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Aubrey's Eberron campaign.

Game Master Aubrey the Malformed

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OK, I'll move things on some time this evening (my time - it's 12.40 in the afternoon here now) to let those in the US time zones post if they have anything else they want to say. Otherwise, we will cut-scene to the exterior of Heris' office.

Well there where not many posts this weekend, as for the wand it sounds like a good idea but unless I missed something I currently lack the funds to purchase it, I will happily loan lightbringer the money he needs for the bow, as for anything else I need there is nothing right now. Also posting this week may be a little sparce, I'm graduating on Friday so if you need to move the action along go ahead and post for me. Thanks.

You do indeed lack the funds - for the moment. Thanks for giving me the heads-up on your schedule this week - and hope it goes well. Lightbringer needs 5gp for a potion of Repair Light Damage, and I am sure he will be very grateful.

Just to remind everyone else, my posting will get pretty sparse for a couple of weeks from Friday onwards, too. I'll try my best, but don't expect much. Hopefully we can pick up again when I get back.

I think everyone has had their retail therapy, so I'll move things along.

The Exchange

No peeking, please Rarely Accountant 2/Auditor 4/Waster 30

The party exits Cannith Towers, taking a couple of skycoaches from a balcony on the side of the building. These buzz between the towers of Central and beneath the shadowy undersides of the completely airborne district of Sky’s Edge, heading south towards Menthis. As you approach, Menthis plateau appears like an island in a lake of desolate back rock, occupied by jostling slender masonry spires seemingly ready to topple over the edge at any moment. The skycoaches sweep between the skyscrapers, before touching down on a balcony halfway up the side of one at a designated skycoach rank.

After paying the drivers (a total of 6sp), the group walk the short distance to the address Karile gave. Menthis is home to both Morgrave University and the main entertainment district in Sharn. Students, dressed in scholars' robes, wander nonchalantly or sit at café tables while discussing topics such as politics, magical theory and where they intend to go on their pub crawl that night. Billstickers daub posters advertising the latest theatrical productions on walls, and hopefuls busk on the streets, trying to earn a crust while hoping to be noticed by the talent scouts. Also present, a variety of businesses catering to different ethnic groups, such as pickled toads and other culinary delights for the Shadow Marchers and dwarven tailors.

The building you are heading for is itself fairly unassuming: a set of offices squeezed between some shops. As you enter the dark, narrow foyer, a half-orc doorman glances up from behind a desk before returning to his newssheet, behind his head a board with the floors where the different businesses are located written upon it; mostly agents and managers for smalltime musicians and actors. The faint sound of a tootling trumpet and someone engaging in singing exercises echoes from somewhere above. A set of stairs wind upwards at the end of the hall – the office you want is on the first floor. That’s the second floor for anyone in the US. More UK eccentricity…. :-P

You find the office. “Heris Orlan, Inquisitive” is stencilled in peeling gold paint on a plaque on the wooden door.

OK, over to you….

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

"Seriously, mates, it is delicious - you owe it to yourselves to try one. No?". After finishing his pickled frog, Janosz takes a quick look at the door to insure it isn't obviously trapped. Rolled a 13. That's either Spot 21, or Search 16 If it isn't, he checks if it is locked - if unlocked, he opens it and peers inside.

Runzyl simply watches Janosz and raises an eyebrow at his comment about the frog. He bothers to glance around the hallway for any threats, though he is honestly not expecting an ambush in such a public place.

Spot check: 3 + 2 = 5. He's REALLY not expecting an ambush...

"Janosz, my good fellow these are indeed quite tastey." Nox says as he finishes his frog with a surp...he then simply peers at Janosz as he tries to open the door. He of course offers to stand guard if the door is open.
Wow there was totaly a bomb threat at my school, what is society coming to..*sighs and shakes his head*..

You don't see any traps - that is definately Search.

Janosz finds the door is open, and opens it a crack. The room beyond is shadowy. It appears to be some sort of anteroom, such as a secretary might sit in to greet potential clients. It has a desk in it, but appears to be shoved rudely into the middle of the room, the chair overturned and its drawers scattered about. The only light filters in through an open doorway leading into the next chamber. This room appears to have a window to the exterior, though it is obscured by a roller-blind, the only light entering around its margins. It is hard to see through the crack of the door, but there appear to be papers scattered on the small porion of its floor that you can see. There is a smell as if something has been burning.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

"Nothin' better than a good frog, buddy", Janosz beams at the halfling. "Hmmmm... Looks like someone came here before us, fellas". He pushes the door open with his greatclub. "Tossed the place, they did. And set fire to the... WHOA!"

Is there an open fire? We might need those papers... If anything is burning, I sprint in and stamp out the flames

Bummer about the bomb scare - unless, of course, it means you get the day off, in which case, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

You don't hear the crackle of flames or anything, all that is present is the smell. The air also has a slightly smoky haze in it, which is obvious from the shafts of light coming around the blind, but it doesn't appear to be coming from anywhere in particular. Are you going in?

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

I step inside the room and take a look around. Roll 9 - that's a Spot 17. If I do not see any ambushers, I go further inside and let some air and sunlight in

Janosz steps in cautiously, but can identify no attackers. He moves through to the next room, swiftly peers around, and then lifts the blind and opens the window. The source of the burning smell comes from what looks like a pile of paper ash in a metal container, probably the waste paper basket for the room. The chamber itself appears to have been ransacked, the desk and chair in it pushed to the walls, the wooden cabinets which presumably contained notes and other information gaping open or fallen on their sides. A few scraps of paper remain, scattered randomly about.

Runzyl walks in behind Janosz, glancing around at the various objects strewn about the office. Upon discovering the waste basket filled with ash, he sighs and turns to the others, shrugging.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

"Stay out there for just one more second, guys". Janosz carefully examines the ash-spattered floorboards. "Maaaaaaybe the vandals left behid a few more hints of their identities than they thought".

Any footprints? I don't expect to track anyone anywhere ("Aha! You have ash on your boots! You fiend!!"), but perhaps I could see how many, or approximate shoe size. Or their race if they were barefooted... Roll 16 - that is a Survival 24!

It is surprisingly dusty in the office - obvious Heris wasn't big on paying for office cleaning. Janosz picks up a few tracks, individual footprints mostly as the whoever it was milled about in the confines of the room, both in the dust and in some ash smears - by size, probably the majority are gnoll, and more than three. A few others, maybe human size.

Presumably you are poking around for possible clues. Search rolls, please.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

Rolled a 12 - that gives me a Search 15.

Search results:

If you get 10 or more:

You find a bloodstain on the floor. It is a reasonable size, though not itself enough to suggest a fatal wound, and fairly recent.

If you get 15 or more:

You find the charred remains of a notebook in the ash. The cover and pages are badly damaged, but it appears to have survived to some extent, some of the leaves remaining legible.

If you get 20 or more:

You find a letter of resignation, written to Heris some six weeks ago by a certain Dala Venor-Tixler, who ceased employment as his secretary due to repeated late payment of her wages.

If you get more than 15 in your original Search check, you can also have a look at this.

The pocket book is badly charred. However, inside the burnt covers you can see that some of the pages, while scorched and brittle, remain legible. The final pages have a number of scribbles on it that might be pertinent to your enquiries:

Norn d’Cannith = Cyran.......... High Walls?


Gnolls...... Daask??...... Who is the kobold?.... Think about asking Jendry....... Think about asking for more money!


Karile + Gusto Marrius

What the heck?
I check the game before bed last night... nothing much.
I come home from work today and 34087896923 posts.
Let's not wait on the rogue, guys....
I'm cross. I'll make my rolls and post later.

Lightbringer is overwhelmed with Nox’ generosity – once again he feels that he has fallen in with a good group of people. He thanks Nox, and promises to repay him once he has the funds. On the way over to Cassan’s Bridge he strikes up a mild religious conversation with Nox on the various merits and similarities of their two faiths, keeping the conversation simple and friendly, steering away from any esoterics or points of contention. (Takes 10 on knowledge, religion check)


Once inside the office, Lightbringer takes up a guard position at the front door. At a quick glance around (Search check result 10) he notices the blood stain on the floor, but figures he will leave the detailed search to those probably more suited. The three humans, he is given to understand, are of the House of Finding, so will probably be good at, well, finding things.

Runzyl makes a sweep of the room, inspecting things that he comes across and checking the perimeter of the room for secret doors or escapes that may have been used, though he honestly doubts that he'll find any such thing.

Search check: 19 + 2 = 21

He inspects the ashes in the wastebasket and notices a few pieces of paper with indecipherable scribbles on them, most likely written words which he cannot read. He also discovers the letter, though is similarly thwarted by his illiteracy and merely holds it up for others to view.

"I think I have found something," he gestures the others towards his discovery.

Where do you get the +2 on your Search skill, Runzyl? You don't seem to have any ranks and your INT penalty is -1.

Aubrey the Demented/Malformed wrote:
Where do you get the +2 on your Search skill, Runzyl? You don't seem to have any ranks and your INT penalty is -1.

You know us lot and our general confusion between spot and search checks... Or maybe we're just generally not very good when it comes to numbers.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1
Lightbringer wrote:
Aubrey the Demented/Malformed wrote:
Where do you get the +2 on your Search skill, Runzyl? You don't seem to have any ranks and your INT penalty is -1.
You know us lot and our general confusion between spot and search checks... Or maybe we're just generally not very good when it comes to numbers.

Don't elves get a racial bonus on Search, as well as Listen and Spot?

Janosz Frogshanks wrote:
Lightbringer wrote:
Aubrey the Demented/Malformed wrote:
Where do you get the +2 on your Search skill, Runzyl? You don't seem to have any ranks and your INT penalty is -1.
You know us lot and our general confusion between spot and search checks... Or maybe we're just generally not very good when it comes to numbers.
Don't elves get a racial bonus on Search, as well as Listen and Spot?

You're right. By the RAW they do indeed. Fatespinner's just missed noting it on his character sheet ... unless its some weird Valenar thing that he doesn't... So, if we have the paper, Janosz want to have a go at reading it?

I stand corrected - and if you have any other racial mods, please add them in to your character sheets. That still makes the bonus +1 (+2 elf racial, -1 INT) but it is still enough to find the letter.

You have found everything, so you can all look at the spoilers.

Trose wrote:


What the heck?
I check the game before bed last night... nothing much.
I come home from work today and 34087896923 posts.
Let's not wait on the rogue, guys....
I'm cross. I'll make my rolls and post later.

Hey man, gotta keep with the progamme... :-P

Can I have some more skill chescks please: a Knowledge (Local) check (again, usable untrained) and a Knowledge (History) check (not untrained, this time, except for Ezreal who gets a +5 bonus and may use it untrained).

If you get 10 or more on the Knowledge (Local) check, you remember this:

High Walls is an area in Lower Tavick's Landing where the Sharn authorities interred foreign nationals during the War. Many were Cyrans, and many still live there now that hostilities have ceased, having nowhere else to go.

If you get 20 or more on your Knowledge (History) check:

Gusto Marrius is infamous in Karrnathi naval circles. A ship's commander towards the end of the Last War, he and his crew sailed away and abandoned the line at a crucial point in the Battle of Sineer's Point, where the Karrnathi Navy engaged a combined fleet of Brelish and Thrane warships. His actions were crucial in the Karrnathi defeat, in which hundreds of sailors were lost. Marrius then defected to Breland, and advised their navy in the final days of the War. While he is technically absolved of any wrongdoing following the Treaty of Thronehold, there are plenty in the Karrnathi Navy who would like to see Marrius dead. His current whereabouts are unknown.

male Nerd Lazy bum 3/lumbering ox 2/gamer 15

Wow I dont think I have made a single check this whole game. I will remain on guard duty with Lightbringer until called or asked to go somewhere else, or they leave of course.

HPs: 96 / 96, APs: 11/11 Effects: Con Drain 1 Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 12 / Cataclysm Mage 1


While Runzyl and Janosz made introductions, Ezreal was rolling up a couple of newly purchased scrolls. Once they were neatly tucked away in an ivory scrollcase he nodded curtly to them and introduced himself as, 'Ezreal Farlowe, graduate of the Academy of Rekkenmark in Karrnath.' Further elaboration at first seemed unnecessary as he imagined Rekkenmark's reputation spanned the continent. But when his initial introduction didn't get quite the response he thought appropriate, the mage continued proudly, 'I served in the Karrnathi Royal Navy during the last years of the war and currently serve Commander Yeorvos as an independent researcher. For now that leaves me in Sharn waiting on the slow wheels of bureaucracy to turn. At least I was lucky enough to meet Trose and Janosz at Morgrave the other day and they have been kind enough to show me a bit of the city.'


As Runzyl holds up the papers he found, Ezreal steps in to examine them. He quickly scans through them until he comes across the name Marrius- the thrice-cursed traitor. But not just Marrius. Karile + Marrius. Ezreal is standing there very still, brows furrowed, staring at the scrap of paper, jaw clenched tightly for some seconds before he coldly says, "I can't say what this means, but this may complicate things for me."

I can't believe I just lost so much postage due to a stray keystroke combined with a lagging machine. Sent my browser back a page and that was that.

Sorry about the gap in posting. Terribly long nights at work killed my dorking-around-the-internet-time several days in row.

Kn-History: (13 + 7 + 5 = 25)
Passing the Kn Local again, as a recent arrival

Scroll - Repair Light (2) 50 gp
Potion CLW 50 gp
Spellcraft check to Decipher the Scrolls (9 + 7 = 16 vs DC 21)
If 2 separate scrolls of the same spell would get different checks I had (19 + 7 = 26) so one would be usable. Otherwise I'll have to wait a day for use as I foolishly knocked Read Magic off my list of prepped spells.

As you are buying the scrolls and, I think, can cast the spell already, I'll assume you can just read them without any problem.

Aubrey the Demented/Malformed wrote:
Where do you get the +2 on your Search skill, Runzyl? You don't seem to have any ranks and your INT penalty is -1.

I'm sorry, it's only +1. That should have been a 20, not a 21. I forgot about the fact that Search was INT based. My elven racial ability gives me +2 to Search, though.

17:49, Today: Trose rolled 22 using 1d20+7. Search.
17:51, Today: Conor rolled 23 using 1d20+4. KN:Local.

Trose looks around the room, with little hope of spotting anything useful - this type of investigation is not really his strong point.
He peers over Janosz's shoulder as he checks out the remains of the book, and takes a moment to write down all of the pertinent notes on a piece of paper of his own. You just never know how long such artifacts will be available for perusal.
After the initial search, he checks all the "less obvious" places to hide things. He carefully goes over the desks, paying attention to the inside, where the drawers would sit as well as the underside of the drawers.
He then checks the floor for loose boards, and the walls for loose molding.
He assumes that if the room was tossed by professionals, then there won't be anything to find, but if they were amateurs, he might get lucky.

Local Knowledge check result = 7

Lightbringer continues to stand guard in the front room of the Inquisitive's offices with Nox, the tall warforged and the halfling making a somewhat comical looking pairing. Lightbringer is ready to draw his weapons at a moment's notice, although he doubts that they will run into any trouble here.

He hears Ezrael's mutter from the doorway, and glances quizzically at the man.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

"Ah, nice work, mate. I didn't even see those". Janosz turns from Runzyl, addressing all his companions. "There are tracks in the office indicating a few gnolls - three or four, possibly a couple more. There are also some human footprints, but they could belong to just about anyone". He cocks his head towards Ezreal. "Now, what was that?"

Woot! I finally made a knowledge check!. Just a DC 10, though

Better stop doing that with your head mate. This is a family thread! ;-)

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1
Lightbringer wrote:
Better stop doing that with your head mate. This is a family thread! ;-)

Hey, look at that... I didn't even think of it when I wrote my post

"Janosz, it seems possible - perhaps likely - that the footprints you noticed were made by the group we tangled with at the Spear of Droaam last night. We've dealt with the gnolls - though I'm sure that Daask has more to draw on. If only we could discover the identity of the human with them. As far as I am aware, there are not many humans within the Daask organisation."

OK, maybe you should discuss the clues you have, what they mean, and how you want to proceed from here.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
HPs: 96 / 96, APs: 11/11 Effects: Con Drain 1 Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 12 / Cataclysm Mage 1

"It may be that this means nothing... But it hints that Herris had drawn a connection between Kerile and Marrius. Gusto Marrius..." Ezreal draws a breath, and massages his temples as he considers for a second, "A contemptible cur responsible for hundreds of deaths in the war. Marrius was a ship's commander in the Karrnathi Navy. He and his crew broke line at Sineer's Point- was one of the points where Thrane and Breland allied against Karrnarth. So this turncoat just sailed away as the battle joined. Then the syphilitic weasel defects to Breland and advises their navy to the war's end. If this investigation brings us anywhere near finding out his whereabouts, I will be compelled to follow that trail." The mage leans back against a bookshelf, and shakes his head in disbelief while Trose copies down what could be gleaned from the fragments.

When Lightbringer suggests pursuing the human as there aren't many humans within Daask, Ezreal interjects, "What about changelings? Kerile seemed to recognize the man as Herris until things took a turn for the worse."

"Everything about this strikes me as... off. We have Norn... He is d'Cannith, but Cyran. As the House is split and he doesn't belong to Merrix d'Cannith and therefore Kerile's faction... he has no reason to hand over whatever research from the Metrol project he might have- if any. It's certainly one possibility that Kerile is trying to forcibly obtain this information for her own advancement. This is neither here nor there to me as we've signed on for a specific task, but it's worth considering whether Norn doesn't want to be found and why. Could it be that he has hired the Daask for protection, or is it more likely that they have captured him for personal gain? If they wanted to ransom him surely they would have contacted his House rather than trying to kill or abduct another one of it's members. So... either he hired them, a third party hired them to abduct him and stop any nosing around, or they see some value to be had from a House member's knowledge or talents other than ransom for coin." The mage looks to others more familiar for the likelihood of Daask selling services to humans.

"The rest of that didn't mean much of anything to me. High Walls? Anyone know anything about a kobold related to Daask? And who is Jendry? Sounds like someone Heris thought he could count on as a source of information about this organization, but considering the circumstances- asking Jendry may have been the end of the line for Mr. Heris."

I only have access to the Kn History checks, and the clues we just found here. Throw in the other checks you guys made and let's see what it adds up to.

"So if we find this....Marrius, than we can do what we came for and get away from this whole Karranathi mess. I dont think this is something we want to get into any farther than we need to. So I say we get this over with and done as quickly as possible."Nox says then standing there he whispers to himself "Karranati" then he shakes with a shudder visable to any of his compainions looking his way.

Spoiler for Nox, or anyone else who makes a DC 15 INT check.

Jendry is a fairly common halfling name.

"I don't know who Jendry is but that is a common name in halfling communities" Nox says after mulling over the information presented for a few moments. "I once knew a fellow named Jendry...but that is a story for a later time, any other clues that might lead us in the right direcion?"

Runzyl hands the papers he found to Janosz and finds one of the overturned chairs, sitting it upright, and seats himself in it as he listens to the others discuss, furrowing his brow as he tries to keep up with conversation.

Trose mulls the clues over, turning them this way and that in his head, trying to make them fit into each other. Finally he says, "High Walls is in Lower Tavick's Landing. During the war, the authorities put foreign nationals there. After their nation died, there were a lot of Cyrans, and most of them are still there, being as how their nation is gone. It would make a good place for a Cyran who didn't want to be found to lay low. As for halflings, and kobolds and hobgoblin gangs," He throws his hands into the air, "I don't have a clue, really. I'm thinking that we might want to chek out High Walls, though. It would help if we know what Norn, or Marius looked like, but we can't have everything."

1 person marked this as a favorite.
HPs: 96 / 96, APs: 11/11 Effects: Con Drain 1 Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 12 / Cataclysm Mage 1

"Hmmm... High Walls in Lower Tavick's Landing then. But I think this is going to require something a little more stealthy than a band of armed men walking around a refugee community asking for Norn or Jendry. If we don't want to end up like ol' Heris that is." Ezreal nods to the bloodstain on the floor to punctuate his statement.

Maybe Jendry would be a better place to start as we are fairly certain inquiring directly about Norn will catch unwanted attention. Not knowing what he looks like is a problem though. Perhaps we could reverse the situation and create some kind of enticement to draw him to us. Could be that Nox is asking around because he is trying to deliver distant family news, inheritance from a lost relative or something along those lines. It's poor ruse, and will fall apart quickly when questioned, but to get to that point either jendry or one of his associates will have to approach us. The rest of us would be on the scene to ensure safety, but not visibly with Nox. It's a rough idea and needs some work, but it could make this a lot easier." Ezreal shrugs, "Unless anyone has any connections in the city who could get us closer than blindly groping through an unfamiliar and probably hostile community?"

Anyone have actual ranks in Gather Information? Untrained I'm at +0. And yeah, my scenario is kinda weak but it's the best I could come up with right now. Please refine it, or throw out something completely different. We only have today and tomorrow before Aubrey is off though so let's see what we can figure out before the two week cliffhanger.

Runzyl ponders Ezreal's suggestion for moment before speaking.

"Maybe if we ask for these men directly, they will send people to deal with us. Once we defeat them, maybe they will have the information we seek. If nothing else, we will know who our targets are working with."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Lightbringer turns his head from watching the doorway, to respond to Ezrael.

“Yes, of course, a changeling is likely.” He then turns back to watch, but continues to respond to the ongoing discussion.

“Let us look at this logically and methodically. As for the idea of going to High Walls to look for Norn; If it was as easy to find him as to walk into High Walls and ask around, then I am afraid that House Cannith or Daask would have found him by now – which may be exactly what has happened.

“To find Jendry. I am unsure how many halflings there are in this city, but there are certainly many. Thousands. If Jendry is a common name, I don’t really know how we’ll go about this. Where do we start?

“I believe that a more definite starting point may be Miss Venor-Tixler. We have a full name, we have a starting point to enquire of her lodgings or habits – perhaps the doorman downstairs in this very building. It seems that she resigned well in advance of Heris’ disappearance, but she may well know of some of his regular contacts – perhaps including this Jendry.

“As for Marrius… remember that one nation’s war criminal might be another’s valued ally. Yes, I agree that deserting one’s own forces in the middle of a battle is to be despised, no matter what side one was on, or one’s personal morals. That doesn’t mean that Breland officially shares our views on this. If we believe it pertinent to the investigation, we could potentially inquire of the authorities as to Marrius’ current whereabouts, I’m sure that the government here would be keeping tabs on him if he remains in Breland. However, I will unlikely to be able to offer much help here. Most of my contacts in the army were fellow Warforged, and few of my unit remained enlisted after Thronehold.

“But as for our current task – finding Norn – Marrius may well be a wild fastieth chase.

“Ezrael may be on track suggesting that Norn may not wish to be found by the Sharn Cannith’s. However, from all the information we have to work with, it would seem that his life is in danger, whether from Daask or even his own house. My suggestion is that we find Norn and ask him what he wants.”

He turns to look at his companions again. “So. Do we ask in this area about the secretary? Do we head to High Walls? Do we ask around about Norn or Jendry? As I stated, my preference is to start with Miss Venor-Tixler, but I will leave the decision to those wiser than a simple Warforged soldier.”

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