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Ambitious Hearts: Tales from the Forgotten Realms

Game Master Dogbladewarrior

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Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

Searching the ruins while keeping a safe distance from the dead magic zone, its not to difficult figure out what happened.

There obviously was some sort of massive battle that occurred in the heart of the city, as despite the fact that it must have taken place at least a few hundred years ago, there is still strong magickal residue lingering in a bunch of places. The null zone seems to be about a mile and a half from the center, though there is pockets around the edges of it, down alleys or in sections of a street.

Sparel, being so in tune with magic, is also able to sense several wild magic zones as well.

M Elf wiz3/clr3/MT 10/ Lore 4

WIth arcane sight running is there a way to see where the null magic zones are and navigate around them? Regardless of the answer is there a discernible reason to enter the area?

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

There does not readily appear to be a reason to enter the dead zones. However, as the investigation of the safe areas progresses, evidence is found of this potentially being a Drow city or at the least an outpost or enclave of the dark elves.

Sparel give me a History check please

M Elf wiz3/clr3/MT 10/ Lore 4

Knowledge History1d20 + 29 ⇒ (12) + 29 = 41

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

Sparel, you seem to recall an incredibly ancient Dark Elven city being here, at least five thousand years past, if not a lot more. It was the site of a massive battle involving extra planar allies from both the lower and upper planes.

Surprisingly, you are unable to recall the name of the city, which is weird. You're certain such a thing would have made it into at least one history book, but the fact that it hasn't leads you to believe the name has been purposefully obfuscated.

M Elf wiz3/clr3/MT 10/ Lore 4

"If I remember correctly this was probably an ancient Dark Elf City. Five thousand years or more. There was an epic battle with extraplanar entities from upper and lower planes. I cant remember the name, which is strange in and of itself."

M Elf wiz3/clr3/MT 10/ Lore 4

"My curiosity is peaked. Lets walk the perimeter and see what we can discover."

Sparel proceeds to do so.

RETIRED Half-Elf Summoner (Synthesist) 20 / Gestalt (Two-Handed) Fighter 10 / Mythic Champion (Dual Path Guardian) Tier 4

Tialvoron follows, cautiously avoiding the dead magic.

M Elf wiz3/clr3/MT 10/ Lore 4

As they walk sparel makes mundane marks to indicate the border of the dead magic zone. Just to prevent future confusion.

M Elf wiz3/clr3/MT 10/ Lore 4

Sparel looks for anything interesting in this fantastic archeological site. Perhaps something to lead him to reasons why it's name has been wiped from existence.

Perception 1d20 + 29 ⇒ (2) + 29 = 31

Construct (Outsider) LN Axiomite MachineSmith L20 (Mighty - Feat) Mythic HIEROPHANT 'LAW' (Duel path GUARDIAN) T4
Init +28 | AC53* FF41 T27 | HP226/226 | F -- | R +51 | W +49 | Per +38

Rosa Follows and at Sparel words nods, the constructs are dead, she leves them where they are. With a no magic zone she calls back in all the Construct swam she has around her into her body.

"I must take care her, this place is deadly to me"

I take it we are using transparency rules.

She makes a long rods with a hook and trys to pick up one of her fallen constructs to look at it outside the magic zone.

M Elf wiz3/clr3/MT 10/ Lore 4

"I' not much of a fan myself. "

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