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Ashardaldon Series - Unoptimized KK

Game Master Freddy Honeycutt

Hapless heroes fall into place, do these broken souls have the will to become heroes?

Temple of Pelor

Current Characters

Trinia Sabor

Fem Elf Bard 3
(885 posts)


played by Sunset (1,186 posts)
Priest of Asmodeus
GM Blood

played by David James Olsen (7,434 posts)
Marsh Giant
Gurukk Pyreborn

Male Orc Oracle of Flame 4 /Fire Blood Sorcerer 1/Mystic Theurge 1 Hps 68/68 AC 18 FF 17 T 11 (15 incorporeal) CMD 17 Fort +3 Ref +2 Will +7

played by David James Olsen (545 posts)
Member of Church of Razmir

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

played by Monkeygod (349 posts)
Cayden Cailean
Sir Respen Bayleef

Male Halfling Paladin-2/ Rogue(investigator)-2/Inquistor-2

played by Roidrage (481 posts)

Thedrin the Lotus

Not in Use

played by Mark Sweetman (402 posts)

HP 54 / 59,AC 18, Perc:+6,Init:+2,Fort:+6,Ref:+2,Wil:+0,

played by Sunset (1,218 posts)

Current NPCs

Erky Timbers

Male Gnome Fighter / Cleric

played by Freddy Honeycutt (364 posts)


M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

played by Freddy Honeycutt (8,452 posts)

Previous Characters

Belkar Bitterleaf
Sovereign Court Roidrage

(248 posts)
Laori Vaus
Berry Peelyblossom

Female AC 16 HP:11/11 Init +2 F: +4 Ref: +4 W: +3

played by Tark the Ork (591 posts)
Tangible Delusions

played by David James Olsen (332 posts)

female Human Fallen Antipaladin 1/ Oracle 1

played by Susan Richardson (20 posts)

played by Sunset (185 posts)

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