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Aubrey's Eberron campaign.

Game Master Aubrey the Malformed

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At the mention of revenge, Runzyl's spiteful countenance relaxes a bit as a smile of eagerness washes over his face. He takes a step forward, uncrossing his arms as he does so and nods.

"These Daask are inferior warriors. They will learn well the price of their actions. We will have your revenge, halfling, and our own."

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

Janosz nods in agreement as Ezreal speaks. "Once again you perfect sense. You can count on me as well", he says, looking from the mage to Jendry and back again.

Male Human Rogue 3/Urban Ranger 1/Dragonmarked Heir 2

Still addled by the grim experience of High Walls, I join in the collective nodding.

Lightbringer is somewhat troubled by this talk of revenge. He has no intention of handing this Daask person over to the halfling – he will go to the authorities as proper, as soon as Lightbringer can find a watch captain or a judge that he knows to be honest. He turns to look at Ezreal, realising that the man has all but agreed to hand their quarry over to Jendry. That could be a problem.

However, it seems that Jendry, for all that he appears to be a petty criminal himself, may be their best lead in seeing that justice is done and their mission completed. And at least he seems to show genuine sadness and compassion for the fate of his missing friend.

“It appears that we are in agreement on accepting your help Jendry,” states Lightbringer.

He then turns to his companions. “I suppose it makes sense that the criminals will be seeking revenge on us. I was remiss in not considering earlier what lengths they would go to find us. We should find somewhere safe and defensible to spend the night. As they seem to have marked Runzyl and myself in particular, it may make sense for the two of us to separate ourselves from the rest of you, so that we do not lead them to you. On the other hand, there is strength in numbers. What do you think friends?”

During this period of conversation Nox seemed to be....well distant. When Lightbringer begins talking again Nox seems to snap to attention. He mutters something under his breath and then heads back to the front door to converse with Trini.

Seeing his small friend's reaction, Lightbringer follows him to the doorway. "What is wrong Nox?" he asks in a low tone.

Male Human Rogue 3/Urban Ranger 1/Dragonmarked Heir 2

"No Lightbringer, if you and Runzyl carry more of a death mark then any of the rest of us, it is only because your descriptions carry a tad more clarity then ours. I will not see my new friends march off to face danger alone meerly to protect my own skin.

"Nor, am I eager to lay this trouble at the gates of the Tharashk Enclave. Though they haven't marked me by name or description as of yet, if they put the pieces together then Janosz and I would surely be noticed there.

"I think it best we stay together, lest you need the rest of us to help you fight off some sinister attack, and wisest if we could stay near at hand to Jendry and his associates in case they find word of our target.

"I doubt it highly that the coward skin-dancer is going to remain in one place for long, so we will need to be prepared to act quickly.

Turning to Jendry, "Master Jendry, I did not see when we arrived if this establishment has rooms for rent, if not, could you recommend another nearby inn where we could shelter for the evening and be close at hand should you need us?"

Some repetition, but give me a while to get fully out of the cloning cylinder

Jendry shrugs. "Nowhere to stay in the Dice, but there's lot's of places to flop out around here - take your pick. You come back this time tomorrow - I should have something for you."

You can stay in fairly cheap accommodation - Downstairs is a little rough and ready but it isn't actively dangerous.

There isn't much more to say, unless anyone has any further burning questions. Please tell me where you are all planning on spending the night.

And... another 100xp. Hope you are keeping track as I'm not.

Spoiler for Nox:

That old Nox magic is working. Trini is working tomorrow night but she is available the night after. You big, bad adventurer. Remember - play it cool....

When the discussion on where to spend the night takes place - Lightbringer would prefer it is not held in front of Jendry - Lightbringer has no particular preference on location, but he suggests that the location should be reasonably sturdy / defensible and include an escape route if possible. He volunteers to stand guard for the night.
Also, did we want to check out High Walls tonight, or leave it till tomorrow?

Runzyl turns to face Trose after the brief interaction between him and the halfling. "Trose, you seem to possess far greater knowledge of this city than I do. I will trust in your judgement to find us safe haven for the night," the elf smiled slightly. "We cannot be too careful, though. I will stand watch until morning. I need less sleep than the rest of you..."

His eyes settle on Lightbringer. "Well... most of you, anyway." Runzyl smirks slightly, seemingly embarrassed.

I can't recall if we've already had this conversation or not, but elves in Eberron still only need the 4 hours of 'trance' as stated in the PHB, right? If this is not the case, scratch my last remark.

The Exchange

No peeking, please Rarely Accountant 2/Auditor 4/Waster 30

Yes, elves still trance in Eberron.

HPs: 96 / 96, APs: 11/11 Effects: Con Drain 1 Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 12 / Cataclysm Mage 1

We have time for High Walls tonight, but it seems like a perfectly good way to get ambushed either by Daask or refugees who wouldn't mind rolling us for our shiny gear. I'm up for it though if that's the way you want to run it. I completely agree about not disclosing our lodging location in front of Jendry or his henchman just because I'm paranoid :) I don't at all know the districts so someone else will have to call that one. Also since we are going to try to take this guy alive, I'll pick up a tanglefoot bag in the morning when shops open again.

Oh, and welcome in T-clone.

Male Human Rogue 3/Urban Ranger 1/Dragonmarked Heir 2

"Yes, well thank you Jendry, we shall see you tomorrow night."

Trose gets up, and trys to gather the group up with his eyes, letting everyone know that it is time to leave. I lead the group back out of the casino, making sure we stop to gather up our weapons, and I believe coincidentally finding Nox.

Once we are outside, "Alright, the way I see it we have a few options. First we can stay here in Downstairs, we can return to Clifftop, or we can find somewhere new to rest the evening."

"If Jendry doesn't expect to have any information for us until tomorrow evening, then we should have plenty of time in the early morning to return to High Walls, and honestly I don't think I can endure much more of that nigh prison today."

"As I expressed inside, I think returning to any area where any of us might be expected would be foolish. That scratches off your friend's temple," I say, nodding towards Lightbringer, "as well as my house Enclave, and even the Cannith Enclave."

"Personally I vote for staying nearby, and striking out for High Walls come morning. I believe that Daask only has limited interest in gambling and skin-halls, and this region seems dominated by the Boromars anyway, so we should be fairly safe. If only we can find an inn with a Ghallandan marker."

"Anyone have any better ideas?"

The Exchange

No peeking, please Rarely Accountant 2/Auditor 4/Waster 30

OK, if I don't hear to the contrary I will assume you have found a place for the night together in Downstairs.

Trose - Clone wrote:

"Personally I vote for staying nearby, and striking out for High Walls come morning. I believe that Daask only has limited interest in gambling and skin-halls, and this region seems dominated by the Boromars anyway, so we should be fairly safe. If only we can find an inn with a Ghallandan marker."

"Anyone have any better ideas?"

"I believe we passed an inn nearby, on the way here. If we can find one or two rooms close together, I will stand guard within the room or in the corridor outside as appropriate. And leaving the investigation of High Walls until tomorrow seems wise."

Lightbringer strides off, leading the way outside to the inn he noticed before.

As they leave the casino, Lightbringer glances around to ensure that they are not followed (Spot: 15) and then addresses his companions.

“My friends, it seems that Jendry wishes to avenge his friend – which is understandable. However, I do not believe that handing this person over to Jendry for personal revenge is right. We should attempt to gather sufficient evidence, and turn the Daask agent over to the authorities, to see that justice is served. I feel that what Jendry intends to do may constitute as great an evil as the slaying of Heris in the first place.”

Runzyl furrows his brow as Lightbringer speaks. When he finishes his statement, the elf pauses a moment before shaking his head. "I do not think the halfling wants to kill the man. If that were his goal, why not have us do it? I think he might want to ask him questions. There might be more to this than we know."

Lightbringer turns to look at the warrior. “I will admit that reading the intentions of people is not my strongest skill,” he says. “And Jendry did not explicitly state that he wished to harm the one who took Jendry. In fact, he did not explicitly ask that we hand him over to him. But I got the impression that, while unstated, he intended both.”

Lightbringer pauses for a moment. “Of course, it could be that I’m wrong.” Lightbringer realises, belatedly, that perhaps he should have attempted to use his Flame given abilities to detect evil intent from the halfling. But … he was learning that this world was a confusing place. Sometimes seemingly evil creatures would act to further good causes, whilst priests of good religions – his own included – could have evil intentions. He did not understand it, but he had begun to realise that he could not always rely on his ability to detect the presence or absence of evil in people’s souls.

The Exchange

No peeking, please Rarely Accountant 2/Auditor 4/Waster 30

The group finds a communal room in a Downstairs flophouse to spend the night. It is uncomfortable – a few blankets thrown on a wooden floor – but allows privacy and reasonable security. Lightbringer and, after a brief reverie, Runzyl keep watch through the night, but the only activity is from the occasional group of drunks staggering about in the corridor outside. That’s cheap enough not be worth telling you the cost. Also, anyone still bearing any injuries from the fight gains another 1hp.

Morning eventually comes, and after a brief stretch to get blood circulating again, the party heads out on to the street. The sky is drab and overcast, and it is unpleasantly humid. It is still early – the bars and restaurants are now shut, and street cleaners push dejectedly at the wreckage from the previous night’s revels with brooms. A few stalls are offering warm or cold breakfast to any who might need it, together with copies of the overnight news sheets.

Spot roll please: if you get more than 10, see the spoiler below:

You notice a story on one of the sheets:


A church of the Silver Flame has been attacked in Rattlebones, Lower Dura, leaving a number of worshippers dead and the resident priest missing. A force of gnolls attacked the shrine yesterday afternoon, leaving three worshippers dead and kidnapping the priest, Brother Erfan. Though the motives for the attack are unclear, it is believed it may be linked to Daask, the criminal gang based in Dura and the Cogs and mainly composed on Droaamite humanoids. Several of its members were believed to be involved in a fatal brawl in the Bazaar two night ago.

The Watch were not available for comment. However, Aris Agan, High Warden of the Church of the Silver Flame, stated that while all efforts were being made to find brother Erfan, the Church would not be willing to pay a ransom to a criminal gang. “Our prayers are with Erfan and the families of those who lost loved ones,” she said.

Male Human Rogue 3/Urban Ranger 1/Dragonmarked Heir 2

Natural 19 to spot, yay me

"The currs, those damned seven legged sons of a spider demon!" I walk over to the bulletin to make sure I catch all the details, (and certainly to call everyone's attention to it) "He was inncocent! He sheltered us without truly knowing what we had done, showed us only kindness..."

I reach out, and tear the bulletin down, and walk over to Lightbringer.

"My Iron friend, Daask has made a grievous mistake, and I pledge to you now on the blood of the Three Dragons, that should we reach the end of this journey and not find your priest friend alive, I shall do all that I can to bring the wrath of the House Tharashk down on Daask, and see each and every one of them justly put to the sword."

As I speak I hand the bulletin over to Lightbringer.

"Let us find a quick meal, but eat it on the way. High Walls awaits, and I fear those we have unwittingly brought into this are short on time."

With that, I stride of towards one of the nearby booths to grab something light and portable.

As I recall, Lower menthis to Lower Tavick's Landing isn't a dreadful walking distance. If I don't expect it to take more than a half an hour, I suggest we walk. Should also be possible to plan a route to bring us by some store fronts if anyone wants some gear.

Yes, it's not that far. And everyone can look at the spoiler now that Trose has got a copy of the paper. Maybe think about a Knowledge (Local) (including assist rolls as necessary) check to find an "adventuring gear" shop or suchlike to find tanglefoot bags or whatever.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
HPs: 96 / 96, APs: 11/11 Effects: Con Drain 1 Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 12 / Cataclysm Mage 1

Last night...

When his warforged companion expresses his faith in Sharn's city guard, Ezreal smiles in cynical amusement despite himself. "I can understand that you are a man... er- being of faith, but it isn't wise to invest that faith in the institutions of mankind. I think we have already established that justice in Sharn is bought by the coin and if this organization is worth all the fuss that's been made about them, they figured this out a long time ago. So essentially- handing Heris's imposter over to the guard will only result in his release a short time later. To be clear- I agree with you. Jendry may very well kill the miscreant if it turns out that he killed Heris. That, in fact, is why I agreed immediately to hand him over. With Sharn's institutions corrupted by greed, that halfling," the mage gestures by pointing in the general direction they had come from, "is far more likely to actually deliver justice than the guard. And, pardon me for this my friend, but if you have as much faith in the guard of this great metropolis as you seem to be saying, why didn't you wait for them last night in the tavern? It was okay to murder those hyena faced axe-men because they tried to kidnap a pretty girl? Or was it okay because they were swinging back when you tried to stop them? You could have used the flats of your blades if you were concerned about murder then... If it makes you feel better about handing the imposter over to his potential demise, I can promise he's going to try his damnedest to kill us as well. And I doubt he'll be alone. We may very well have to kill a few more ourselves just getting to him tomorrow. So you should consider whether you are committed to the broader idea of justice, or justice as proscribed by Sharn's civil codes. I'm getting the impression that as long as we are working Kerile's case we are going to be walking the gray area between the two."

Next morning...
On seeing the paper on his way to breakfast, Ezreal is at first taken by a chill of personal fear, followed by unexpected remorse for bringing this to the priest who had been so giving. But fairly quickly his dark sense of humor manages to compensate somewhat with If Daask want to keep that up they'll have their work cut out for them after all the trekking we did yesterday. But he keeps his mouth shut for Lightbringer's sake. Until his imagining of so many taverns and pubs ransacked brings him to the point of all that wandering... the gnome girl. Quietly he mumbles, "Well if Dala wasn't in trouble before, it's a fair bet she is now. Even if they weren't tailing us at the time we asked about her all over town... Hmmm. I notice the watch has no comment, even when it was obvious enough who was to blame."

I don't think that was as coherent as I meant it to be, but I'm tired so there. You get the general idea. Just thought I should rile you up a lil. Also I did think it was kinda funny when you guys just eviscerated those humanoids in an enormous racially diverse city. I don't think it was any more legal because they had monster-type-heads on a humanoid body. This seemed like a good place to harass you about it ; )

Marking down 2 hps recovered from the second day effect of the salve treatment leaves me at 5/6.
Spot 11 + 0 = 11

Today's Spell Prep:
0 - Read Magic, Daze, Light
1st - Mage Armor, Color Spray

Yes - new day, so I need to know what spells Nox has prayed for too. Also, try a DC 15 Knowledge (History) check, if anyone has the skill:

Droaam was not party to the Treaty of Thronehold. Droaamites are consequently not extended the protection of the Galifar Code, so you can basically do what you like to them. Not much fun if you are a gnoll.

HPs: 96 / 96, APs: 11/11 Effects: Con Drain 1 Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 12 / Cataclysm Mage 1

Kn Hist: 14 + 7 = 21


Hah. Okay so I'm probably the only one who can easily make the check that invalidates part of my argument. lol. That does make it suck to be a gnoll though.

Runzyl barely suppresses a snarl when Trose presents the bulletin. The elf cannot read the words, but if this man speaks truth (and he had no reason to lie), there would be a great reckoning to be levied against the Daask.

"Cowards! They are afraid to face us in battle, preferring instead to inflict suffering on those we have met along the way!" The elf glanced around, suddenly aware that he was still in public and lowered his voice. "Their blood shall run like rivers to very bottom of these great towers. I shall make sure of it."

His fists were clenched in rage, the knuckles of his hands turning white from the strain. "The sooner we find them, the better. I will tolerate no more of their cowardly acts. No others must come to harm. Let us go." And with that, he followed Trose's lead.

I am now at 11 of 14 hit points. My spell prep for today is: Hack, Slash, Mutilate, Eviscerate, and Disembowel. ;)

for zero lvl spells- 3 mending
first lvl- 2 bless and a shield of faith....I am going to be out of town till monday I will try and post but if needed feel free to rp Nox for me, Thanks and sorry.

No probs, Jakers - it slows down at the weekends anyway.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1
Aubrey the Demented/Malformed wrote:

Also, try a DC 15 Knowledge (History) check, if anyone has the skill:

Do I get to roll if I don't have the skill, or is it trained use only?

Trained only - the untrained Knowledge (Local) checks are exceptions, this genuinely is academic-style knowledge.

Last night:
Lightbringer is quiet at Ezreal’s retort to his comments in the evening. He had felt he had to act at the Spear of Dhakaan, but Ezreal was correct: he had not had to use lethal force. There were two reasons he had: one, that his military training was to take down an armed opponent in the quickest and most efficient manner – but he knew in his gears that this was partly just an excuse for the second reason; that he recognised the gnolls as evil and violent criminals, and he had little faith in Sharn’s Watch to arrive and deal with them before damage was done. So did he really trust them any better to deal with Heris’ killer? Strangely, he did, but perhaps he was just being idealistic.

This morning:
Lightbringer reads the words on the note.

His world stops.

He stands, motionless, dimly hearing, but little aware of his companions words.

“I have failed them.” He states at last. “I was careless. I was not vigilant. I underestimated the resources of evil. I brought evil and death to those who did not deserve it. I am not worthy of bearing the Silver Flame.”

He looks up at last and his eyes flash. “Justice.” He says. “I will bring them Justice. I shall deliver their souls to the Silver Flame for judgement, though I am not worthy.”

He looks to his companions. “We must ensure Dala is safe. Now. Then we find Daask. And we bring Justice to them. If you will not come with me I understand, but you must help protect Dala. No more innocents must die through my carelessness.”

He draws his sword, drawing alarmed looks from people on the streets, and makes to stalk off to the nearest elevator or stair up to Middle Menthis.

Despite what the Silver Flame may feel on the matter, Lightbringer no longer considers himself worthy of a Paladin’s mantle or powers. How long this will last – briefly, permanently, until atonement is sought – remains to be seen.

As for Dala, Lightbringer plans to go to her home, although clearer heads may remind him that she works in Tavick’s Landing, and has probably already left for work…

Runzyl grabs Lightbringer by the shoulder. Not roughly, not hostile, but solidly enough to give his stride a pause. "You plan to take this Dala woman somewhere? Or will you simply wait within her home for an attack which might never come? We both seek justice against these Daask feuyaerea*, but I will not have a strong sword arm like yours be absent from such a battle as we will surely face. Tell me your plan."


Disgusting wretches

Lightbringer looks down at the elf’s hand on his shoulder, then turns his head back … and pauses. Runzyl was right, he had not planned. But something is coming to him.

“Jendry,” he says. “Jendry can protect her. For all that I do not entirely trust the man, I believe he has the resources to do so – for at least a time.

“It is early, and Little Plains is not far from here. I hope to reach Dala before she leaves for the morning. Will you come with me? Believe me, I have no intention of missing any battles.”

Male Human Rogue 3/Urban Ranger 1/Dragonmarked Heir 2

"Dala, of course!"

A plan crytalizes in my head nigh instantly.

"Lightbringer, Take Janosz and Ezreal with you and go to her home, Me Nox and and Runzyl will make all haste to her job. Hopefully, one group or the other will find her well. If you don't find her and home, and especially if it has been sacked, get out quick, make for the Tharashk enclave in clifftop"

I look around, waiting a moment for any arguments, then...

Lightbringer nods at Trose, looks quickly to his companions, and, unless there is any dissent ...

Runzyl glanced between Trose and Lightbringer, gave Trose's plan a moment to settle in everyone's mind, and then nodded.

"Very well. Quel fara.* We will see you soon," he nodded to Lightbringer first, then to Janosz and Ezreal.

*Elven again:

Good hunting.

Lightbringer gives Runzyl a salute, a habit from his time in the Brelish army that he rarely uses anymore.

He strides off, trusting for Janosz and Ezreal to follow. He at least has the presence of mind to re-sheath his sword, but keeps his hand close to it.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

Breaking into a light jog, Janosz quickly catches up to Lightbringer. "I'm somewhat stealthier than the two of you, so I'll scout up ahead - you guys can catch up with me a block or so away from her house". He jogs onwards, leaving the slower warforged behind.

I'll get a bit closer to her house, then make a quiet approach when I'm a block or so away, trying to see if anything's amiss. If there seems to be any trouble, I'll wait for Lightbringer and Ezreal to catch up

It seems that we left our lodgings pretty early in the morning. At a hustle, how long would it take us to reach Dala's house?

The flaw in Trose's plan is that you don't know where she works, other than it's a wine merchant in Tavick's Landing. You might be better off all going to her home. It is still fairly early - most people are just getting up - so it is likely she is still at home, assuming Daask enforcers haven't stormed her little apartment and drogged her off to her doom.

It's probably take about 10 minutes to get there.

Cheery thought. Yes - oops! - We never asked her where she worked did we?

Shall I run on the assumption that you are all going to Dala's home, with Janosz on point?

Male Human Rogue 3/Urban Ranger 1/Dragonmarked Heir 2

When THE MYSTERIOUS NARRATOR points out we actually don't know where she works, I immediately slap myself in the forehead.

"Alright, we'll all head for Dala's. Hope we aren't too late."

[ooc[grumble grumble, it was like a plan, grumbble[/ooc]

Let's just assume you realised your error. :-P

Janosz reaches Dala's street ahead of the rest of the group. It's still early, so the street is deserted. He finds her door, as described by Nox and Lightbringer, and a quick recce identifies no hidden assailants.

Male Human Rogue 3/Urban Ranger 1/Dragonmarked Heir 2
Aubrey the Demented/Malformed wrote:
Let's just assume you realised your error. :-P

I have never made a mistake! I thought I did once, but I was wrong.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1
Aubrey the Demented/Malformed wrote:
Janosz reaches Dala's street ahead of the rest of the group. It's still early, so the street is deserted. He finds her door, as described by Nox and Lightbringer, and a quick recce identifies no hidden assailants.

Excellent. As Dala does not know me, I'll let the charismatic ones catch up and do the talking

As the group approaches Dala’s residence, Lightbringer finally slows. “I am unsure,” he says. “Am I making the same mistake twice? Perhaps we should be sure that no one is following us here. Does anyone see anything suspicious?” Spot check: 16 + 1 = 17

Runzyl scans the surrounding area at Lightbringer's questioning, peering in the directions where an ambush or shadow was most likely. Spot: 17 + 2 = 19

Runzyl and Lightbringer see no suspicious activity.

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