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Ascension of Eight (Inactive)

Game Master Arkwright

Eight will be imprisoned. Eight will find a new destiny. The Eight will topple Cheliax.

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"Amid a dull pounding in your temples, you awake and your eyes blearily snap open. Sprawled around you in a dank stone cell are nine other bedraggled sentients, all bound to the floor with chain, like yourself. Guards patrol in front of the bars every few minutes, their torches the only brief illumination you have.

You are trapped in this cell with your fellow prisoners like animals.

And you know, deep in the depths of your self, that this is not your true fate.

Go find it."

And then everyone starts talking?

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

As Aleksandyr awoke and came to, he grumbled as his head pounded will a dull pain. Darkness filled his vision and he felt cold steel binding him. He tried to fight against his restraints, shifting his body on the floor. He could tell he wasn't the only person in the dark, cold chamber he was imprisoned in as he bumped into another body. As footsteps sounded down the hall and an approaching torch caused him to turn his eyes, he tried to sit up. "Thank Iomadae I'm still alive," he whispered. "Hello? Is anyone else awake?" His voice sounded unnaturally coarse like a low rumble in his throat.

Escape Artist 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 11

Male Aasimar Oracle 2

Alian had been sitting on the floor in the corner for some time, "Do you truly think it wise to proclaim your devotion to the inheritor in a place like this?" the voice was followed by a mumbling end then a loud snoring noise. Those closer to him could hear what sounded like someone yanking on a chain amidst the snoring.

Cast Ghost Sound to produce a load snoring sound
Strength check to break chains:
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

Once the guards passed their cell he responded to the voice, his escape futile with the sound of his chains rattling. "Its not as if I yelled it at the top of my lungs," he whispered back, resigning himself to his fate. "I am in her hands now. It was in her name I found myself here in the first place, stranger."

Male Aasimar Oracle 2

"Really? I'm here in name of my own stupidity and hubris, my matron had nothing to do with it. Don't fool yourself boy." The worshippers of the inheritor always seemed as wet behind the ears as their matron. It was only their fanatical devotion that kept them from being snuffed out, but zealotry was a dangerous thing. "If you want out of here I suggest you stop laying blame elsewhere and hoping for salvation and instead focus on figuring out what to do."

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

Not appreciating the man's condescending tone, he just shook his head and continued to struggle against his chains. "I neither blame her or regret my actions which brought me here," he continued to speak in a low tone, trying to twist his wrists and escape his restraints. The cold steel only bit into his flesh when he tried. "Perhaps it would benefit us if we worked together. Are these others still unconscious? Our fates will approach us sooner than later."

Male Aasimar Oracle 2

"I'm not asking you to regret anything nor do I think you should. I don't doubt your intents were noble." The intents of the followers of the inheritor were rarely anything but noble. Wisdom however was another matter. "I agree. As for the others, I'm not sure. You are the first one I've seen stirring." His hopes weren't high, the infernally guided Chelaxians were anything but subtle.

Use Detect Magic to check both the chains and the other prisoners

"Uh, guys," a woman mutters. "If you're going to argue, could you be a little quieter. It's way too early in the morning for a fight and I've got like the nastiest headache ever." Chains rattle as she tries to stand up, but stop as soon as she realizes she's bound. "Oh, right... prison." The chains rattle again as the blond woman tries to find a comfortable sitting position.

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

He tried to move so he could hear down the hall better where the guards were patrolling. Aleksandyr glanced around the dark chamber as he listened for footsteps or voices. "Shhh," he sounded, trying to listen carefully. He hoped he could overhear something that would be beneficial to their escape.

Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21

Pyrrius opens his eyes to the darkness, his head throbbing as arguing voices trail off into silence. Feeling the chains around him he tests their strength as he tries, and fails, to break free in one quick burst.

Strength Check 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21

Nodding to himself, he sat up watching and listening for the guards, looking around the room. As the torchlight flares briefly into the room he sees the others who were, like himself, chained to the floor. With the light he looks at the length of chain and the distance he is from the other prisoners before the darkness returns.

Trying to determine how long the chain is, how much mobility it allows, and how close he is to the other prisoners.

As Akari awakes, she takes a good look around her. She slowly drags herself into the darkest possible corner of the cell to stay as much put of sight as possible. Glancing down at the chains around her arms, she realizes that she is still in the form of a human man. With a very skiddish and distrusting look on her/his face, she softly moves her hands around trying to slip free. im not getting out of here in this body she thinks to herself.
Waiting for an opportune moment when she doesn't see anyone looking, she shifts into a small girl, and slowly wiggles her wrists in the most deft way she know how.

Escape Artist: Take 20 - 27 + Bonuses for now being a small girl as opposed to a medium male(dc 30 for manacles)
Sleight of hand: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

If she is able to free herself, she shifts back into a man and slips the chains back on. Secrecy is her goal here.

Male Aasimar Oracle 2

Alian turns his head to face the first man, then girl and now man again in the corner, "Mister, what are you trying to do? That trick of yours won't get you past these guards and trying would be folly."It was an interesting and surely useful skill though. His own ability was clearly more limited than hers/his.

Got to love darkvision

Human Urban Ranger/2 HP 19/19 INIT+6 AC 17 CMB+4 CMD+18 MW Longsword (+5 Att) 1d8+2/19-20x2 DW Composite Long Bow (+8 to Att) 1d8+3/x3 F+5 R+6 W+1

Aromar slowly pulls himself out of the darkness. Faint murmurs and grumbling rouse him from his sleep. Or so he thinks, the numbness on his chin and forehead and the swollen eye remind him of last night when the Merchant’s security caught him trying to ‘fulfill his contract’. This wasn’t sleep, he must have been knocked unconscious. The beating didn’t appear to be too bad, but his headache made him feel like he was still being hit repeatedly. He looks around and takes in his surrounding, noticing that he is not alone. ’Must not be at the merchant’s anymore, so where am I?

He gauges his shackles and examines the room for features, how solid are the links to the wall, how strong the gate, any potential for improvised weapons or lock picks.

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15

He waits, watches and listens in on his fellow captives, pretending to still be asleep so as not to draw attention to himself.

Bluff: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (13) + 1 = 14

Alian Zaigan wrote:
"Mister, what are you trying to do? That trick of yours won't get you past these guards and trying would be folly."

Akari looks up at Alain with a grin so defiant it would deserve a punch in the nose. He puckers his lips and offers two kisses in silence, now rivaling Alain for the bigger smart-ass in the cell.

If anyone has a problem with mild language, let me know

"Trick? What trick?" Mellany says. "I suppose I really should be paying more attention." The young woman keeps fidgeting as she speaks, trying to find a comfortable sitting position while chained in a damp prison cell.

"Anyways," she addresses the man who noticed the 'trick'. "You keep talking like you know how these places work. Any ideas for getting us out of here?"

Male Aasimar Oracle 2

Alian just shook his head at him/her. There was no doubt that he/she would be able to blend right in among Calistrians and that wasn't a good thing.

When the other woman speaks to him he smiles, "It's not so much that I know how these places work rather I know how they don't. I must admit though I haven't been locked up before in a prison of this calibre as normally a vagrant just gets put in a simple, local cell, without being shackled. As for getting out, I guess the first thing we need to know is what they intend to do with use, for that might provide a way out."

Mellany returns the stranger's smile, "I guess it's alright as long as we get out of here in one piece and without this ugly jewelry." She raises her right hand and gives the chain a quick rattle by way of emphasis.

"By the way," she continues. "My name's Mellany. Pleased to meet..." Mellany stops speaking suddenly as her chains clank loudly. "Oh, duh! They don't give us enough slack to touch each other. Well, let's just say I offered my hand and you shook it."

Male Half-elf | Hp 70 | AC 23 T16 F18 | Init +4 | Per +29 (low-light Vision) | Fort +9 | Ref +14 | Will +8 | bluff +8|Sense Motive +19|Stealth +16

A dull throbbing ache. The sound of muttering voices, all strange. Where am I? Then he remembers. He and Ammelia were supposed to be leaving town. Somehow her father had known. Well that at least explained the throbbing at the back of his head. that guardsman had been nothing, if not enthusiastic in his use of the sap.

Taurven listens to the others talk with interest, but puts his effort into wriggling free of the manacles. Perhaps they are loose...

Escape Artist: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

The other occupants of the cell began to stir and awaken and one by one they rattled their manacles and spoke. He leaned back from the iron bars of the cell and glanced back to the darkness. How many of them were in the cell together? Pushing himself up to sit on his rear he rapped the floor in thought. The voice in the darkness from before was right, they needed to figure out how to get out. Other voices seemed in agreement. He glanced back to the hall, wondering if it would cause unwanted pain to get the guard's attention.

Male Half-elf | Hp 70 | AC 23 T16 F18 | Init +4 | Per +29 (low-light Vision) | Fort +9 | Ref +14 | Will +8 | bluff +8|Sense Motive +19|Stealth +16

Well, I hope they plan on bringing us some water and food soon

Taurven gives a grimace in the dark. My mouth feels like it's full of sand. He gives his chain a rattle.

Male Tiefling Kineticist 1 | HP -1/12 | AC 16, touch 14, FF 12 | Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +0 | Init +4, Perception +4

Blast awakes once again, this time to the sound of voices and the touch of bodies. Good gods, there are more people here now? He has a pounding headache, and only some idea of how long he's been here. The last thing he remembers is waking up earlier when someone was thrown in the cell, and before that, his arrest.

With a groan, Blast blinks his eyes and takes in his surroundings."Look, I understand that you're all excited to explore these wonderful new surroundings, but I suggest we keep our voices down, or even speak in another language, perhaps?" He switches to another language: "Quis hic loqui draco?"

Does anyone here speak Draconic?"

He turns to the young woman. "Pleased to meet you, Mellany. I'm Blast. Mental handshake to you, as well, lady." Blast tosses a grin her way, though he doubts she can see it.

Blast attempts to escape his bonds once more: Escape Artist 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

He then mutters to the others, "Does anyone have something small, flammable, and disposable?"

Mellany stops fidgeting for a moment when she hears a fellow inmate speak Draconic and then he addresses her. She takes a moment to recover her breath before responding, "Salve, Blast. I loqui Draco."

Greetings, Blast. I speak Draconic.

"If you see a little white cat," she adds in Common. "He's small and you might set his fur on fire, but he's definitely not disposable. He's my friend Cat."

Male Aasimar Oracle 2

"Non loqui Draco." Piecing that together wasn't really all that hard, but the language as a whole was beyond him.


"I don't speak Draconic"

"Provare Sylva o אולי השמימית" He spoke more languages than that but those were more likely to be understood by the guards. "And I haven't seen a cat yet, but I'll look out for it."

"Try Sylvan or..."

"...perhaps Celestial."

Mellany feels goose bumps when she hears Celestial spoken in this place. The man using Celestial has been friendly so far, so she replies just loudly enough that he can hear. "דברים יכולים לקבל רע מאוד בשבילנו אם השומרים מזהה את הלשון, אבל זה מזכיר לי את החלומות אז אני אקח את הסיכון.

Things can get very bad for us if the guards recognize this tongue, but it reminds me of dreams so I'll take my chances.

"I'm sure Cat's around here someplace, just staying out of sight until we're both able to run."

Male Tiefling Kineticist 1 | HP -1/12 | AC 16, touch 14, FF 12 | Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +0 | Init +4, Perception +4

"Bonum. Nunc potest loqui sine sollicitudines enim invitis auribus audiendo."

Good. Now we can talk without worries for unwanted ears listening."

Blast nods with Mellany's comments. "I haven't seen him, but I'll keep a look out and let you know. And I promise not to light him up."
Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

Blast is about to ask around about Abyssal and Infernal, but he grimaces at Alian's words. Is that Celestial? Perhaps it's wiser not to...
Instead, he whispers in Common, "If everyone else could let us know their names and any languages they know? It might help us all escape, as I'm trying to..."

Escape Artist: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (15) + 3 = 18

"Escape," Mellany savors the sound of the word before continuing. "I'm neither strong as an ogre nor slippery as an eel. I'll need a key to get free of these chains. I don't suppose any of you has one?"

Then she adds quietly, "Ego parcere paucis digitis a fimbriam mea habitu pro ignis. Libertatem cuius regni non erit pudor."

I could spare a few inches from the hem of my dress for your fire. Freedom trumps modesty.

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

"יש לי הסתייגויות שלי כי השומר הממוצע שלך יכול לדבר בלשון של מעלה."

"I have my reservations that your average guard can speak in the heavenly tongue."

Aleksandyr leaned back against the cold stone wall as he tried to focus through the chatter of voices in every tongue. He rolled his neck and pulled his legs close to himself, watching the hallway for the next passing guard.

Male Aasimar Oracle 2

"No, but they might recognise it anyway." The woman had a point, though the Chelish didn't seam to mind one with celestial blood as long as he or she walked in line. "дьявольский не намного лучше." he sighed, "I'm not even going to try if any of you knows the vile language they speak in Nidal. The words leave me nauseous."


"Infernal isn't much better."

Male Tiefling Kineticist 1 | HP -1/12 | AC 16, touch 14, FF 12 | Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +0 | Init +4, Perception +4

"That's fine, I think we'll all need one if we want to get anywhere," Blast whispers. "Lorem oblatum dominae consilium puto autem quod non ratione. Verecundia erit."

Thank you for the offer, my lady, but I think my plan would fail regardless. Your modesty will remain.

Blast rolls over and levers himself into a sitting position against a wall, wincing as he leans back. "Fjandanum, hala minn..."

Damnation, my tail...

Blast starts in some surprise when he hears the man he presumes to be an aasimar speaking the Infernal tongue. "Это то, что, хотя," he whispers back. Then, in Common, "Anyone else? And if anyone has an idea, it would be much appreciated."

It's something, though.

Male Half-elf | Hp 70 | AC 23 T16 F18 | Init +4 | Per +29 (low-light Vision) | Fort +9 | Ref +14 | Will +8 | bluff +8|Sense Motive +19|Stealth +16

Funny thing about prisons... Says Taurven with bitter irony in his voice. They are designed to keep you in.

I don't know any of those languages, by the way.

Since i'm not getting any guard love right now, I'm just going to scrap plan A and start participating in the RP
Akari reverts back into her default human female form, and with the most pitiful frown you've ever seen says
"Ahh it's no use. I'll never get out of here. Sorry for being a brute earlier Alain. I had a plan that involved me trying to get you to take a swing at me, but as you can see, I've given up."
She begins staring at the ground, drawing seemingly endless circles in the dirt and dust with the hanging part of her chain. A single tear spoils the dirt in her silly game, and she stops.

"שמימי לא רק הלשון של מלאכים שאתה מכיר. חלק מאיתנו פשוט לקבל את זה בדם. ו מאמינים במערכת אותי, אני רק מלאך כאשר אני רוצה להיות."

"Celestial ain't just the tongue of angels you know. Some of us just have it in the blood. And beleive me, I'm only an angel when I want to be."

"By the way, I'm Akari. Pleased to make all you alleged scallywags' acquaintance."
A pouty but hopeful smile appears on her face.

Mellany starts laughing after the "tricky" woman speaks Celestial. She laughs and laughs until she's out of breath. Eventually she speaks, "סליחה, זה לא היה כל כך מצחיק, אבל הייתי צריך תירוץ כדי לצחוק. אני שמח שאתה רוצה להיות מלאך, Akari."

Sorry, that wasn't all that funny, but I needed an excuse to laugh. I'm glad you wanted to be an angel, Akari.

"I'm not giving up. I'm not going to die in this place for something I didn't do. Now, how do we get a key?"

Shadow Lodge

Male Half-elf Magus

A sudden glare of light heralds the arrival of a small procession of guards. The first two lead a string of dirty street children, lashed together with chain and two more guards bringing up the rear. The guards yell at you to be silent as the more perceptive of you notice that all of the children are missing body parts- an arm or a leg, a finger or a toe. One of them falls behind, hindered by a still bleeding stump where three toes should be, and one of the guards cuffs him around the back of the head with his spiked metal glove, driving him forwards to keep up.

"Onwards, ya thievin' lot!" the guard barks at the children. "Ya paid the price for thieving once and now yoo'll pay the price for doing it again! You deserve worse than what the priests'll do to ya, you whoresons!"

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

The knight had a defeated look as he watched the procession of maimed children being escorted down the hall. It pulled at his heartstrings and he couldn't help but imagine they were theives because of oppression and circumstance. "Pity," he spoke, not restraining to keep his voice low despite the vile lash of the guard's tongues. "To think the men of Cheliax have resigned themselves to punishing the weak and innocent due to their own ineptitude. While the oppressed starve, your ilk grow fat on the suffering beneath you."

He spat on the ground and huffed. "Cowards, the lot of you all," Aleksandyr breathed.

"קח עופרת שלי," he spoke, his voice in a low tone for those who could understand him in the cell.

"Take my lead."

The good mood created by Akari's jest evaporates in a moment. That could have been me, Mellany thinks as the children are marched past. Their plight reminds her of the desperate years from the time she had to leave Shelyn's temple until the day she met Cat. Years when her meals were "borrowed" from merchants and street vendors when their backs were turned. Yes, she'd been caught once or twice, but she'd gotten lucky--the merchants had grabbed her before the guard was summoned. Mellany had been humiliated for her petty thefts, but never maimed. She sits trembling in the cell. Rage is an unfamiliar sensation and Mellany doesn't know what to do with it. Then she hears the follower of Iomadae challenge the guards.

"Don't waste your breath," Mellany says loudly, standing as straight as the chains allow. "They'll go to their women tonight and brag of torturing thieves, but they won't say the thieves were just kids. They don't have the guts to challenge grown ups, even grown ups that are chained up like dogs."

Male Tiefling Kineticist 1 | HP -1/12 | AC 16, touch 14, FF 12 | Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +0 | Init +4, Perception +4

Blast watches sadly as the children are led closer. Children and bastards, that's who gets the short stick here in Cheliax... he thinks bitterly. He knows well the pain and torture these children must have experienced; his own old scars and recent bruises more than see to that.

However, it seems that perhaps he is not alone in his hatred. Blast glances at both Aleksandyr and Mellany as they speak. He, too, rises to his feet, wincing, and loudly replies, "Well, what do you expect? It's the only way to impress those women. If you don't have the gear, you can at least act tough..." Blast grins at the guards mischievously.

Male Half-elf | Hp 70 | AC 23 T16 F18 | Init +4 | Per +29 (low-light Vision) | Fort +9 | Ref +14 | Will +8 | bluff +8|Sense Motive +19|Stealth +16

Taurven quickly scans the guards. He is looking for the one with the keyring. If Taurven does spot the keyring bearing guard, and if that guard moves within reach of any of the prisoners, (including Taurven himself). Taurven will raise his voice in song. He knows an old tune that some folks, at least, find quite mesmerizing. Perhaps to the point where the keyring could be lifted, without the guard's caring. Of course there is the other guard, who would not be fascinated, but perhaps he would not guess what was really going on.

Perception:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

Fascinate DC:13 (If Taurven spots the keys, and if the guard moves close enough to anyone.)

Shadow Lodge

Male Half-elf Magus

The other guards continue on with the children down the corridor and out into the next room. The loud echoing boom of the slammed door and the sudden cry of pain suggests that it is a large room which few emerge from.

The guard who struck the child turns, stung by your words, and takes a step over to your cell. His face is unshaven and greasy, his hands dark with stains and callouses.

"High talk from prisoner scum! Us chelaxian men shouldn' have to truble ourselves to SPIT on foreign dirt!" He gives a loud, booming laugh and gestures around him. "Yoo're in the dungeon of Egorian, ya fools! Capital of the glorious 'axian empire! City of Thorns! In this world, I am your King an' I'll do what I want!" He grins and his expression grows lustful. "Maybe i'll use my power on you, girl?" he says, running his eyes over Mellany as he licks his lips.

"Exercise my royale perry-ogative on you? Or should I wait until after the priests are finished with those thieves?" he points his finger at the door his comrades left by as his voice rises. "It's been awhile since they've had youngling blood on their altars... and afterwords, i'll take you to 'em one by one and then-" taking another step towards the cell, the guard slips on a small patch of blood left by the child's maimed foot. Like the toppling of a colossal tower, he slowly and ponderously falls to the floor, hard, his head bashing against the bars of your cell making his eyes roll up. The sudden silence is broken only by the tinny, loud 'clink-clink' as the keys on his belt hit the floor next to the stricken guard.

this would be a good time to ask. Was I able to escape from the shackles earlier with an escape artist check, having shifted into a small girl?

Shadow Lodge

Male Half-elf Magus

No you did not, as taking twenty means you would have to have spent at least twenty minutes on the lock, and I have decided that you did not have enough time between waking up and the guard arriving.

Male Aasimar Oracle 2

Alian was just about to try and mess with the guard's mind a bit when he proved perfectly capable of messing up his own brain. Without so much as a doubt he moved over to the keys. He grabbed them and then shuffled back to the aasimar woman just threatened by that buffoon. "אתה יכול לבטל את האזיקים? אחרי נסיר שלך ושל כולנו יכולים לצאת מכאן. " Suddenly he realised he had used Celestial which might be weird to those in the cell that did not speak it, "We'll get all of us out of here. Just a moment."


"Could you undo these manacles? After I'll remove yours and we can all get out of here."

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

The knight smirked when the man slipped and fell, cracking his head on the iron bars of the cell. Serves him right, Aleksandyr thought, inspecting his manacles and chain a moment. He gestured for his companions to give him some slack on the chain to move to the cell bars. He moved to where the man fell and reached for the fallen keys, dragging them back into the cell. Moving back away from the bars, he quietly began to go through the keys in trial and error. When he found the key to unlock his manacles, he passed them to the next person and urged them to be quiet. "Shh," he whispered, trying to make sure attention was drawn to them inside of the cell. "No sudden movements...

"לשמור על שקט כדי שנוכל לשמור את האשליה שאנחנו עדיין כבולים ..."

"Keep quiet so we can keep the illusion that we're still shackled..."

Mellany's face blanches when the guard directs his attention to her. That's alright, if he gets close enough to exercise his 'perry-ogative', I'll be close enough to... Her thoughts are interrupted by the brute's sudden fall. "Men," Mellany says breathing a sigh of relief. "They see a girl and their brains turn to mush."

Mellany quietly unlocks her manacles when she gets a turn with the keys, but it's a struggle to keep from laughing out loud. Hearing the sounds from down the hallway, she says "אנחנו חייבים להציל את הילדים. דמם הציל אותנו."

We have to save the kids. Their blood saved us.

Male Tiefling Kineticist 1 | HP -1/12 | AC 16, touch 14, FF 12 | Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +0 | Init +4, Perception +4

Blast can't help snorting at the guard's ridiculous speech, and while he bristles at the remarks about Mellany, he lets out a bark of laughter as the guard falls. "Really, where do they find these guards? King? I mean, honestly..." He shakes his head in wonder and amusement.

Blast glances at the others as they pass the key and unlock their manacles. "Of course we'll escape," Blast grins at Alian. "The only thing we needed earlier was a key, and now we have that!"

The tiefling can't help but smile at Mellany's remark. "I should hope not all men are like that. And besides, I think his brains were mush to begin with."

After he receives the key and unlocks his manacles, Blast stands in full and reaches around to his back, under his long coat. After a moment, he sighs, and a long, thin tail drops out from under the cloak, writhing back and forth. He cracks his knuckles, and simultaneously the tail reaches into several pockets and inside the coat.

Blast moves to the door, looking at everyone. "Ready to go?"

Edit: Though I use some different phrases and an exclamation point, I'd like to make it clear that Blast says all this in a whisper, not loud.

Pyrrius stands to receive the key, "Benigne facis."

Thank you

He then unlocks the manacles and places them gently on the floor. "Is there a plan, or are we just taking advantage of circumstance to escape and go our separate ways?"

Male Aasimar Oracle 2

Alian flexes once the manacles re gone. "So now we're rid of those, let's hope the key also opens the door." It would be really dumb on the side of whoever designed this place if that was the case, but this guard already showed the people here weren't too bright.

Male Tiefling Kineticist 1 | HP -1/12 | AC 16, touch 14, FF 12 | Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +0 | Init +4, Perception +4

"Suus nihil."

It's nothing.

Blast glances at Pyrrius and Alian. "Agreed," he nods to the aasimar. "Otherwise, we're still stuck, and there'll just be more trouble when they see what we've done so far."

He turns back to Pyrrius. "Safety in numbers?" Blast asks. Then he starts, as if just realizing something. His tail flicks back under his coat and disappears from view as he turns and says, "By the way, what were your names?"

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Paladin 2

Always the motley crew, the paladin considered, slowly rising as the others began to. He glanced to everyone as they were freeing themselves. He took the keys and proceeded to the cell door. After quickly looking down the hall he began to unlock the cell, reaching through the bars and sliding the keys into the keyhole one at a time. When he heard a satisfying click! he pulled the key out and quietly opened the door.

"Safety in numbers," Aleksandyr agreed with the tiefling. He didn't sense any evil amongst the prisoners with him. He took a knee next to the unconscious turnkey and frisked him for weapons before dragging him into the cell out of sight.

"Aleksandyr," he breathed, keeping his voice down as he introduced himself.

"I think we need a plan," Mellany says. "Surprise and numbers are good, but they've got weapons and armor."

Mellany goes to where Aleksandyr has dragged the guard and checks the unconscious man for a pulse. The man threatens to rape me and here I am trying to save his life. She smiles, gives her head a slight shake, and continues to tend to the fallen jailer.

"Hey, Aleksander, you think His Majesty's armor would fit you? Maybe it's something about the way you carry yourself, but I think you're used to wearing the stuff. If it fits, I think I've got the beginning of a plan."

If he guard is still alive, Mellany will Stabilize his wounds. Any healing beyond that, his friends can take care of after we're long gone.

As the guard speaks, Akari takes careful note of his tone and accent. Seeing him fall to the floor, a sharp smile comes across her face, with wide eyes, full of hope.

As her shackles are unlocked, she says:


Once free, she quickly begins undressing the unconscious body, carefully observing his anatomy. She takes the guard's sword and performs as coup-de-graces as necessary, piercing him straight through the heart to ensure that he is dead (if he's not already).

"That aught to do it"

Once that is done, she quickly removes the pants and blouse she had on and shape-shifts into a figure identical to the dead guard. She puts on his clothes, and dresses the dead guard in her own, with the shirt over his head. She then shackles him, and leaves him lying face down to hide the scars on his chest.

"I can't say I've got a plan" she whispers "but this is the best I can think of right now. I'm all for sticking together like you say, but those children need our help right now. I'm pretty good with infiltration, is anybody up for helping? Oh, and this longsword, I can't use it. Anybody here good with a longsword?
assuming it's a longsword, but whatever it is... cool. Also, I tried to post like two hours ago but the side shut down on me.

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