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Aubrey's Eberron campaign.

Game Master Aubrey the Malformed

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70/70 hp; Effects: ; 120915 xp after Manfred

Gil walks the golem suit over to the doorway to wait and watch while the Shadow Marcher reconnoiters.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5
Gelb wrote:
"Not unless you were dragging my lifeless body."

"You tease. Oh well, a man can dream." Janosz pads silently down the corridor, bow at the ready.

Dwarf Fighter 1 / Cleric 8 / Sovereign Speaker 3; HP 110/116

Kazadar stares eagerly down the hall as the Marcher departs, ready to dash in should combat erupt.

Janosz moves down the corridor. At the end he finds a closed stone door, carved in relief. It depicts a wide square or plaza, filled with ranks of people. They all kneel in supplication before before a raised dias, upon which is an empty throne.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5

A quick once-over before heading back - Perception 11+26=37 to spot any traps.

Janosz quickly reappears. "Closed door up ahead. This one has carvings of people kneeling before an empty throne. The theological interpretations of that should be interesting, no?"

Janosz notes nothing suspicious about the door.

70/70 hp; Effects: ; 120915 xp after Manfred

Knowledge (Religion): 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (7) + 18 = 25

Gil considers the description provided by Janosz.


Per Ezreal's previous description, this sounds like the Halls of Submission.

70/70 hp; Effects: ; 120915 xp after Manfred

"More evidence that our scholar is right regarding our having reached the Halls of Submission."

Dwarf Fighter 1 / Cleric 8 / Sovereign Speaker 3; HP 110/116

"What can we expect there?" Kazadar asks aloud, thinking.

religion: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (17) + 16 = 33 to cross-reference "Halls of Submission" with Keeper dogma to see what i might expect to be within.

Kaz, here's Ez's speech again which summarises more or less what you know about the place (spoilered for length - he's told everyone else too):

Ezreal Farlowe wrote:

"Before we go over there, there are a few things you should know. Temples to the Keeper do not welcome strangers. To be honest they do not welcome the faithful either. Generally the entire structure exists as a tool for teaching their religious philosophy which revolves around submission to eventual decay. In most cases Temples are arranged to emphasize the soul’s journey from birth to ultimate annihilation, being broadly linear in design with shrines and chapels dedicated to different aspects of the deity."

"The Temple also exists as a practical teaching tool you might say. They are usually designed to help you along that path to ultimate annihilation. We are talking traps, undead guardians and clergy who might welcome you with indifference, but are just as likely to throw a flame strike your way to see if the Keeper was ready to welcome you home today. It is all a way of testing the mettle of the faithful and instilling both toughness and serenity in the face of mortality."

"That reminds me- Gath, as a follower of the Keeper likely differs from any other lich you may have read or head about. He has not undergone the process out of any desire for immortality. There is no place for immortality in the faith. Everything falls apart, decays and dies in the end. The undead worshipers have merely passed another test in their spiritual journey allowing them to survive that much longer before the inevitable. He is almost certainly a nihilist. I would expect a typical lich to value self preservation above all else. It engenders a certain cowardice should they fear the end is near. Gath will have none of this. If a follower of the Keeper thought he was likely to be killed, taking you with him would potentially be a higher priority than self preservation."

"These kind of Temples are rare. Judging by Gaia's map this is one of the largest ones I have ever heard about, a Grand Hall dedicated to the God of Death if you will. Like I said, the structure itself serves as an instructor in the doctrine of the faith. We should expect to encounter halls built around the themes of Impermanence, Inevitability, Futility, Resilience, Sacrifice, Submission, and Extinction. There will be multiple shrines dedicated to different aspects of the Keeper like The Reaper, The Weaver, The Glutton, and The Fiery Scourge. Aside from that we can expect to run across mortuaries and catacombs as well as places for contemplation and teaching."

Dwarf Fighter 1 / Cleric 8 / Sovereign Speaker 3; HP 110/116

"Hmm, hall of submission... I wonder if we will encounter the Glutton within."

HPs: 89/64, APs: 11/9 Effects: Mage Armor, Overland Flight, Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 12

"To the best of my understanding, the Glutton shrine guardian was the worm golem as represented by their incessant hunger. In fact we have encountered all of the anticipated shrine guardians, though there could be more considering my information on the Keeper is far from complete. And the Halls have their own guardians who have been formidable thus far."

Ezreal rubs his temples with one hand. "I... I have a suspicion this place may be getting to us the longer we are here. Having slept and looking on this situation anew could any of you tell me why we pitched our tent in a room directly facing a known danger? We literally decided to rest with our open door facing an enchanted portal in a lich's sanctum. For the life of me I cannot remember why I thought that was a good idea. Do you think those might be the actions of someone inviting annihilation because it is Inevitable? Or unconsciously expressing the Futility of his quest? Or perhaps offering himself as a Sacrifice to the Keeper?"

"It is time to consider that Gath's mausoleum temple may be having a subtle, or not so subtle effect on us the further we delve and the longer we remain. We must retrieve the dragonshard! Before it is too late for Rolund... or us."

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