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Aubrey's Eberron campaign.

Game Master Aubrey the Malformed

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70/70 hp; Effects: None; 120915 xp after Manfred
Ezreal Farlowe wrote:
BTW- You can only have one casting of light active. If you cast another the first one dispels.

Ah, I knew that was true about dancing lights, didn't realize it applied to light. Seems fair for a spell you can cast at will.

What are the blades made of?

They look like high quality pattern-welded steel.

70/70 hp; Effects: None; 120915 xp after Manfred

"Spared no expense to keep the rats in the trap, I see." She examines where they are attached to the wall. "I wonder if we could bend them out of the way or loosen the mortar holding them in place."

Disable Device: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (13) + 22 = 35

The blades will be extremely difficult to bend. Digging around the mortar might work but it depends how far in they are embedded into the walls.

HPs: 71/71, APs: 10/4 Effects: See Invisible, Magic Circle Against Evil, Mage Armor Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 11

"Living for centuries on end helps to spread out the expense apparently. He has invested a wealth rivaling some kingdoms in the defense of this place."

You should see Gath's investment portfolio.

70/70 hp; Effects: None; 120915 xp after Manfred

Gil reports the difficulty in removing the threat of the blades to the others. "Do we continue, knowing that returning will have to be done slowly? Or do we invest what appears to be considerable time dealing with them now?"

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