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Baldwin the Merciful's - CoT Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master baldwin the merciful

This is Council of Thieves AP. Westcrown, City of Twilight, once was the center of Aroden's faith, but now it symbolizes despair. By day, the city remains a vibrant center of trade; but, by night only those with a death wish venture out.

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Evil GM

This is the discussion thread for the Council of Thieves AP. Feel free post and ask quesitions here.

I would ask that you move the previously answered DM quesion under your profile for easy access.

Everyone check in if you are still interested.

I anticipate getting the gamethread up and running in the next day.

Male Human Fighter(Tower Shield Specialist) 6/ Hellknight 2 +5 int, AC 26, Touch 12, FF 25, Fort +8, Ref +4, Will +5 HP66/82, Perception +12

Just a quick thing that you have been getting wrong about my character, His name is John Deos, not Joe. Also this is me checking in.

Evil GM
baldwin the merciful wrote:

So far we have:

NeoSeraphi "Shinon" - Male, H/E, Urban Ranger, NG
Kenji Masadi - Male, Human, Martial Artist, NG
Duncan Redhammer - Male, Dwarf, Inquistor, N
Mad Doc -Female, Human, Cleric of Urgathoa, N
John Deos - Male, Human, fighter, LN
Cagliostro "Kyrim Dys" - Male, Elf, Rogue, N

Evil GM

John Deos...correct, sorry. Seems like I kept reading it incorrectly.

Evil GM

I'm going to repost the creation rules under this discussion for future reference, since I did not create the original Recruitement thread.

A few basic rules, if I GM:

20 Pt buy
No score below an 8 before racial adjustment.
Average coin
Download the Free PG
2 traits, (1 must be a campaign trait)
No third party material
No Alchemist, Gunslinger or Summoner
Core races only, no thiefling characters.
4 people (5 if there is no posting issues)
Minimum 3-5 posting a day.
No evil

I'm sure I would have few other rules but I'd need to think about it.

Evil GM

I'm going to try to get the gameplay up later tonight but realistically sometime tomorrow.

Everyone confirmed they can be active posters, 3-5 times a day, which is great. I do understand life happens and we other committments and posting can be hard. If you know posting could be slow try to let us know, so we work around it.

I've asked all six recruits to come join the group, hope that is not an issue with anyone. Hope it does not slow things down, but there does tend to be some attrition in these PbP games.

Welcome aboard...may the shadows of the night not devour your soul.

Evil GM

"Before the Age of Lost Omens, Westcrown dubbed itself “the shining light of Aroden’s civilization.”
Now, others taunt us and say, “You can find anything, civilized or not, in Westcrown—except for
Aroden.” Ignore outsiders—we know the truth. We did not fail Aroden—he failed us, though we
Wiscrani held the faith! We embraced that adversity and replaced his betrayal with strength and
order. The Hellknights paved our way and House Thrune walked it to greatness. I don’t blame them at
all for moving the capital—this place only reminds you of past failures. Besides, better for a Wiscrani
to make a living without so many priests or imperials around, and easier for those of us who deserve
it to ascend to higher stations without them in our way."
—Alcini Vitaron of Alcini’s Apothecary

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Chiming in

Male Human(Minkakian) Martial Artist lvl 2 (Int +4) (AC17)

I am Masada! Mwahahahaha! Yeah I'm cool

Evil GM

Excellent we have three of the six test subjects ready, willing and able to test the darker side of Westcrown.

This should be the link back to the original Recruitment thread:


Evil GM

House Rules:

HPs when leveling up:
Roll the dice, reroll 1's

Place your initiative modifier in character class/level line.
When combat arises I will roll everyone's initiative and post the rolls. This should speed up the pace of the Order and play.

I won't roll saves for everyone, unless play bogs down. We will play that by ear and see how it goes.

Everyone should post two actions, their first choice and an alternative choice, to help speed up combat. Obviously, we all will not be posting in order.

I'll run it free form rather than maptools (I just don't know how to use mapping tools. If someone posts a quick tutorial...I mean a dummies guide to using, I will be happy to reconsider.)

Let's use the standard PBP formatting

italics for internal monologue/thoughts
Bold for speech out loud
Out of character for out of character comments or questions

If anyone doesn't know how, look at the bottom of the page under the submit post button and forum rules blurb, there is a thing that says "How to format your text (show)" Just follow that.

Also, if you want to make a roll and then react to it in the same post, put the formatting in for the dice and then hit preview. It will show you the results of your roll before you post.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or ideas? Anything they have experienced either positively or negatively with PbP?

Male Human Fighter(Tower Shield Specialist) 6/ Hellknight 2 +5 int, AC 26, Touch 12, FF 25, Fort +8, Ref +4, Will +5 HP66/82, Perception +12

Just a quick thing for those who don't know how to make an alias, you go to "my account" at the top of the page. Go to the box title message board alias, then click create new messegeboard alias. This way you can keep your profile for other things than just that character, and allows you to be in more than one pbp game.

As for the map, you only need Google docs and some picture editing tool and a digital copy of the map you are using.

Evil GM

It looks like Cagliostro will not be joining the group. Too much on his plate right now.

I'm waiting on the last two to check in, then the game should begin tomorrow.

Evil GM

Here is some common phases you should hear:

Natives of Westcrown—along with several other major
Chelish cities—possess a wide vocabulary referring to titles, places, and specifics relating to their home.

Adel: A small, personal barge
Dottari: The Chelish city guard
Durotas: A captain of the city guard
Duxotar: The commander of the city guard
Haloran: A lantern-bearing staff
Pyrahje: Man-sized torches that light major areas of Westcrown by night
Parego: “Great region,” one of the three major districts of Westcrown
Rego: A region or neighborhood of Westcrown
Vaneo: A Chelish manor house
Vira: A Chelish estate
Wiscrani: A resident or something from Westcrown

Male Dwarf Expert 1/Inquisitor 4 (Witchunter) Int+4, F6, R1, W4, +4 vs Spells/PoisonAC19/T12/FF17, HP46/4663/67 when raging

I am here. Ready to go.

Evil GM

Glad to have the fourth mean volunteer...Duncan Redhammer.

Evil GM

I've opened the gameplay thread and have begun to post some background story for everyone. I plan to post a quick one-on-one meeting with Janiven for each character, tomorrow. This will be your character's invite to a special meeting.

I know everyone has put some background together and I do appreciate that, the more information that I have, the more personal experience I will endeavor to make for your character.

Has anyone ever played this AP? It doesn't matter if you have or not, I will add my own flavor and touches.

Welcome to the campaign.

Liberty's Edge

I have not played this AP before. I am still very interested, and I apologize for not responding sooner. Will update my profile with my answers to the questions now.

Evil GM

Don't worry, its fine. I closed the recruitment and opened the discussion and gameplay ahead of schedule. Everyone who appleid seemed geniumely interested in the campaign, so not reason to delay.

The five have checked in, and it shall begin...

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2

Great, glad to hear it. Also, thank you John Deos for your assistance. I now have a profile specific for Shinon to use.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

First Pathfinder game ever.

Evil GM

Well this is my first PbP game to GM, so bare with me. I've GM'ed for a while now in real life though.

I definately like to keep it fun, I tend to add a bit grit to my games to too. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Have fun!

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2
Andrea1 wrote:
First Pathfinder game ever.

Good luck. I hope you have fun. In my first PF game, I played a Half-Elf Summoner (it was a one-shot). It was a lot of fun for me, and I've been playing PF ever since.

Evil GM

I'm starting to post the introductions for each character on the game thread. Only one is done, don't panic if I don't get to everyone tonight. Once I get everyone's invitation posted...then feel free to post away.

I guess, I should ahve asked about time zones...I'm EDT.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2

I'm in the Central Time Zone.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16


Evil GM

Well, I have an individual post for each of the party in the gameplay thread/tab. You can check in, read it and post your response or reaction on the gameplay thread. That should get the ball rolling.

Male Dwarf Expert 1/Inquisitor 4 (Witchunter) Int+4, F6, R1, W4, +4 vs Spells/PoisonAC19/T12/FF17, HP46/4663/67 when raging

Never Played the AP before.
I live in Qld Australia, so GMT+10 timezone.

Don't worry. I have my Nexus Glued to me and I work altermate Day/Nightshift.
I check back like 10 times a day.

Male Human(Minkakian) Martial Artist lvl 2 (Int +4) (AC17)

I have not played this AP. I keep joining games that die out in a matter of weeks. Highest level I have commonly obtain was 2. I have a goblin in a homebrew Goblin only campaign at level Seven but thats mostly combat. I crave More RP.

Also, I can post from my phone as long as I am not actively working, sleeping, or at my live game night which is Sundays. MY working gaps are two hours apart. It is possible for me to post in between those. Here's to a good game, cheers.

Evil GM

Duncan and Kenji can you put your initiative modifier in Class/level line on the alias, that way its easy for me see when combat occurs. Thanks.

Evil GM

This AP assumes everyone is either from Westcrown -(which I'm sure I will call Westport a few times, so I apologize ahead of time for those typos)- or they have been their long enugh to be familar with the city's workings. That being said, I will impart descriptions for the city throughout the game.

A lot of this will be common knowledge, I will tell when it is not and have you roll the appropriate Knowledge role. Obviously, Knowledge Local and Nobility are useful skills.

Evil GM

If it's not already in your profile can everyone give provide a description of their footwear, clothing/armor and length of their cloaks or robes. Thanks

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Uh-oh Duncan! -1! I think that is a 'Start a brawl' roll. :)

Male Human Ranger 1

Hah! Don't need a roll for that. Kick a puppy....see what happens.


Evil GM

Is the pace ok and the story flow ok? I'm trying to build up a tension and along an apparent uneasiness on Janiven's part.

Male Human(Minkakian) Martial Artist lvl 2 (Int +4) (AC17)

I have never been part of a campaign that posts quite this much. Pace is okay just try not to leave anyone behind. Popping on after two hours for 15 minutes and all I can do is read. Barely able to get my posts in.

It will be tricky but I'll try and keep up. Just don't be surprised if I miss stuff due to rush reading.

Evil GM

I'm sure it will slow done soon, just lodging the hook and excitement of a new campaign.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Rather quick, but I can keep up more in the evening.

Evil GM

Can John, Kenji and Shinon put a height on ther character sheet? Thanks.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2

Height? Certainly.

And I was so confused about STR Ranger for a second. I was concerned that we had two rangers in the same group!

Anyway, I get back and see a whole 16 posts waiting for me! This is pretty exciting. The pace is good, and I'm sorry that I missed out on so much of it. But I'm back for the night, and now I'm going to make up for lost time.

Evil GM

Shinon, don't worry about missing the posting right, I really want to draw everyone into the scene and begin to feel urgency of the scene. Plus, there is the background information folks will know. So far, everyone is doing fine. The pace will slow down, eventually.

Don't forget to include a good description of your footwear, length of your cloak or robe.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2

Hooray for failed Sense Motive checks! Shinon is as on Janiven's side as his personality will allow now. (About 30%).

Male Human(Minkakian) Martial Artist lvl 2 (Int +4) (AC17)

Height Posted.

I can say with certainty that I prefer this pace over the crawl that most campaigns seem to end up with Truly I can check on campaigns I am a player in all the time but none of them ever move. Nice to have a fast moving campaign for once.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

As noted I was unclear about what Andrea was doing, she was checking to see if she is missing anything or is carrying anything new after the bump. The host's nervousness is getting to her.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2

Sorry for the short post. Just trying to help set the scene.

Evil GM

The short post is fine, the kid will be gasping out a message soon.

Evil GM

Now you all are going to find out why I needed height, footwear and length of clothing. Insert diabolical DM laugh! John you will definately be a bit uncomfotable given you 6'4 height. Duncan has plenty of extra room though.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 3 HP 25/29, Initiative +5, AC 16, Touch 13, FF 13 CMD 16 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +2

Hey, I'll take getting my cloak muddy over getting caught by guards any day.

Evil GM
Shinon wrote:
Hey, I'll take getting my cloak muddy over getting caught by guards any day.

That is good choice.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Mud,Carrien it all comes out with a little baking soda, that is what mother taught me.

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