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Azure_Zero's Dark Moon Vale Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Azure_Zero

A pathfinder Game

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The ramshackle town of Falcon’s Hollow rests
perilously close to the infamous Darkmoon
Vale. The jagged shadow of nearby mountains
casts a shroud of gloom on the desperate souls
who call this place home. Many are drawn here
to make their fortune cutting a swath of darkwood
lumber through the lush forests of the
vale. Others journey to these remote fringes to
start over, piecing together their shattered lives
on the edge of an untouched wilderness far
from the things of man. Persecuted zealots and
outcasts flock to Falcon’s Hollow. Here, these
fanatics practice their strange and often deviant
rites unfettered by the mores of civilization.
Still others are lured to Falcon’s Hollow by the
promise of great adventure. Peril and splendor
await within the accursed halls of dwarven
kings of old, whose glorious civilization long
ago shattered and crumbled to dust.

After the Black scour taint outbreak was dealt with;
Bertrand had enough adventure, but would have a tale for his children.
Barnabus returned with the shrooms and helped Laurel,
in making the Cure and were assisted by Arianna Willowwood and Gardenia.

During the outbreak;
Lady Cirthana was doing what she could against the outbreak and was assisted by Nalita Bakji and Yuuki Frostfell.
Carnider "Stinky" Dravonic was making Home remedies and selling them,
but the Root's and Remedies was more popular.

Having arrived in the Falcon's Hollow 3 days ago,
Dennvyn Fealthan having heard of the taint and wanting to help,
but arriving 4 days after a cure was found.
Jund on the other hand was a wanderer and decided to rest here for a bit.

Little did the people of Falcon's Hollow know that a new problem would a rise and require heroes.
Would they be Triumphant Heroes or Defeated and Dead?
And this is their story.

Male Human Witch 3|| AC 14 /17 (mage armor) || hp 20/20|| Init +4 || Fort +1 Ref +2 Will +4 || Perception +5 || Condition: Normal

@ Laurel
"I guess tha is tha las case o blackscour taint."

Looks longingly out the window of the roots & remedies shop....

Female Half Elf Ranger 2 (Guide)

Arianna walked towards Roots & Remedies, as she had for much of the last few weeks. With the herbs and curatives that had been found, it seemed that the epidemic had been stopped, and she'd spent the last week roaming the outskirts of the townseeking any unnoticed pockets of infection that might threaten to start a second wave.

It appeared as if the cure was exactly that, and the surviving townsfolk were in the process of putting their lives back together. Usually, a time like this would be exactly when Arianna headed back into the wilderness, either doing guide work or exploring on her own, yet for sme reason she felt a strong inclination to remain in town a while longer.

"Indeed it is Barnabus,
And I still can't thank you and the rest for going out and getting the ingredients for the cure."

Female Half Elf Ranger 2 (Guide)

Arianna enters the shop just as Laurel speaks, her face breaking into a smile.

"We did what was needed. It's what any decent person would do."

Male Human Witch 3|| AC 14 /17 (mage armor) || hp 20/20|| Init +4 || Fort +1 Ref +2 Will +4 || Perception +5 || Condition: Normal

"Starting to feel like I should be out there doing someting, maybe on another adventure. I ave learned much bout brewin an tink one day I might settle intah such a job as this......someday."

"Arrianna yah headin intah tha wilds anytime soon?"

Male Halfling Detective (Bard) 2


Dennvyn throws a few more coins across the bar, taking his cider with a smile, Well, I think, despite what I wanted to believe, this taint probably wasn't a Lumber Consortium plot... which means I should just smile, and join in the celebrations -- after all, I'm sure all the corruption will still be here to ferret out tomorrow...

He smiles again and raises his mug in thanks, then heads toward a table, avoiding the longshanks who refuse to look down as they walk. He takes a pull from the cider and quietly surveys the room, and catches himself listening for rumours, despite his earlier pledge. (Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9)

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)

Jund walks through the town taking everything in.

So this is Falcon's Hollow. Small town indeed. Guess I'll have a look around. Should also find a place to stay. Might need some work and save up some gold if I am going to keep traveling

perception 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

Dark Archive

Male Gnome Alchemist/2 HP:13/13 bombs used: 0

Once more the sound of thunder, well a single loud crack, is heard in the back of Davonic's Healing Emporium. A gnome, with singed and wild looking hair full of a black soot enters the shop. Two small whitened areas on his face show where his special glasses had be placed, before the explosion and smoke covered him with black carbon residue. A pink tongue pokes out between his lips, before the creature spits on the floor. "That's it Radiner, I'm done for the day!" And with an impetuous stamp of his boots and a slam of the door the gnome makes his way off from his small shop front. Taking out a small notebook, he starts scribbling and scratching out writing found on its pages, as he mumbles and grumbles head down, paying no heed to whatever goes on.

His feet take him, as if by some automatic sense to the 'Goose 'n Gander'. He walks though the door, and walks towards the bar, still looking at his notebook. However, the layout of tables has changed ever so slightly, as he walks straight into the stranger sipping his cider. His panda face looks up in surprise, "Oh!"

Jund wrote:

Jund walks through the town taking everything in.

perception 22

You overhear a group of gossiping women

Woman 1:
"I heard the Hebbradan boy ran away to help his sister."

Woman 2:
"Really, but I heard the Jabbs boy walked off in a daze."

Woman 3:
"I also heard the Eavewalker girl is also missing."

Female Samsaran Cleric(Cloistered Cleric 2)

Nalita busies herself in the kirk helping Lady Cirthana clean up from the events of the last couple weeks. She is currently on her hands and knees scrubbing the floors in the room they let the sick stay in. After a few moments she stands.

"I'm done with the floors miss Cirthana anything else you'll be needing my help with today?"

Sorry I haven't posted before now...busy day yesterday.


Lady Cirthana:
with a smile and a soothing voice
"No, that will be all for today.
This floor is now actually the cleanest in weeks.
And Yuuki has finished with cleaning the windows and watering the garden."

in the Goose 'n Gander
"Will that Cider be all good sir."

She looks like a Human(Ulfen) woman of about 6 foot 0.
She has a muscular yet boxum and curvy human build with comely features and pale skin.
Her face looks attractive for a human.
She has Golden eyes and lose Copper Red Hair that ends at her mid back.

She is wearing a Brown mid Calf length skirt, a white short sleeved shirt and a Brown bodice that assists with her figure.

"Alkaid, can you help me with the Kegs in the back."

She looks like a Human(Ulfen) woman of about 6 foot 0.
She has a muscular yet boxum and curvy human build with comely features and pale skin.
Her face looks attractive for a human.
She has Golden eyes and Braid Copper Red Hair that ends at her mid back.

She is wearing a Brown mid Calf length skirt, a white short sleeved shirt and a Brown bodice that assists with her figure.

Male Halfling Detective (Bard) 2

Dennvyn looks up at the woman and smiles, Sigh, the pretty ones are always just too darned tall. "All for now, thank you. I might trouble your kitchens a mite later, though." He stops a moment and is struck by a random thought, calling out slightly as the young woman turns away, "Will there be a singer or storyteller later this evening?"

He is jostled by the sudden impact with a sooty gnome, and laughs, "I guess we were both looking up and didn't see each other coming. Still, nothing spilled, so no harm done, good sir."

You could swear they are identical twins, the only difference is persona, class, and hair (ones lose, the other is braided)

"I don't know if there will be entertainment tonight.
But who knows, maybe even Mia will sing."

"Well, I know Yuuki likes to sing. So she might do sing tonight."

Male Halfling Detective (Bard) 2

Dennvyn smiles again, and says, "Well, then, I'll probably need at least one or two more tankards while I wait. Tell me, what does one do for fun around here, now that the nasty business seems to be at an end?"

Diplomacy: Take 10 + 7 = 17

Dark Archive

Male Gnome Alchemist/2 HP:13/13 bombs used: 0

"oh! you shouldn't have been there ..... you weren't there yesterday.." the gnome mumbles, as he sees black smudges over the man's clothes. He reaches out ... "Sorry, didn't mean to get you dirty. Here .. let me..." a dirty handkerchief is pulled from his pocket and proceeds to smudge and make worst the black marks that now appear on man's trousers.

As the cleaning, dirtying, process goes on, the gnome looks up all of a sudden, "Carnider Dracovic of Dracovic's Healing Emporium. Come over, I might have something that'll help clean your clothes. Give you a discount this time. We specialise in alternative medicines." A small semi clean hand comes out from the bundle of activity, offering itself to the larger man.

I'm sure that the barstaff and patrons would know Carnider by the Stinky name, from being a fairly regular customer and know of his 'experimentation'. Or at least, him arriving is similar fashion at other times ...

Male Halfling Detective (Bard) 2

Dennvyn smiles cheerfully and says, "No need, no need -- as I said, nothing spilled, so no harm done... though I do note that the cider keeps disappearing out of this large hole at the top of my tankard..." He chuckles at his own joke and holds up a hand to the gnome, "Truly, no need to rush to your shop -- at least not in terms of finding something to clean me.." He waves his hands in the air a bit and Prestidigitates himself clean, then continues, "Though I will certainly stop by tomorrow and take a look at your wares."

He pauses, eyes the gnome up and down, and then smiles with a raised hand and an arched eyebrow, wordlessly asking the gnome if he'd like the same treatment.

Dark Archive

Male Gnome Alchemist/2 HP:13/13 bombs used: 0

The gnome stops his cleaning as the halfling waves his hand in the air and suddenly the clothes take on a new sheen. "Well, if you can do that, then surely you can stop the cider disappearing?" He takes out his notebook and a pen, "Though its not so very hot in here, evaporation shouldn't really be making that much of a difference to the level." Holding his finger up, he twists it one way then the next, "No, not much of a breeze in here." He writes a few more lines, caught up in his own mind games, "A real little puzzler eh?" then seeing the man's laughing grow, he stops, his face reddening under the soot.

Shamefacedly he bows his head down, "Oh .. sorry, a joke." Instead he asks, "Sir, let me buy you a refill, for the"

The smell of burnt hair and other smells, rise from his clothes, Carnider seems blissfully unaware of them.

I see the two little ones are getting along.

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)

Walking around and seeing the layout of the town seems interesting enough, but a rubble from his stomach reminds Jund he has not eaten since his morning exercises.
Best make my way to a tavern or inn. Get some sustenance. Maybe make inquiries about work and lodgings. A week or so I would think.

you head to the Goose 'n Gander (the local Pub and Inn)
and spot a halfing, a gnome and two barmaids.
The barmaids look identical, except that one has long loose hair and the other has a long braid

she enters the main room of the Kirk and approaches Nalita.
"Hey Nalita, since the taint problem's over and the place is all clean.
How about a little singing at the Goose 'n Gander, and hopefully those two didn't rack up more of a tab."

Yuuki looks like a Human(Ulfen) woman of about 5 foot 9 and around 240 pounds. She has a athletic curvy human build with comely features and pale skin. Her face looks attractive for a human. She has Sapphire Blue eyes and Silver Platinum Blonde Hair that ends at her mid back.

she is wearing her regular clothing

Male Human Witch 3|| AC 14 /17 (mage armor) || hp 20/20|| Init +4 || Fort +1 Ref +2 Will +4 || Perception +5 || Condition: Normal

"Sorry Arriana I did not hear you."

"I think she is just in some deep thought on if see needs anything from the vale or is their is someone she wants to guide in the vale."

Female Half Elf Ranger 2 (Guide)

"Yes sorry, I was distracted. Usually about now I'd be picking up a guide job out in the vale,but given everything, nobody's in a hurry to head out. I keep feeling like theres a reason for me not to leave yet though, but I'm definitely missing the outdoors."

She glances over at Laurel.

"You need to get some rest, you've been workingtoo hard."

"I hope that was not subtle way of telling me, I'm old.
But your right, I should rest from that nightmarish week of work."

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)

Jund enters the Goose 'n Gander and looks for and empty table in the corner.

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)

Jund walks into the Goose 'n Gander and looks for an empty table in a corner. He looks around and takes in the room.

Perception 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (5) + 8 = 13

Male Human Witch 3|| AC 14 /17 (mage armor) || hp 20/20|| Init +4 || Fort +1 Ref +2 Will +4 || Perception +5 || Condition: Normal

"Laurel you should take some time an clear tha soot from yer glasses."

"An Ariana yah aren't gonna find a job sitten here, how bout we poke round town till we find some mischief?"

she gets out from the kitchen a few seconds after a customer(Jund) has enter through her door.
She walks up to Jund and asks
"Is their anything I can get you?"

She's 5 foot 6, has a good figure, and long loose red hair and green eyes.

"True enough, but at least I can see through mine, I have seen some of Stinky's Goggles and you'd swear it had obsidian for lens."

Dark Archive

Male Gnome Alchemist/2 HP:13/13 bombs used: 0

Carnider sits down with his new friend and starts to refresh his body with the contents of a mug of cider. He is just about to explain to his friend the best way to make cider, when his attention is taken by an unusual stranger entering. He blurts out in surprise, to the halfling "Another! ... oh sorry my friend, but now that we're free of the blight of illness, it would seem we're open for busine ... I mean visitors. and this one is indeed unusual looking. Do you know him?"

Female Half Elf Ranger 2 (Guide)

Arianna grins at the banter. "Far from old Laurel, but even the wise need rest. Who elese would save the town from the next great plague. The people here need you to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of them." She places a supportive hand on her friend's shoulder squeezing gently.

"Well Barnabus, shall we leave Laurel to some peace aand quiet and see what awaits at the Goose n Gander"

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)

Looking up towards the serving woman Jund's eyes scan the room before meeting the woman's gaze. In a calm voice he says "Just some food and drink. Water, if it's fresh."

Male Human Witch 3|| AC 14 /17 (mage armor) || hp 20/20|| Init +4 || Fort +1 Ref +2 Will +4 || Perception +5 || Condition: Normal

"Aye maybe I will let the men o tha lumber camp know I have a hex tah does minor healin fer cheap."

Gets his gear and heads for the door....
Flips the sign of roots n remedies to closed as he leaves.....

Male Halfling Detective (Bard) 2

Dennvyn shakes his head, "No, though I do agree that he is a somewhat stranger stranger than most.", smiling at his small joke. He smiles as Mia enters, Oh, excellent, the women are shrinking. Hopefully this trend continues...

in a slightly playful tone
"Have some Fun you two."

she thinks to herself
"Ah Youth, so full of life."

she walks you to a table,

"So you want fresh water, and to eat we have;
Meat and potatoes,
Fish and hash browns,
Soup and bread,
and Stew."

Female Samsaran Cleric(Cloistered Cleric 2)

Nalita shakes her head I remember last time you had me singing. I'll go but I'm not drinking that much tonight. Besides I don't need to rewash the floors after a night of partying with you, I'm a frail woman after all." Oh how I miss least he could hold his liquor... she thinks to herself as she heads for the door.

"I am thinking of getting Alkaid, Blackrose and possibly Mia to sing with me on the stage.
I'll make sure those two don't drink a lot tonight."

Female Samsaran Cleric(Cloistered Cleric 2)

"Yeah make sure you do...they can't afford to much more added to their tabs."

"I keep being surprised at how much they can drink and not get alcohol poisoning,
and that when Alkaid's drunk she can see through almost any lie."

she add to in in her thoughts
and add on that the booze seems to go and adds to right spots of their figures, luckily it's not permanent.

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