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Azure_Zero's Dark Moon Vale Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Azure_Zero

A pathfinder Game

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"I think we should get moving before "it" comes here."

Male Halfling Detective (Bard) 2

Dennvyn nods, "A good idea. Let's quickly search the room and head off."

Male Human Witch 2

Barnabus looks around thinking something fiery might be battled near water....

"Anyone seen any water sources?"

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)

Hey guys. I am sad to say that RL is getting to hectic and I can't keep up with PbP (as evident by my lack of posting). It was fun while it lasted and I had a great time. Thanks for being a great group, Enjoy!!


"I recall a well above ground in the courtyard, if you need water."

Male Human Witch 2

"Let's check that out and come back once we have all tha water we ken carry."

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