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Aubrey's Eberron campaign.

Game Master Aubrey the Malformed

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Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

Janosz wanders up to the distracted Trose. "I'm gonna go back to the House and get me weapons and kit, boss", he says. "Do you need anything from there while I'm around? I'll be back right away".

I'm assuming that I have a small room at the Tharashk compound. If Trose doesn't live there as well, I could still pick up stuff from the warehouse - rope, knives, caltrops, that sort of thing

Seems a reasonable assumption. However, any additional equipment will need to be paid for at normal rates. At the moment, there seems to be little reason to get serious wilderness survival gear (that is a hint, in case you were rushing out to buy a tent, winter blankets and three months field rations).

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

Certainly. In retrospect, the term "pick up" might not have ben the best... I'll still get some caltrops, though, even if I have to pay for them

"Brother," begins Lightbringer, when the holy man returns, "I ask forgiveness for bringing these strangers here so late in the 'eve. My search for those goblins," (brother Erfan tries hard not to raise his eyebrows at another one of the warforged obsessions) "led to a conflict with some Daask mercenaries, and this man was sorely injured. I wanted to ask your advice on where to seek the attention of a healer - one not associated with House Jorasco, where Daask could enquire of us."

He waits hopefully for the priest's response.

"I see. While I would rather avoid the attentions of Daask, charity demands that I should provide help."

"For all," he adds, glancing at Ezreal. "I can't really have you standing there dripping blood in our congregational hall all night, please follow me into our guest chamber. I'm afraid it is just an empty room in the back, but I can find you some blankets so you can all rest for the night. I'll pop out and find Mother Starchaser, she is a skilled healer, but she will want paying."

The guest chamber is as Erfan describes, a reasonably large, somewhat dusty room with a could of chairs stacked in a corner and a small, empty closet. He leaves tha characters there briefly before returning with some rough blankets. Your character can flop here for the night it should be fairly safe. He then leaves the party there, putting on a cloak over his cassock, and heads out into the night.

He returns about a quarter of an hour later with a somewhat obese shifter woman, presumably Mother Starchaser. Without any preamble, she begins examining the injured party members, occasionally grunting, her breathing slightly laboured as it whistles through her flattened nose. "Wounds seem clean," she mutters, and taking out a jar of foul-smelling unguent from a bag she smears it on the injuries. "There seems to be nothing broken, just some nasty flesh wounds. This will help them to heal and avoid infection." She then looks expectantly at the two she has helped. That will cost 2 gp from Ezreal and Runzyl. The ointment will double the rate of natural healing - that is 2 hp cured tonight and 2 tomorrow.

Trose looks at Janosz, obviously makes an effort to clear his head and says, "Nah. I'll come back with you. Just let me stick my head in to tell everyone I'm gone, and that I'm heading over to meet the d'Cannith woman in the morning."
He opens the door, catching the attention of the warforged.
"Lightbringer... I'm heading home with Janosz. We'll be heading over to the d'Cannith compound after breakfast tomorrow, about the ninth hour. Could you let anyone who wants in know?"
After a nod presumed from the warforged, he heads back out into the rain and dark and rejoins Janosz.
"Let's go."

Sorry about the slow response time.

While at the House, I'm going to get the remaining 3 platinum broken into gold for ease of division.

"Thankyou Brother," says Lightbringer, hanging his head somewhat. "I had no intention of bringing danger to the shrine, but I believe that these are good people, who were willing to help a stranger against evil intention and violence, with no gaurantee of personal gain. We will be gone by morning."

He acknowledges Trose's comment with a nod of his head, then lingers whilst the healer does her work - and will of course subtly encourage the two to pay her should they seem reluctant...

Once everyone seems settled, he will gather the rest of his possesions and weapons from his closet, and stand watch within the main hall throughout the night.

Runzyl looks at his two coins and furrows his brow a bit, wondering why the man kept the rest for himself. Rather than making an issue of it immediately, however, he simply places the two coins in his pouch and leans against a nearby wall, crossing his arms over his chest. When the healer arrives with her ointment, he waves her off, refusing treatment. His wounds were no longer a concern. The halfling's magic had done a great deal towards restoring him. The rest would come in time. I believe I'm currently at 9 of 14 hit points. Correct me if I'm wrong.

"You keep using this term - 'Daask.' What does this mean? You all seem to know much more about this than I do. I would hear your wisdom," he addresses no one in particular.

Runzyl's cadence is rough and stilted, making the fact that Common is not his first language abundantly clear.

HPs: 96 / 96, APs: 11/11 Effects: Con Drain 1 Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 12 / Cataclysm Mage 1

The arrival of the old woman is Ezreal's first indication that he had assessed the situation incorrectly, despite Trose's words earlier. After all, he'd learned a lot about the religious fundamentalists of Thrane at Rekkenmark. His time on the riverboat patrolling the rivers bordering Karnnath had done little to disprove any initial impressions, but here was an herbalist whose people were nearly exterminated by the Silver Flame willingly working with one it's priests. So the priest wasn't some kind of faith healer who would be charging in gold and additionally imposing some sort of sermon... and obviously this priest was more open minded than the mage had been lead to believe.

With the ointment applied, Ezreal quietly thanks the herbalist and pays her, then tries to relax. Eventually he turns to retrieving his spellbook from his bag and continuing his studies. Absorbed in the arcane formulas, he passes time while occasionally stray troubled thoughts lead him glance up at the priest from time to time.

Lightbringer turns to look at the elf, wondering why he has refused repairs when he is obviously still injured. “You fight well friend,” starts Lightbringer, still not knowing the elf’s name. “But you should know who you have made enemies with. I am not an expert on Daask, but I can tell you a little. They are a gang of criminals who have been gaining strong influence here in Dura recently – they are extremely violent and vindictive. Many of their members are ex-pats from Droaam, such as the gnolls we fought – goblinoids are also common amongst their ranks. It is said that they also boast a few tougher creatures, such as trolls, harpies and even medusae amongst their ranks.” His eyes flash silver. “Unfortunately, such opposition tends to cause the local Watch to turn something of a blind eye to their operations.”

He looks around. “Now, I suggest that any who are willing seek rest here till morning. I will stand guard – I do not need sleep. Then, we meet Trose and Janosz at the Cannith Tower in the morning.”

As far as I am aware, Runzyl is indeed on 9 hp. He will be on 10 when he wakes in the morning.

Unless anyone has any particular needs or desires, I'll "cut scene" to Cannith Towers the following morning.

Aubrey the Demented/Malformed wrote:

Unless anyone has any particular needs or desires, I'll "cut scene" to Cannith Towers the following morning.

sounds good to me

Oh yes - everyone's favorite bit. After the night's endeavours, you all gain 400xp.

HPs: 96 / 96, APs: 11/11 Effects: Con Drain 1 Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 12 / Cataclysm Mage 1

Gonna do a little spell swapping on the prepared list.
1st level is fine as is. (Mage armor & Color Spray)
0 level will be: Electric Jolt, Daze, & Mending
(Electric Jolt is exactly the same as Ray of Frost except energy type. From Spell Compendium. If that's not kosher, it'll be Ray of Frost)

No problem with electric jolt.

The following day, the party finds itself sitting in a reception area within Cannith Towers, the headquarters of House Cannith in Sharn. While Trose and Janosz spent then night in the relative comfort of the Tharashk enclave, the rest camped out on the floor of the Silver Flame shrine in Lower Dura, Lightbringer silently watching as the others slept.

In the morning, after a meagre meal of gruel (made and shared by Brother Erfan) and a brief ablution (especially Runzyl, who washes off caked gnoll gore) they head out for the journey to the Central plateau. The day has dawned bright and clear after the night’s rain, though glimpses of blue sky are few and far between by the roots of the giant towers. Finding an elevator platform, now filling up with workers heading off to their daily jobs, they rise through the vertical landscape, stepping off in Upper Dura to find the easiest crossing over to Central. While far from glamorous, the streets of Upper Dura are a considerable improvement on those further down, with well-repaired houses and shops. Even so, beggars abound, goblins scurry on errands and the Watch patrol in groups of three. None of the latter seem interested in the party – finding the killers of a few gnolls doesn’t appear to be a priority for the Dura Watch.

The crowds begin to thicken as they approach Dura Bridge, the route east across the chasm that separates Dura and Central. Caught up in the flow of bodies, the group are whisked across the ornate bridge. The walkways on either side of the cart road throng with people heading towards Central, and horse-drawn drays (and the occasional elemental wagon) rumble up and down. Carved stone gargoyles seem to leer down from the high points of the bridge – until one stretches and flaps its wings before resuming its motionless pose. And the views of the plunging man-made canyons below and the floating palaces above are breathtaking.

On the other side of the bridge lies Central, a certainly much more salubrious area than Dura. Wealthy citizens parade their opulence, discreetly shadowed by bodyguards, and skycoaches flit about in profusion. Elegant porticos and gilded domes line the wide, open streets. Beggars are curiously absent and the Watch seem almost friendly, their helmets and buckles gleaming in the morning sun.

The dragonmarked houses all have premises in the Dragon Towers are of Central, with Cannith Towers being one of the largest, stretching from Lower to Upper Central. The party make their way in to a vast emporium where the wares of House Cannith are on sale in glass-fronted shops, traversed by glass lifts and moving stairs, aglow from the light of hundreds of magical lanterns. After asking a shopkeeper, they are directed to an elevator which gently hoists them upwards to one of the office areas within the tower. Stepping out into a marble-clad reception area, they find Trose and Janosz sitting on elegant leather couches, scrubbed up for their new prospective employer. Two warforged guards stand unmoving by the walls.

“You need to check in at reception,” Trose explains. After a wait of a few minutes, a receptionist calls over, “Miss d’Cannith will see you now. Lift 3, please.”

As the lift doors open, you are greeted by a secretary, an efficient-looking human woman in a severe dark suit. “Please follow me,” she says, and ushers the companions into a meeting room: a large chamber with a fine view across the city to the south, containing a large table with chairs and a tray with what appears to be tea and small cakes. “Miss d’Cannith will be in shortly,” says the secretary, closing the door.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The party spend a few minutes gawping out of the window and identifying various landmarks and districts. The opens with a click and the wonam from the bar, Karile d'Cannith, enters. She is dressed formally in a deep red dress and a long coat in the same colour. She is carrying a small wooden coffer which she places before her as she sits at the head of the table, indicating to the others that they should do the same.

"Gentlemen," she says after initial introductions, "I'm glad you came. Not only do I owe you an immediate debt of gratitude, but you have demonstrated both formidable combat abilities and a level of discretion which I can find very useful in my line of business. Let me offer you an explanation of last night, and maybe we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement?"

She continues, her speech clipped and business-like. "House Cannith is often engaged in the location of possible sources of new knowledge, magical or mundane, which either could commercially benefit the House or which we would prefer to keep hidden from possible competitors. This often requires, shall we say, a certain degree of subterfuge. Obviously, the House cannot be seen to engage in dubious acts and, as such, often requires outside help from individuals and groups without any obvious connection to it. My role is to provide liaison and coordination to such parties.

"I was in the Spear of Dhakaan last night to meet with an inquisitive called Heris Orlan, hired by the House on one of these missions. We became aware of rumours that a Cyran member of the House, Norn d'Cannith, had been spotted in Sharn. Norn was involved in a highly secret project in Metrol during the War and, following the Day of Mourning, was presumed dead. His surfacing in Sharn was something of a surprise, so Heris was hired to find him and bring him back to the House in Sharn. Yesterday Heris contacted me, saying he wanted to meet me as he had made some progress. You know the rest.

"The involvement of Daask is a very unwelcome development, and puts this beyond the remit of a normal inquisitive like poor Heris. I need a group that can look after itself and track down Norn."

Karile opens the small chest in frony of her and takes out six small silk bags, tied at the top with string, which she hands to each party member. The contents clink intriguingly.

"In each of these pouches is twenty platinum pieces. These are given to you gratis, as thanks for saving my neck last night, and do not obligate you in any way. However, help me to find Norn, and not only will you be further, and amply, rewarded but you will have earned the gratitude of one of the dragonmarked houses. Interested?"

Trose idly tosses the bag in his hand, weighing, not its contents, but the offer on the table. He hadn't planned to get embroiled in his own House's intrigues, let alone the intrigues of some other House, but this particular "quest" sounded interesting... at least interesting enough to hear the rest of it.
Never once looking around at the rest of this rag-tag band, he says, simply, "I'm in."

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

A huge grin slowly spreads across Janosz' squat features. Money, adventure and the chance to earn the favour of another great House - where was the catch? "Me too. When and where do we start?"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Lightbringer settles back in his chair, in some mental discomfort, and reaches out with the perception granted to him by the Flame, attempting to sense the presence (or absence) of evil. Spends three rounds detecting evil

The talk of subterfuge and dubious acts has troubled him somewhat. He is only a few years old, but not quite so naïve as to not understand something of how the Houses work. Still, is it something he wants to be involved in?

Yesterday this seemed like a heroic rescue, standing up to criminals, the beginnings of a quest. Now… he was not so sure. House politics, secret projects…

Still, the Flame knew he had been in that bar for a reason. Perhaps this was it. And it seemed there was still a rescue to undertake, and violent criminals to be defeated. Not to mention that Lightbringer felt some sense of lingering obligation to House Cannith. Certainly it was the Silver Flame that gave him drive and purpose, but it was Cannith that had actually created him, given life to his parts. This was not a debt he could easily ignore, even though he knew on a rational level that it was not his debt to repay.

(Assuming at this stage he has detected no evil from Karile or his new companions). Lightbringer raises his head, looking squarely at Karile. “Please allow me to be blunt for a moment ma’am. I presume that your interest in Norn is as much to see that whatever information he possesses does not fall into rival hands, as much as it is concern for a missing House member? Without knowing more of the project he was working on, I have little concern for safeguarding information – however, protecting this man from the attentions of Daask seem a worthy goal, and I would be interested in hearing more on that basis. Are you aware of how – or why - Daask may have become involved in this?

“Also, what of the inquisitive you were supposed to meet, Heris. Are you aware of what has become of him?” Based on the words of the Daask agent to Karile last night, it is Lightbringer’s assumption that the inquisitive has been kidnapped or killed by the gang, but he wonders if House Cannith has given a second thought to the fate of their hireling now that his usefulness appears to be passed … not to mention that Heris, if he does remain alive and free, may be a good starting point in any investigation.

She doesn't detect as evil - and nor does anyone else in the room.

Aubrey the Demented/Malformed wrote:
She doesn't detect as evil - and nor does anyone else in the room.

Phew! Tick one box on the paladin checklist anyway!

Karile seems slightly taken aback at Lightbringer’s interjection. She is obviously unaccustomed to straight-talking warforged. However, she recovers quickly.

“The nature of the project need not concern you particularly, but it was related to the warforged programme in some way. The details are not especially clear – towards the end of the War the various House factions did not communicate very well, with the results we see today, so we lack a definitive description.” A Knowledge (History) check is probably in order here. Again, it can be used untrained, as this is common knowledge rather than specialised academic information. Also, Sense Motive checks as well, please.

“The reasons for the involvement of Daask are a total mystery to me. As for Heris, I suspect he is dead based upon the brief conversation I had with his double, though I suppose it is possible he is being held prisoner somewhere.” Another Sense Motive check, please.

“Can I take it then that you wish to accept this mission?” she asks, directing her question to those who have not yet spoken as well as Lightbringer.

HPs: 96 / 96, APs: 11/11 Effects: Con Drain 1 Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 12 / Cataclysm Mage 1

Though partially motivated by self-preservation, Ezreal was quick to sign on once the warforged's questions and observations were addressed. "Yes, you may count me in as well," the mage replies tersely.

Given the reputation of the criminal enterprise they had clashed with last night, it was more than likely that this Daask would pursue its own brand of justice a little more diligently than the city watch. And when that moment came, it would be wise to be in good company. The halfling had already displayed an impressive command of the healing arts, and the others were certainly accomplished swordsmen. Even if this errand took them further into the mouth of the lion, better to be on the offensive than wake up with a knife being drawn across one's throat. And currying some favor and gold with one of the Houses during time spent here, could only be advantageous. A friend in high places could possibly even carry weight with Morgrave if it came to that.
Kn History (14 + 7 = 21)
Sense Motive: (7 + 0 = 7)
Sense Motive: (2 + 0 = 2)
Also I missed my chance to post it earlier, but the mending spell was cast before meeting with Lady Kerile to get my clothing back in order rather than being blood splattered in an axe ripped jacket.

If you got 10 or more on the Knowledge (History) check:

House Cannith has fragmented into three separate "factions" based in separate locations following the destruction of the original headquarters in Cyre.

If you got 15 or more:

The head of the House in Sharn (and Breland) is Merrix d'Cannith. The Breland branch is probably the most powerful of the three, intimately linked as it is with industry in Sharn.

If you got 20 or more:

Merrix d'Cannith is a powerful artificer and was deeply involved in the original warforged programme.

If you get 25 or more on the first Sense Motive:

Karile appears to be holding something back.

If you get 10 or more on the second Sense Motive:

Karile doesn't appear to believe that Heris is still alive. She also doesn't seem unduly bothered.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

Missed every check, even the DC 10 local one...

I totaly missed all of them

Well, maybe someone will tell you what they mean. Meanwhile, I need answers to Karile's proposal from Lightbringer, Nox and Runzyl.

Knowledge(History) 19+2 (untrained!) 21
Sense Motive 1 4+0 4
Sense Motive 2 15+0 15

Knowledge: 7, Sense Motive 1: 6, Sense Motive 2: 14

Lightbringer pauses a moment longer, trying to get a measure of the woman and her motives, but he has always found it difficult to read humans. He suspects that while Karile may value their services, they would be seen as somewhat expendable - which was probably an unstated additional reason that the House looked outside for adventurers.

Still, the paladin had convinced himself that there was a worthy cause wrapped up in this mission.

"I am interested," he states gravely, realising that it is true. He is interested. He craves action, adventure. He turns to look at his new companions, particularly the elf and the halfling.

I'll give Nox and Runzyl another few hours to respond.

Again, I am intentionally passing up on the Knowledge rolls because the character wouldn't have such Knowledge. Unless it is somehow related to Valenar, I probably won't even bother (possibly Knowledge(Nature). As for the Sense Motives, 10 on the first, 9 on the second. :(

Runzyl furrows his brow in thought at the proposal, holding the bag of coins in his hand. Surely this woman could bestow him with great wealth, but he would be working in the shadows - his exploits hidden from the eye of history. He did not much like the idea of subterfuge, nor was he fond of the idea of battling foes that were not his own. Still, the gnolls at the tavern had proven to be dishonorable curs and he would do the world a favor by cutting them down in the streets. Slowly, after much deliberation, the elf nodded.

"I accept."

He said nothing else. He simply turned to nod in succession to his new companions. A warrior must attain wealth somehow. Perhaps when this affair was over, he would seek more honorable work. For now, this would have to do.

Lightbringer addresses Karile. “Ma’am, it seems we are in agreement. We will attempt to aid you and your House in this task. Now, is there anything else we should know, or any further resources we would have access to?”

I’ve assumed – I hope correctly – that Nox is also in agreement. Also, I’m assuming at this stage that we’ve all had ample opportunity to introduce ourselves to each other, and discuss our intention to take on this mission if the pitch sounded nay good.

Waiting for Nox. You have until this evening to say something or we will carry on assuming you agree. Also, your comments would be welcome in the discussion thread.

"Well I'm in"Nox adds with a nod, he glances around at his new found companions and smiles,"We are certainly capable of taking care of our selves" he whispers to himself and then goes back to his own quiet reflections.
I want to apologize about my not so frequent post, but I am at school during the day and try to post when possible, alos I am going to be out of town this weekend and will likely not have access to a computer sorry about this, feel free to rp my guy for me

Sure, no problem. It's more an issue of knowing your schedule, so I know when it looks odd if you don't post. I wondered if you were at school - most of us are wage-slaves and have ready internet access at our desks, but I guessed that maybe you didn't. Also, as most of us are doing this to while away time at work, the pace drops off at weekends anyway. :-)

Karile smiles and relaxes slightly. "Excellent," she says, "I was hoping that you would be interested. I'm afraid that I can't really offer any further information than I have already. All I can suggest is that you check out his office in Cassan's Bridge, over in Middle Menthis, and see if there is any information there." She scribbles the address in a notebook and hands it Trose, who is sitting nearest to her.

"In the meantime, here are vouchers to make purchases downstairs." She hands out the chits, stamped with the chimera emblem of House Cannith and signed by Karile. "Do you have any further questions?"

House Cannith is a major source of the sort of equipment adventurers like, having cornered the market in large-scale manufacture and petty magical items. You may purchase any magic item with a caster level of up to 5, and any masterwork equipment, that you can afford. Poisons and similar illicit stuff like that cannot be obtained at House Cannith. The voucher works for the purchase of a single item, allowing a discount of 1/3 on that item. Anything else you buy is at normal PHB prices.

Runzyl accepts the voucher, not entirely sure of it's purpose but knows that it will be needed to buy merchandise, so he places it into the coin pouch. He glances around at his other companions to see if any have lingering questions for the woman before they leave.

If I recall correctly, a chain shirt has a base price of 100gp and masterwork adds 150gp to the price of any armor. Therefore, a masterwork chain shirt would be 250gp but if the voucher gives us a 1/3 discount, could I then purchase said armor for 165gp? If so, that is definitely what I will do.

That is correct. Also, don't forget that you can sell items for half cost. You may assume that you can do that at Cannith Towers too.

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

I'll go for that tasty mwk chain shirt as well. Adds a bit of survivability, which is generally a Good Thing. I also got some minor stuff at the Tharashk compound (caltrops, grappling hook, better rope) before going to House Cannith.

"Right then," says Trose, "A quick bit of shopping, and then off to check on this inquisitive fellow?"

Trose is going to hang on to his voucher until his pocketbook is a bit more full. I'll pick up 2 CLW potions at regular price (100 gp total), and save the rest. I also give everyone 5 gp.

"Didn't want you to think I was keeping what wasn't mine," he comments, while handing out small pouches, "Here's the rest of your shares from last night."
While the group is shopping, he gets a thoughtful look on his face, and comments, "You know, perhaps introductions are in order. It might be good to know who we're travelling with, and what we're capable of, besides mayhem."

After the meeting, Runzyl heads down to the marketplace with his companions. After a bit of browsing, he nods approvingly at the wares of an armorsmith and makes his selection, trading in his old studded leathers for something with a bit more substance - a shirt of finely-knit chain.

In response to Trose's inquiry, the elf turns to regard him as he accepts the 5 gold pieces.

"I am Runzyl Steelsong, son of Rayethin Silverspear," he pauses a moment, as if looking for something relevant to add. Failing to think of anything after a moment of awkward silence, he responds. "There is little else to know."

Purchasing the masterwork chain shirt for 165gp. I believe that the book value of studded leather armor is 25gp, so I should get 12gp and 5sp back from my trade-in. Please correct me if I'm wrong and I'll adjust my sheet accordingly.

I can't be bothered to look it up - it sounds right, and isn't far wrong if it is.

Sheet updated. I couldn't remember if Armor Check affected Climb and Jump, but I made the adjustments to Swim and Tumble (and I remembered to double the penalty for Swim).

Male Human Ranger 7/Eldeen ranger (Gatekeeper) 5/Fighter 1

"This is a step up from that old crap, don't you think?", Janosz cheerfully asks Runzyl as he discards his worn studded leather and puts on his new chain shirt. "I'm Janosz Frogshanks, just arrived from the Shadow Marches". He extends a scarred hand. "You fought well back at the goblin tavern; glad to have you aboard".

Picked up a CLW potion as well. Quite useful in a fight, they are

It does affect those two skills, unfortunately.

Lightbringer browses the House Cannith marketplace, pleased to now be able to afford the signature weapon of his religion, a longbow. He chooses a composite longbow, claiming the discount offered by Karile, and trading in his old shortbow to boot.

He also picks up an oil of repair light damage, as he is aware that the cleric’s healing magic will be less effective on him than on his flesh and blood companions.

Composite longbow with +2 strength adjustment, normal cost 275 gp, 183.4gp with discount, and 15gp for selling the shortbow for half cost. I assume that a potion of repair light damage would cost the same as a CLW (50gp), is that correct?

Lightbringer has previously introduced himself, and his companions are aware of his affiliation to the Church of the Silver Flame, but he listens gravely to the introductions, and gently shakes hands if they are offered to him.

Once the purchases are done, he gathers his companions and speaks. “Shall we start our investigation at the inquisitives office in Middle Menthis? Or does anyone else have any ideas or contacts which may be a better place to start?”

A composite longbow with a +2 STR adjustment actually costs 300gp. 50gp for the potion, yes.

Aubrey the Demented/Malformed wrote:
A composite longbow with a +2 STR adjustment actually costs 300gp. 50gp for the potion, yes.

Doh! I was conveniently looking at the entry for normal longbow (but using the stats for composite longbow of course!). Sorry, my bad. Scratch the potion in that case, 4gp or so beyond my current means...

In case Nox, as a relative novice in playing a cleric, is unsure what to do with his voucher, I would suggest hanging on to it and using it to buy a wand of Cure Light Wounds - the cleric's best friend, allowing you to use your spell slots for buff-type spells instead of winding up sacrificing them for healing. However, at a base price of 750gp these are not cheap, so the voucher would save you 250gp. The above is only a suggestion, of course, and you may have other ideas.

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