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Age of Modern Magic

Game Master Dragonborn3

Magic is back! How are you dealing with that, and do you even know? For that matter, does anyone else on Earth?


Guard Captain Blacklock
Roger Z. Detson

Male Human Bard/1
(10 posts)

Greg Donaldson

Baron Galdur Vendikon
Axel 'Ace' Arandorn

Male Human - Garuda-Blooded Aasimar Gunslinger 1
(49 posts)

(266 posts)
Hakka Tsadok

(146 posts)


Vedavrex Misraria

Male Drow (noble) 14 Ranger
(11,069 posts)
Kutholiam Vuere
Burne Sopzich

Male Elan 1 Cryptic
(45 posts)


Darius Finch
Jeremy Umbrahn

Male Human into Catfolk Level 1 Rogue
(2 posts)


Kaigon the Miscreant

Male I am a meat Popsicle
(1,465 posts)

Space Wolf Wolf Scout (Rank 1) | Wounds: 23/23 | Armor rating: 8 | Fate: 4/5 | Renown: 6 | Active Conditions: None.
(202 posts)


Alistair Duncan

M Dwarf Alchemist 1
(30 posts)
Bingo Underbough

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34
(248 posts)


Samaritha Beldusk
Jade Parsenol

Female Half-elf Inquisiter (Sarenrae) 1/Cleric (Separatist) (Sarenrae) 1/Monk (Monk of the Healing Hand) 4- Init:+6, HP:33/33, AC:21/T:20/FF:16, Perception:+15, F:8/R:8/W:13 (+4vs enchantment), CMD:24, CMB:4 SPEED:50 ft
(64 posts)



Male Ratfolk Grenadier 8/ Shadow Illusionist 5 + PF Savant 3
(65 posts)
Darl Quethos
Guan Lu

Male Samsaran (change not finished or in stats yet) 1 Haunted Oracle of Time
(3 posts)

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