bloody Winter Rose or something mundane."

As you look up into the handsome face of a rival actor Thseling Umbero Ulvud, who is a rising star in the Westcrown Theater and Opera Circuit. He glances at the phamphlet you are look at and smirks, "Oh...they did find someone for that role. I turned it down ages ago...come one Belial is sooo two years ago."

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

Orsin spasms slightly as he hears the nasal tenor of the so-called "baritone's" voice clang across his eardrums. Pleasepleasepleasepleasenonononono, damn. Orsin looks up from his work, regarding his rival with equal parts disdain and artificial gladness.

"...sooo two years ago," Thesing remarks.

"Yes, just like the coloring you put in your hair," Orsin quips back. "And for your information, The Winter of White Roses closed early because the two-thirds of the chorus came down with a social disease. I believe the outbreak started with one of your past lovers. You should probably see a healer, after all I'd hate for anything to happen to you. Westcrown can't afford to populate its theatres with only real artists."

He offers Thesing another fake smile, his twitching brow betraying his seething anger.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Oh this is fantastic! Opera dramas are the best kind to watch!

Andrea continues to work until mid-morning when she closes her station and heads towards Grumm's Sharpest, cutting through the park..


As she walks through the well-tended area(With the occansional claw mark on the benches from shadowbeasts who cannot appriciate fine lawn work.) She notices Orsin being confronted by a rather handsome fellow. From the looks on their faces, it seems that rather hardsh words are being exchanged.

Hm.. Oh dear, it seems that Orsin needs to be rescued by his Princess Charming. Andrea muses as she heads towards them with her most elegant walk.

Evil GM

The comment rolls off his back, "Well, that is why I have more work then I can take. I'm actually being courted by the philanthropist, Traine Bransen, to direct and star in his first production - A Star is Born." He looks at his buffed, polished fingernails and blows on them.

"Perhaps, I can auditon you for a minor role like tree or something." Smiling directly at you with his azure eyes pericing your gut. "Actually I may try out your little friend from that Dead Rose production you had...well, at least let her audition on her back." He shrugs and raises his soft palms skyward.

Evil GM

"Well...I've dilly dallied long enough, I"VE an appointment with my agent to go over several pending offers." He then walks off.

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

"Yes, uh, that..." Orsin's voice trails off as he falters to think of a good comeback. He remains seated on the bench, his breakfast continuing to go cold.

Evil GM

Shinon there a few jobs posted but nothing jumps out at you. Seems like most need guards of caravan duty, certainly nothing that would appear to provide answers to your quest.

There are a few men signing up for a delayed caravan.

make a perception check

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Andrea appears at Orsin's side. My goodness, you have a scowl that would scare a goblin. I take it that (Veiled sexual slur that might get dinged on a public forum) was uncouth to you? Just who was that?

Andrea pats Orsin's shoulder comfortingly.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2

Perception check, +2 if it involves humans, half-orcs or half-elves: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (13) + 13 = 26

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