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Age of Modern Magic

Game Master Dragonborn3

Magic is back! How are you dealing with that, and do you even know? For that matter, does anyone else on Earth?

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Shadow Lodge

Dragonborn3 wrote:
No interference yet. Proper gun use requires at least some training, so they are still exotic.

While I am not fond of d20 Modern, the weapons table it has is better suited, for the most part, to the setting. Link. Just be realistic with what you have and/or buy once game starts.

Firearms still require the Personal Firearm Proficiency feat, and the Exotic ones still require Exotic Weapon Proficiency.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

I would say stick with Unarmed Strike and Redirection. No Wis to AC, no bonus feat, no Flurry.

Redirection, unless I'm missing something, can only be used 1/day. So most of the time, you can just hit people with your fists harder than most everybody else.

Shadow Lodge

If it's just once per day, like Stunning Fist, I believe the monk example I posted earlier kept Wis to AC until Stunning Fist was used. Same applies for Redirection. We'll just remove the bonus to Redirection for charging and Power Attacking opponents for now(the bonuses to Trip and Repositions checks made without Redirection stay though), along with flurry and the bonus feats.

So Redirection: No bonuses yet.
Trip and Reposition Maneuver Checks: Bonuses.

Sound good to everyone?

Flowing Monks rule! Sounds good to me.

I took a look at the Street Performer archetype and felt it would be better to go with standard Bard, although, yes, the makin' folks invisible is a neat treat. Celebrity is an interesting archetype and could be very interesting indeed in NYC...but Leadership is tricksy.

Although it would be fun to fight Lady Gaga eventually. :D (CR 19)

And now I'm thinking about Scott Pilgrim. This game could be super fun!

How many things do you want removed at first? I'd say Countersong and Distraction should go, as there aren't many magical things to counteract. Reduce the number of spells known/useable per day?

Dotting for interest

Thinking Elan Crytpic or Dread atm...

Shadow Lodge

Cryptic and Dread are ones I haven't really read over, but I'll let them anyway. Going over what gets left out for now will increase my knowledge of them! :)

Axolotl, Countersong is replaced by Gladhanding, so that's out anyway. You've got enough energy at the moment for either one Disappearing act or one spell(including cantris).

Sounds good to me. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Shadow Lodge

Discussion and game threads are now up. Pop over to the discussion thread and post when your character is ready for approval! :)

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Should we continue to discuss character concepts here, or over in the OOC thread??

Shadow Lodge

Continue to discuss the concepts here. Finished works go over to OOC.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

I'm thinking of going Spell-less Ranger, possibly with the Urban Archetype.

Psst---not going with Street Performer, though. :)

So that would be one Inspire Courage or one cantrip, then?

Okay, working this up.

I'm thinking he may start with his Rodent Empathy on the path to ratfolk. I have similar decisions to make classwise.

Working on it. Still don't have any class info up. Should I put that stuff under a spoiler tag since she doesn't yet have access to any of it?

Shadow Lodge

Axolotl wrote:

Psst---not going with Street Performer, though. :)

So that would be one Inspire Courage or one cantrip, then?

Hmm... *looks at previous post* Could have sworn that said you were going with Street Performer. Oh well. Anyway, you've got enough energy per day to either cast one spell or use your bardic music. You've got bardic knowledge too.

Elise and Stan: Looks good so far. You could do that or use Ivan's method, as long as I can find what you currently do not have.

Do you have room for one more?

Axel 'Ace' Arandorn is a hobbyist pilot and policeman in the NYPD. Its his day off and, but he still wakes up at 6 AM, just as if he were to still be headed to work. He showers and proceeds to shave, and it takes a bit for his brain to wake up along with his body. What shocked him awake was cutting himself shaving. It was just a nick, but the pain wasn't what did it. It was the fact his blood was glowing, and his hair had turned bright blue in the shower! He slapped himself hard enough to see stars, and his blue hair and glowing blood had vanished. Maybe he was seeing things?

Crunch: Human turning into Garuda-Blooded Aasimar.

Feat: Angelic Blood

One of the Traits will be Scion of Humanity.

Class: Unsure at this moment...was thinking about going Gunslinger, or Holy Gun Paladin.

this game is always open

Shadow Lodge

MisterLurch is correct, and your character sounds neat. Gonna have to look up Garuda-Blooded now.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber


Is the Spell-Less Ranger cool? Its by Rite Publishing, though I do not believe its on the d20pfsrd.

Figure with the sorta low magic of the game it would fit nicely.

Shadow Lodge

Go ahead, just be sure to have any class feature changes in spoilers so I can check them out.

Dragonborn3, if I were a Gunslinger or a Holy Gun, I assume I would pick up the Personal Firearm Proficiency feat instead of proficiency with all firearms for free?

Shadow Lodge

Yes, now that I think about it. I can't check it right now because of a weird site block, but if I remember the feat correctly that fits. Still Exotic Wep Prof for the real nice guns though. Can't have you going around with a rpg launcher now can I? ;)

Nah, that wouldn't fit the character. I think I will go Gunslinger. My thoughts on his limitations:

May only have 1 grit point a day. No racial spell-like ability, but gain darkvision. No Resistances.


Shadow Lodge

Resistances are at 1, or light as a spell-like instead are also options. I'd say Darkvision could go down to low-light, but in New York I think low-light would be stronger.

Pick one to go with the 1 grit point, and one resistance(two if you don't pick something else).

EDIt: Looked at the Aasimar charts and stuuf, and I love it as much as I love the stuff tieflings can get! Just amazing.

I could go for Low-Light vision, and I just realized that a Grit point without a Deed is kinda silly. So, I will pick up Electricity Resistance and Cold Resistance, if that's alright?

Shadow Lodge

Depending on the concept, I could see allowing one of the three 1st level deeds. But yeah, Electricity and Cold are alright.

The reason I said Low-Light could be stronger would be all the light sources around NYC at night. Having never been there myself, I can't be sure though.

Ok not so sure about the cryptic or dread, but it will definately be Human-turning Elan psychic...
So do we write them up as a first level char as normal, but keep track of what they do or don't actually have?

I don't mind holding off on the first level deeds and grit for now. I already have the weapon prof. for guns, so that should be enough for now. As for the low-light vision, well...every police officer has a flashlight for a reason...>.>;

Shadow Lodge

Kryzbyn: Yep.

Ganny: If you're fine with it, go ahead. You're reasoning ont he low-light is good too.

DB3, Feliks is ready. 'Cept for equipment. Still working on that part.

I gave him several of his class abilities, but his racial changes will not appear until later. For now only his dreams hint at it.

Shadow Lodge

Just remember the same limitations other monks will have. You've got your AC bonus until you use your Stunning Fist for the day. Like Jared(the vanara monk) you've just got the one feat for now. You can still use Stomp though.

Also as far as I remember, Powerful Build wonn't effect your Unarmed Strikes, only the size of the weapons you can use without penalty. Sorry.

Trying to keep everyone around the same level when the classes, archetypes, and races are different is proving to be an interesting challenge...

can't say i agree with, or even understand why, powerful build would not affect unarmed damage as it affects every other kind of damage the race can do, but your game, your ruling..not an integral part of the character concept anyway so....

If it is okay with you i wanted to have a little more access to class stuff and less access to racial stuff. I had him listed as not having his stunning fist at all for now but having all his feats. is that an okay trade? he also would not have access to his style blending, so it just gives him slightly more options rather than more he can do at once.

Lu is mostly done, and opening posts up. Definitely a non-combat character, so I can fake the details as needed until the baby gives me more time to hammer them out. In the event of a fight, expect him to slap someone with a touch of fatigue as he runs away yelling at his phone to call 911. :D

Shadow Lodge

I believe Powerful Build was ruled that way as far back as 3.5, and if we look at what Powerful Build says exactly, it doesn't actually change your size and only says you can use weapons designed for larger creatures.

Now, Stunning Fist is a once per day(at this level) ability. Not being able to use it in exchange for three feats you can use at anytime seems a bit much. I'll let you use two of them.

@Guan: Noted! Congrats again on the baby girl!

Ok went with the cryptic. I can send you a PM with class info.

More crunch to follow.

Shadow Lodge

I know I've looked at it before, but that would still be appreciated, as I think I only saw the playtest version...

Corrections made. How detailed do you want me to be on equipment?

And he's done, crunch, Elan stats and background. Take a look!
I PM'd you the class info sans table.

Shadow Lodge

Feliks: Don't go crazy. Just go with what a guy like him would likely have.

Burne: Looks okay to me. Can't help but think of Matthias when I read it... Any, Altered Defense can be lower down to just 1+Int for now, and you've got enough power to manifest once a day.

Do remember that you will keep all human racial features.

Yeah...was a tough choice between the dread and the cryptic, but th cryptic won out for flexibility. It's kind of a psionic-warlock/rogue.
Will he be able to use his disrupt pattern at all?

Shadow Lodge

Knew I missed something. You've got enough power right now for either your power or disrupt pattern once a day.

The power 1/day fits better atm.

Shadow Lodge

What I was saying is that you have enough energy to use either the power or the disrupt pattern ability, not that you had to choose which one you had. Pop over to the discussion thread and then you can start posting in-game stuff.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

DB, thinking my Ranger will eventually become an Elf. Unless I swap it out, was thinking of only getting the bonus to Perception.

Shadow Lodge

That works just fine with me.

Silver Crusade

I'm feeling like I might not have the time to get into this one :(

Shadow Lodge

Ok, I'm going to try and revive this campaign. Please read the first post in this thread and decide if you are interested after you've read it.

With the Advanced Races Guide out, the transition from one race to the next is going to be a lot simpler too, so I'm happy about that. :)

Grand Lodge

Love it, but It looks like you got a lot on your plate already! I'll be following the PbP!

Shadow Lodge

Oh no, please, submit an idea! This is a story focused game, and I don't think I'll be getting all my previous players back anyway. :/

Grand Lodge

well by all means! I'lll get to work

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