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Baldwin the Merciful's - CoT Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master baldwin the merciful

This is Council of Thieves AP. Westcrown, City of Twilight, once was the center of Aroden's faith, but now it symbolizes despair. By day, the city remains a vibrant center of trade; but, by night only those with a death wish venture out.

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M NPC, half-orc Warrior/bouncer

In orc:
"Rip his fricken head off, if he tried."

Orn's been her playtoy for just doesn't stop her from bedding others, in order, to further the group's goals.

Male Elven Diviner 2 Init:6, Perception:9, AC: 13/13/10, Saves: 1/3/3 (+2 enchantments & immune to sleep), HP:15/15
baldwin the merciful wrote:
baldwin the merciful wrote:
Faelyn - Not better than your Summon III but it will make you last longer if it drags out into multiple rounds.

Awesome. Thanks.

I sure appreciate this master! I will lay the bet down for you. I hope I do not disappoint.

"That's what I like to hear big brother."

"What kind of information are you hoping to get out of this wizard's 'bloodsport'", the big orc says with a bit of sarcasm.

Evil GM

Orn has a confused blank look on his face.

While Duncan grumbles under his breath about" a+#@*@! wizards needed like a wart on my arse." He points his thumb towards Lucrezia, stands up. "need to get to the smithy, fer work, introduce 'im to the others. " With that Duncan leaves the bakery.

"Others? Are they all as good looking as her?" he asks aloud.

Male Human, NPC Fighter, Dottari Sergeant

John and Orsin bid farewell to Janiven as they head back out in the rain. Dodging from awning to doorways, trying to stay dry. Eventually they arrive where the mercenaries are being held to find Andrea, Shadow, Maurice and Swift.

I believe this is the first time John and Shadow have met.

"You all need to be quick."

Female Human Cleric 3,HP20/20,Init+5F4R3W6,Per7AC15/11/14

Andrea nods to the others. Since it seems we can't take our time with this, I can try using charm magic on them to we can get what we want quickly. Andrea nods to Shadow. These are two of my firends, John and Orsin. This is Shadow, a friend of Sunny.

Female Half Elf Urban Ranger / 7 and Wizard / 1 and Arcane Archer / 1 -- Perception: +18 in urban, +21 traps (otherwise +16) -- Init: +4 -- HP:49/59 -- AC: 23(Touch:15 / FF:19) -- F:7, R:11, W:5 +2vs enchants

Perhaps Lucrezia needs to take some lesson in speaking Orc?

Where were we supposed to be meeting back up together later? Grotto, safehouse, smithy or that other tavern?

"I guess I'll just agree that I'm too good-looking to be a wizard. It's a good way to explain why I'm not. When I fight something it's with bow or sword. And the information is important and unlikely to be easily found elsewhere, plus the man may prove to be a future useful contact since he claims to deal in information and secrets. I'd rather not get into the whole story of what we need the information for out here in public."

Evil GM

Lucrezia, the safehouse, you've been laying low with the Grotto especially now that Alponse is is a horrible mood.

You were thinking of getting a weapon at the smithy ...I thought but I'm not sure if you still need that.

M NPC, half-orc Warrior/bouncer

The half-orc snorts and chuckles with Lucrezia's comment about being too good looking.

Meanwhile a few other people enter the bakery, dodging the weather and buying some goods.

Male Elven Diviner 2 Init:6, Perception:9, AC: 13/13/10, Saves: 1/3/3 (+2 enchantments & immune to sleep), HP:15/15

After garnering as much information as he can, Faelyn heads back to the safe house to discuss strategy for the battle and get some rest.

"Well let's get somewhere more private then", Truk says as he stands to leave.

M NPC, half-orc Warrior/bouncer

Orn puts eight coppers on the table as he gets up with his brother and Lucrezia. "Gotta git to work, folks need an eye lookin' out fer 'em." He slaps his brother on the shoulder but his eyes never leave Lucrezia's figure.

Female Half Elf Urban Ranger / 7 and Wizard / 1 and Arcane Archer / 1 -- Perception: +18 in urban, +21 traps (otherwise +16) -- Init: +4 -- HP:49/59 -- AC: 23(Touch:15 / FF:19) -- F:7, R:11, W:5 +2vs enchants

"Tell the girls hi for me. I'd rather not head back there just yet. Too many questions Alphonse might ask me. I'll make it back there eventually though." Lucrezia gives Orn a quick hug and a peck on the cheek before heading off.

"C'mon Truk, let's get going and meet up with the others. I'm sure you're just dieing to know if any of 'em are as good-looking as me. I sure hope you know something about keeping secrets though, otherwise Orn will be very sad."

Truk'tosh grabs his brother's hand before pulling him into a fierce hug.

He hated these partings. They always reminded that, though he was returning to his job which involved protecting a building full of beautiful woman, he wasn't doing so willingly. Orn was in bondage and would remain so as long as that bastard Alphonse lived.

"Take care brother."

Truk quickly picks up his things and leaves with Lucrezia.

"I can keep my trap shut", he answered. "I got secrets of my own."

"Where are headed?"

Female Half Elf Urban Ranger / 7 and Wizard / 1 and Arcane Archer / 1 -- Perception: +18 in urban, +21 traps (otherwise +16) -- Init: +4 -- HP:49/59 -- AC: 23(Touch:15 / FF:19) -- F:7, R:11, W:5 +2vs enchants

"To a safehouse for those of us who are trying to make the city a better place. Hopefully I won't get into too much trouble for bringing you with me."

"If trouble's a problem, you probably shouldn't be seen with me. Trouble and I seem to go hand in hand", the big orc says with a grin.

"And not many people call me Truk. Mostly just Orn, a few girls, and those that want me dead."

Female Half Elf Urban Ranger / 7 and Wizard / 1 and Arcane Archer / 1 -- Perception: +18 in urban, +21 traps (otherwise +16) -- Init: +4 -- HP:49/59 -- AC: 23(Touch:15 / FF:19) -- F:7, R:11, W:5 +2vs enchants

"What do ya want me to call you by? I could just call you Trouble." Lucrezia grins.

"Well you're not my brother and we haven't slept together yet so Trouble will have to do", the orc fires back. "And what should I call you?" he asks with a raised brow.

Female Half Elf Urban Ranger / 7 and Wizard / 1 and Arcane Archer / 1 -- Perception: +18 in urban, +21 traps (otherwise +16) -- Init: +4 -- HP:49/59 -- AC: 23(Touch:15 / FF:19) -- F:7, R:11, W:5 +2vs enchants

"Well Trouble, you can call me Lucrezia. We can discuss other names if I ever get to call ya Truk."

"You're going to have to earn it, Lucrezia."

Damn she's feisty. I see why Orn is so crazy over her.

"Tell me about these others you're taking me to meet."

If they're anything like her I'm going to need to borrow Orn's patches for my kilt by the time our business is done.

Male Human Fighter(Tower Shield Specialist) 6/ Hellknight 2 +5 int, AC 26, Touch 12, FF 25, Fort +8, Ref +4, Will +5 HP66/82, Perception +12

"Good to meet you" John says to Shadow. to Andrea John says " Janiven told me a little about what you have been investigating, what exactly are we looking to get out of this mercenary?"

Female Human Cleric 3,HP20/20,Init+5F4R3W6,Per7AC15/11/14

Such as who hired them and if they were connected to the company who ambushed us at the docks. Perhaps also learn if they planned to stay in the city after the attack, if they know about the wizard who fireballed us and if they mangled Sunny's body.

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5

"Sounds like you've given this some thought. What strategy shall we employ? 'Good Dottari, Bad Dottari'?"

Female Human Cleric 3,HP20/20,Init+5F4R3W6,Per7AC15/11/14

I am planning to use charm and suggestions spells on them first while invisible. I don't really feel like dancing around and the sooner we can pry the info out of them the better. If it doesn't work, you and John can start usign whatever ways you are most happy with.

[Fem Elf][Inq1/Ninja5][Init:+4][Perc:+12][33HP][AC:21(23)(Touch:14(15)(FF:17(18)][Fort+3][Ref+8][Will+4]

Sorry not a lot of time to post. Been working too many shifts back to back. Am happy for Shadow to take any leads from Andrea. While big on revenge etc as per a follower of Calistra, that doesn't mean Shadow actually has a lot of experience yet at dealing it out. Feel free to peruse Shadow's stats, spells etc and work out how she can best aid in asking questions. *[b]Bows[/i]*

Male Human, NPC Fighter, Dottari Sergeant

Maurice opens the door to one of the small canning rooms and in a loud voice says, "Y'want to cap his knees in this room or should I drag the scum to the main area?" He pauses, "Sister, didn't know you brought the flaying knives with you, that's gonna get messy, better do that in the big room." There is the sound of whimpering coming from the room. Hope this mind stuff works on this coward. "Don't worry the mage put a silence spell upstairs, nobody will hear his screams outside."

The mercenaries take a -2 on saves from their injuries and mental fatigue.

Maurice and Swift would have reassured you that they never injured these prisoners, the injuries were from the battle. All they've done is question and weaken their psychological well being with verbal threats.

Evil GM

A short time thereafter a weak kneed, trembling mercenary is kneeling before the group blindfolded, with his hands bound behind him and his feet manacled. Swift quickly throws a bucket of water over his body to cleanse away some of the stench of urine.

Male Human, NPC Fighter, Dottari Sergeant

"We are going to go upstairs and have bite to eat, while you all have your fun." Maurice and Swift go up the stairs to keep watch.

Female Human Cleric 3,HP20/20,Init+5F4R3W6,Per7AC15/11/14

Awake at last.

Andrea nods to the guards and whisipers as she moves her hands, shimmering energy and a sweet scent wafting from her as she intones the spell and blows a small rose petal at the prisoner.
Charm Person DC 15

Charm Person:
This charm makes a humanoid creature regard you as its trusted friend and ally (treat the target's attitude as friendly). If the creature is currently being threatened or attacked by you or your allies, however, it receives a +5 bonus on its saving throw.

The spell does not enable you to control the charmed person as if it were an automaton, but it perceives your words and actions in the most favorable way. You can try to give the subject orders, but you must win an opposed Charisma check to convince it to do anything it wouldn't ordinarily do. (Retries are not allowed.) An affected creature never obeys suicidal or obviously harmful orders, but it might be convinced that something very dangerous is worth doing. Any act by you or your apparent allies that threatens the charmed person breaks the spell. You must speak the person's language to communicate your commands, or else be good at pantomiming.

Evil GM

The prisoner certainly feels threatened by the situation he is in, even though he is not be directly threatened by Andrea.

Will Save: 1d20 + 1 + 5 - 2 ⇒ (3) + 1 + 5 - 2 = 7

"Please...please don't hurt me, I...I....I want to, I do, I do." he mumble between tears, shaking like leaf in the wind.

Female Human Cleric 3,HP20/20,Init+5F4R3W6,Per7AC15/11/14

Andrea unties his blindfold and steps back.

Well now, despite all the bluster from the guards we don't want to hurt you either. Lie Lie Andrea sits him into a chair and gets one for herself. So, just answer our questions about the recent unpleasentness and we can all be on our way.

So, perhaps first thing to ask is that who hired you to attack the Missepes? Turning to the others she asks. Anything you wish to know about?

Off to lunch.

Female Half Elf Urban Ranger / 7 and Wizard / 1 and Arcane Archer / 1 -- Perception: +18 in urban, +21 traps (otherwise +16) -- Init: +4 -- HP:49/59 -- AC: 23(Touch:15 / FF:19) -- F:7, R:11, W:5 +2vs enchants

Lucrezia walks Truk'tosh to the safe house as she finishes talking to him. "Well, the group includes the rest of the players of the six-fold trial. You'll most likely meet them all at some point today, as well as Arael and Janiven. Arael's the mastermind of the operation and Janiven is kinda like his second in command."

perception to make sure no one was following 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (15) + 15 = 30

If it doesn't look like they were being followed by anyone, Lucrezia takes Truk on into the safehouse.

Evil GM

The mercenaries says, "They were recruited out of Erorian, by House Mezinas and House Julistarc." He gives up this information readily by now.

Truk studies the safehouse.

"I like it", he says with a smile and a grunt. "It reminds me of home."

Evil GM

Lucrezia and Truk'tosh slip into the safe house unnoticed. Their are a few members of the Brotherhood there milling about, discussing information that they have learned over the last day or so.

Janiven is there listening to a report from the gnome, Yak, who is mentioning that "sources say House Cemaine hired 3 score of mercenaries for the attack." Everyone stops silents as the massive orc appears behind Lucrezia.

Truk takes the initiative and steps forward.

"Truk'tosh", he says while extending a meaty hand.

Female Half Elf Urban Ranger / 7 and Wizard / 1 and Arcane Archer / 1 -- Perception: +18 in urban, +21 traps (otherwise +16) -- Init: +4 -- HP:49/59 -- AC: 23(Touch:15 / FF:19) -- F:7, R:11, W:5 +2vs enchants

Wanting to give a little more information that just his name, Lucrezia adds: "He's Orn's younger brother. The half-orc who works with me at the Grotto."

edited the older/younger bit

Younger brother. =P

The big orc keeps his hand extended while Lucrezia handles the introductions.

Human, NPC

Janiven stands up and shakes the extended hand, "Janiven, pleased to meet you. [b]"How's Orn doing...staying out of trouble I hope."

Evil GM

The gnome, who was standing on a stool while speaking, climbs on the table and extends her hand, "Yak...for short...Orn's a good guy, on the rare occasion he gets some time off he likes to come into the Swinging Mermaid for some of our spiced rum."

Two others stand up and introduce themselves to you, the most notable is a human female by the name of Ailyn.

"He's safe for now. He can take care of himself."

"I've heard about some of the things your group has been doing for the city. I wish more people in this city had the stones to stand up and fight for it. I want to help too."

The big orc looks from one woman to the other.

"And the company isn't bad either", he says with a grin.

Female Human Cleric 3,HP20/20,Init+5F4R3W6,Per7AC15/11/14


Were you part of the same company who launched the ambush at the docks? I know you were part of a separate group that attacked the Missepe's but I was wondering if were all hired together.

Do you know of a wizard who was hired with you? Were were torched by him during the attack on the docks.

F H, NPC Pathfinder

"Well, if I'm not mistaken Sir, that's a symbol of love and beauty" she gestures to your holy symbol, "favored by Shelyn, the Eternal Rose, so you undoubtedly are made of good moral fiber." The lady extends her hand to you.

Evil GM

"Yeh but they were recruited by others, don't know who hired them. They're not part of my group but we knew something was going down at the docks, our o..orr..orders were to stall the Grulios family troops." the prisoner stammers.

Female Human Cleric 3,HP20/20,Init+5F4R3W6,Per7AC15/11/14

Where there any plans to remain in the city of any length of time? For example staying on in the hire to the families that recruited you? Where were you and your compatriots staying?

Evil GM

"There was talk of additional work, security for a while." He shrugs, "Don't know where the others are, my squad was bunking at warehouse near the northern city...could be some where at inns, or other on the estates."

Evil GM

Faelyn you dash inside the safehouse after a brief downpour only to narrowly miss running into the back of large half-orc, that is blocking the entrance into the kitchen.

Evil GM

To set the stage: Faelyn, Truk and Lucrezia are now at the safehouse. John, Orsin, Fluer/Shadow, Andrea are at warehouse questioning the prisoners.

The weather is turning worse to wear, with intermittent down pours of rain. It is unseasonably cool for the time of the year.

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