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Aubrey's Rise of the Runelords campaign

Game Master Aubrey the Malformed

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Male Human (Shoanti) Cleric 10

"Ah, of course. I am Alwyn, son of Agnarr. I follow the teachings and spread the word of Gorum, the Lord In Iron. This here is Hudak, also son of Agnarr, the best swordsman south of the Calphiak Mountains. This gentleman is Illes Elandru, a storyteller, chronicler and musician of the highest order. The little guy is Camlo Zenovia, who you will never see unless he wants you to. And finally, this is ... Sefayll Valerian, a wizard of considerable skill. We are sworn wardens of the peace in the coastal town of Sandpoint, and while we have traveled far and seen many things, this journey seems to be our most interesting yet."

male Human Shoanti Fighter 10 xp 79042

"Probably north too."

Hey, uh....if it's not too far back i.e. miles and miles, I'd like to go get that smilodon pelt. If it's a big deal then screw it, but Hudak really needs a smilodon pelt.

He looks at the one with the smilodon pelt. "Those things really hurt when they get going on you. I think I doubled my personal scar count just last night."


Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

And that was how Hudak found his long lost brothers.....

Valardis raises a craggy eyebrow. "You slew a sabretooth last night?"

Male Human (Shoanti) Cleric 10

"It attacked us at our campsite while most of us were sleeping. We had to leave the carcass behind. Such a waste - first of the magnificent beast, and then of its fur."

male Human Shoanti Fighter 10 xp 79042

''Aye. It decided we looked like dinner. It tried to munch on us, but I gave it steel for dessert."

male Human Shoanti Fighter 10 xp 79042

Looks at the guy with the cape; "I would've made me one of those hair shirts, sir; but I don't know those skills."

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