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Ambitious Hearts: Tales from the Forgotten Realms

Game Master Dogbladewarrior

Current Characters


Male Giant 4th level MMA trainee/10th level Bully (lost class features with alignment shift)/2nd level Philosopher
(552 posts)
Sargava Vignette
Silver Crusade Johnny_Panic

(485 posts)

Male Weremonkey Rogue/Ranger/Trickster
(5,865 posts)

M Humanborn
(4,183 posts)
Akor Scourgebane

Male Casrua. Inquisitor 20/Ranger10(gestalt feat)/Nature's Warden7(prestigious)

played by Monkeygod (601 posts)
Rayhan Xobhadi
Aovar the Uncarnate

RETIRED Male (Humanoid (Aberrant)) Psion 10, Uncarnate 10, Metamind 7

played by Tenro (7 posts)
Dark Contract

Construct Cursed Psionic Intelligent Hell Blade Hell Blade (Soulknife) 18L

played by Johnny_Panic (1 post)
Crystal Figurine

played by wesF (504 posts)
Dr Davaulus
GM Spugly Fuglet

Human being Game Master and all round good egg

played by Johnny_Panic (815 posts)
Contract Devil
Hector The Imp

M Imp Monster

played by Johnny_Panic (38 posts)
Activation Cube

played by fnord72 (33 posts)

Construct (Outsider) LN Axiomite MachineSmith L20 (Mighty - Feat) Mythic HIEROPHANT 'LAW' (Duel path GUARDIAN) T4
Init +28 | AC53* FF41 T27 | HP226/226 | F -- | R +51 | W +49 | Per +38

played by Johnny_Panic (292 posts)
Shaezon Silverfall

F Elf Spellbinder Conjuration (teleport) Wiz 1

played by wesF (1,147 posts)
Thorn's End Guard
Sparel Radtymah

Speed 40': Fly 50' Init +5; Perception +25;AC 20, T:11, ff:19, F+10, R+10, W+18(+2Ench); +2 SR 18; CMD17 HP: 59/59

played by wesF (1,766 posts)
Mordant Spire Elf
Tialvoron Manaril

RETIRED Half-Elf Summoner (Synthesist) 20 / Gestalt (Two-Handed) Fighter 10 / Mythic Champion (Dual Path Guardian) Tier 4

played by Tenro (149 posts)
Crystal Figurine
Tiny Coffee Golem

What it says on the tin; Caffiene addict 20

played by wesF (9,864 posts)

Voice of Awesomeness

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

played by Monkeygod (1,283 posts)

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