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Ascension of Eight (Inactive)

Game Master Arkwright

Eight will be imprisoned. Eight will find a new destiny. The Eight will topple Cheliax.

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Mellany looks over Akari's list. "Wow. You're so meticulous," Mellany says without the slightest trace of irony. "I never start planning stuff out like that, I'd just act. I'm so glad we're working together. Anywho, you're right. We should hit Kore's men and the tax collectors when they're alone. They're used to being the hunters, adjusting to being hunted will be a good lesson for them. Just don't fillet too many of them. Somebody has to be around to remember the lesson."

Remembering that she's carrying the box Madame Wilheminia gave her, Mellany looks at the group and says, "I need to wait until it's dark to start the ritual for finding Cat. It will take most of the night, I'll have to be outside, and I can't be interrupted. Any ideas where I can go for that?"

Male Tiefling Alchemist/3

Blast wanders out of his room after a while, his hair swept back and some soot on his face, along with a big grin. He seems more relaxed now than he has before, with no snapping fingers or twitching tail. "Hm, what's this?" he says, quickstepping over to look at Akari's list. "Ah! A formula for our success?" The tiefling hops onto a counter, leaning back on his palms. "I think it's a fine plan, Akari."

He turns to look at Mellany. "Aye, we'll have to let one go," Blast says with a wink. He pauses, appearing to think for a moment, then shrugs. "Why not right outside here? I'm sure a few of us could stand watch to make sure it goes smoothly."

Male Human Rogue/ 1|Hp 9/9 |AC 16 |T 14 | FF 12| CMB +2 | CMD 16 | F +1|R +1 | W +1| Init +3| Per +7|

Taurven points at the map. Or if you need a forested area, Alain found these trees here. Maybe it's a park or something.

He watches Akari practice her rapier work with a smile. The elegance of swordplay is a pleasure to watch. Then he drags his thoughts back to the problem at hand.
We probably shouldn't mess with any of the tax collectors until we resolve the issue with Kore.
The half-elf rubs his hand through his dark hair and adds: I seem to remember something about a clan of Aasimar by the name of Kore. They were heavy into religion. Priests, Paladins, that sort of thing.
But they left Cheliax years ago...

Male Human Rogue/ 1|Hp 9/9 |AC 16 |T 14 | FF 12| CMB +2 | CMD 16 | F +1|R +1 | W +1| Init +3| Per +7|

Taurven shrugs and walks into the kitchen. He whistles tunelessly as he prepares himself a sandwich. After he finishes building the corned beef on rye, with cheddar, pickle and tomato, Taurven sits down at the kitchen counter and wolfs it down; washing it down with a glass of water.

Finished with his meal, Taurven rises, burps, and makes his way to his room. There, he collects up his bow and backpack. Bow in hand, the half-elf saunters out into the common area.
I'm going out again. I want to see about the rooftops, and I want to learn more about Kore and his gang, if I can.

Taurven gives a brief, roguish grin. It might involve drinking a few, in some different taverns.

...If anyone cares to join me.

"I think I'm going to try my ritual in the spot with the trees," Mellany says. "At least if I'm spotted I'll have a chance to lose the spy before coming back here."

Male Human Rogue/ 1|Hp 9/9 |AC 16 |T 14 | FF 12| CMB +2 | CMD 16 | F +1|R +1 | W +1| Init +3| Per +7|

Are you doing that now? Taurven stops by the door. I can go along with you, if you want someone to keep a lookout while you make the ritual.

"Thanks, Taurven." Mellany gathers the items she got from Wilhemina and leaves through the sewer exit. From there, she goes to the place marked with a tree on their map.

Male Human Rogue/ 1|Hp 9/9 |AC 16 |T 14 | FF 12| CMB +2 | CMD 16 | F +1|R +1 | W +1| Init +3| Per +7|

Taurven follows Mellany out of the complex and out into the city. He keeps an eye out for "Tail-Takers" as best he can. "Tail-Takers" probably don't look that much different than any other tough, or layabout, but he does his best.
Though he is more interested in human threats, Taurven does take some time to admire the architecture of the city. Perhaps the rooftops can provide an advantage against Kore and his thugs.

Are the roof tops close enough so that alleys could be jumped? How hard would the buildings be to climb? Are there fire escapes of similar ways up the outsides of buildings?

Shadow Lodge

Male Half-elf Magus

Alleys are very irregular and you can jump over a few rooftops sure but it's going to take awhile to get anywhere, plus you'll be attracting instant attention "Get off ma roof, young hellions!"

Presuming you don't want to cause any attention like last time, how are you going to proceed through the city? You can either roll Stealth, Intimidate, Diplomacy, Disguise or any other skill that you could justify would stop you being stopped by anyone. Or you could come up with some other plan.

Male Human Rogue/ 1|Hp 9/9 |AC 16 |T 14 | FF 12| CMB +2 | CMD 16 | F +1|R +1 | W +1| Init +3| Per +7|

Taurven decides to walk boldly through the city. He acts as if he has rightful business and relies on diplomacy if questioned.

Diplomacy:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12

Akari leaves with the rest of the party, dressed in baggy commoners clothing.

"I'll meet you back at the place, I'm going to take a look around"

Once out of sight, she will transform into a tall man with bright-radiant skin, blonde hair, and celestial-blue eyes.

Akaron steps into the city and spends the the next few hours asking around about Kore's gang, asking questions like:

"Ever heard of Kore"
"Where can an Aasimar find a drink around here without watching his back?"
"Anybody in this town still stand up for good?"

Basically asking leading questions looking for clues as to where we might start finding Kore and his gang, obviously looking like an Aasimar all the while.

Bluff (Play the part): 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (13) + 11 = 24
Diplomacy (Gather information): 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (16) + 11 = 27+1 vs women.

Mellany walks down the streets like a woman in a hurry. Such a hurry that she'd walk through anyone who tries to detain her.

Intimidation 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19

Male Tiefling Alchemist/3

"I'll come along as well," Blast says as Mellany decides to find Cat. He exits with Taurven and her, his daggers, wands, and vials stowed in his many pockets, his cane in hand, and his satchel and crossbow slung over one shoulder. He tries to walk through the city confidently, and if anyone gets too close, he invents some falsehood; a common one he picks up is, "Do you know who you're dealing with? We're the Outsiders! Haven't heard of us? You will... We're the most dangerous gang in the city, except for perhaps the Tail-Takers."

Bluff: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

Blast also keeps an eye and ear peeled for anything of interest as he walks, noting it all in his mind.

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8 So essentially, he's walking with his hands over his eyes and ears, singing "Lalalalala"... thank you, dice roller...



M Magus(Tovenaar) 3rd AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD +6 F/R/W 5/3/5 HP 24 Init +2

Gunser was still fuming. A bit. That first ale would help. Or the look of the girl that served it, maybe. What had been so damnable funny, anyway? He turned it over again, in his mind.

The pretty little blonde, Mellany, had been worried about her cat. And they'd had a chart out, gathered around it, pondering. And Gunser had suggested, "Now, if I were lookin' for a pussy, I'd look for her by the docks." And they all fell silent. And the foxy one smirked. And the horned one grinned. And they all give him a look, save for the little one, who kept her eys on that chart, but working too hard at it...

Did he really have to explain it? Lubbers. "You know...", he said earnestly, "...the fish smell."

And they laughed at him. He was pretty sure it was the foxy one, started it off. But no matter, that. They'd all caught fire, their learnin' an' their books an' their 'maps', against common sense. If it was to be that way, he'd go it alone, for now. Well, in service to the Eight, but more like an oar than a spoke in a wheel.

And so he was bound for the docks, The staff-now-an-oar a promising sustitute for his oar-broke-to-staff. If fortune favored, he'd go back with them both, and the cat, beside.

Lubbers. Hadn't half the sense of any man who'd drown for the lack of it. Found him full of folksy funny, they did. "What's that, Gunser?" "Staff from that room. Wyroot, I think. Feels half alive. Stout enough." "And... what are you... doing?" "Addin' on a leather blade. I've stiched it up against the staff, and I'll curve it a bit when I sew the two side t'gether. Then some pierces, and tighter lashing 'round... and through... there." "...why?" "You can do more with an oar, than you can with a staff." Did it really need saying? "Like... what?" Yes, yes it did. "Like, push water!"

He caught a trim bravo eyeing him over, lingering at his belt, or his purse, or his cod. {You ain't welcome to neither.}, Gunser thought, an iron look in his sea-green eyes. When the bravo got to his eyes, he paled, and looked away. {Good on ya}, Gunser thought. Another thing you might do with an oar is slap the crap out of a ninny...

Shadow Lodge

Male Half-elf Magus

New players, please post your characters' answers to these questions when you get a moment. Thought it would be a good chance for introductions.

-What did your character say or do after he woke up in prison?
-What did your character do or say when Kamsen first told you of the Eight?
-What did your character say or do after you defeated the Tail-Taker gang ambush?
-What does your character think of Bob?

M Magus(Tovenaar) 3rd AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD +6 F/R/W 5/3/5 HP 24 Init +2

putting these into bio as I get them done, but here's the first:

What did your character say or do after he woke up in prison?:

-What did your character say or do after he woke up in prison?

He muttered a request for "Ale, or water. Or mulled wine. Hells, I'd not know the difference..." Then he tried to roll over, and discovered the chains. "What?! Wha... Ah, right. Tha' damned book." He could be heard trying his chains some more, but not in any desperate or unreasoning way. Then he settled down, and rested. He even fell asleep again, until things started happening.

At Mellany's request for a key, Gunser replied, "No, Miss. I have none, nor wire nor nail nor sliver nor pail, to bash at the edge to make you one. Or I'd try."

At Akari's offer of her name, he replies from the darkness, "Gunser, miss Akari. That's two ladies, then? Forgive, if you would, I'm not bein' forward, but can any of us reach any other?"

When that was interrupted by the arrival of the guarded children and the light to see them, a look of horror filled his face. "What've ye... what're ye...", he stammered, and at the cuffing of the straggler, he called out, "Damn ye! No, too late for that! Damn me, if I've not strength t' curse your loins and line, ye leprous puss-eyed maggot-ridden filth in warder's weeds!"

(Just slot Gunser in for the paladin, sort of. I don't think the paladin scored the keys, that seems to have been another of the Lost, for instance.)

When given the keys, Gunser unlocks himself and then unlocks any others still chained. This leaves him with the keys, which he pockets, after opening the door.

Gunser comments at Akari's coup de grace, "You're doin' the devils' work for 'em. They burn rotted souls like that, cordwood for their forge. I'm no judge, that's yours to be your own. But ponder on it. If we get clear of here."

Gunser waved off any claim on the sword, instead fitting a manacle and a loop of chain over and around his knuckles, with a sort of practiced care and a faint smile.

When Taurven starts his singing, Gunser joins in with gusto (if not grace), OF-ten men of LOW degree and OF-ten men of STEEL...


What did your character say or do after he woke up in prison?

Look around, and immediately start trying to escape. Working with the others to make it happen. It likely would have been Jelani breaking down the door instead of the paladin.

-What did your character do or say when Kamsen first told you of the Eight?

Said "Awesome!" and asked where to sign up.

-What did your character say or do after you defeated the Tail-Taker gang ambush?

Make sure that everyone was okay and then moved on.

-What does your character think of Bob?

Bob is awesome. Jelani is actually jealous of him and looks up to him in a way.

Male Varisian Fighter 2 Cad Archetype

-What did your character say or do after he woke up in prison?

Life in prison:

Sat up, leaned against the wall in the corner of the cell, proped his elbows on his knees and hung his head like a proper prisoner. He would not have spoken to the others, other than to ask politely to be left alone. disposition unfriendly(it's life in prison, not a party). Once the guard slipped and fell, his mood would lighten.

He felt killing the guard was out of line, but wouldn't mention it to Akari. He'd thank Desna once his shackles were removed, and would offer a silent prayer. He would have fought the other guards in a lethal manner.

-What did your character do or say when Kamsen first told you of the Eight?
A caged bird sings:

When told of what the eight were, Valerio would begin to laugh. Slowly at first, gradually increasing in volume and fervor, until he was cackling wildly with his head thrown back and his fists clenched, like a madman.

"So this is why I lived!"

After a brief moment to allow the others their say, he'd accept the oath.

-What did your character say or do after you defeated the Tail-Taker gang ambush?
-What does your character think of Bob?

On one hand, Valerio would like to admire the little scamp, but several things bother him.

1. He didn't try to help kill the guards in the cell. Such a resourcefull street urchin has probably been in a few fights before. He did bar the door, but not right away.

2. His group was caught, his excuse is obviously a lie. A demon? Really? Ok, sure.

3. He seems to always pop up when you need him. Curious.

Valerio makes use of bluff as needed to not insult or alert Bob to his distrust. He doesn't say anything to the other characters about it either. He doesn't know why he distrusts Bob, just that he does. He has no theory, other than "Bob" isn't who he seems to be. Valerio won't discuss any plans around Bob, and locks his belongings and door habitually.

M Magus(Tovenaar) 3rd AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD +6 F/R/W 5/3/5 HP 24 Init +2

-What did your character do or say when Kamsen first told you of the Eight?

When asked if he was one of Chelaxia's men:

"I'm no one's man. Not anymore."

In response to the "What say you?" after the exposition re: the Eight.

"Against diabolatry and empire, you've my word. Now, get the children, quit from here."

-What did your character say or do after you defeated the Tail-Taker gang ambush?

(Since I said Gunser would kind of take the paladin's lines, and the paladin didn't post during that fight...)

Gunser began an applause of the 'show', from nearby, where he'd taken a self-assigned overwatch post. Later, having caught up to the departed party, he asks after the enemy fallen.

-What does your character think of Bob?

"The boy's got his own crew, his own tribe, his own family, like as not shades of grey in there. But I'd expect they all come before us, and rightly so. So, no, I don't trust him, if it were ever them or us. Charitable, now... if it were us or him, I trust him a bit more. I think for now, for him, we're just another set of rubes. And if I had a cart full of apples, I'd expect to have less after him and his crew passed. But I'd be smilin' about it."

Shadow Lodge

Male Half-elf Magus

After a few hours beneath the blearily raining clouds of Egorian, interrupted by a brief visit down Madam Wilheminia's rabbit hole, you return back to the safehouse with your various purchases.

Possible topics of conversation:
-We didn't get mugged by gangs!
-We found a wall covered with tiefling tails!
-Mellany needs her cat!
-We have to accomplish our destiny and tear up the empire!
-Your mind's gone blank and you can't quite recall much of how three of your group normally behave and speak and you're curious to find out what they think of things!
-You just bought stuff!

"They didn't attack us again?" Mellany says once everyone's returned to the relative safety of the Place. "After our first encounter, I don't think any of us need a tail to draw the tail takers attention."


"We should dress up as Tielfings and go hang around that wall of tails. Then we can crush those racist prigs when they come to get rid of us. I aint skerd." The large Mwangi warrior says, shifting his earth breaker from hand to hand.

Male Tiefling Alchemist/3

"Or I could go there myself, and look like a much more appealing target than half-a-dozen men and women who vaguely look like tieflings," Blast says with a small laugh. "But I think before all that, Miss Mellany would like her feline companion back. As well as make sure everyone has all the material things they'd like."


"I'd like a palace friend Blast, but if we were to wait for that we might never do anything." he says with a smile. "Of course, we should assist young Mellany in finding her cat. Did she not mention some ritual? Lets be off to complete it at once."

M Magus(Tovenaar) 3rd AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD +6 F/R/W 5/3/5 HP 24 Init +2

(Is Gunser back from his search for the cat and his oar, or not left yet, and just calmed down enough to join the conversation? Leaving that to the GM.)

"I'm willin'a make do. This armor fits, an' it's light enough, ta put under an oilskin 'gainst rain. Oilskin. I could do with an oilskin. Otherwise, I'll carry this wyroot wi' the paddle lashed on. Won't get in the way none, and makes this rough sort look a sailor, not a sword. 'Specially wi' tha' oilskin. So ya, oilskin."

"It's a ritual, for the cat?" Gunser gives a faint growl and a nod of understanding. "Well, where's that need to be? You'll have my aid, if... if you'll have my aid."


"I have no clue. Mellany, what do we need to do?" Jelani asks the small blonde woman.

Shadow Lodge

Male Half-elf Magus

Due to the conditions, you made it to the oar and back without incident.

M Magus(Tovenaar) 3rd AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD +6 F/R/W 5/3/5 HP 24 Init +2

Gunser had put the oar in his room, flotsamed against some corner with a lot of other seeming junk, bits of the leather trimmed for the wyroot, and other such oddments. He gets a bit squint-eyed when it's all cleaned up and orderly on his return, and scratches his head a moment. But then he gives a faint grunt, and a nod, and goes about some other business.

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

The estranged Cheliaxian nobleman caught up with his companions after a brief absence. How brief it was would be debatable between them and himself but he had returned nonetheless. "Sorry for being gone," he announced. He produced a pop from his knuckles from rolling them into his hands.

I find it always awkward to post after not posting for a period of time.

M Magus(Tovenaar) 3rd AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD +6 F/R/W 5/3/5 HP 24 Init +2

"Welcome back. We were jus' talkin' o' lookin' fer lil' Mel's cat. Talk o' some ritual, or some such. Din't see her by the docks."

Male Varisian Fighter 2 Cad Archetype

"Hmmm, suppose some of us go out one evening and attract Kore's attention. Just what would we do with it? I have no doubt Blast could find the ruffians, but we got real lucky in that alleyway. Had a Hellknight walked by, we'd all be back behind bars."

Valerio sits down and pours himself a shot of Oldlaw whiskey. He downs it slowly, savoring the warmth of the caustic fluid.

"Welcome back Aleksandyr. The road was kind to us, so no need for regrets. Besides, it's good to see you."

Watching Mellany prepare for her ritual, Valerio seems lost in thought.

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

"Thank you kindly," Aleksandyr said to Gunser and Valerio. He moved to have a seat before he leaned down and rubbed his calves. His eyes shifted between those present in the room. He knew that Mellany had been missing her cat since her imprisonment and it obviously meant something to her. While he had seen them as deterrants to rodents in cellars and ships, she saw something else. "Anything need done before we head out again...? You know, simple things. I've seen enough blood for today..."

"I should be able to perform the ritual here," Mellany says after thinking things over. "Cat will come if I can perform the ritual without being interupted. I'll just need your help to make sure I'm not disturbed." The witch starts gathering her materials and prepares for the summoning.

Male Tiefling Alchemist/3

"Certainly," Blast says with a smile. To the returned paladin, Blast clasps his wrist in greeting. "Good to see you again, Alek, even if it's been... Just a day or two?" Funny how time passes in PBPs... ;)

"So then, tonight we ensure that Mellany can summon her Cat, and tomorrow we strike out to attract the gangs?"

M Magus(Tovenaar) 3rd AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD +6 F/R/W 5/3/5 HP 24 Init +2

"I'll be seein' abou' closin' or coverin' or hidin' tha' mess we made gettin' here in the first place, maybe. I'll be little use in any ritual."

Gunser sees if any repairs are needed and can be made to the secret passage and the damaged floor panel.

Male Human Rogue/ 1|Hp 9/9 |AC 16 |T 14 | FF 12| CMB +2 | CMD 16 | F +1|R +1 | W +1| Init +3| Per +7|

Taurven is curious about Mellany's ritual. He pulls a chair into the corner where he can watch, without being intrusive, and settles in. He holds the fine, old violin he had found in his room and plucks at the strings with his fingers. The palm of his hand mutes the strings so that they barely make any noise at all.
Anyone listening should soon realize that Taurven does not really know how to play the instrument.

M Magus(Tovenaar) 3rd AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD +6 F/R/W 5/3/5 HP 24 Init +2
Taurven Wess wrote:


Anyone listening should soon realize that Taurven does not really know how to play the instrument.


Shadow Lodge

Male Half-elf Magus

Mellany, I am ruling that the current time is 2 in the afternoon, and if you start now it will take until 10:00pm to complete your ritual. Please feel free to RP/describe it, and also mention if and when you go to bed.
Everyone else, briefly post your actions for the evening. Feel free to just go to bed, though you do have a well-known and fancy brothel just upstairs.


Jelani will spend a couple hours in the training room, setting up a circle of dummies around him and working on dropping them as quickly as possible. Once he's worked up a good sweat, he'll towel off and go to look in on Mellany to make sure everything is going okay. After that he'll eat a hearty meal of steak, carrots and greens and head to bed.

Male Varisian Fighter 2 Cad Archetype

Valerio stays to watch the opening of the ritual. He quietly dines with Jelani. Once Mellany settles into her meditations he slips away quietly hoping to not disturb her.

He heads out to get a few drinks, then decides to walk around the area, taking note of any worthy ambush sites.


1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

Time ticked by and Aleksandyr dutifully remained close by as Mellany prepared her ritual. He cleaned up his equipment, polished his longsword with oil and a rag. He then proceeded to clean up his armor, removing any and all bodily fluids while examining the work for any weaknesses from use and abuse. After he tended to his arms and armor, he found a deck of playing cards tucked away and played a dozen games of solitaire or so. All the while he was quiet and thoughtful, his expression distant.

Male Tiefling Alchemist/3

Blast stays near Mellany as she begins the ritual, but after about an hour he disappears into his room at length. He returns several hours later, and displays a few vials of liquid to Aleksandyr, Jelani, and Valerio. "Healing potions," Blast says. "My usual creations tend to lose their potency when separated from me, but these should remain powerful even in the hands of others... so here you go!" With a smile, Blast hands one of the vials in each hand to his companions, his tail snaking out and giving away the third.

Starting to fix himself a small meal, Blast says, quietly to avoid disrupting Mellany, "You'll be able to tell if those are mine, by the way. I leave my own imprint on them, brew them with slightly different reagents. My potions of healing should taste similar to warm Tian tea, with a hint of sugar and spice."

Potions made:

3 potions of cure light wounds, 2nd-level so they cure 1d8+2 damage, cost 150 gp of reagents to make (subtracted from my wealth) along with 6 hours of time.

Mellany goes to her room to get the materials for her ritual. She comes back clad in a blue silk robe and carrying the box from Madame Wilheminia's shop in her hands. Carefully Mellany examines the pentacle carved in the floor of the common room. "This, this is perfect," she mutters.

Crouching down on her hands and knees, Mellany starts clearing the pentacle of debris. No speck of dust escapes her notice. The process seems to take forever, but she insists of doing the cleaning herself without using a broom or dust pan. Finally the pentacle meets her approval and she starts taking items from the box.

First she takes the bag of silvery sand. She takes a handful of sand and starts tracing the outer circle of the pentacle in sand. Mellany works carefully, but she's nowhere near as obsessive about cleaning spilled grains of sand as she was about random dirt. Once she has traced the circle, she traces the five pointed star inside the circle. With the last of the sand she closes the final star point. Four hours have passed since Mellany started her task.

Next, Mellany takes items from the box and starts putting them in the arcs between the arms of the star. "For this task, wine with serpant's bile will stand for fire," Mellany speaks softly in Celestial. She pours the wine into a brass goblet in one arc. "Parrot's feathers for air, catnip for wood, wool yarn for metal," Mellany takes a moment to smile broadly before continuing. It's the first time she's smiled or paid attention to the onlookers since she started. "And of course the fish heads for water. All the elements are called in a fashion that will make Cat happy."

Mellany stands up and stretches, clearly the ritual is entering a new stage. "Friends," she says in Common so everyone will understand. "Please douse the lamps. I am approaching the point of no return. I will start lighting candles within the circle. Once the fifth candle is lit, no matter what happens, do not interfere. This is my task and I need to place myself in jeopardy, but I cannot endanger you."

As soon as the common room is dark, Mellany starts lighting the candles. She lights one white candle at each of the star's points. As she lights each candle, she sings in Celestial. Mellany's singing voice is not pretty, but it is clear and strong. The ceremony for lighting each candle takes several minutes.

Once the last perimeter candle is lit, Mellany takes a beautiful dagger of elven make from her robe. She lays the dagger pointing due north with its pommel in the center of the circle. Then she puts a tall black candle at the dagger's point. "Now it begins," Mellany says in Celestial.

Mellany removes her robe revealing that it was the only thing she was wearing. She folds her robe carefully and kneels upon it to light the black candle. Once the candle is lit, she starts chanting in Celestial. The chanting continues until the white candles are almost extinguished. The witch picks up her dagger and cuts a slash across her left palm. She holds her left hand palm up while a small pool of blood forms. Mellany utters the ritual's last word and extinguishes the black candle with her own blood.

Sorry about the wall o' text. Arkwright, up to you to say what happens next. ;)

Shadow Lodge

Male Half-elf Magus

No problem.

Where Mellany's blood touches the black candle's flame, it freezes dead. A bright red globe, still pulsing with Mellany's life force, surrounds the flickering flame beneath. Slowly, it envelopes it, but not extinguishing, until it becomes a flickering mass of gold and crimson. Barely visible white lines shoot out from the mass, moving to each point of the star. One by one they reach and connect with the flickering embers of the candles at each point before they burst into full radiance.

Those bright flames then begin to move off their candle and along the fine filigree spreading out from the black wick. Slowly they proceed towards the centre of the pentacle whilst Mellany looks on approvingly. Finally, in a single frozen moment, they connect. The black candle and the elven dagger are sucked up into the growing globe, now bright and shining with multiple candlelights within it. One anxious heart-beat, two, and then a third, and on the fourth the globe rapidly is moulded and shaped into the outline of feline grace. One by one each candle extinguishes until only two are left, and suddenly all there is Mellany's cat, candlelight shining in its eyes before they too go out.

It meows a greeting to her.

M Magus(Tovenaar) 3rd AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD +6 F/R/W 5/3/5 HP 24 Init +2

"Come in through the sewers, did she?", Gunser asks when he sees Cat in Mellany's company. "Cause I was at t'other door, an' she didn't come by me. You were hidin' in the sewers?", he asks the cat in a playful respectful tone, as if to an animal, but also a peer, "Chasin' rats, were ya? Have a care; worse than rats, mebee. An' even th' rats're... not worthy of you. If you're worthy of our Mel."

Male Tiefling Alchemist/3

Blast watches the ritual with some admiration, and a little surprise, but he seems generally unfazed by it. "It's all magic, in one form or another," he mutters as he pours some tea for himself and grabs a roll. "Some people like me mix potions, some pray to the gods, some read books... and some light fancy candles, get naked, and sit inside a special circle." The tiefling smirks as his tail pours a drop of cream and sugar into his cup. "We all have our rituals."

M Magus(Tovenaar) 3rd AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD +6 F/R/W 5/3/5 HP 24 Init +2

"I don' have any rit'l involves gettin' naked.", Gunser protests.

"Well, none I'd do alone.", he jokes.

"That I'd admit to.", he smiles at Mel.

"In public.", he smirks.


Jelani walked quietly into the ritual room and standing behind Gunser makes a stroking gesture over his crotch and then starts laughing. "No need to admit it, Blast is right. Everyone has their rituals." Giving the sailor a wink, he gives the naked Mellany a good look. "Guess we found your pussy eh?" he says, kneeling down to get a better look. At the cat you perverts! :P

M Magus(Tovenaar) 3rd AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD +6 F/R/W 5/3/5 HP 24 Init +2

Gunser seems not to favor this foil. "Damn, man, you're crude enough, makes me look civilized.", he mutters.

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